How much does a Golf Ball Weigh

How Much does a Golf Ball Weigh?

Golf is one of the most valuable games in the world. For playing golf there need some important components. But first and foremost golfers need a golf ball to play golf. A golf ball is so essential part of this game. Without a golf ball, the game is nothing.

Sometimes choosing a bad golf ball people can lose any game. So a golf ball plays an important role in any golf competition. Choosing the right golf is not easy at all. Sometimes the golf ball weight is responsible for playing the best shot. This can improve your hitting performance with the golf club. A golfer should know how much does a golf ball weighs is. So in this article, we will discuss about the proper weight of various kinds of golf balls.

How much does a golf ball weigh?

This is a special ball for designing only to play golf. So it should be a fixed weight. There are many units of measurement. We mainly focus on the golf ball weigh in grams. The average golf ball weight should not more than 45.93 grams. This is announced as the official weight of a standard golf ball. If a golf ball's weight is greater than the standard weight then it will be declared as an illegal golf ball. So most of the legal golf balls weigh is near about 45.93 grams, definitely not more than this weight. If people calculate the weigh golf balls as pounds that can be 0.1012 pounds. If the golf ball weighs is more than this standard weight then it will not accept in any tournament.

So it is more important to know about all weight of the golf ball. This weight varies depending on what type of materials are used for making this ball. We try to explain some necessary things about the golf ball weight. It will surely help the people. Find more quality full best callaway golf balls.

How much does a golf ball weigh

How much does a golf ball weigh

Golf Balls Categories

There are many kinds of good balls. All are different from each other. But the weight is approximately the same for all of these golf balls. This weight is measured based on some categories too.

Low Compression: People can play with a softer golf ball if it is produced with low compression. This type of golf ball can cover more distance.

High Compression: This kind of golf ball is tending to harder than others. It is specially created for getting faster speed. The high compression golf balls give more swing speed. It is very easy to control this ball.

The types of golf balls and their weight can be different depending on their construction also.

1-piece golf ball: It is made with a simple 1-piece construction without any rubber or plastic. It is a solid and hardest golf ball. There are no other layers in its inside or outside with rubber or plastic. For these characteristics, this 1-piece golf ball provides less flight distance.

2-piece construction golf ball: There are two parts to this golf ball. One is the outer part and the other is the inner part. A solid and harder core is used in the inner part. On the other hand, a soft layer or other materials are used in the outer part which provides a soft feel while playing this golf ball on the greenside. These kinds of golf balls provide a more flight distance than a 1-piece golf ball.

Hybrid golf balls: This is called hybrid golf ball because of using multi layer construction of it. They made with up three to five pieces. It is a high quality golf ball maintaining standard weight too. This multi layer of pieces helps to generate more swing fast ball speed, longer distance also a softer feel. It provides also maximum control in the green.

Sometimes the weigh of golf balls also depends on their dimple design. Dimple is also responsible for varying the golf ball weigh.

Dimples in the golf ball: Most of the standard type golf ball has a dimple on their body. There are no international tournaments where is play with dimple fewer golf balls. This is mandatory to have dimples in the golf ball. These dimples are very effective for a golf ball. According to Aerodynamics technology rule dimple help to fly without any dragging of the air. It prevents the drag of the air when it is in flight. It can fly higher freely without any dragging. So it is huge advantage of having dimples in the golf ball. The golfer can play a shot higher and longer distance also.

Without dimples in the golf ball: Some of the balls are also produced without any dimples on their body. But it is not acceptable to play in any international tournaments. These golf balls are used in practice just. This is made only for the newbie, a beginner level golfer. If you are a beginner golfer or you want to be a golfer then you should start with these kinds of balls. These dimple less golf balls are suitable for you.

Final Word

At the end of this article, we must say that there are many kinds of golf balls. But their weight should be a standard weigh that is officially announced ad also acceptable for any professional tournaments. Though there are many golf balls which have different weigh too. The standard weigh of a golf ball should not be more than 45.93 grams or 1.620 ounces. Sometimes the heaviest golf ball people can notice is around almost 46 grams. Golfers can also the lightest golf balls which weight is around 45.43 grams approximately.

So these all weigh of golf balls are usually used in any tournaments. People should concern about the weight of the golf ball. It can be responsible for a surprising result in the game. The final say is that we try to give an idea of all standard golf balls weigh that are accepted by professionals. Surely it is tested by the manufacturer also when they make a golf ball for any competition. So people should play with these quality golf balls which have a standard weight.

Hope this article was good for people getting proper knowledge of golf ball to weigh.

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