How long does it take to get good at golf

How Long Does it Take to Get Good at Golf? ( Everything to Learn Golf )

Golf is not a game that one can learn within a couple of months. It needs a lot of practice and patience to get good at golf. There are many players in the golf world who are playing golf for years but cannot make any progress or a good score. But one thing for sure, they are not getting tired and are trying to make progress.

One of the most common questions we get from the new golfers is that how long does it take to get good at golf. In this article, one will get the answer to this query. Also, we will show some ways that a golfer can follow to improve their golf and make a good score.

How long does it take to get good at golf

Golf is a very complicated than other games. Yet it is one of the most interesting games of all. Learning golf will need consistent playing, practicing, and learning other factors. To get good at golf, one needs years of practicing.

However, if you are practicing well enough under the observation of a good coach, it may take 1 to 2 years to learn golf. Also, there are some amateur golfers who are exceptionally talented. Those types of people may need 1 to 1.5 years.

But to get exceptionally better or get to the pro golfers level, it may need 4 to 5 years.

Generally, an amateur golfer will take 5 to 6 months to learn the rules and regulations, basics, suitable equipment, fundamental swing factors, etc. And the rest of the time will need for building up the skills and strategy.

We like to recommend that one must not rush to get good at golf. One should try to learn the rules and regulations and the basic swing factors with more time. Cause knowing the rules and the swing factors will help one a lot in improvement.

What is considered a good golf score

Before starting the journey to become a good golf player one must know what is a good golf score.

The average golf score is around 90 per 18 holes. That means a beginner who can score 90 can be considered an average player. However, one should try to break into 80. Because a player who can score 80 would be determined as a good player.

However, a golfer who scores more than 90 will be considered a high handicapped golfer. On the other hand, golfers who can score 80 or less than 80 will be considered great golfer.

What are the factors to become good at golf

If a golfer is able to score 90 that means the golfer is improving. And with some instructions and some training, the golfer will be able to score 80 within some time. To score 80 or less than 80 one has to know about some factors. These factors will help a golfer to get in the line of the pro golfers.

Here are some important factors that one can follow to become good at golf.

Hand and Eye Coordination

The first thing to determine is the hand and eye coordination of a golfer. Because the better the hand and eye coordination are the more perfect the swing will be. And we all know that a better swing is the key to make a good score. One can see the first lesson a coach gives is hand and eye coordination.

There are some amateur golfers who have better coordination of hand and eye from the beginning. However, those players who are not able to get better on their hand and eye coordination should try to engage with other games which can help them in improving their hand and eye coordination.


We all know that proverb that “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same thing applies in golf as well. A player who just learns how to improve the swing and does not practice would not get good at golf. Therefore, one must practice golf to use their learning skills. There is no exact time of practicing.

An amateur golfer should try to provide more time in practice. Because the more time they provide the better they will get. One should try to provide as much effort as one can in practice.

However, practicing does not mean that one just has to shot the ball from the tee-off ground towards the green. One has to try different types of shots. One has to try to improve their aiming and strength.

Another important thing is to practice the short game. It can be seen that some golfers tend to improve their long game and neglect their short game. This can be a very big issue. Because the short game needs as much practice as the long game. There are some golfers who can hit the green with a couple of shorts but they seem to miss the hole because of not practicing the short game. So it would be recommended that one should try to practice both their long and short game to improve their skills.


Apart from the other considerations this is a very important consideration. Every golfer has their own strategy to hit the hole. For example, there are some golfers who try to hit the par-4 green within two pars. And they like to use the rest of the pars to hit the hole.

Having one’s own strategy will help them to finish a golf round with a low score. One can follow a professional golfer strategy for improving their score.


One must know how to swing correctly and how the swing works. There are some methods that one can follow to swing to hit the ball perfectly. One should be able to know what is causing their ball to go in another direction.

It will take years of practice and a lot of research to know about the swing. So when you get a chance try to learn everything from others.

Get a pro-trainer

Getting a pro-trainer would be a very good idea for getting good at golf. A pro-trainer will be able to find out the defects and what is causing the bad swings. Also, the trainer can guide all the basic things very easily.

Pro-trainer can teach the angler, swing speed, posture, and other important things within a short amount of time. For a beginner, it is highly recommended to get a trainer. A pro-trainer has a lot of experience and knowledge that he will share with you.

Gather other golfer experience

One should always try to learn from others. Beginner golfers should communicate with the advanced level golfer and the professional golfers to learn more about the game. With the help of their experience, one will be able to improve the game very fast.


Again we would like to remind you that golf is a game of patience. So when the game is not in your favor and you are hitting the wrong directions keep calm and try to find out what is the reason.

A golfer who always tries to keep calm and remove the negative thoughts from their mind will always have an upper hand in the game. It would be recommended that always try to play with a cool mind.

By following the above considerations, one will be able to improve their skill level pretty fast. However, there are many golf books available in the market and also on the internet. One should also read those books. These books contain a huge amount of information on swing technique, rules, and all other necessary things that can be a great help in the game.

Also, one can use the YouTube platform. On YouTube, professional golfers share their experiences and knowledge with live performances.

What is a scratch player and how long does it take to become one

In golf, a scratch player is a top golfer among all. They have zero handicap score and they can hit the whole with a limited number of pars or even less. That means the scratch player will use 72 pars or 70 to hit all the 18 holes of a golf course. There are only a few exception golfers who can do this.

It will take years of golfing to become a scratch player. It can take more than 5 years. Not all golfers can get to this level.

How to become a scratch golfer

To become a scratch golfer the first thing one must have is love for golf. Without the love for golf, there is no way that one can become a scratch golfer. However, here are some tips that will help one to become a scratch golfer.

  • The first thing is to practice. One has to practice golf regularly. One has to focus on their swing methods, their long and short game, their stance, etc.
  • To become a scratch player it is highly recommended that one should get their own personal trainer. A personal trainer will help a golfer to show what the golfer is lacking and what the golfer must do.
  • Always try to hit the hole with the exact number of pars. In the worse case scenario, try to hit with only one bogey.
  • Always try to attend in competitive gameplay. When you hear a golf tournament is organizing one must make sure to attend the tournament. Because from the tournament one will be able to acquire knowledge of how other players score and what is the strategy of their game.

Final words

 The time of becoming a good golfer depends on one’s effort. The more effort one will provide the less time they will need. However, there are other important things that a player needs to know also. To know how long does it take to get good at golf one should know those things. That is why we have described about those important factors in this article. However, it would be recommended that one must have patience and keep learning. There is no way that one can learn all the things within a short amount of time. Also, one should have love for golf and should have respect for other golfers.

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