How to Arrange Golf Clubs in the Cart Bag?

Keeping golf clubs in the cart bag helps to keep the clubs safe from any kind of damage or impact. Sometimes, the golf clubs have to face various kinds of issues. If they get carried in hands without any kind of protection, dust or other things can make the club bad. Today we will know about some easy steps to put the golf clubs into the cart bag.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in the Cart Bag?

What is the Cart Bag Actually is

The cart bag is those typical type bags that are used for keeping the golf clubs into them. Though the golf clubs stay protected by the covers, it is good to put them in the cart bags. This kind of bag is bigger compare to the other bags. Some professional golfers use more than two or three types of clubs for their game. So carrying them in the bare hand often become difficult as the clubs are big. To avoid this kind of problem and easy carrying, cart bags are used. The normal weight of a cart bag is around 5 to 10 pounds. They have different types of variants available in them. Among all of them, two types of bags are very much popular for using. They are the tour bag and the cart bag.

Tour bag: Tour bag has a larger size than all the golf bags. This kind of bag has a different compartment in them. All kinds of golf related accessories can be placed easily in these bags. As they are big enough, they contain some advanced features and qualities. Such as waterproof ability, high quality polyester, and nylon, extra clothing, etc. some of these golf cart bags can weigh around 15 pounds too. A golfer can easily carry 5-6 golf clubs in this bag. Some golfers use the trolley or the golf carts to carry them. They are considered the best choice for using as the golf equipment carrier.

Cart bag: Cart bags have wheels in them which helps to carry them with a handle in them. These kinds of bags weigh less than the tour bags. The general weight of a cart bag is 5-7 pounds. The lightweight help them to carry or move easily. Some of the cart bags are a little bit expensive as they have a separate compartment in them. Electric cart bags enable the electric handle and wheels in them. So the golfers don't need to move them with any effort. But there is a little bit of an issue to put them in the golf carts. As most of the cart bags contain wheels in them, it becomes difficult to put them into the golf cart. But still, they remain on the choice list of some of the professional golfers.

Now let’s describe the processes of how the golf clubs can be arranged in the cart bag.

  • First of all, bring the cart bag where the golf clubs will be gathered. Remember that, if the golf clubs are large in number, it is good to use the bigger size bag.
  • Clear the space of the cart bag and make it fully empty. Organize the golf clubs according to for the driver and finish to the putter
  • If there are extra things in the bag such as unused gloves, damaged clubs which are of no use, towels, etc. This will help to increase the space for the golf clubs
  • Arrange the putters together. Most of the golfers use a single piece of putter for the game. Add the putter first after making the cart bag total empty. At the back strap, there is enough space for adding the putter. The back strap stay close to the shoulder of the golfer and easy to remove
  • Try to put the golf clubs according to the size. It is good to start adding the golf club with the larger size. Make sure that the longer one stays close to the shoulder part for better balance. Now slowly add all the golf clubs according to the larger one to the shorter one. As each of the cart bags has space for 10-12 clubs, make sure that all the clubs have been put perfectly.
  • Put the woods at the left compartment of the bag and the drivers to the right. This will allow the golfers to bring out the woods easily
  • Now, arrange the middle irons to add to the bag. There may have 4-8 pieces of the iron that have to put in the bag. The best place to add the irons is under the drivers. That is why, put the irons first and then, add the drivers. Long sized irons will stay on the right side and shorter ones to the left side, under the drivers. If this measurement gets perfectly followed, it will create a good balance and weight in the bag. A golfer can easily carry the bag too.
  • As all the clubs, drivers and putters have been installed perfectly in the bag, there is a compartment on the front side of the bag. A golfer can add some of the essential things and the extra wedges like the balls, tee, towels, socks, or gloves in them

So this is the general and very useful process to arrange all the golf clubs in the cart bag perfectly.

Now, let's know the process to fill up the pencil cart bag.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in the Cart Bag

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in the Cart Bag

Arranging Pattern of a Pencil Bag

Before knowing the process. Here is a short description of the pencil bag.

This kind of bag is small in size compared to the other bags. They can contain golf clubs of almost 14 in them! The best thing about this bag is, it is extremely light in weight. Polyester material made bag has a bigger strap for carrying on the shoulder. And arranging the clubs in this kind of bag is very simple. The process is given below

There is no specific process of arranging the golf clubs in a pencil bag. All the processes are the same as the cart bag. But this kind of bag takes less effort than the cart or sand bag. As the pencil bags have a lower compartment rate, they just hold the essential things like the clubs, putters, drivers, and irons.

Remove all the items from the pencil bag and put the bag. The best thing to do after making the bag empty is, either washing it or keeping it under the sunlight for half an hour. This will let the pencil bag more durable and fresh. Now arrange all the clubs according to the size. Put the putters and the driver's first at the last part of the bag which is close to the shoulder. Put the woods at the lower part of the bag so that the golf clubs can be placed easily. Keep in mind that the woods have to place on the left side of the bag and the clubs to the right. It may not an important to follow.

But still, who will like to put them randomly. Now put the golf clubs according to the sizes. A larger one will go first and the smaller one will stay last. This will help the golfer to choose the club easily. After arranging all the clubs, woods, and irons perfectly, now it's time for the other components. As the pencil bags contain a smaller compartment and space than the others, there may not enough space left for other equipment. But still, some of the pencil bags have a compartment that is protected by either chain or Velcro. A golfer can put some of the essential things like gloves, tee, or the GPS tracker in them.

So this is an easy method to arrange the golf clubs in the pencil bag.

Importance of Cart Bag for Arranging the Golf Clubs

Some golfers may think that the cart bag is not much useful or valued for money. But those who have to carry a lot of instruments or club with them, they can't even think to go in the golf course without one of these bags. Some of the fancy golf players don't think a little bit to spend a good amount of money on the bags. Their main intention is to protect the equipment from any kind of impact or weather. Some of the bags contain waterproof features in them. This is because the clubs and the drivers may get damaged from direct sunlight or even in heavy rain.

If there is heavy rain while playing the game, there is no chance of saving the clubs instead of using the cart bags. Besides, a golfer will not like to carry the clubs in hand for a long time. They will surely choose the bags for carrying them. Carrying a total of 14 golf clubs with the driver and the iron in a bag is easier than carrying only 2 of the clubs in hand. That is why they are the proper friend of the golfers in terms of carrying and keeping the golf related instruments safe all the time

Using the cart bag for the golf game is a very wise decision for the golfer. It will not only reduce the pain of carrying the clubs individually but also put them in a disciplined posture. A golfer will not feel any kind of hesitation to go even to a party with the cart bag with him. Express your luxuriousness among others and keep the clubs safe at a time.

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