How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Golf Cart

If you are interested in a golf game you will see players use a car that differs from others on the golf court. It always takes players all around the course and also takes their equipment. It is a cart. It only uses the golf course. So everyone called it a golf cart. A golf cart helps players to move all around the course and saving them from uncertain rain. In today`s article, we are going to talk about how can you rent a golf cart. And all the information of this article is provided by our experts and analyzer team. So now don’t waste any time and let's go and explore this article.

 What is a Golf Cart

A golf cart is one kind of car which is used to transport golf players and their bags around the ram golf court. This is an electric-based car. But sometimes they used gas instead of electricity. In this car, there is a lot of special safety used for the players. Some of the cars come with a portable battery. In the wheel of this car, players can watch their scoreboard. This cart helps players, helpers, scorers, and all other persons with any kind of problem. In today you will see in the golf course there must two-three carts available.

But it is not the same case 100 years ago. Till the Second World War ended, players who were not members of the club were not allowed to use carts. But after the war, many companies started to create golf carts from different types of equipment. People started to use their carts instead of taking from any club. But till now some health-conscious players love to walk all around the court and play. At the beginning moment, carts are available to take two golfers at a time. But now there many types of golf carts available to use. They can take 2/4/6 players together. It has a little speed like 15kph. But it doesn’t matter actually because they need to cover a little place in the court and don’t need to be rush. You just need to sit in the car.

They will stop at the next destinations, from where players can hit the ball. There is some age limit for running a golf cart. And the age is 13-15. You need to be between them because every state has its law. A golf cart is generally 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 6 feet high. It almost amounts to 950 pounds. It is running by 4 stroke engine. But there are different types of carts available in the market. They are from 1000$ to 20000$. But all of this depended on product quality. Many persons sell golf cart after using someday. They modified the car and sell it at a high price. A golf cart is a very necessary thing in a golf court. Now, every player loves to use this cart for easy roaming around the course while playing.

So knowing so much information, the question that will come to the audience's mind is “how to use a golf cart”? Don’t worry. For this question, we are going to create an outline about it.

How to Use a Golf Cart

A golf cart is a different type of car. Before using the golf cart you need to know how to use it. You need to understand the basic part of using a golf cart otherwise you will not drive it perfectly. Here are some tips before your first drive to the golf cart:

  • What is a golf cart: First of all you need to understand what is golf cart? If you can understand what is golf cart then you can easily drive the cart. First of all, golf is a cart that is used to help golfers transfer here to there. And take their bags and equipment. On the other hand golf cart has only 15-17kph per hour. You don’t need any kind of license to drive it. But cannot go the main road.
  • Use the key perfectly: As with other electronic cars you need to put the key into the key slot and start the car. In all auto engines/battery cars you need to move the key to the right. To start the car. Most of the golf cars are running from battery. So they must need the key to start the car. But you will hear a sound while starting the car. The reason is like petrol/gasoline cars, electric doesn`t create any kind of noise. But if your cart runs gasoline and electricity together then it will make the same sound as other cars.
  • Accelerate: First of all you need to do is press the paddle. There are two paddles in the cart. One is for the cart and another one is for accelerating. You have to press the right paddle slowly until you are ready to control the cart. If you can control the cart then you should press more pressure on the paddle to start the car?
  • Use the break: While you need a break, you need to switch your feet and press the wide paddle.
  • Understand the rules of the road: You need to understand the rules of the road so that you can easily drive on the road. You cannot exceed 35kph per hour on the main road. But still, some drivers tried to break the rules. And for that golf cart are not allowed to drive into the main road.
  • Horn: You need to use the horn perfectly so that you can be safe.
  • Slow down: You need to be slow while you`re driving a golf cart. Because this cart is different from another car. And for that speed excess of 10kph while turning will cost you a huge accident.
  • Drive safely: Last but not least you need to drive it perfectly.

 How to Rent a Golf cart 

Rent a golf cart is a common way to experience the thrill of riding it. As far it is too expensive, you can borrow the car for 2-3 hours and use it perfectly. There is another way to rent this car. It is like you can take the car as a semi-rent and can use it for long terms. So now don’t waste our time and know-how to rent a golf cart.

The rent of a golf cart depends on its size and equipment. There is the various size of golf cart available. You can rent them based on your need. Also, you can rent them for a month. That is called long-term rent. Sometimes renting a golf cart is costs you a lot. For two persons you need to pay almost 55$ for the day.

But you can take a four-person cart for only 65$. So it is obvious that you will get a deal while you`re renting four men golf cart instead of two. There are some rules to borrow a golf cart. As like when you rent a cart for two persons. But both of you have different playing times, then only one of them can use the cart. Other player needs to rent another cart or walk around you. But that player can borrow another cart. For renting a cart first of all you need to go to the website or officials.

You can rent a golf cart wherever you want. You can rent it outside the city. And for that, you need to check the requirements and choose your favorite from the options. You can choose a gas or electric-based cart based on your condition. You can also add different types of equipment in your cart like a speaker, lights, etc. After that, you have to choose the color and size of the cart. You can choose any of them from 2/6/8 persons. Then you need to provide your information to the person who is doing all the deals for you. If your relatives want to drive it,

you need to provide their documents too. You need to be aware when you rent a golf cart. Because many dealers are used to making more money from the customers as per don’t know the perfect price. So you need to be more cautious before rent a golf cart. The cart will deliver to your house and you can use it according to your need. For any kind of accident or occurrence, you need to pay all the fines.

You are going to rent a big cart then you can roam all around the city with your whole family. In the golf court, you can rent the car on the spot. Just need to choose your car and waiting for its availability. If the car is available at that time you can take care and start your journey on the course. But you need to remember that you can only use the cart on your game time. The reason is many players are waiting to get the cart. Also, you can borrow the cart with more people.

As six/four players join and rent a cart. It will be much helpful because it will reduce your cost. Renting a golf cart for a home is a luxurious project. You cannot borrow this every day because it is too pricey. A little number of peoples, those are desperate for golf are used to borrow golf cart for one/two months. And also you need to think about your budget before you rent it.

Now can ask what`s best and reasonable price borrow a rent? What should you if the price is high? For this kind of question, we are going to give you more info about it in the next outline. Here it is:

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Golf CartHow Much Does It Cost To Rent a Golf Cart

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Golf Cart

Price of Golf Carts (rent)

First of all rent, a golf cart is a very serious thing. You need to follow many kinds of rules and regulation them. You need to provide your documents with a photograph. If any kind of accident happened to you, they can find you easily. Now let`s see the price range of carts.

Carts are rents within some rules. You have to borrow at least for one hour. And you cannot keep it to you for more than two months. You need to renew your contract with the dealer for extensions.

For one person you can rent a two-seat golf cart which will cost you 55$ per day. Or you can borrow according to hours. And you need to pay 15$ per hour. So by this chart, we realize that it will be better to take the golf cart for the whole day for a person. If you are having a partner with you then you can easily share this cart with you. It will be better for both of you, rent will share.

If you go to play golf with friends then you can choose a 4/6 person cart for you. A four-person cart will cost you 65$ and a six-person cart will cost 110$ a day. 4 person cart is good for everyone. You can easily roam with your friends and play the game. Or you can rent this cart for your home. There you can use this as a home material. You can use it outside of the home. But you need to follow various rules there. And you need to control speed and focus. The reason it will not be having an accident. She is a chart so that we can understand the pricing of it.






 1.2m * 2.4m * 1.8m

15$ for per hour

55-60$ per day

2 persons maximum


2.5m * 3.2m * 2.5m *

20$ for per hour

65-75$ per day

4 persons maximum


3.2m * 3.8m * 2.9m *

35$ per hour

130-150$ per day

6 persons maximum

For eight or more persons you need to take two carts instead of one. Various companies rent and produce golf carts. They are:

  • YAHAMA Umax two: LENGTH 119”, WIDTH 49”, HEIGHT 72”

Here are some models of the golf cart. There are many models available in the market. You can choose one of them as per your choice.

 Final Thought

After reading the full article, hope you will know about renting golf carts. Renting a golf cart is very important in a golf course but luxurious in common life. You need to pay a lot of bucks to rent it and also you cannot use it like other cars. After doing researches and gather the experience from our customers, we can say that it will be a luxurious choice to rent a golf cart. If you read this article carefully you will know enough information about golf cart and their rent system. All of this information is gathered by our expert team and analyzers.

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