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How Long is a Golf Tournament?

Golf is a very interesting game for both the player and for the spectators. But it is a very time-consuming game. The time of a golf tournament depends mostly on the tournament type. As there are different types of golf tournaments the estimated time for a tournament can be at least 4 days on average. However, professional golf tournaments estimated time is 3 days.

There are some amateur golf tournaments where it can take 1 to 2 days to finish a tournament. The intense of these lengthy tournaments is to find the best. The time of a tournament depends on its rounds.

How Long is a Golf Tournament?

Rounds of a Golf Tournament

There are four rounds in a professional golf tournament. A professional tournament is organized from Thursday to Sunday. Generally, there is a cut after the first two rounds. In the cut, the players with the high pars are eliminated. There are different cut lines in different golf tournaments, depending on the tournament type. Also, in a professional PGA tour, there is a qualifier round on Monday where players are qualified to enter in the tournament.

As we all know the professional tournaments are very competitive because there will be many high skilled payers. As time passes the competition gets even harder than before.

Playoff- Sometimes it seems that because of the tough competition the organizer couldn’t finish the game on Sunday. Sometimes the organizer takes the tournament into a playoff.

Playoff is a term that is used to determine the winner of the game. If there is a tie between the scores of the golfers, then the organizer uses the playoff to get a winner from the tournament.

Playoff depends on the tournament types. Organizers of a tournament can hold the playoff in different ways to find the winner. There are two holes aggregate playoff in the US Open tournament to determine the winner. On the other hand, the Open Championship holds four holes aggregate playoff for their tournament. Whereas in the PGA tournament, there are three holes aggregate playoff to determine the champion which is different than other tournament playoff systems. Also, in some tournaments there can be a full 18 holes playoff to determine a champion.

After reading about the playoff I hope that you have some knowledge that there can be time delays in finishing a tournament. Playoff is one of the parts of the time delay. We will discuss the time delay in the later parts of this article.

How Long is the US Amateur Golf Tournament?

The United States Golf Association organizes the US amateur tournament. The association organizes the golf tournament in each year in August. The tournament is 7 days long.

The US Golf Association organizes the tournament to find the best amateur golfer from the whole country. It is quite a fun tournament to watch. As the amateur golfers compete with each other to become the best amateur golfer in the whole country. In this tournament, players don’t play for the money as the professional players. The amateurs play to get the title of the best player. They play with their love for the golf game.

Format of the US amateur golf tournament- To select players the organizer holds a two days stroke play. In the stroke play, a player has to play against the whole field. That means a player will be selected by counting each of the shots the player takes. The organizer will select 64 golfers from the two days of stroke play. These 64 players will be advanced to play the next round. After the two days of stroke play the selected player will start playing knock-out matches that mean after losing one game there is no chance to remain in the game.

The player has to go home. All the knockout matches are held in 18 holes course. However, there is an exception in the final of this tournament. The final is played in a 36 holes course. The final of this tournament is divided into two halves one is in the morning and another one is in the afternoon. Each half is played in 18 holes round.

The knockout rounds continue till there is a winner in the tournament. Almost all of the golfers in this tournament are young golfers who are trying to build a career in the golf profession. This tournament contains very hard competition and all the golfers have to go through a very hard situation. Especially, the winner of this competition faces a hard situation from all. We shouldn’t neglect the young golfers at all.

How Long is a Golf Tournament

Why There are 4 Rounds in PGA Tournaments?

As we already told you that there are 4 rounds in the PGA tournament. Now you may be wondering why there are 4 rounds why there aren’t 3. There are many reasons behind this.

One of the main reasons is to determine the best player of the week. As the winner of a 1 day tournament can be a play who only shines for that day. But with a 4 rounds long tournament all of the players will get their chance to show their best performance. That means there will be a quality winner from the tournament.

Another reason for the 4 rounds is the sponsorship of involvements. As we know that there are huge numbers of sponsorships in the PGA tournament.

Another reason is to sell the tickets properly. As there is a specific amount of tickets in the tournament the tickets have to be sold properly. For this, the 4 days tournaments are very suitable. In the first 2 days of the tournament, the crowd of the fans is very little. After the first two days and the cut, all the remaining players are highly skilled.

There will be many popular golfers remaining after the first two days. People buy tickets to see their favorite player shots and also get the chance to see them winning. The crowd becomes so dense in the remaining two days. After the first two days, the game becomes more exciting and very competitive. People enjoy watching the game get even harder and excited.

Also, for the 4 day long game the live telecasting channels get a huge advantage in gaining more TRP by telecasting the sport.

Reasons for the Time Delay in Rounds

We have mentioned above that there can be time delays in the tournament. There are many reasons for this. Let’s discuss those reasons:

  • The major impact can get from the weather. The weather plays a great impact on the field. If the players are playing and all of a sudden the rain starts then all the excitement of the game will be ruined. The game will be delayed and the golf course will become wet. After the rain stops the grass will remain sloppy and for this, a player can get injured.
  • On the other hand, a windy situation also can be a big problem for the golfers. A hard wind can change the direction of the ball when the ball is reaching for the target. Which a very bothering issue. For this, the game can be halted which will consume more time than usual.
  • There should be a limited time between each group teeing off. Because a player can consume more time at the time of teeing. Which will make the course crowded in one place.
  • The number of the players in a group also plays a great impact on the time delay. The more the players in a group the more time will be consumed by the group. A team of 4 players will take more time than a team consists of three or two players.
  • Types of the tournament are also a concerning issue. As there are different types of tournaments in golf. A stroke play tournament will consume more time than other tournaments. As each of the team members has to hit the hole to get points.
  • The numbers of the par also play an impact on the tournament time. Suppose for 18 holes the number of par is 4 for each of the holes. If the players take more than 4 pars then it will ruin the estimated time of the game and will lengthen the game even more. This problem generally occurs with amateur golfers.
  • The grass beside the green can be a very big problem if the grass is big. As the golf ball can fall into the grass and can take a couple of minutes to search out the ball. If the player finds the ball easily then there is nothing to be happy about. Because it will take one or two or even several extra pars to reach the hole which will take a couple of extra minutes. It is also very irritating for the golfer also.
  • Some golf courses don’t have any transport system for the players. That means the players have to walk through the whole way to reach the area where the ball is situated. The walking process is very lengthy and adds extra time to the game.

Ways to Reduce Time Length in a Tournament

Now let’s discuss how to reduce the time delay from a tournament.

  • Check the weather condition of the area before starting the tournament. Make sure that there will be no rain or hard wind in the next few days.
  • Clear the big grass from the green.
  • Establish a time for each tee off of the teams.
  • Combing the high handicap player with low.
  • Establish a transport system for the player. By transport, I mean the golf cart transport.
  • Establish clear and visible signs for the players to easily go to their desired place.

How to Prepare for a Golf Tournament?

It is often searched question on the internet before the starting of the golf tournament. There are some ways that can help a player to have a good preparation for the game. Here are some important issues that a golfer can follow to prepare for the tournament.

  • One of the main issues that a player must consider is to study the course where the tournament is going to be held. It seems that the course is often unfamiliar to the players, which is quite bothersome and can be very tricky. For this reason, it is wise to study the course. To study the course one can use the internet or even go to the course and ask a player who often plays in the field.
  • Read the green wisely. Some green is slower than others that you play most of the time, and some may be fast. So study other player’s moves and see how it works. Don’t rush in the game just take your time.
  • Don’t get disappointed with your poor shot. Because anything can happen in the field. So prepare to face the unexpected and don’t think that everything will go as you planned. After getting a poor shot don’t think that you have lost cause anything can occur in the field and always keep your confidence in the field.
  • One of the good things you should do is to go to the course early. Because that how you will be able to conduct a good warm-up and also you will be able to read about the course very well. If you go at the nick of the time thing might get complicated as you will be in a rush.

Here are the basic tips that I can give you to prepare for your game. But there are no such tips that can improve your skills.

How Long Does it Take to Complete 18 Holes of Golf?

The time to complete 18 holes golf can be 4 hours or even more depending on different issues. 4 hours is a must to complete 18 holes. Sometimes it can take more time depending on the player’s skills and the pars a player takes to complete the holes. Also, the time can increase depending on the weather and other issues like transport, grass beside the green, etc.


Going for the first golf tournament and wondering how long the tournament can take? Then worry no more. Read this article to know all about the time of golf tournament and also how different conditions can increase the time span of the tournament. In this article, we have also discussed how to prepare for a golf tournament. Take your time to read this article and have all the advantages in the game.

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