How to Build Your Own Golf Cart

How to Build Your Own Golf Cart? (Step By Step Guide)

A golf cart is a small car, mainly built for the golfer to carry their golfing instrument and drive around in the golf field. But people also use a golf cart to move around in the desert and small distant destinations.

This fun car is kind of expensive but the good thing is people can build their golf cart at home. People who like DIY work will love this job. A little or without knowing the mechanism people can build their golf cart at home. They just need to study on the internet how to build their own golf cart. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail about how to build their own golf cart home.  This article will clear the confusion and give a strong idea about building a golf cart at home.

How to Build Your Own Golf Cart

Using the old golf cart parts and some other old relevant parts at home is one of the easiest ways to build a golf cart at home. However, people can select some other alternative ways like buying the parts online which can cost a bit. Buying old parts from a junkyard will be wise if they want something inexpensive. In addition, they can buy an old, immobile golf cart from the garage. There are so many options, one can be any of the suitable one.

Before starting the work one must need to take some precautions. Planning is very important in this work. It is highly suggested that you don't start working without proper planning. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of money.

Before starting one must know some basics of the golf cart. Let’s start with the types of golf cart one can build. It is an important part one should know before starting to avoid a further inconvenient situation like not finding any parts for maintenance purposes.

There are some types of golf cart. Mainly people prefer two types of golf cart, those are:

1. Gas Golf Carts

One can assume the type by the name. Gas golf carts use gas as fuel. This type of cart normally has 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines depending on the size. It can be fueled like regular automobile gas, with no extra hassle. Having a strong engine this type of golf cart is extremely powerful.

If the journey is long and the path is uneven this golf cart can ensure a smooth ride. A gas golf cart can cover at least 80 miles distance easily. If the speed and the distance are a concern then one can build a gas golf cart. In addition, this golf cart can take a heavy load.

2. Electric Golf Carts

Building an electrical golf cart can be a good option. Electric golf cart normally powered by 36V to 48V rechargeable batteries. However, one can customize the batteries according to their needs as they are building them at home. One can customize it as one spot fast charging so that the ride can be power failure tension-free.

An average quality electric golf cart can cover 20 to 25 miles. It can cover less or more distance depending on the instrument one is using.


If someone is planning to build their own golf cart at home without any automobile knowledge then self-learning is important. Working with this task with some knowledge will be easier.

If one who is planning to build a golf cart at home is a good visual learner can take help from YouTube and google. There are several contents on the internet.

Alongside they can get help from some friends, neighbors, or anyone else who has a garage and knows about building a car.

How to Build Your Own Golf Cart

How to Build Your Own Golf Cart


After self-learning and knowing details about golf carts, now it’s time to take the precaution before starting.

Select The Place: First of all select a suitable place with the roof or enclosed wide area. Find a place where all the parts of the can be protected from weather damage. The place should be permanent till one is finished with the task. A wide garage or once backyard house will be a good choice. The enclosed room also will protect the parts from being rusty before installation.

Draw the Design: Drawing the design before starting is wise. First think about what you want, a gas golf cart or an electric golf cart or something else. Imagine the graphics and then list the elements you will need. Take help from an expert, draw the outer and inner design.

Choose the Engine or Motor: This is an important part of the success rate of building a golf cart at-home attempt. This is the most important part of the golf cart. One can order this part of the cart online or can use an old cart motor or engine by repairing it. However, if someone has the knowledge and confidence enough they can even build the engine at home. They will just need some components to do it. Those are:

A ruler: This instrument will help in technical measurement while drawing and building the engine.

Some Keys: This element will be used to connect the instrument and to avoid rotation. Keys will help the instrument to be in its right place. There are many types of keys. The maker should decide what type of key they will need according to the engine.

One Motorcycle Engine: A motorcycle engine is a good choice for building a golf cart engine. It has all the instruments that a golf cart possibly needs. Flywheel, Crankshaft, Piston, Cylinder Block, Timing belt, etc.

Also, the average life of a motorcycle engine is quite long. They can run at least 100000 miles.

One Power Converter: The responsibility of a power converter is to process and control the flow of electrons. It supplies as much energy load as the system needs. Its vital responsibility is to protect another instrument from overpowered damage.

A screwdriver: This tool is important for driving screws. One will need to drive screws while making the engine so it’s a necessary tool.

However, it is highly suggested that one should use a new engine, with at least 10 horsepower, otherwise people will end up struggling with the cart at the middle of the journey.

Choose Frame: In this part, one needs to choose what type of frame they want for their cart according to the design they already have. People can easily buy them online. Otherwise, they can use old frames or can make frames from steel or aluminum sheets as per their wish.

If one is using old golf cart sheets then just need to clean them and color them.

If one is planning to make their frames, first draw the design on the metal sheet. Secondly, cut the design, garnish them, and put them into shape. Finally, select our preferable metal color, spray the color all over the frame properly. Take time to get them to try, after that they are ready. Make sure the frames are in good health, strong, secure, and not rusty.

Select the tire: If one is planning to buy the tires it will cost them around 200$ to 500$. However, they can use the old tier, but the lifetime of the golf tire is around 2 to 4 years so it will be wise to buy a new one. Buying a new one will last longer and may save one from immediate repair or maintenance.

Choose Seats: If one wants a smooth ride without getting back pain, comfortable seats are necessary. One can buy golf cart seats online easily for around 500$- 600$.

Other instruments: Gather all the other instruments like wrenches, different types of the ruler, different power converter, screwdrivers, lug nuts, keys, and all the necessary instruments.

After all the knowledge and after taking all the precautions now one is ready to build the golf cart at home. They must follow a stepwise procedure to complete the process to avoid complexity.

Steps for Building a Golf Cart at Home

1. Finding or buying an old golf cart will be wise for at least the base frame. Choose an old golf cart that is not so rusty and in a good condition.

2. Gather all the parts and instruments and clean them properly. Mainly clean the frames properly. Use brush and lubricant spray. Go easy with the old parts, otherwise, they will break.

3. Separate all the parts, put the tools in a toolbox and don't mix everything up.

4. After cleaning the base frame properly, set the engine in the right place where it should be. Secure it using the tools, nuts, and keys. Make sure it doesn’t rotate.

5. Work with wiring for the accelerator, light, radio, audio, USB port, and whatever one is adding that requires wiring. In this step, it is also required to install the renewed rear axle along with the suspension. The suspension part has lifting blocks, spindles, and lifting brackets. All the components have to be in good condition.

6. If one is done with all the above steps, going for the engine will be simple now. Place and screw it with great care and go for the next step.

7. People sometimes get scared of placing the rear of the cart. But one shouldn’t worry about it. One should leave some functional spaces on the top of the hanger. This will provide adequate clearance. This action ensures no rubbing for the tires and suspensions. After that, the maker can go for the front part.

8. It is a must to place the instrument management-wise. All the instruments need to be in their right place. One can make some basic changes but it will not be a wise decision. The process will be much easier if one uses spindles.

9. Now install the brakes, make sure they are in a good condition. Be careful with this step and do it in the right way. It will carry the huge amount of weight of the golf cart, also the additional force of the engine. The front will be almost good with shock absorbers, spindles, and suspension.

10. Now one can start with the graphical part. This is the place where people can use their creativity to make the care attractive. However, one shouldn’t make too much of a mess otherwise it will affect negatively and will look funny. Nobody will want their thing to be the subject of a joke in the street. One can choose light or dark colors. Color combination highly matters. It is wise not to use more than two-colors. Also, don’t combine blue with green, it will come up with an odd output. One can use some car tattoos as per wish. This will change the look.

11. Now it’s time to install the tires. This is an easy process and will not take much time. The combination of tires and wheels will look good. This idea will give a smooth ride on an uneasy and uneven surface.

12. Work with the electronic components now. The lighting, radio, audio, and USB port. Connect them with the source. Make sure the LEDs are bright and can cover the road in dark.

13. Give a final check. Are all the components in the right place or not? Are all the nuts and keys properly secured? No components are rotating.

14. Finally, now it’s time for a ride. Check the engine, try to start the engine, find out if the engine is making any funny sound. If all the doubt is clear now go for a ride with the newly, happily made cart.

Waste Element Disposal

Building a golf cart produces some waste products. Mainly, metal chips, coolant from the machines, shipping materials, and paint overspray. These waste elements need to be recycled to be disposed of.

Metal chips can be gathered and sold to a recycler. Recycling or disposing of coolant is a long and hard process and also it is very harmful to the environment. Coolant is the combination of waste oil and lubricant. Once the waste is removed that can be used. It is wise to just give it to the disposal company. Cardboard can be used in house chores or one can dispose of them by burning or sell them to the recycler if they agreed to buy them. Paint overspray is another toxic element. It will be difficult to remove. However, using paper can reduce the hassle.

How much does it cost to build a Golf Cart at home

The overall price of building a golf cart shouldn’t cost much. The cost can go higher or lower according to the maker's choice. How many parts they are going to order online. If the makers choose to buy a new engine or a new battery it may cost much. However, if the maker buys an old golf cart that is in good condition it will not cost much. They can use almost every part of the old golf cart. They just need to clean the parts properly. As for the frame, one can just use the old one. But if they want a completely new design they can buy the frame. In case the maker has good designing knowledge with metal sheets they can just buy preferable metal sheets from the market. After that simply can cut and shape the cutting according to the design. They can give a final touch by using metal spray color. These steps will save cost.

The seats will cost a little, as the seats of the old cart will be old and less comfortable.

Overall the average price will not go higher than 10,000$ to 20,000$. The cost can be lesser if one can build all the major parts at home.

Why should one build their own Golf Cart

If someone loves DIY work and wants something unique then building their own golf cart at home will be the best and inexpensive choice. Another reason people should build their own golf cart if they want to create something completely customized according to their wants and needs.

People can choose the size, the structure, the mechanical instrument, the color of the cart, and so on. People can even mimic the most expensive model that sells tens of thousands of dollars on the market and it will cost around 1/3 of the actual price if they build it at home.

Another fun thing about the custom-made golf cart is they don’t need to look like a golf cart. People can give it any shape they want.

People build golf carts that look like jeeps or race cars at home and they look cool. People can even add customized stickers on the frame, this will enhance the beauty.

Things to be considered.

While doing DIY work, it is always recommended one should consider time and money. Building your own golf cart at home will be time-consuming. The work seems like fun and incredible but does one have time to complete the work? Think before starting. Some people may have the time but not required knowledge and skills. Knowledge may have been acquired from the internet and books but the skills can't. One must have at least a few automobile repairing skills.

Also, calculate the total cost of your findings and compare it to the market price. Do some deep research before starting otherwise the whole work may end up zero-result but in a costly way.

Even if you have skills or time, don't go for building it without proper thinking.

Types of motor one should choose

An interesting part of building a golf cart at home is one can use any driven motor like motorcycle motor, lawnmower, water pump, etc. It will be easier to find a motor if one wants to build their own golf cart at home.

One should choose a motor having at least 11 horsepower. Otherwise, it may turn into an unfortunate event on the road. Having less than 11 horsepower motor will not be able to take a load of an uneven street or a hilly road.

The cooling system is another important thing to consider. A cooling system is important for motors to make the motor workable for a long time. There are two types of cooling systems, air, and fluid-driven.

Fluid-driven is the best option but it requires more skills. As one is making the cart at home, they must think about whether they can install it before selecting. Because, if they can install it after buying it will be waste or they have to hire some mechanic to install it that can increase the cost.

What if the homemade Golf Cart is not starting

There can be many reasons if the golf cart is not starting. Don’t think of it as dead before checking it properly. First, make sure the cart has enough fuel. After that check, if the installation process was exact, and hasn’t gone anything wrong. Check the cables properly. Clean the engine again, sometimes dirt and rust can cause the problem.

If all of the facts above are okaythen probably the engine is dead. One can bring it to a garage to give it a final look.

If nothing works then it may die. In case of this situation, one can use another motor available at the house or can buy an old one from a garage at a low price. Otherwise, they can just buy a new one from a local store or from online.

Final Words

Building a golf cart at home may not be successful at the first attempt. There can be some errors but keep trying will bring success. One needs to be patient, hard working to complete building the cart. All the hard work will be fruitful once the final product comes out.

The discussion will help in case of how to start, what precautions should be taken before starting, and the overall idea about the steps of the process.

After reading the article we believe anyone can get a clear idea about the starting along with some basic ideas about golf carts. And finally, people will know almost all the details of how to build a golf cart at home successfully.

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