How long does Golf cart Battery Last?

At first, if we go straight forward to the answer, we can say golf cart batteries can run for full ten years and a minimum of four to five months. But depends on the uses of the player and users. If they can use their cart with excellent care, their coach will serve them for a long time.

In this article, we will talk about a battery’s lifeline and its different issues. Also, we will add various kinds of related pieces of information into it. We hope that our users will be satisfied with this article.

So let’s go to the article and talk about this thing in brief.

Types of Batteries

There are various kinds of batteries available for golf carts. All of them can give our users a perfect service, but there is still some differences general between them.

Here are the types of batteries:

1. Gel Lead Acid Batteries

2. AGM Lead Acid Batteries

3. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

4. Lithium-ion Golf Cart Batteries

Things that effect

Many things can affect batteries’ lifeline. All of these reasons are very important to know and should be avoided. Because without having an idea, users are not able to do things perfectly.

Here are they:

Overcharge: First of all, overcharging is the main reason for drowning any kind batteries. When the battery is full charged, and it is complete incapacity, in that time, over pushing the power is not suitable for the battery’s health. It directly affects the lifeline of the storm.

Mainly manual golf cart chargers are the reasons for these things. However, because they cannot turn off when the battery is filled up, for that reason, an automatic charger has been invented.

Users don’t need to worry about these things in automatic chargers because they turn off automatically.

There is another way for non-automatic chargers, and they are maintaining a clock or time measurable item which can notify the users that the charge is completed.


 Another essential part of the drowning battery is its lack kind of maintenance. Users must be use water because it is the main component of golf cart batteries. Users must need to maintain a timeline of one month for watering the batteries.

It is mandatory to use distilled water instead of regular water. Also, never forget to charge this water before using them.

Another important thing is users need to maintain the cleaning of the battery. Because lots of things can create harm towards your battery and for that, it is essential to clean it soon.

Users need to recharge the batteries every time they have been used because empty batteries will occur badly.

Another significant thing users can charge them open areas to keep away from overheating.


Another significant thing users need to follow is the brand issue. Most of the time, users are looking for budget-friendly items which are not perfect for the quality. However, a good brand product always lasts for long days. For that reason, users need to use some extra money.

Use Frequently

Using too much of the golf cart is another reason for drowning the battery. As we all know, there are specific life remains in batteries for various reasons. So if users are doing lots of activity per day by using this battery, then the livability of this product will go down very quickly.

It is one of the main reasons behind batteries downgrade.


Extra features are also a reason behind the downgrade of golf cart batteries. First of all, if users use lots of accessories, it will take lots of power from the batteries. And for that reason, users will get to see its batteries become weaker day by day.


Storage of the battery is also an essential part of golf cart batteries. First of all, users need to use the battery at least once a week. But if they cannot do that, they need to keep it at cool places. Because keeping users’ batteries reasonable is a tricky thing to do. And only cool places can keep them perfect.

How long does the golf cart battery last?

A golf cart battery lasts for a long time. But it depends on the quality of the product. First of all, a standard quality battery will give users performances of four to five years. This kind of battery is straightforward at the quality and affordable price ranges. For that reason, most of the users love to buy this thing.

On the other hand, A high-quality brand’s product always gives better performances than others. And the quality of this product is also good. This kind of battery stays almost ten years at least.

How long does it take to charge a golf cart battery?

Usually, users will find many types of batteries for golf carts. Each of them takes a different kind of time for complete charging. Some batteries take eight hours to charge fully. Some batteries take four hours to five hours to do that. But, of course, this thing depends on the quality of the storm.

Does the batteries category make an impact on cart speed?

Yes, they do. Different kind of batteries has different types of power system. For example, a typical golf cart has roughly three hundred pounds of batteries on board.

This is a significant amount of weight, and it will affect speed. Consider how a few additional passengers will influence your golf cart. A lithium battery weighs only approximately 70 pounds. There will be significant changes in performance when you remove this enormous amount of weight from your golf cart. Because the golf cart weighs so much less overall, you will be able to drive it faster and maybe go longer on a charge.

How to maintain the golf cart batteries?

There are many ways available by which users can maintain golf cart batteries. By giving proper rest after a long time of use, water into the batteries in time, check them ideally, using batteries little safely. These are the reason users need to follow for keeping their batteries safe.

Best Golf cart: Lithium Vs Lead Acid

Carrying Capacity

As we all know, there are various kinds of batteries available for golf carts. We will talk about two types of batteries that are very similar in quality and other things. But there are still some differences that can be found between them. So here is the comparison between them:

Installing lithium batteries in a golf cart can significantly increase the weight-to-performance ratio of the cart. Lithium golf cart batteries weigh half the weight of conventional lead-acid batteries, reducing the weight by two-thirds of the importance a golf cart would typically operate. Less weight means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling slow to passengers. Due to the weight/performance ratio difference, the lithium trolley can have two more medium-sized adults and more equipment until it reaches its loading capacity. In addition, lithium batteries maintain the same output voltage regardless of battery charge, so the cart will continue to run even after the lead-acid batteries are discharged from the batteries. In comparison, lead-acid and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries degrade the output voltage and performance after using the battery’s rated capacity, negatively affecting the load capacity and exacerbating the problem over time. 

Charging Speed

All-electric vehicles or golf carts face the same drawbacks, whether they use lead-acid or lithium batteries. First, it should be recharged immediately. It takes time to recharge, and you can temporarily get out of the game at this time if you don’t have a second cart available. A good golf cart should maintain consistent power and speed on all terrain. Lithium batteries can handle this without problems, but lead-acid batteries slow down the trolley when the voltage drops. Also, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge an average lead-acid battery after the charge is depleted.

On the other hand, lithium batteries can be assigned to 80% capacity in about one hour and fully charged in three hours. Plus, Partially Charged Lead Acid Batteries are sulphated to shorten their lifespan significantly. On the other hand, lithium batteries don’t have the negative effect of running out of charge so you can charge your golf cart at lunchtime.

There are also many things we can compare between these two products. Like battery cycle life, eco friendly etc.

After all, we can say that lithium is better than lead Acid.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can say that golf cart batteries last more than eight to ten years. In this article, we have added lots of information about this thing, and we hope that our users will be satisfied with this. Also, all of our data is collected from experts’ opinions and users’ experiences. So we hope that it will help our customers shortly.

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