How does Golf Cart Starter Generator Work

How does Golf Cart Starter Generator Work?

A golf cart is an essential part of any golf course. In every golf course, there are a lot of golf cart which is used for carrying the golfer and their necessary types of equipment. So it is most important to fit the cart's engine properly. There are so many golf carts from various models. Their engine design also varies depending on their manufacturing model. There are especially two types of golf carts as electrical golf carts and gasoline golf carts. Both have a starter engine in the golf cart. A starter engine is badly needed for any golf cart. It is an effective device for all kinds of golf carts. So every people should know that how golf cart starter generators work.

How does Golf Cart Starter Generator Work?

In this article, we will describe the full process of a starter-generator works. Anyone can be helpful by reading this article. We show here some important steps with troubleshooting a golf cart starter generator. And also find a way to resolve these kinds of issues.

What is a golf cart starter generator?

For every golf cart, there should be a starter generator. It is known as a very special device that helps for turning the engine and also charges the battery of the golf cart simultaneously. Usually, it works in two ways. The engine is cranked by the starter firstly and on the other hand, the generator helps to charge up the battery of the golf cart. This starter generator is absolutely effective for providing more power to the starter which helps a lot to run the golf cart smoothly.

But still, there are some key factors while working starter generators. So we must describe these factors also in the below in detail.

How does golf cart starter generator work?

Generally, every electric golf cart and gasoline golf cart has a starter generator. It starts to work when the gas pedal decreased its workability, then the engine of the golf cart needs to crank. This job is done by the starter. The starter cranks the golf cart engine properly while the battery is getting charged up by the generator. Typically the starter generator works the same way. There is a law for the starter generator. This starter generator work based on this law which is mainly a wire movement in any magnetic field that exhorts a few current in the coil.

The starter generator performs some major functions in the golf cart such as it helps to start the golf cart; its generator can charge the battery of the cart while turning on the engine by the starter, starter generator produces some power and gives to the lights of the cart. And always give some power supply.

The starter generator starts when people turn on their golf cart switch, then it is pulling electricity from the battery for more power-up. Now the engine is ready to start. But there is a connector in the electrical connection. This connector should be closed for starting the engine properly.

Now the generator is acting as a motor which provides more power to the golf cart engine. This is always happening for the cart engine. This sends huge power to the spark plug in gas-powered golf carts for flaring up gasoline more. This full process has occurred in the starter of any starter generator. Remember that there are some essential components that are included in the starter, such as brushes, winding, a stator, and armatures, etc.

These all parts have their own characteristics to serve different types of roles. For example, a starter always needs a magnetic coil field. So this is created by an armature. It builds a field coil for producing a magnetic field. People may need a consistent flow of power supply for operating the golf cart properly. So here is the generator which uses the initial burst of electricity from the golf cart battery. This helps for getting the proper electricity flow and can operate the golf cart efficiently.

Something important factors are needed to understand when the starter generator works. People should aware of some basic necessary things such as:

  • The starter generator for electrical or gasoline golf cart
  • Concern about when the starter cranks the engine and the generator charge to the battery
  • At the time when sending more power to the spark plug

Sometimes there occur some unexpected bad situations. People's golf carts will get bad; sometimes the starter generator does not work properly. So then people should take some necessary steps as hurry as they can. We put some major factors to check the starter generator if some problems really happened. People can follow the steps below:

Problem while starting the golf cart: People sometimes may face the problem with starting the cart. They turn on the switch to start the engine, but it does not start smoothly. Then they should ensure there is a problem with the starter or the battery of the golf cart.

Now they should check the headlights. If these turn on easily, they can be sure that the battery is well. So the main problem is now with the starter generator. For the bad situation of the starter generator, the cart cannot start the engine properly. So people should fix the problems with the starter generator.

How does Golf Cart Starter Generator Work

How does Golf Cart Starter Generator Work

Check the starter generator while cranking: Usually, with a good starter generator the cart will turn on the engine quickly. It doesn't take any longer time to crank the golf cart. But when people feel that it is taken a long time to cart cranking that indicates their starter generator may worse. But how can they identify that it is really a starter generator problem? There is an excellent way to check this. They should turn on the headlights, and if the headlights will be perfect, that means there is no problem with the battery. This is undoubtedly the starter generator's problem.

Bad noise: People should listen to the sounds while starting the cart. If it will be like some grinding noise that means there are some problems with the starter generator. That works totally improperly.

Smokes occur while turning on the cart: Undoubtedly, there is a big problem when coming out a lot of smoke while starting the cart. If the starter gets too hot within a short time after the start of a golf cart, this is a strong sign to understand that something bad has happened with the starter.

Some functions to work starter generator

There are two mixture engine components with the starter generator. It provides a lot of power to the engine. The components starter helps to generate initial power to the engine and other component generators maintain the voltage of the battery. There are some key functions that are responsible while working the starter generator. We discuss them below.

Voltage: When the switch of the light will turn on, then the contactor of the generator is closed because it helps to send more voltage to the starter. The starter can turn the engine and act as a small motor.

Starter: This is a part of the components. There are some other components including stator, windings, armature, and brushes, etc. The voltage maintains the serial while sending from each other. First, the voltage is sent to the field coil, then into the brushes, and finally into the armatures.

Generator: This is the most important component as well as the starter. This generator provides the voltage to the battery mainly and also to the all-electric sectors of the golf cart. This voltage is more essential to run any electrical components properly. There must be needed at least some source of voltages to run these electrical parts. If you want to know Which is Better Gas or Electric Golf Cart?

Can a starter motor be used as a generator?

Basically, a starter motor is designed for low speed type vehicles. It is not mandatory for any cars or big vehicles. Because cars are usually used an alternator instead of using a starter.

This answer absolutely yes, people can use a starter motor like as a generator.

Final Suggest

At the end of this article, we can understand now that how starter generators of a golf cart work. It plays an important role in starting any golf cart smoothly. It also helps to turn the lights properly and charge up the cart battery. The main fact is a starter-generator helps to supply more power to the golf cart. People should aware of their cart starter generator because if the starter generator is not working properly, then they cannot run their golf cart. So everyone should know how it works and what to do while disturbing the starter generator. People can follow our suggestions in the above of this article.

People should take care of their cart as well as its starter generator. The cart's efficiency depends on the starter generator. So if people need any kind of help they can follow the article appropriately. This article will help a lot for knowing the exact problems of the starter generator and also it’s solving way.

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