How much does a Golf cart cost

How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost?

In simple words, the average price range of a golf cart is 4,000 dollars to 7,000 dollars. Golf carts are available at a huge variety of prices. The price of golf carts varies depending on the condition of the golf carts. Depending on the features carts are available from affordable to luxurious.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost?

A golf cart is very beneficial for a game. Now a day almost in all golf courses golf carts are used. Carts are one of the favorite accessories of players. Because the cart eliminates the stress of the players. It is often seen that buyers want to know widely about the price range of the golf carts. They often found asking how much does a golf cart cost. To know the varied range of the prices continue reading and get benefited.

Price Range of Golf Carts

The price range of the golf carts depends on the buyer's need. There is no need to think that golf carts aren't available at an affordable price. Golf carts are available in all sorts of price ranges. But while buying a buyer must consider the element, condition, and functionality of the cart. We will discuss about the buying consideration in the later part.

A buyer can also buy a used golf cart which is way less in price than a new cart. Here is a chart for the price range of different types of golf carts.




4000 to 14000 dollars


1,500 to 5,000 dollars


Above 15,000 dollars


1,000 to 5,000 dollars

With the help of this chart, one can set their budget for a cart easily. However, these are the estimated price. The price can vary depending on the economy.

How much does a new golf cart cost?

From the chart above, one can see that the price range of a new golf cart is about 4,000 to 14,000 dollars. If anyone wants an affordable new cart then they can go for the 4,000 dollars cart. But with this price range, there will be no extra features. Again for a golf cart there is no need for extra features as the only purpose of a golf cart is to carry the players to reduce their stress.

 But if anyone wants to spend more than 7,000 dollars then they will get a cart of 2 to 4-seaters with headlight, windshield, horn, etc. Now you may be thinking that you can get these features in a low price cart but the difference between these is the quality.

On the other hand, if you want to spend more than 10,000 dollars then you will have many features including a radio, DVD and even a monitor.

However, if you are a very wealthy person and want your own customized golf cart with more features then you have to spend more than 12,000 dollars.


  • Looks nice.
  • Comes with a limited warranty.
  • Feels fresh.
  • Wide range of features.


  • price is not affordable for all people.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost

How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost

How Much Does a Used Golf Cart Cost?

From the chart of the price range for golf carts, we can see that the price range of a used golf cart is 1,500 to 5,000 dollars. If one wants to buy an affordable golf cart then they can easily choose the used golf carts. The price of a used golf cart varies depending on the age of the cart.

Suppose you want to buy a 3 to 4 years old standard golf cart with windshield, headlight, and horn features. Then you have to spend 3,000 to 4,500 dollars.

On the other hand, for a street legal golf cart, you have to spend more than 4,000 dollars depending on the cart age.

Also, you can get a used golf cart with luxurious features for more than 8,000 dollars if the cart is about 2 to 3 years old.


  • Affordable in price.
  • Can choose from a huge variety of sections at the same price.
  • Sometimes one can get a very good condition cart at an affordable price.


  • Doesn’t look nice.
  • Doesn’t feel fresh.
  • Might need to work a little bit or even quite often.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Golf Cart?

Players can also rent a golf cart to make their game easy. The rent cost of a golf cart depends on the capacity of the golf cart. By the capacity, I mean how many players can the golf cart carry. Golf carts can carry 2 to 6 people at the same time.

The chart below shows the rental price of a golf cart depending on the capacity.



2 person

50 to 55 dollars

4 person

65 to 70 dollars

6 person

110 to 120 dollars

These are the estimated price. That means the price can change depending on the area and geography.

From the chart, we can see that the suitable prices range of the cart depending on the capacity is the 4 person cart. However, if anyone rents a cart from a shop then they have to also bear the delivery charge which will add more extra money to the cost. For a regular golfer, renting a cart is not a good idea. Renting will consume a lot of money.

Advantages of Golf Carts

Previously players have to walk through the course in order to reach the ball. They have to walk through a long way to reach. Walking through the course is very irritating. Walking on a sunny day through the course is very difficult. It takes a lot out of the players and they lose their energy from walking. Also, the walking process through a big course was time consuming. It enhances the time of a game and makes the game lengthy.

But with the help of a cart players don’t have to put a lot of stress to reach the ball area. Carts reduce the time of a game round and also make the game more enjoyable to the players. Also, golf carts can be used for hunting as well.

There are Two Types of Golf Carts

Electric golf carts- It is usually known to all that an electric golf cart needs charge to continue. These carts cost more than the gas golf carts because of the batteries. These carts are eco friendly. There will be no sound and air pollution with these carts. Also, these carts need less maintenance than a gas golf cart.

But the problem with an electric golf cart is that these carts produce less speed than a gas golf cart. Also, the charging process is lengthy. After sometimes the golf cart battery of an electric cart needs to be changed which will cost a lot of money.

Gas golf carts- Gas powered carts are less in cost than electric golf carts. These carts produce more power than electric carts. For this reason, these are fasters than electric carts. Also, there is no waiting time for these carts as there will be no need for charging them. One just needs to fill the gas tank and the cart will be ready to go for a ride.

A gas golf cart is not eco friendly. Gas golf carts can pollute air and noise as the engine provides more power.

Best Golf Carts

Here is a list of some of the best brand new golf carts that one may like.

  • EZ-Go Express S4
  • Club Car Onward Lifted Four Passenger
  • Club Car Onward 6 Passenger
  • Garia Via

In this list of 5 carts, there are 2, 4, and 6 passenger carts. Here the Garia Via is an electric golf cart. This electric golf cart has durable and sturdy parts. The  battery of this cart is also very durable. Also, it is street legal.

How Much do Batteries for Golf Carts Cost?

The average cost of batteries for an electric golf cart is 1000 to 1500 dollars. The price of the batteries depends on the type and the model of the cart. The cost of 72 volt lead acid battery is about 900 to 1500 dollars.

Things to Consider While Buying a Golf Cart

If you don’t want to waste a lot of money then while buying a golf cart you have to consider about many important things. Here are some important things to make the buying process easy for a buyer.

Buying Guide for a Used Cart

  • While buying a used golf cart first thing a person must consider is the age of the cart. Because it may get harder to find the parts of the cart. It can also become complicated to fix a very old cart.
  • After checking the age the next thing is to check whether the cart is refurbished or not. To get a proper refurbished golf cart one should get a used golf cart from a dealer. Because sometimes it seems that some sellers paint their old used cart and change the tires and the windshield to sell their carts. They say that the cart is refurnished and try to convince the buyer.
  • Consider the type of cart. As we all know that there are two types. Select the type depending on your need. If you want low maintenance and eco friendly carts then go with the electric powered cart. But if you want a fast and always ready to go cart then choose the gas powered cart.
  • If anyone likes to buy a gas powered cart then they should check the engine condition of the cart.
  • On the other hand, if anyone likes to buy electric powered cart then they must check the battery condition of the cart.
  • Check the condition of the tires. Because you don’t want to spend money again after buying the cart. The tire should not have any damage on the surface and the tire should be inflated.
  • After checking all these things if the cart matches up with your requirements then you are good to ask the price of the cart. If the price matches up with your budget then can buy or else search for another one.

Buying Guide for a New Cart

  • Check the brand of the cart.
  • Considering the type is the first priority here. Choose the type depending on the need.
  • After considering the type second thing to consider is the capacity of the cart. It also depends on the buyer's need. Depending on the capacity there are 3 types. These are 2 person seats, 4 person seats, and 6 person seats.
  • Check the performance of the engine and the power of the cart.
  • The speed of the cart depends on the engine's performance and power.
  • Check the warranty time of the cart.
  • Check the accessories of the cart. Some electric powered carts don't come with a charger which will cost more money. Also, check there is a protective weatherproof cover. If you are buying a luxurious one then check all the needing requirements of yours match with the cart or not.
  • Choose the price of the cart depending on the requirements like whether you want an affordable or luxurious cart.

Final Thoughts

Golf cart is a very important element for a golf course. With the help of a cart, a game can be improved easily. Also, golf carts are used for hunting. There are many manufacturing companies for golf carts. They produce golf carts in a huge range of price variety. Many people want to buy normal golf carts just to make the game easy and time saving. On the other hand, some buy luxurious carts to show their personality as well. That's why in this article today we have discussed about the price of the golf carts. We have discussed about the price of carts from affordable to luxurious and also from used to brand new.

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