How Many Holes in Golf

How Many Holes in Golf?

At beginning of a golf career or watching golf tournaments on the television for fun, the first thing that comes to a person's mind is that how many holes does a golf course has. Though all the golfers know the answer to this question. But if you want to know the number of official golf course holes then the answer is 18.

How Many Holes in Golf?

However, there are some golf courses that contain 9 holes. These aren't professional courses. Besides, previously the number of the golf holes was more or less than 18. But with the change of time and requirements, the standard number of holes became 18. Golf holes make the game more enjoyable and thrilling for both the spectators and players.

What is a Golf Hole?

The deep point in the greenside of every golf course where the golfers try to put the ball is called a golf hole. There are so many holes in golf courses. They all are not similar between themselves. They have specific rules, sizes, wide and also the difference used.

A regular international golf course has 18 holes. Every standard golf course consists maximum of 18 holes. Sometimes their subset has 9 holes. Here can be played twice per round. This takes a short time to play. But it is a great thing for golf lovers to play 18 holes of golf. Because it takes too much time to finish the game. They can enjoy so much time on the golf course.

Holes in a Golf Round

Generally, there are 18 holes for a full round in a golf course. All the professional tournaments use 18 holes format to choose the best player and to amuse the fans and also the players. Without this format, the game will become ineffective and players and fans won't be able to enjoy the game fully.

The 18 holes are divided into two, known as the front and the back holes. The front hole contains the first 9 holes and the back holes contain the second 9 holes. Almost all the golf clubs follow this loop so that the players can take rest between the first and the second loops.

Besides the 18 holes format golf course, there may be some other golf courses that contain more or less than 18 holes depending on the condition of the area.

Number of Holes in a Mini Golf Course

Mini golf courses are used for fast gameplay. All the busy persons who love to play golf but have a short amount of time use mini golf for their relaxation. Generally, there are 18 holes also in the mini golf course. But the distance of the holes is very short and the surface of these courses are also flatter than other courses.

On the other hand, some mini golf courses have 9 holes because of the course length. These types of mini golf courses take less time for quick gameplay and also are suitable for beginners. Also, as it takes less space than the official course the extra space can be used for other games and many more. The big advantage of a mini golf course is that a mini golf course is less expensive than an official golf course. Also, mini golf courses take less effort than the traditional 18 holes golf course.

How Long to Play 18 Holes of Golf?

From all of the sports, golf is a very time consuming game. It consumes relatively more time than other sports and provides more fun.

Normally for a professional golfer, it will take almost 4 hours at most. The distance between the holes and the accuracy measurement by the player consumes more time. However, for a nonprofessional or an amateur to the time can be 5 to 6 hours to complete 18 holes. As it takes more time and effort to complete 18 holes basically the professionals play 18 holes.

How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf?

To complete 9 holes a professional may take 1.5 hours to 2 hours. On the other hand, an amateur may take more than 2 hours to complete 9 holes. As you can see playing 9 holes consume very little time than playing 18 holes. For this reason, golf lover businessmen, old people, and also amateur play 9 holes to finish their game with less effort.

How Many Holes in Golf

How Many Holes in Golf

Things That Influence The Time of Completing Golf Holes

There are some issues that influence the time of the game. Some of the issues are:

  • The size of the course is one of the most common issues that influence the time to increase or decrease. The bigger size course will consume more time than the small ones.
  • The number of the par is a big factor that influences the time of the game. The number of par can vary depending on the course. Some courses have 5-par for each of the holes some have 4 and some have 3. That means the par-3 hole will consume relatively lesser time than par-4 and par-5. Par-3 will be more time efficient and par-5 is more time consuming. On the other hand, there is a course in Japan with par-7 holes that will consume too much time to complete the holes.
  • The transport system in the course is also an issue. As it is a normal issue that walking through the course to reach the ball for the next shot is very effective and takes time. Walking will increase the durability of the game.
  • On the other hand, if the course has a transport system like golf carts to reach for the ball for the next shot the estimated time will decrease very much. Also, it won't cost much effort from the players.
  • Completing all the holes at the estimated time won't be possible if there is no transport system on the course.
  • The number of golfers in a team can be a reason for the increment and the decrement in the time to complete the holes. A team of 4 members will consume a very long time than a team of 2 or 3 members.
  • The last issue is the player skills level. Professionals won't take much time while taking a shot. They will take the shot in some minutes. But nonprofessional or amateur will take more time in calculating the distance and thinking about how much effort they should use to hit the ball.

Distance Between Holes

It is wise to know the distance between the holes. Knowing the distance will help a golfer to hit the ball with perfect energy and precision. Generally, almost all the courses with 18 holes or 9 holes have a distance of 67 yards between the holes on average. The distance can be vary depending on the size and the geography of the course.

Also, for both 9 and 18 holes course the distance between the tee and the cup less than 100 yards.

What is the diameter of a golf hole?

Generally, a golf hole cannot too big in size. It is quite small in size. The ideal golf hole size is 4.25 inches in the world. This site is officially declared for any golf holes since 1891. In that year, there had only one golf governing organization named is "The Royal and Ancient Golf Club". This organization issued a new rule for golf courses that every hole of golf should be the same size everywhere around the green, and it should be 4.25 inches. This is standard golf hole size.

Royal Musselburgh Golf Club had invented the first golf holes cutter in 1829. This is used to cut the golf holes in every golf course at that time. This golf hole cutter measured exactly 4.25 inches while cutting the hole. This precise diameter is followed in every golf course still in this modern time.

Every golf hole should be cutting circular according to the standard size that is 4.25 inches. If a golf hole in the greenside is bigger or smaller than the actual size, it can be so difficult or sometimes easy to put the ball into the golf hole. It also announced a non-regulation golf course. It is also most important to measure the golf hole's depth. If the hole has not the proper depth to drop a ball into it completely, it is also a bad golf course ever. So the depth of any golf hole is the really important thing. Basically, a golf hole's depth should be a minimum of 4 inches.

Are all golf holes the same size?

Undoubtedly, this should be similar in size. All golf courses greenside golf holes size should 4.25 inches in the world. The universal golf hole size came from the R&A Golf Club Organizations. So this is mandatory to keep the size of all golf holes all around the world. If there is some difference between two golf holes, the game can be canceled for this reason only. So while cutting the golf holes people should concern about its standard measurement. A golfer can drop two balls in one hole easily. Because a golf ball wide is 1.68 inches on the other hand, a golf hole's size is 4.25 inches. So it is a comfort to drop two balls inside a golf hole.

What is the average score for 9 holes of golf?

Sometimes golf plays only for 9 holes. Then there are some rules also for 9 holes. Someone says that 45 is a good score for 9 holes. But the average score for 9 holes is 40 – 70. It is actually a good score between in this range. Who scored above 40, is not good enough. But usually, breaking 60 is not a good score for 9 holes game for amateur golfers.

Beginners usually score 60 or 70 always. It is a suitable score or higher for them. Break 60 or more it is a good score for beginner when they are playing 9 holes golf game. So it should be done by any beginners to increase their level up.

Remember that breaking 60 or higher; is considered a bad score totally in 9 holes of a golf game. But score 50 is a great score of the golf game. This is considered an incredibly super score.

What is the maximum number of strokes per golf hole?

This is not a fixed number of strokes. Some golf courses have specific stroke rules for golf. There are many international competitions arranged all over the world. So many international and official tours maintain the "pace of play" rules. From the beginning of the game, one may have enough game speed. But after a certain time, it may not belong to life. There are no specific strokes for them. If people are considering themselves speedy men, they can take 11 strokes. But at the same time, the other slower one cannot be done these 11 strokes. They may be completed only 5 strokes. So it's up to the golfers how much speed they can play.

At the end of this article, we must say that the golf hole is a very important part of a golf game. When playing golf, people must keep in mind the measurement of the golf holes. It is very important to drop the golf ball inside the holes. So usually people are playing for this aim. They can do better if they research properly about these holes of golf.

Number of Par

The number of par depends on the size of the course and also between the distance of holes. Also, the terrain in the course can be the reason in the increment of the par.

Let’s have a quick look at the number of the par of holes from the tees based on the distance.

Numbers of par for men depending on the distance:

Number of Par



250 yards and less


251 to 450 yards


451 to 690 yards

Numbers of par for women based on the distance:

Number of Par



210 yards and less


211 to 400 yards


401 to 575 yards

These are the par numbers that is followed by almost all professional golf tournaments.

Size of the Golf Hole

The golf hole is a very small sized hole. It is precise and smooth in shape. All of the golf courses including the professional, amateur, and mini golf courses have the same hole size. The official measurement of the size of a golf hole is 4.5 inches which is 10.8 centimeters approximately. This size is followed all over the world. In 1891, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews declare that the standard size of the golf holes should be 4.5 inches in diameter.

 The reason behind declaring this size of the hole is because of the invention of the first ever hole-cutter. The hole-cutter for the golf course was produced by Royal Musselburgh Golf Club. The hole-cutter still exists today.

Now don’t ask why they invented the hole-cutter of this size because nobody has any idea about this.

History of 18 Holes

Previously the number of holes in the 17 century was more than 18. People used to play golf on a course that contained 22 holes. Completing 22 holes was very time consuming and took a lot out of the players. People and also players were getting bored by watching long games.

To cut the time and to make the game more enjoyable and suitable the board members of the golf club held different important meetings and events and changed the number of holes from 22 to 18. 18 holes were introduced by the golfers of St Andrews in 1764. From that moment, the 18 holes of golf got popular and golfers from all over the world collaborated with this idea. And the 18 holes of golf became the official and traditional number of holes.

Benefits of 18 Holes

There are many benefits of the 18 holes of a golf course. Some of the benefits are:

  • 18 holes take less space than 22 holes and more.
  • The game 18 holes format is more enjoyable and time saving than more holes format.
  • Players don’t get bored as 18 holes course requires less effort than more holes.
  • The excess space can be used for other purposes.
  • Also, 18 holes provide many health benefits to the players.


Knowing the number of holes in a course can be very beneficial for beginners. They will have the chance to get themselves prepared for the game. The official numbers of holes are 18 but there are unofficial courses that contain lesser or even extra holes than official to make the game less effective or more difficult.

This article is all about the number of holes that both professional and nonprofessional courses can have. Also, in this article, we have discussed about the benefits of both the 9 and 18 holes. We have discussed many important issues related to the holes in this article.

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