How Fast Are Bird Scooters

How Fast Are Bird Scooters?

Technology has made our life so easy by providing so many advanced things. Some advanced items have made our life very much easy and perfect in every way. They are now used for transportation, transaction, entertainment, research, and so many other sources. Some of these products have made our life so much easy and ensured greater movement and transportation. Electric scooters are one of them. If we talk about this item, there will a name which is the Bird Scooter. Today we will talk about the bird scooter and how fast they are.

How Fast Are Bird Scooters?

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Bird Scooter

The journey of the Bird scooter was started in 2017 by Travis Vanderzanden. This scooter has the most demand in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. This scooter has become so much demanded that there are almost 100 countries that are getting the service of it. This scooter was made for reducing the expenses of taxi, bus, train and other fairs of a city or a country. As they are cheap and very easy to use, it is a popular choice among all aged people.

The bird scooters are mainly operated by using the smartphone application. There is an application on the phone that has to download for taking a bird scooter as rent. The user has to submit some information in the application such as location, age, credit card balance, etc. After signing up, you can easily use the bird scooter for any location as the application is keeping your records. After the ride, the app will automatically cut off the balance from your credit card account.

So How Fast can a Bird Scooter Go?

Generally, the average speed of a bird scooter is 14 kilometers. A bird scooter can get a maximum speed of 25 kilometers only. As an electric scooter, this speed is perfect to go. This is the maximum speed of old model Bird scooters. The new and updated Bird scooter can gain a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour. It can even run for almost 50 kilos continuously with the full charge. This new and updated model is called the Bird One. It has a bigger and better battery performance compared to the previous one.

Ways to Make the Bird Scooter Faster

There are some terms and systems that are helpful to increase the speed of the Bird scooter. And the systems are given below:

  • Removing the speed limiter: As we all know that, there is a speed limiter used in every kind of vehicle. The speed limiter helps to keep the speed limit to avoid any kind of accident. Removing the speed limit may become helpful for increasing the speed, but it may cause danger and problems.
  • Increasing the power of battery: As the scooters run through the battery, you can increase the power of the scooter by adding batteries. The scooter gets power from the batteries, so you can add 1 or 2 batteries with the previous one. It will increase the speed and run for a long time
  • Changing the parts: This one may become a little bit costly for some of the users. But if speed is your main priority, you will not think about the cost. For increasing the speed and making the scooter faster, you can change the sprockets of the scooter and add new ones. As we know that, a bigger sprocket can change the speed, add a longer sprocket compare to the previous ones, and make it faster
  • The last one is for those who don’t have the objection to more speeds. For getting faster speed, it is the last process to do. You can upgrade the engine performance by rewinding it or by adding additional aftermarket engine performance kits. But it will become dangerous for the scooter. Because the engine ratio and the breaking ratio will not be the same at that time. As a result, the user may get a good speed, but he/she will not have the proper breaking according to the speed.

The Bird Scooter Nest

As the majority of these scooters are used for rent, they have to store in the same place every day. The scooter is named Bird and every bird has a home which is its nest. So the bird scooters are also placed in their homes which are called the nest. The chargers of these scooters are kept with money. Their work is to collect the scooters from the user, charge them overnight and get them ready for the next day.

How Fast Are Bird Scooters

How Fast Are Bird Scooters

Rules and Policies of Using the Bird Scooter

There are not very many rules and restrictions to follow for using the Bird scooter. If the user is below 18, then he/she has to use a helmet while riding. The Bird Company can also supply the helmets for the users which are additional charges included.

The scooters are connected with GPS that provides the information every time to the users. There is a battery percentage meter too in the application which helps to indicate the battery rate even if the battery is low.

Lime Scooter

Lime scooter is another brand of electric scooters. They are the competitor of Bird scooters. The Lime scooter is almost the same as the bird. There is no big difference in the sizing, price, and quality of them. But the Lime scooter is a little bit faster than the Bird. As the bird scooter can reach the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, the Lime scooter is faster than the bird with a speed of 30-kilometer power.

Though both of them have the same power and size, the Lime scooter is lighter in weight compare to Bird. Therefore, it can easily get a good speed than the bird. But both of them are perfect and the fastest electric scooter to use.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have a great advantage to use nowadays. Here some of the benefits have been described below:

  • As they are run by battery, they are very much eco-friendly
  • Very light in weight and easy to carry if needed
  • Saves additional expenses like uber, taxi, bus and other transports
  • No need for any kind of fuel without electricity that saves money and the natural elements
  • Connected with GPS so no tension of stealing or missing
  • Can operate by mobile which is a very advanced feature
  • No need to stay in traffic. Put down your legs and walk in the pedestrian lane even in a huge jam
  • Very controlled and workable speed. The speed can be increase too by adding extra features

Electric scooters are now a blessing in this modern generation. They are both perfect, and easy to use by anyone. After their journey in the transport sector, they have saved a lot of money and time for people. Those who have to wait in the traffic jam for hour after hour are now using the Bird Scooter and avoiding the jam. Not only that, they are having a good saving of their money too. Just register through the mobile application, your Bird Scooter is ready to give a new experience

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