Golf Magazine Vs Golf Digest

Golf Magazine Vs Golf Digest ( Which Is Better for Me )

The golfer who loves golf and lives in golf always wants to know all the updated news related to golf.  The golfer or golf lover never wants to miss any updates about what happening in the golf world. Magazines or any forum is one of the best ways to know every update about golf. Some of the magazines also feature the lifestyle of the pro golfer.

While thinking about golf newspaper or magazine two of the most popular and informative golf magazines are the ‘Golf Magazine’ and ‘Golf digest’. Both of the magazines feature new and updates about only golf. Here, we will discuss golf magazine vs golf digesting case someone wants to know or wants to have only one of them but doesn’t know which one they should buy.

Golf Magazine Vs Golf Digest

One of the popular golf-related magazines is the golf magazine. The magazine was started in April 1959 by Universal Publishing and Distributing publisher. Later in 1972, they sold the magazine to Times mirror. After that, Time Inc. brought it in 2000. In 2018, Howard Milstein owned the magazine. From 2006 to 2007 the golf magazine was the widest golf publication in the world. The main reason for its popularity was because the magazine features news, updates, and information for golfers of every skill level. It also includes many instructions, tricks, and guides in the magazine. Undoubtedly, still in recent times, golf magazine is one of the best and popular magazines related to golf. It still discusses every single topic related to golf.

On the contrary, the golf digest is a golf magazine published by Discovery Inc. The magazine was published under the Discovery Golf Division of this publication. The magazine published news and updates about recreational golf and men’s and women’s competitive golfs. In 1950, John F. Barnett first start this magazine in Chicago. After that in 1969, The New York Times Company brought the magazine from its origin. However, later they also sold it to Conde Nast in 2001.

Publishing both of the magazines monthly, they don’t share much difference. However, a good thing about both of the magazines is one can read the magazines online and can bring printed hard copies. They feature both online and printed copies of the magazine.

Having both of the magazines is a good option. But if someone doesn’t want to have both of the magazines but only one. Also, they are searching for the details about both of the newspapers to know which one will fulfill their requirements then this is the right place for them. In this part, we will discuss in detail about the difference between both of the magazines in some key terms.

Subscription cost: Both of the magazines require a subscription fee. They are not available for free. But both of the magazines hold cheap subscription fees. Anyone can have a subscription at an affordable price. The golf magazine will cost one 30$ dollar for an annual subscription of the monthly magazine. If we calculate it for monthly, one has to pay only 2.5$ dollars monthly. One will get this impressive and informative magazine for only 2.5$. Interestingly, golf magazine also offers different gifts for their subscribers. The gift is available for both online and offline subscribers.

For the golf digest, the publisher offers different types of packages for their subscriber. People can choose any package according to their preference. For both printed and online copies, the subscription fee is 20$ dollars for one year. One can have a dual subscription of both online and offline copy. For this package, the subscribers have to pay 30$ for a year. They also offer different discounts and promo codes on different occasions and vacations.

Publications Period: The golf magazine is a monthly magazine that means they publish a new edition of the magazine every month. From the first edition to recent time, they have been published so many of magazine consisting the quality. In 2021, the count of their magazine subscriber is almost 10 billion, which is a huge number.

Like the golf magazine, the golf digest is also a monthly magazine. They publish a magazine every month once. But the difference is the golf digest publish 11 copies instead of 12. Because they published the December and the January edition together.

Publication medium: Both online and offline medium is used to publish the golf magazine monthly copy. The publisher will send the monthly printed copy to the address of the subscriber in time. Besides, one can have access to their online copy through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The magazine is a paradise for the golf lover.

Golf Digest also features both online and offline copy for their magazine. Both copies are available monthly on time. Also, the official website of the golf digest always updates their information as well as updates the monthly magazine on the website in time. Because of the versatility, the subscription of the magazine is increasing rapidly.

The main comparison between Golf Magazine and Golf digest

Golf Magazine

Golf Digest

The golf magazine publishes 12 copies of their magazine every year.

The golf digest publishes 11 copies of their magazine every year.

The subscription fee of this magazine is 30$ dollars per year.

The subscription fee of this magazine is 20$ dollars per year for an online or offline copy. It will charge 30$ dollars for a dual subscription.

The golf magazine does not feature international subscriptions.

The golf digest offers international subscriptions.

In golf magazine, they feature news about golf and travel.

In golf digest, they feature news about only golf.

The golf magazine has an impressive look because of the graphic inside the magazine.

In graphics, the golf digest is behind compared to the golf magazine.

The magazine features information for all skills level

The golf digest doesn’t feature news about all skills levels.

It’s a trustworthy and impressive magazine

It's trustworthy too

Which magazine one should pick between these two

Both of the magazinesare trustworthy and feature useful news. If someone is concern about trustworthiness, both the magazine is good to go. Both of the magazinesare running for decades because of their quality, trustworthiness, versatility, and reliability. If someone will not have a problem spending 20 bucks more on golf then they can buy both of the magazines.

If someone wants little eye-catchy and good graphics inside their magazine then the golf magazine is the right option for them. Also, the magazine features information, news, instructions for all the skills level golfer. Wanting those features in the magazine people can buy this magazine.

The golf digest is the best option for the people whose main concern is money. Because the golf digest will cost less than the golf magazine. However, golf magazine returns almost 90% of the subscription fee by offering different types of gifts.

Is golf magazine still publish their magazine

Yes, the magazine continuously publishing a new edition of the magazine every month of the year since it starting. They are still featuring news, updates, information, and instructions about golf. They write beyond about tournaments and golfers. They feature much information about the game strategy which is very helpful for beginners.

Is golf digest publish their magazine monthly

Yes, the golf digest is a monthly magazine. They published their new printed or new edition every month. The monthly edition contains update news about the golf world. But for December and January, they published a single magazine in January both of the months. That means they publish 11 new editions of their magazine a year.

What is the best golf magazine for beginners

Between the golf magazine and golf digest, we will suggest the golf magazine for beginners. The golf magazine features an impressive and attractive graphic in their magazine. The beginners will find the interface of the golf magazine very interesting. Besides, the golf magazine features strategy and instructions about the game, which will also prove very helpful content for beginners.

Is there a women’s golf magazine

In every magazine, they contain news about both men and women golfer. It’s not that the magazine only includes news about men golfers or they give priority to the men golfer. For the regular magazine, both genders have equal priority. However, the Women’s Golf Journal launched in 2015 is a magazine dedicated to only the women golfer. They published news about the women golfer lifestyle.

Closing Words

Both the golf magazine and golf digest are good options for the golf lover. Both of the magazines feature informative and useful news about golf tournaments and golfers. However, if one is more of a golf lifestyle lover and wants the game strategy and instructions of golf, the golf magazine is the best option. For the detailed news, the golf digest is good to go. Both of the magazinesare monthly, though the golf digest publishes 11 editions instead of 12. They also offer both printed and online copies. At first thought, the golf digest may look inexpensive than the golf magazine. But if we are talking about content, the golf magazine is worth every penny. Besides they return a huge amount of the fee offering or giving many impressive gifts to their subscriber.

Above, in this article, we have discussed Golf magazine VS Golf digest in detail to help the people.

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