How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart

How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart?

Golf carts are very slow vehicles than other vehicles. Because these vehicles are made to reduce the effort of the golfers and safely take the golfers to their suitable area. For their slow speed, there is no risk of major accidents.

But that is totally not true. A golf course has many slope areas. Sometimes it seems that on these slope areas cart drivers are not able to stop the cart properly and the cart gets overturned. This happens because of over speed and the failure of the brake's ability. It can cause serious injuries to the driver and also to the golfers. Therefore proper adjustment of the breaks is needed.

How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart?

Today we will discuss how one can adjust the brakes on an EZ-GO golf cart.

Why do you need to adjust the brakes of a golf cart?

Basically, to get safe from any dangerous situation one must adjust the break after sometimes. As time passes and a golf cart gets old the brakes of the golf carts also gets weaken. The break shoe or the brake pad gets worn out or gets loosen. Therefore the brake seems to be not working perfectly. One cannot pull the break of the cart right on time which can be very dangerous. Therefore brake adjustment is crucial.

Adjusting breaks on EZ-GO golf cart

Different manufacturers use different mechanisms to make their golf carts. Some golf carts have their auto adjustable brake mechanism. These types of carts do not need their break to be adjusted.

However, the EZ-GO golf break adjustment can be very tough and effortive. If one has general knowledge of mechanics and on their EZ-GO golf cart parts then the person can easily adjust their golf carts break. If the EZ-GO golf cart is old which has been used for at least five to seven years then they must clean the brake drum first. Cleaning is very necessary to make the brakes work perfectly. To clean and adjust the brake one will need some accessories.

These accessories are:

  • Impact wrench
  • Jack
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Brake fluid
  • Bricks or blocks
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Bristle brush or toothbrush
How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart

How to Adjust Brakes on EZ-Go Golf Cart

Here are the steps one should follow to clean the breaks drum

Before engaging with the process first of all one must make sure that the power of the cart is turned off totally.

Step 1: The first step is to lift the backside of the cart and to remove the tires from the drum. But before lifting up make sure to block both the front tires with the help of the bricks or blocks. Make sure the cart is not moving at all. To lift the backside of the cart one should use the jack. Attach the jack to the rear end of the cart. After lifting the cart backside use the impact wrench according to the bolts type of the cart tiers. If there is no impact wrench available then one can use a normal wrench to remove the bolts from the tires.

Step 2: After that remove the cotter pin over the castle nut with the help of the needle nose pliers. Then again use the impact wrench to remove the castle nut over the drum. Make sure to use the exact impact to remove the castle nut. Then simply pull off the drum.

Step 3: If the brake pads look of and can be used further more then clean the brake pads. And if the brake pads look worn off and rusty then replace the old brake pads with new pads. Then use the brake fluid over every single thing inside the drum. Make sure to wet everything down with the brake fluid. After that use the bristle brush or a toothbrush and rub the brush over each and every part. This will loosen all the chunky dust from the pads and the brake adjuster. Then remove the dust away with the brake fluid. Also, make sure to clean the brake drum as well. One may think that the brake fluid will damage the brake pads. Let me tell you that the brake fluid would not harm the brake pads at all.

Step 4: After cleaning the brake pads and other parts make sure to dry everything up before putting the drum back. Use an air hose to blow dry the brake pads and other parts.

Step 5: After, drying the parts simply attach the drum back. Then put the washer on and attach the castle nut back to the drum and tight the castle nut with the help of an impact wrench. Then replace the old cotter pin and use a new cotter pin and tighten the cotter pin.

There you go, now you have a clean and a brand new look drum and brake pads.

After finishing with the cleaning process now it is time to adjust the brake which is very simple and easy than the washing process. If you want to know How to Test a Golf Cart Motor?

Here are the brake adjusting steps which will help one to adjust the brake without any help from a mechanic and wasting money.

Step 1: The first step is the same as the cleaning process. Just use the jack to lift the back of the cart and remove the tires with the help of the impact wrench. But in this process, one would not have to remove the brake drum. However, if the cart is old then one must make sure that the brake pad will work perfectly if not then they must remove the pads. To know how to remove the pads scroll above and see the cleaning process.

Step 2: In this step make a quick inspection by simply spinning the hub and see there is zero drag on the brake drum with the pads. If there is no drag and the drum is spinning easily then it means that the brake pads are not able to reach the drum and you have to adjust the brake. The pads spread while the brake is pushed and resist the drum from spinning. So the adjustment will ensure that the pads are good to do the job.

Step 3: There will be a hole over the brake drum. This hole is known as the adjustment hole. Simply rotate the drum around and look for the star adjuster. The star adjuster is round in shape. Basically, the star adjuster will be situated on the bottom right side. Make sure that there is proper lighting where you are doing the adjusting process or else it would be hard to find the star adjuster. Line up the hole with the star adjuster perfectly.

Step 4: After lining up the brake drum with the star adjuster use the flat head screwdriver. With the help of the flathead screwdriver simply rotate the star adjuster and turn it up. This will expand the brake pads towards the drum. Make sure not to turn the star adjuster down or else it will draw the brake pads in. Turn up the star adjuster 5 to 6 times and then spin the brake drum to see that the brake pads are resisting the drum from spinning freely. Make sure not to tighten up the brake pads very hard because it will damage the brake pads and also the brake drum. Do the same thing for the other tire.

Step 5: Put the tire back on and tighten up the bolts very well. While putting back the lug nuts on make sure that the shoulder of the nuts is towards the wheel.

That’s all with the adjusting process. Now remove the blocks from the front tires and also the jack and go for a ride to see how well the brake works.

Why my EZ-GO Golf Cart so Slow?

Generally, electric golf carts are slower than gas powered golf carts. But sometimes it seems that the EZGO golf carts are far slower than before. There are many reasons for it. Here are some reasons that will reduce the speed of the EZ-GO golf cart.

  • One of the main reasons is the defect with the speed sensor.
  • The cart can be slow because of the dirty wheels.
  • Batteries do not have proper charge.
  • One or two of the batteries are not working properly.
  • The water level inside the batteries can be very low.
  • Can be caused by a loose cable connection or defect in the cables.
  • Lower current rating than the crucial amount.
  • Can be caused by the defective speed magnet.

How can I Make my Electric EZ Go Golf Cart Go Faster?

There are many ways to improve the speed of the EZ-GO golf cart if the cart produces slow speed.

Here are the tips that one can use to improve the speed of their electric EZ-GO golf cart.

  • Always charge the cart properly.
  • Make sure the water level inside the batteries is proper.
  • Do not overcharge the batteries at all.
  • Clean the tires of the cart once a month.
  • Change the speed sensor or the speed chip.
  • Make sure that the batteries are working perfectly.
  • Track the batteries if there is any defective battery then replace the battery immediately.

Final Thoughts

Though a golf cart is a slow and safe vehicle than other vehicles a golf cart can cause serious injuries on the course if the brakes are not working perfectly. Some people may ignore this but this is a very important issue. Therefore today we discussed how one will be able to adjust the brake of the EZ-GO golf cart to be safe from any danger.

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