graphite or steel shaft

Which is better graphite or steel shaft?

Choosing the shaft for the golf game is the very first necessity of a player. As all the performance of the total game is dependent on the shaft, player goes for the best one according to their performance and ability. Graphite made and steel made shafts are the most common type of material for the golf game. Differentiation between them is based on their quality, shape and efficiency.

Graphite or Steel Shaft

For the beginners of the game, the graphite shaft is the preferable one. As it has an alternative shaft to use made from steel, there are some differences among them. Generally, graphite shafts are mainly for that type of player who has the debut on the golf game. Beginners, children, women, players with less strength and senior golfers can go for this shaft. The perfect combination of carbon fiber and epoxy has been used for the graphite shaft. Having the lightweight ability from the shaft become possible for the material. Inner side epoxy gets covered by the carbon fiber and stays connected with the clubhead. The main advantage of using a graphite shaft is, it can deliver more swings with speed and perfect hitting. As they weigh from 50-85 grams only, players can lift the shaft with a sturdy hand for having a shot. Lady golfers, little aged golfers and senior players don't need any kind of major effect or pressure of swinging or hitting in order to operate the shaft.

Steel Shaft

If the golfer is professional, he will go for the steel one. That is because of; steel shafts are named as professional golf clubs. From the very first time of the game, the steel shaft has been getting used by all the players. Another type of shaft was not very much available compare to this one. As the main material, steel shaft contains moldable mild steel that goes for providing the shots. Because of the pure steel construction, the steel shaft is a little bit heavier than the others. With the weight of 90-12 grams, the steel shaft cannot be used by all types and aged golfers. Swinging the steel shaft for hitting the ball is not easy enough. Though a steel shaft gets used by the professional players, but it has a low rotating torque while swinging and also has a rigid tip area. But for durability, steel shaft can be chosen for sure. Professional level players and golf lords have the trust on steel shaft for their gaming.

Graphite or Steel Shaft

Graphite or Steel Shaft

Benefits of Using Graphite Shaft

Graphite shafts are now the demanded one in the golf market. For the lightweight and easy swinging ability, graphite shafts are preferred by the lady golfers along with the children and the senior players. Very forgiving and obedient level performance of the graphite shaft neither makes any kind of vibrations after hitting nor make any sting while mishitting.

Besides, the lighter shaft allows the iron to provide enough speed and power in the ball while hitting. So there are no chances of getting lower hitting rate for the new golfers at all.

With all these useful abilities and performance, graphite shaft has no comparator for getting used by the lady golfers, children golfers and the senior golfers. There are no such golf courses where the graphite shafts don't exist. The majority of the lady golfers from the course go straight for the graphite shafts without any justification.

Benefits of Using Steel Shaft

Steel shafts are surely made for pro-level gamers. It is said because of, very few numbers of professional golfers go for graphite or other material-made shafts.Inspite of having more weight than the other shafts, steel shafts get chosen for the tournaments and even for the international level games. And that is because of; steel shafts can generate better control and swings with the hitting if they go to professional hands. Having the practice and making performance from the graphite shafts or other low weighted shafts convert the golfers to the steel one.

The total performance of the steel shaft majorly dependent on the golfer. For the beginners, steel shaft might not seem useful, but pro golfers can’t think a little bit except this. When golfer get perfectly learned of swinging and having proper hitting with good effort, there is no better option rather than steel shafts.

Another benefit of using steel shaft is, it has a very sturdy and strong structure with good handling. Having a perfect shot and swing surely comes from the user. But what if the shaft is made for having shots with the speedy swing and hitting? That is what meant to the steel shaft.

Distinguishing between graphite shaft and steel shaft

Some of the differences between these two shafts are common; some lead them to the performing level and to the gaming experience of the player. But still, all the differences have been noted here.

These differences will elaborate all the functional and essential terms of these two type of shafts.


Graphite shaft

Steel shaft

Structure and gripping

Easy to control and feels comfortable in the hand while using

A little bit harder and solid in hand with or without using the grippers


Very flexible and can absorb all the pressures of hitting.

Has less flexibility that needs strong operating hands


With the minimum weight of 50 grams to the maximum of 70 grams

Starts from the weight of 100 grams and finishes to 120/130 grams


Lower chance of lasting for long time as it is made from carbon fiber and epoxy. But sometimes durability depends on using

Very low chance of breaking or even getting damaged and can even last for decades after decades. But the main construction has a good chance of getting rusted.


Easy to perform and having shots with good swinging. Don’t create any vibrations  while hitting.

Creates a good amount of vibration for the fixed construction but very responsive


Cost low with all the good performing sides and features 

A little bit expensive for the material but produce enough performance

Terms to follow for buying the perfect one

Choosing the proper shaft for the game mainly requires a golfer's demand and performance. With a good performance rating and playing ability, majority of the golfers will go for the steel shafts with the clubhead. But here are some alternative terms that get preferred for having the perfect shaft according to the players. And they are:

  • Better swinging speed
  • Hitting ratio
  • Club type
  • Easy handling
  • Performance

Better swinging speed: The very first thing to consider for choosing the shaft is, measuring the swing speed. As the swing performance has been explained earlier of this topic, comparatively both of the shafts produce almost the same type of swinging. But the difference is, graphite shaft requires lower pressure and hit for the lightweight, where the steel shaft generates the swinging speed according to the player.

Hitting ratio: The higher the speed, the more the hit. It means the hitting ratio is also dependent on the golfer. But the fact is, graphite shaft can generate more hitting distance than the steel one where the steel one has the ability of hitting for a long distance if it goes to the professional hand.

Club type: Sometimes, a shaft gets chosen depending on the club type. Most of the clubs are made from steel, carbon fiber or titanium. Golfer with the graphite shaft goes for either the carbon fiber or the titanium made club for maintaining the balance. On the other hand, golfer with steel shaft actually doesn’t have any requirement of selecting the club as they are professional by themselves. But still, the appropriate one is should be the steel or the carbon fiber one.

Easy handling: Without an easy handling system, a golf game can even become worse. And the reason is the lower handling issue. If the golfer can't have all the control in the shaft while hitting, a very low chance of getting swings or even good direction is normal. Easy handling ability is totally get judged and depends on the shaft.

Performance: In terms of performance, both of the shafts perform very well. In fact, it is very hard to assort the perfect performing one. Steel shaft can express the performance by the golfer where the graphite shaft just requires hands and swings. In shortly, a player from the graphite practicing stage goes for the steel shaft. That means both of the shafts are good enough. Graphite one for the beginner and the steel one for the professionals.

The necessity of choosing the shaft for gaming

Having the accurate shaft for the game is very important is the majority of the performance depends on it. If the shaft doesn't suit the golfer, there is a lower chance of having a good game. For example, a beginner golfer will not have enough good games and shots from the steel shaft rather than the graphite one. But a pro-level golfer has a chance of finding out a game useful through the graphite one instead of the steel shaft. Therefore, choosing the perfect shaft for the game is really very important.

All these terms and facts lead to a major requirement which indicates that, both of the shafts are good enough compare to each other. Almost the same in performance and even in other terms. But the main fact is, choosing or going for the graphite or steel shaft is mainly dependent on the golfer and the performance. A professional golfer will go for the steel one most of the time. And beginners will have the choice for the graphite one.

Find out the best one according to the choice and gaming performance.

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