How to Adjust Brakes on Club Car Golf Cart

How to Adjust Brakes on Club Car Golf Cart?

There are so many golf carts on every golf course. These are not similar at all. Many manufacturers and brands are produced different kinds of club golf carts. Their body structure also varies depending on their manufactured models. Some of these have old style braking systems, some of these have new model braking systems. So it's a completely different body structure. But there are some common ways to adjust brakes on club car golf carts. The brake of any golf cart is a very essential part. It is a very sensitive factor. It should be always fit and secure while driving any club car golf cart.

Many people don't know usually that how to adjust brakes on a club car golf cart exactly. This article is really helpful for these kinds of people. We will describe some important steps to adjust brakes on the club car golf cart. Hope this article will perfect learning for them.

How to Adjust Brakes on Club Car Golf Cart?

There are some people who believe that a golf cart will not cause a big serious accident. So it is not mandatory to take proper maintenance of this golf cart. But that's totally wrong. Though the club car golf cart is a low speed vehicle, it can occur major accidents too. So it is most important to take maintenances properly especially the brake system of a golf cart.

In modern time there are some golf carts which have self braking system. It doesn't need to adjust any brakes. Most of the golf carts may need some brake adjustments occasionally. People can manually adjust their golf cart brakes easily by following some steps that will be written below in this article.

Here something people should need before starting the adjustment brakes on a golf cart. They must disconnect the golf cart battery before working on the brake system. They should have good strong enough lifting types of equipment and also some good quality jack stands to hold the golf cart comfortably. Golf Lift kit the backside of the golf cart and should be placed the jack stands in a secure place.

For adjusting the golf cart people don't need too many tools. It can be done easily with some basic tools for adjusting brakes such as two strong jack stands, 4 blocks, perfect wrench, half-inch socket wrench, etc.

Now come to the main point that how to adjust brakes on a club car golf cart. Following the below steps one can easily adjust a new model golf cart. 

Club Car Golf Cart

Club Car Golf Cart

Adjust Brakes on Club Car New Model Golf Cart

  • People should turn off the power of the golf cart totally. This can be harmful to the golf cart if they work on brakes while running the power of the golf cart. So they should ensure that the power turns off completely.
  • Now preventing golf cart roll they should use the blocks. They can put the two blocks in front of the golf cart. These blocks can stable the golf cart. The cart should not be rolled while using these blocks perfectly. And undoubtedly it will help to adjust brakes so comfortably.
  • The cart is now fully locked in one place. Now in this step people should use the floor jack stand to lift the cart from the ground. First, they will need to lift the backside of the cart. They should lift the backside wheel off the ground.
  • Now using the socket wrench they should remove the backside wheel of the golf cart. This socket wrench helps to remove the nuts from the wheels safely. They can easily remove the screw and nuts and finally remove the backside wheels. Put them in one place securely.
  • The brake adjustment screw is not visible clearly. So finding the screw they should take the rubber boot from the wheel. They may hitch the rubber boots using their hands. And ensure that they are properly tightened.
  • In this step, they should move the brake pads towards the brake drums very closely. They can do it by turning the adjustment screw. Then they can spin the wheel by hand to the forward. If there are any obstacles to fit this wheel, then again remove this and try another time until they don't feel any resistance. They can sure their adjustments are completed when there is no obstacle turning the wheel.
  • At the last, they should place the rubber boots back on the wheel. Then fix it with nuts and screws. But they should concern while tightening these wheels because it is most important to stable the wheel exactly.

Finally, they should remove the floor jack from the backside of the golf cart and remove the blocks from the front and behind as well. Now they can run their cart in the ground. They are finally done with their adjustment brake of a golf cart.

There are lots of brands of the golf cart. So sometimes it may be different to adjust the brake of an old golf cart or a new brand model club car golf cart. But almost it is similar to this process. So don't worry about these processes. Anyone can do these easily by following and understanding the steps which are written above.

Finally, a golf cart is so essential part of any golf course. So people ensure its safety first. If people have their own club car golf cart then they should take proper maintenance of this golf cart. When it needs to adjust the brake they must be fixed without thinking a second. It's mandatory to fix the brake perfectly otherwise it will have occurred more accidents while driving this golf cart. So we have written some major steps to adjust the brake of a golf cart.

The brake adjustment on the club car golf cart is not so hard. There has some easy process to adjust brakes on club car golf cart. People can follow our article to understand that steps. Doing manually that things one can save a lot of money. So they should learn to adjust the brakes on the golf cart.

The last word can be that if people follow our steps to adjust brakes manually, it will save a lot of money and also get a better service from their golf cart for a longer time.

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