How to Adjust the Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart?

There are many types of golf carts with various kinds of models. These all are used in many golf courses. This golf cart is made for especially carrying the golfers and their components in the golf course. They are designed with some different kinds of body shapes. Because all golf courses are not similar. Sometimes golf cart needs to move upward through the hill or sometimes it needs to move down into the ground from the hill. So it is most important to fit the golf cart for driving into the tough hillside roads.

How to Adjust the Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart?

The golf carts badly need a strong clutch. Almost every golf cart has a clutch. A clutch help to running this golf cart into any downhill roads smoothly. It provides a smooth start up and takes off while driving a golf cart. It is also really necessary for all golf carts because of their acceleration and deceleration.

But people should know about proper clutch on any golf cart. They should know how to adjust the clutch on the EZ GO golf cart manually. In this article, we will describe in detail the process of adjusting the clutch on the EZ GO golf cart.

What is a Golf Cart Clutch?

This is a type of component which is allowed to bear the hardest road situation for any golf cart. This is mainly used in a golf cart to improve more strength while driving downhill roads. People need to drive their golf carts sometimes in any bad pathway. So then they need to better service from the golf cart.

Having a clutch in any golf cart is really impressive. It is badly needed while driving in any bad pathways such as hill trackside roads. This helps to start up and take off on any road with the best accelerations and braking. This clutch in any golf cart improves the cart's running performance.

How to Adjust the Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart

There are different kinds of golf carts. They also have various types of a clutch. But almost they are the same. They vary depending on their model and manufacturer. Sometimes people need to change their clutch. So some people want to replace the old one with a new clutch. Usually, everybody does not satisfy with the regular clutch. So they want to change this and adjust a new clutch.

But there is a lot of golf cart model with different clutches. So adjusting the clutch in a golf cart is not the same as the others. A larger number of brands and manufacturers provide a lot of golf carts. So in this article, we will show and describe the only EZ GO brand golf cart.

But people should remove the default clutch firstly, then they can adjust a new one in that same place. So here below we show some essential steps to remove the clutch on the EZ-GO golf cart. If you want to know How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart?

How to Remove the Clutch of the EZ GO Golf Cart?

There are some ways to change or remove the clutch from any golf cart. People should know about CVT. This is an important part of a golf cart. So before removing the clutch, we should describe a few things about CVT.

CVT means Continuous Variable Transmission, which is also called a golf cart clutch. This CVT system is mainly found in gasoline-powered golf carts. It is needed for any kind of golf cart. But sometimes CVT can need replacing or repairing. For example, a golf cart that has 350 cc Robbins of Fuji engines. This is really a good engine at all. But people may find a problem with that. They can find a clutch problem with that engine. So if they want to buy a new clutch it will be very costly. This is so much expensive for any engine putters over 2600 bucks. So this is not a good idea to buy a new one. There may have occurred big problems with that clutch.

The golf cart may not go forward or backward smoothly. People should find out the problem of what really happened here. They can turn the switch and notice carefully on the clutch. They can see that the clutch is spin in one direction continuously. Sometimes they can see that the golf cart moves forwards then suddenly stopped without any warning. Drivers try to go back then the carts don't go to the back smoothly. So the clutch is responsible for these kinds of a bad situations. This clutch repeatedly spins in one direction.

If people notice more deeply then they can see that the clutch is spinning reversely, but the backside clutch cannot spread open. It may be closed. But still, the golf cart is moving in backward. So if those kinds of problems people will face, they can remove the clutch of the EZ GO golf cart.

Now move on to the clutch removal process of the EZ GO golf cart. For removing the clutch, people need some essential tools like a clutch puller, air gun, rubber hammer, machine oil, etc. They should follow the steps below:

  • We mentioned before that there are different kinds of golf carts. So their model number is also different. At this step, people should select the right clutch puller for removing the clutch on the EZ-GO golf cart. They can take help from the local dealer of the EZ GO brand golf cart.
  • Now the main problem is the belt. People should remove the belt from this clutch. It creates friction while driving forward. So it should be removed. They can remove this belt when the cart is stopped because at this time the belt is loose enough one can easily remove it. Then they can remove the drive clutch also with an air gun. It's easy to remove the center bolt this using an air gun.
  • Now in the final step, people should remove the primarily driven clutch. It is quite tricky to do. So be careful while doing this. They can use some oil to remove the drive. Sometimes it cannot be removed easily. Then people should wait at least one hour. Later they can hit with a hammer for removing this.

Now people removed the existing clutch. It is ready to place a new clutch in the same place. Here we also explain some important steps to adjust the clutch on the EZ-GO golf cart easily.

How to Adjust the Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart

How to Adjust the Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart

Adjust Clutch on EZ GO Golf Cart

  • There are mainly two clutches in the EZ GO golf cart. So people should find out first which one is the primary clutch and which one is the secondary clutch exactly.
  • People may need to cut first or break into the end side of it. There is a shaft that goes halfway through the clutch. So they should cut it first.
  • The shaft may be fixed in the center where the belt actually holds.
  • In this step, people should take an angle grinder for cutting it. Before starting work, they should collect an angel design grinder. Because it is easy to cut with an angle grinder.
  • They should cut at the end of this shaft as much as possible the can. Because it is needed to cut many pieces. So people should cut or break this into many pieces.
  • Now people should remove the old belt and clear the place for a new belt placement. They now can place the new belt and should connect with the primary clutch.
  • After adjusting the new belt around on, they should cover it with the secondary clutch. Now see the performance of the new adjusting belt in the clutch. But keep in mind that the brake should be perfect while adjusting and testing the clutch. Otherwise, it occurs bad situation. Now after putting in the new belts, they can run this golf cart to test deeply. If its runs smoothly more than before that means it adjustment is successfully completed.

Final Think

At the last of this article, we can understand about the adjustment clutch of the EZ GO golf cart. People always want an amazing feeling while driving the golf cart. They need more relaxation when driving a golf cart. There are no peoples who love to get a better feeling in the golf cart. So it is most important to fit the golf cart always. Especially it is clutch because it is the most essential part of any golf cart. If it is not clear properly, then people cannot get a better feel while driving any kind of golf cart including the EZ GO golf cart also.

So people should check their golf carts clutch to find out the errors or problems if there any. So that will be so easy to fix it. People can now fix any clutch by following this article. We arranged all steps so that people can understand easily all the processes to adjust the clutch on the EZ GO golf cart.

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