How far is the TopGolf net?

How Far is the TopGolf Net?

The distance of the back net of TopGolf is about 150 feet high. The range of this distance is about 250 yards. The distance is very far and high and it is quite impossible to hit the net for an average golfer. But it can be seen in social media that some people hit the ball over the net.

How Far is the TopGolf Net?

For those people who want to have fun along with playing golf, the TopGolf is the best place to choose. In TopGolf, one will have food, fun, and golf at the same time. Those people who want to spend an exciting time with their friends or family members should definitely go to the TopGolf. Some people may think that they do not have any golf skills and TopGolf would not be a good place to visit. But it is the opposite of this. Those people who do not have a slight skill of golf can visit TopGolf to have fun.

Is it Possible to Hit Over the Net at Top golf?

As we said in the introduction, the distance of the net of TopGolf is approximately 150 feet which are 250 yards. The net of the back of TopGolf acts as a boundary as the last area. One should aim to hit the targets inside the area of the net but not to hit the ball over the net. Hitting the ball over the net will be thought of as a violation of safety. That’s why one must not try to hit the net.

However, for those people who want to try their strength and hit the ball over the net, they have to swing the clubhead at 150 mph speed so that the ball can have a velocity of 180 miles per hour to go over the net. So now I hope things are clear and the videos from social media are not fake.

Will TopGolf Help to Develop My Golf Skill?

The TopGolf would be a big help for those people who wants to improve and sharpen their skill of golf. For the intermediate and for the beginner golfers TopGolf can play a vital role in order to learn golf while having fun.

The beginners will have the basic knowledge of how they will be able to play golf as the staff in the TopGolf are trained and can provide basic knowledge of the golf to the amateur golfers. Also, in the TopGolf one will be able to get a golf lesson by arranging group or individual lessons. One will have to observe their own performance and will be able to compare the scores to see the improvements of their game.

On the other hand, the advanced players can arrange a competition with their friends or family members or with other golfers to see compare their skill level and to have improvement. They can make a challenge like whoever loses the game will buy drinks for all or buy food for all.

About The TopGolf Ball

The market is full of many types of the traditional golf ball. Some golf balls tend to fly too high in the air and some are suitable for covering more distance to reach the green. But these traditional golf balls are not able to tell about the performance of the golfer.

There comes the TopGolf ball which is very helpful in this term. The TopGolf balls are very advanced. In the TopGolf ball, there is a microchip implanted inside the ball. This chip is very versatile and can do multiple tasks related to the player's performance. The chip can record the swing speed of the club, the golf ball speed, and the balance of the ball. One can use this information to see their improvements as the things this microchip record is very necessary to improve the skill.

How Far is the TopGolf Net

How Far is the TopGolf Net

Scoring Zone of the TopGolf

TopGolf features 7 colorful scoring zones. These are common in every TopGolf. The table below contains the details of the 7 zones.

TopGolf scoring zone name or color

Distance of the zone


25 yards


50 yards


90 yards


125 yards


150 yards


185 yards

Range Net (Trench Zone)

215 yards

No matter where the TopGolf is situated in the world the name and the distance of the scoring zone will be always the same. If you want to know Golf GPS Under 100$.

Types of Games in TopGolf

The types of games in the TopGolf are the main attraction. TopGolf offers many games depending on the location of the facility. The number of games can be more or less depending on the facilities. Here are some of the common games on can enjoy on all TopGolf sites.

  • TopGolf

This is the main game of every TopGolf facility. This game can be played by all types of players. In this game, one will get 10 shots to hit 6 targets in the area from close range to long-range. The distance of the close-range targets is between 30 to 50 yards where the distance of the long-range targets can be as far as 200 yards. Those players who will be able to hit the long-range targets will have more points than those who hit the targets of the closer range.

  • Quick Nine

This is the same as TopGolf. In this format, a player will get nine shots. This format is suitable for both beginner and expert level players. But the difference is that beginners will get three shots for red, three for yellow, and three for green. On the other hand, the expert level golfers will get 3 for brown, 3 for blue, and 3 for white. These zones are located far from the other zones.

The scoring system of quick nine is that the near the player hits the ball to the pin which is located in the center the more point the player will get.

  • TopPressure

After reading the name I hope you are able to tell that this game is very intense. This game is suitable for intermediate players to improve their golf skills.

The format of the TopPressure is that a golfer has to hit 9 sections in the yellow target. But the player has to hit the sections at different levels. The levels are like the golf rounds where a player has to face a tremendous amount of pressure and has to be more focused to hit the targets. The score of the first level will be multiplied by 2 and 3. However, a player will lose points if the player hits the same target 3 times or even more.

  • TopScore

This game format is suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. In this game format, one will be able to improve the skill of hitting further straight distances. So to get points players just have to hit for covering more distance and to get more close to the pin. If the ball covers more straight distance and gets very close to the flag the more points the player will get.

  • TopChip

This game format is suitable for intermediate players. It is suitable for those players who are face difficulties to hit longer targets and have a little experience level.

This format allows a golfer to hit 5 shots to the red, 5 shots to the yellow, and 10 shots to the green. The player will get points for hitting each of the targets perfectly. Also, if a player hits 20 balls into the right target then the player will get a reward along with the points. However, if the player hits any on the target wrong then all of the points will be removed.

Final Words

If anyone wants to hit the net of the TopGolf then they must know the distance of the net from the tee-off place and also must know about the swing speed of their club. There are many videos on social media where you can see people are hitting the net of the TopGolf. Some people say it is fake. But after reading this article one will be able to understand whether it is fake or not. Also, after reading this article one will know how TopGolf can help them to improve their skills.

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