How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart in Florida

How Old do You Have to be to Drive a Golf Cart in Florida Proper Way?

Golf cart are usually used in all over the world. As golf cart doesn’t move very fast as a safe vehicle but no one can want to drive it anytime anywhere. There are some strict rules and regulations for driving this golf car. I think is varies from one state to another state. It has some specific laws.

In Florida there is no one under the age of 14 can drive any golf cart. One’s age must be above 14 to grant permit for driving golf cart in Florida. There speed limit also fix. They cannot drive anywhere and also careful about their cart speed limit. The speed limit is maximum 30 mph or less. Golf cart drive restrictions vary from one state to another.

How Old do You Have to be to Drive a Golf Cart in Florida Proper Way?

You can drive a golf cart in locally in your residential area. There is no need to have a driving license for this case. But if you go to drive a golf cart in any public place you should have a proper driving license and also follow the all limitations and rules which is provided by the Govt. law or in local law.

For example, in some city there allow to drive a golf cart for the children whose age is only 13. But somewhere it should be above 14. Most of the cities are strict rules to drive in the land minimum age should be about 14-16. So you must o know the first about rules of that city where you can want to drive a golf cart. Make sure with research about that rules to get into a golf cart. When a child goes to public place to drive a golf cart he/she should obey the proper driving restrictions and regulations.

After that you should be noticed about the papers of golf cart. Your golf cart should be licensed and properly registered for running into the public road. Most of the states are allowed golf carts into their city road. So you should check your golf cart before outing this cart on the public road. You will need attention more to make the golf cart road ready fully.

Before handover the golf cart to the children you should recheck your cart very carefully. If there will any trouble with this cart then your children may not handle it properly. So you need to check its body and others components clearly.

Specific Law of Driving a Golf Cart

According to Florida’s 2020 statutes, “Any person who has a valid driving license easily can operate a low speedy vehicle or mini truck.”

These low speed vehicles like a typical golf cart and a street golf cart are different from each other. The main differences between a typical regular golf cart and a street golf cart have to do some equipment that make safe for the road such as parking breaks, headlights, turn signal indicators etc.

According these law anyone one around 14-16 years old can drive a golf cart in the public roads. But if you will in vacation stay a little in your residential you may take rent golf cart for driving in the road. But this process quite complicated. The whole process and their conditions will be difficult if you want to rent a golf car from any insurance.

Rental companies are very much active on their rules and regulations. You must be obliged by their rules first before take a golf cart as rent. Some insurance companies don’t allow driving with a 16 years old person too. So this is a very strict rule for someone.

Private Property Laws

Though there are a lot of restriction and rules for driving cart in the public roads. In private properties there rules are a few different from the public place.

In private land you should not above 14 years old. There are no age rules and conditions for driving a golf cart. You can easily drive a golf cart if you are below in 14 years old. In this case the owner of the land should take responsibilities for any kind of problems with their driving. The Govt. or federal officials don’ try to handle this kind of situation. They don’t try to control to their private cart in their private land. All responsibilities should be taken by the landowner obviously.

So this is a big chance for some parents to teach drive safely a golf cart to their children of course in their private land not in public city roads. So under legal age children can take out the golf cart to their parent’s private land without any notice from federal office thus it is illegal by law.

But you should remember one thing that the children cannot take the cart into any golf court even it is their private land. It is strictly restriction for all. If anyone breaks that rules to think about their private land, they will be punished by law.  

Some Other Laws Apply to Drive a Golf Cart

If your teenagers are above 14 years old in Florida they can drive a golf cart in public roads. But they should be aware of the all laws while they driving golf car in a busy public road. You need to make sure that they will follow the traffic rules in public road. You will teach them all laws and rules and of course you should increase awareness among them for respecting all traffic rules.

For example, your teenagers or anyone above the age of 14 may drive in the public road. So they should obey the traffic rules seriously. A golf cart is a motorized vehicle like as other scooters, bikes and motorcycles. So a driver of a golf cart should obey the traffic rules like as others are obeying.

Make sure that you should stop your golf cart at all stop signs, yield signs, stop lights and so on. You should follow the zebra crossing on the road also. And you should take care about your speed limit while driving in the public road though it is not as faster than others motorcycle. Always follow the appropriate speed restrictions while you driving golf cart in the public roads.

Same importantly you should use the indicator light when you turn any corner in the roads. You just need to ensure that your carts indicator light are working before you turn your wheel right to left or left to right.

Can I Ride My Golf Cart in Night if it Has Headlights?

There is a law about this question. In Florida sates rules that a golf cart can only run from the hours between sunrises to sunset. However, may be there other different laws in another state.

If your county has the permit to drive a golf cart into night then it will be pleasured for you as you want to drive in every night. But you should check your golf cart headlights, side indicators, brake lights, windshields etc all are ready to drive in the dark night. Your golf cart should have also a reflecting warning front mirror and a back mirror.

Guy Di Martino and his attorneys would highly recommend to all golf cart drivers that all golf carts should meet these above specification. So that they will not fall a big trouble with all golf cart laws. They must keep their driving license with themselves always.

At last it is important to know the Florida’s another law, according to the statute, Florida says, “Low speed vehicles (LSV) means the small vehicles with four wheels which top speed range is 20-25 mph.” So a large number of golf under this category which is explained in the law. Regular golf cart is driven by anyone above the 14-16 years old. So it is important that how old you are. You should follow the law one by one.

 You cannot ignore this rules which is briefly described in above of this article. You should obey your Govt. law; your county street laws while you driving or opt to drive a golf cart. Your age should meet up with their rules. If all rules meet up with you then you can easily drive a golf cart in public road. When your children want to drive a golf cart then you should also concern about their age first. If you violate the laws then you will be punished anytime. 

So it’s your responsibility to take after your children if they want to drive a golf carts in public roads as usual your private lands. Who want to drive a golf cart they need first to learn how to drive a golf cart properly, then need a valid present driving license and obviously know the all about the street law and traffic rules. Then they can easily drive with their golf cart in the public roads.

So as a educated human being we should know the rules first for driving a golf cart as usual other cars then implement and follow these rules also.

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