How to chip golf ball

How to Chip Golf Ball?

Golf is played by most of the people around the world. There are a lot of golfers who participate in many international tournaments. In the golf tournament, there come many professional golfers. So to compete with each other they should be skilled properly to play any kinds of shots of golf. Professional players know many kinds of shots but sometimes this kind of shots seems to be hard for any beginner or amateur player. Sometimes beginner golfer may need to play any kind of tough shots like chipping the ball properly. They usually do not know how to chip golf balls perfectly. There are some techniques for playing this shot.

How to Chip Golf Ball?

Reading this article one can understand the proper technique about how to chip golf balls. We describe some major steps to play chip shots properly.

What is Chip Shot?

A golfer should know this term of ‘chip shot.’  Usually, this is a short-game shot that is used of the green from around 40 yards and in. Golfers should hit the golf ball with a very low swing on the green and letting the ball towards the nearby hole. People cannot expect their all direct shots to be fallen into the hole. It does not always happen to them. Sometimes it remains very close to green that may distance some yard of the hole. So that time chip shot is needed. Chip shot actually is hitting the ball with a very short swing from close to green toward the hole properly.

Usually, a chip shot is done easily by a professional golfer. It seems to look very easy. But if anyone wants to chip golf balls for the very first time it would not be easy at all. Playing perfect chip shot of golf ball we put some necessary steps in the below. People should follow these steps if they want to play the perfect chip golf ball.

STEP-1: People should keep their lower parts of the body to the angle of the square target. It is like a full golf shot they need to stand perfectly. They can use their upper parts of the body to chip the golf easily by keeping their legs and feet stable. They can easily play shot now and able to put the ball into the hole. But they should avoid any swing on their wrist. Controlling more perfectly they should not swing their wrist anymore.

STEP-2: Now they must keep their feet to the left angle from the main target line. It can help to play the shots with our body rotating exactly. So they should need to aim their feet left of the target line. They should concern about their foot putting closely. They ensure that there are no risks to fall aside.

STEP-3: There are mainly two options for ball position. One is in line with the back foot and the other is in line with the front foot. Professional golfers mainly play a chip shot in line with the back foot. It is a very perfect way to put the golf ball into the hole with a very low swing shot.

STEP-4: They also should aware while hitting the golf ball. Putting the golf ball into the hole perfectly they must need to contact the ball with the golf club in the downward stroke and aim to down swing properly. Then they can easily put the ball. If you want to know Best Callaway Golf Balls.

STEP-5: Sometimes golfer can do a bad hit in the ball so that it can be flipped in the air. To prevent these kinds of occurrences they must be kept their hands in front of the ball before the shots. They should align their hands ahead of the ball line. This is the death blow of the chipping. To keep consistency with a chip shot people should keep their hands in front of the ball and then they can play clean, consistent, and chips every time.

STEP-6: This step is very important just before taking the chip shots. They must keep their weight on the front foot. This improves the quality of the shots. They can play chip shots standing on the front easily. This is most necessary to protect them from falling on to back foot to try to scoop the ball in the air.

STEP-7: They should hold their golf club properly and comfortably as like the regular golf shot. If they will not feel comfortable while hitting the ball then they cannot play chip shot properly with a perfect swing. So be careful about holding their clubs nicely.

STEP-8: They can now raise their club to impact the ball with their golf club after maximizing their force and swing control downward. When the club hits the ball, the ball will fly in the air without any disturbing subsurface grasses. But keep in mind that just put proper impact is not enough to chip golf perfectly. They should control the motion and need to complete the swing with the same starting movement. If you want to know Best Bridgestone Lady Golf Balls.

How to Chip Golf Ball

How to Chip Golf Ball

How many kinds of Chip Shots?

There are mainly two type’s chip shots played by golfers.

  • High Chip Shot: Playing this shot they need a lofted club. High chip shots are perfect when people need to stop the ball so quickly. Many professionals are playing these high chip shots.
  • Low Chip Shots: These kinds of shots are mainly played when they need to roll a few of the golf balls. Using this shot the ball can run a little longer than the high chip shot. A golfer should take this shot with proper management because it can run longer after landing on the green.

Final Words

At the end of the article, people already know about playing chip shot properly. Chipping is one of the most important parts of golf. Anytime this chip shot can be needed to play. This chip shot usually needs when there are so uneven grasses or high and low surfaces on the green. So then the golfer needs to fly the ball for a certain time to prevent the obstacles on the green. This chip is badly needed in that case. In the above, we describe a lot of some major factors about how to chip golf balls.

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