Golf Shamble

What is a Golf Shamble?

A Golf shamble is a fun golf tournament. The tournament follows the rules of golf scramble. Shamble is played as a team. As in a scramble, all the members of the team tee off the ball. From all of the players tee off the best shot is selected as the winner. But unlike the scramble in shamble all the players play with their individual balls.

What is Golf Shamble

All the players tee off their balls until the ball is holed out. In shamble, each of the golfers will have the advantage of their best derive. The best part about this tournament is that all the players improve their shots. So call out your partners and arrange a shamble tournament to have all the fun.

Rules of Golf Shamble

As we said before that the rules of the golf shamble tournament are the same as golf scramble. The rules of the golf shamble are very easy to understand. Golf shamble can be played by many teams. Each of the teams plays with their individual balls.

Here are the rules of the golf shamble:

  • There will be an individual scorecard for each of the teams.
  • The score of each team member will be recorded on the scorecard including the player's name and the membership number of the player.
  • There will be a team leader for each of the teams. The team leader will give the final decision for every conflict.
  • Each member of the team will hit their individual ball.
  • After hitting the ball the members of the team will choose the suitable ball position for their next shot. They will mark the position of the ball.
  • Then all the members of the team will place their balls in the marked position to take their next shot.
  • All the members of the team will play with their individual balls from that marked place as stroke play.
  • They will mark the suitable ball position again for holed out.
  • Players have to shot the ball till they holed out their ball.
  • Those players whose ball position has been selected for the suitable position to take the next shot will be marked on the scoreboard.
  • At least 3 tee offs must be selected for each of the team members and the scoring depends on the 3 best net scores for each of the holes.

These are the rules for the golf shamble. Rather than these rules, all the rules of the golf course are applied. But a player must remember that there is no gimme in this tournament. Every player has to be holed out. Also, the rules can be vary depending on the team members. There can be 3 or even 2 players in a team in the tournament.

What is Golf Shamble

What is Golf Shamble

How to Play a Shamble Tournament?

There are no big differences between shamble and regular golf games. A player will feel that they are playing the regular golf game with their friends. Because the player will hit their own ball from the ball’s position. But the difference is in the second shot. Unlike regular golf games, for the 2nd shot, every golfer will choose the best and suitable position.

Tee off- In the shamble tournament, each team will consist of 4 or 3 or even 2 players. At first, all the members of a team will tee off their ball. After that, they will observe all the shots of the team members and they will choose the spot of the best and suitable ball position.

This is where the twist of the shamble is. All the players of a team will place their balls in that position to take their next shot which is known as the 2nd shot. 2nd shot is the theme of the shamble tournament. Suppose there are four players named M, N, O, and P. If the player P take the best shot from where the next shot can be taken easily then all the M, N, and O players of the team will place their balls into that position and will take their 2nd shot.

 For this P will be marked in the score sheet. That means shamble players have an advantage. If there is a good driver in the team then all the team players can rely on that player for their 2nd shot.

The Hole

After choosing the right point and taking the 2nd shot all the players of a team will continue to hit the ball till they holed out. But there will be no choosing position after the 2nd shot. That means the players of a team won’t be able to choose a suitable ball position to take their shots. They have to continue hitting the ball from that position where the ball resides. This means players will play a simple golf game from that moment. They will use their previous position to take shots.

Shamble Tournament Scoring System

There can be many ways to determine the shamble score of a golf shamble tournament. But the scoring depends on the tournament organizers. Suppose that there are four members in a team of the shamble tournament. There will be four scores for each of the holes. Now the question is why there will be four scores? There will be four scores because of each of the four players.

Here are some scoring techniques that an organizer can follow:

  • Scoring can be done by one low ball from the players. This means the low score of a golfer can be counted as the team score.
  • Another way of scoring is by combining two or three low ball of the players.
  • Also, the organizer can count the score of the team by combining the lowest and the highest score from all of the team players.
  • The organizer can cut away the highest and the lowest ball from the team players and they can combine the existing two scores to count the team scores.

Here we have shown how a shamble tournament organizer can count the score of a 4 player team in the tournament. For three or two players team organizer can count the score in any system as they want. But the 4 member teams will have more facilities and ease in selecting a scoring system.

Difference Between Shamble and Scramble

As we said in the beginning, the shamble is one type of scramble with some differences.

In a scramble, there will be a couple of teams. Each team will consist of 2 to 4 members at most. In a scramble tournament, all the players of the team will tee off in the beginning. There will be a team leader in the team, which is similar to the shamble. After the first tee off the leader will choose the best hit where they can easily take their 2nd shot. After the 2nd shot, the team leader will again choose the suitable place for their 3rd shot.

This process continues till one of the players from the team hits the hole. In the scramble tournament, there will be only one score recorded for the whole team. After hitting the hole by one team member, the team will be advanced onto the next hole.

In the shamble, there is only one choosing point. The players of the team will take their first shot and the team leader will select the position for the next shot (Second shot). After that, there will be no more choosing option. That means the player will take their 2nd shot and continue to hit the ball with their approached position till they holed out. Unlike scramble, all the players of the team will have to hit the hole. There will be 4 scores for each of the team members.

The scramble tournament is suitable for all sorts of players including beginners and also for advanced players. Whereas a shamble tournament is suitable for advanced level players. A beginner will face difficulties with the shamble game format. Also, they will face problems to hit the hole.

 But shamble will be a good choice to have fun and to improve a beginner skill.  Also, in shamble, every player has to score for the sake of their team which will push a player to score better for their team.

Strategy for a Golf Shamble Tournament

If you are participating in a golf shamble tournament and want to win the tournament, the first thing you should do is to make a good strategy that will help you to win the game. For a good strategy, you have to choose a team that will be very supportive and will give you all the advantages. 

While assembling the team, make sure that there is a skilled player in your team who can drive a shot with perfect accuracy. Having a player of good skill will give your team a huge advantage. Let the skilled player tee off after all the players tee off for the 2nd shot. Determine the team player's strengths and use them according to their skills.

Make sure to read the rules and regulations of the tournament carefully. If you read the rules carefully, you will have all the important information about the tournament, including the scoring system. After reading the rules of the tournament, describe the rules to the players and make sure they have understood about the rules perfectly. That should do the trick to win a shamble tournament.


If anyone is trying to arrange a golf tournament, then they can arrange a shamble golf tournament to make the tournament more exciting. Shamble is a game for advanced-level golfers. But beginners also can play. There are some rules for a shamble game and also there are many scoring systems.

 Here we have discussed about golf shamble, the rules of a shamble, the scoring system of a shamble tournament, and also discussed about how to play shamble. One can read this article to know about the golf shamble game in detail.

Also, we have described the difference between shamble and scramble in this article so if anyone has any confusion, then they can read the differences to clear their confusion.

So, next time gather your team and arrange a golf shamble tournament with the help of our article to have a very exciting game session.

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