Golf tee sizes

Various Types of Golf Tee Sizes

Place the ball in a tee and hit a long shot. That’s what tee gets used for. Without the tee, placing the ball for making a shot was quite impossible. Knowing the accurate tee size is as important as putting the ball into the hole. Because a good game is dependable on the good launching shot, and the shot comes from the stability of the ball on a tee. If the tee doesn’t have the proper size, the ball may fall. That is why all the sizes of golf tee have been explained below.

Golf Tee Sizes

There is a total of three common sizes available for the golf tee. They are;

  • Small-sized tee with the size of 2.75 inches
  • Medium sized tee with the size of 3.25 inches and
  • Bigger sized tee with the size of 4 inches

These 3 are the most common and used one for putting the ball. But some of the other sizes of tees is also available. 1-8 inches and 1-2 inches are the sizes. Lower sized tees get used for some special reason such as keeping connected with the ground for zero movements or getting hit by the lower club or iron sizes.

Small sized tee: The lowest one comes with the size of 2.75 inches. For the iron or the hybrid type of club, the small sized tee gets used. Small sized tee helps to create easy shots on the ball with no issue or falling down.

Medium sized tee: Medium sized tee contains the overall ability of hitting and playing by the golf. As there are different types of clubs which get used for the game, medium sized tee can deliver a stable and fixed balance of the ball before hitting. Besides, putting into the green with a minimum effort is possible through this.

Large sized tee: As some of the drivers and club heads have specially designed pattern, larger tee is appropriate for them. That is because of, larger sized tee get placed at a little bit more distance from the grass compare to the other two types. When the club head or the driver has a bigger structure for getting better swings, larger tee size becomes very helpful.

Perfect placement of the ball

Placing the tee will not seem perfect until the ball will be perfectly placed. Perfect placing will come from the process while a minimum half part of the ball will remain enough high closed to the clubhead or the driver. No matter what size the tee is, the height ratio between the ball and the golf driver has to stay at this limit.

Different types of golf tee

As the size has been mentioned, now it’s time to know about the types of golf tee.

  • Basically, golf tees are made from three different materials.
  • They are: wooden made tee, bamboo made tee and plastic made tee
  • All these 3 are almost the same in their efficiency.

Best one in terms of material

Among these 3 types of tee, plastic one is comparatively the good one for sure. But it is good in terms of performance only. Bamboo made and wooden-made tees don’t have any specific lines or marks in order for putting into the grass where the plastic one can be easily used and adjust in the grass for the detailed size and mark.

Bamboo tee or wooden tee. Which one is better?

If both of them get compared, they have the same size and shape along with the efficiency too. But the bamboo tee should be considered as the better one than the wooden one. Though both of them are same, but the bamboo tee comes from nature without harming the environment. And bamboo tee is more durable and strong than the wooden one.

All the 3 types are perfect as a tee. But in terms of environment-friendly and longtime usage, bamboo made tee is the best one for sure.

Pink golf tee size

Pink is a common color along with a known brand for the golf tee. These tees are available in different color and sizes which have been listed here.


50 pieces of tee

100 pieces of tee













In this listing, there are 4 different colors among with two different packages. One is the package of 50 pieces tee, and the other one is 100 pieces of the tee. Each color dimension with the weight has been added in the total listing.

Golf Tee Sizes

Golf Tee Sizes

Castle golf tee sizes

There is another popular brand available for the golf tee. These golf tee sizes are not fixed but restricted in the minimum to the maximum requirement. Here the sizes of castle brand have been added:

  • 60 x red tees: 32mm.
  • 60 x blue tees: 37.5mm.
  • 50 x yellow tees: 43mm.
  • 10 x white tees: 52mm.
  • 10 x pink tees: 62mm.
  • 10x silver tees: 70mm.

Importance of golf tee

It’s a simple thing that a golf ball is not possible to launch for the game without placing in the golf tee. And the reason is the main structure of the ball and the unbalanced surface. Having an unbalanced surface in the golf course is a simple thing. For avoiding this type of issue, the tee mainly gets used. Besides, for round and circular shape, the Callaway golf ball has a tendency of rolling off from the particular area. In order to get the proper launch and perfect hit, the golf tee is very much important. Some of the golf courses even have the requirement of using it.

Perfect positioning and height measurement

Putting the ball into the tee is not only the task to finish, if there is not a perfectly positioned ball and driver, but the tee will also come of no use. The standard distance of a golf ball from the driver should be placed to 1.5 inches. For beginners, the sizing measurement may create difficulties to claim, but playing for a long time will easily solve out the problem.

Tee used by pro players

Pro level golfers use the entire necessary and perfect thing in their game with good ratio. As for the main material, most of golfers use the tee made from plastic or bamboo. But the bamboo made golf tee don’t get used as common as the plastic one. With the size of 1.5 inches, plastic made tee get used by the golfers.

Standard golf tee size

Though there are a lot of sizes available for the golf tee, all of them are not considered as the standard one. That is because of; standard golf tees can deliver accurate height and ratio compare to the driver for easy hitting. 2.125 inches is considered as the standard size of the golf tee, judging on all the terms.

Serving accurately placed on the tee

For pro golfers, any kind of tee is perfect to use. But whenever it comes for the beginners to hit the ball, choosing the tee is essential. Some of the terms have to keep in remind in order to get the accurate and perfect tee for hitting.

  • Proper serving area
  • Perfect built tee
  • Accurate club to tee ratio
  • Flexibility

Proper serving area: Serving and hitting the ball from a particular place is the main activity. To hit the ball perfectly, good placing is important. Avoiding the unbalanced surface or bumpy area is the first priority.

Perfect built tee: Most of the time, bamboo or plastic made tees get used for the game. As both of them are almost the same in every sector, any of them can be used for getting better serving or hitting.

Accurate club to tee ratio: This one is a very important term to follow because of, if the measurement is not accurate with the club while hitting, the ball will not get enough swings and go for a good distance. 1.5 inches gape of club from tee is perfect to use.

Flexibility: perfectly not placing the tee inside of the green may become the reason for a bad hit. Sometimes, the tee along with the ball loses the balance before hitting. In order to avoid this type of problem, the tee has to be flexible enough to put perfectly into the ground.

The legality of using various types of tee

In some of the states, golf tees are bounded to a single type rather than using verities. That is because of, different type of tee can create difficulties of using and also harmful for the environment. For example, plastic-made tees are illegal in same states as they plastic is banned in those areas or countries. On the other hand, wooden or bamboo-made tees don’t catch the flexibility of the ground. Therefore, the legality and usage is dependent on the situation of the ground.

Golf tee sizes depend on the player and their performance. Some players are used to play with any sized tee where some of the professional level players or the beginners require the tee size of their own demand.

Put the tee in the ground, hit the ball and make the game yours.

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