Golf Lesson Cost

What Do Golf Lesson Cost

Golf is a very demanded and popular game nowadays. It is a game of neat and clean, polite behavior with detailed rules. The players are very gentle and friendly in this game. This game is now very demanding in terms of entertainment and commercial purpose.

What Do Golf Lesson Cost

It is commercial because many former players now have their teaching institution on this game. They provide and teach about the game to the beginners or the old players in return for transactions or valuable things. There is a good demand for these lessons in other countries. It is good to take the lessons before playing the game. Let us talk about the cost of golf lessons below:

The cost of the goal lesson is mainly dependent on two things. One is the performance of the instructor and the other is the time. If the instructor has a good background in his/her golf playing career, it has more chance to cost more from the learners. Because they can teach the learners very fast and give them the proper idea. They will be able to learn the total rules and playing patterns of the game. So now let’s check out the training or lesson process of golf and their costing below

The most common rate of the lessons are:

Golf Lesson Length

Average Cost

30 minutes lesson


45 minutes lesson


60 minutes lesson


Here in the chart, we can see that the 30 minutes golf lesson will cost around 35 US dollars. The 45 minutes lesson will cost around 42 US dollars and the 60 minutes lesson will cost 55 US Dollars.

This is just a normal course of the golf lesson. The price may vary according to the time and the trainer’s quality.

The 30 minutes has been considered the cheapest golf lesson. The price of the 30 minutes lesson can cost from 30 dollars to 50 dollars. But the price may become higher if the lesson continues more times. The price also can reach 60/70 dollars depending on the quality of the trainer and the time.

There is another thing that is the reason for the high-priced lesson. That is the area or zonal sector. Though the trainers and the times are enough valued in money. But there is a big issue of the area. For example, if the lesson cost you 40dollars for one hour including the trainer, the price may increase to around 80-90 dollars! Because of the place. If you take lessons from a very developed and commercial area, the golf club may cost you a lot. As it is a VIP area. So the pricing is mainly dependent on 3 major factors. One is the area from where you want to learn, one is the trainer and their quality and the other is the time you want to spend to learn.

Golf lessons have 3 major parts of lessons. They are the group lesson, the playing lesson, and the private lesson. The playing lesson will help you to put the balls in the holes with the assistance of the instructor. The group lesson will provide you the basic knowledge and information about the game. Such as it will give you knowledge about the instruments of the game. The clubs, balls, holes, and tees, etc. besides, it will provide you the good knowledge about the rules of the game.

And the private lesson will allow you to play the game on the ground on your own and with the help of the instructor. 30-60 minutes has considered the perfect time for the daily golf lesson. Some of the instructors offer the time of 15-20 minutes only. But it is not even a perfect time to learn the basic things of the game.

As the total quality, quantity and performance are dependent on the cost. It is the major thing to judge the perfect instructor for getting the best lesson according to your expense. There is also a good chance of getting the low price if the instructor is good enough. Because some of the trainers like to train for their passion. Costing is not an important issue for them.

It will be a good decision to take the lessons under a PGA-qualified instructor. They have a better knowledge about the game rather than the other instructors. Here a chart has been listed of the time according to the cost. The costing chart is for the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

LESSON Time and type



Group lesson for  60 minutes

£6 – £13

$22 -$27

Private lesson for 60 minutes

£55 – £65

$65 – $130

Playing lesson for 120 minutes

£100 – £150

$130 – $270

Selecting the best instructor

All the performance of the golf course is dependent on the instructor. You are willing to spend the cost for learning the course. But if you will not get the proper instructor to learn, all your expenses will get ruined. So it is a big issue to highlight before you start the course. To get the best instructor, you can follow some terms. Here they are:

Provide proper lessons: The minimum number of lessons should be 5. Make sure that your instructor will give you a total of minimum 5 lessons. Because minimum 5 lessons are essential to have proper knowledge on the game

Starting the lesson from the basic lines: No matter how professional or well knower you are. Whenever you start to take the golf lessons from your instructor, make sure that he/she starts the lessons from the basic parts. This will help you to get more knowledge and it will also revise your terms if you have forgotten one of those

PGA certified instructor: The PGA qualified instructor will help you to learn the golf lessons very fast and very easily. Because they have a very good knowledge and performance on the game. As they were the former players. So it will be very easy for them to teach about the game from first to last.

What Do Golf Lesson Cost

What Do Golf Lesson Cost

Is it possible to teach golf without becoming a pro?

There are no bindings to teach about the game to someone. As it is not a very difficult game to play. It is very easy to play and the rules are also very simple. But it will be helpful if someone has the least knowledge about the positions, how to handle the clubs and how to make straight shots. Because these terms can be highlighted if anyone works as an instructor.

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

A beginner can take golf lessons as much as they want. Not everyone can get learned in a quick time. Some of the beginners may have to take classes for more than 5 or 6 to get the whole idea about the game. But the average rate of the classes is one or two for the beginners. But it is best for all the beginners to take classes more than 5. It will help them to upgrade their performance and their skills.

Are golf lessons worth it?

Yes. It is definitely worthy for beginners. Because the beginners may have no idea or knowledge about the game. So they can take the lessons from the professional players to know the game and for playing well

Best golf teachers

There is a lot of teacher in the golf game. But some of them are very popular and well known for their easy and valuable golf courses. They have taught a lot of learners and made them very much successful in their careers. Some of the reputed golf teachers are:

1. Butch Harmon

2. John Jacobs

3. Jack Grout

4. Harvey Penick

5. Dave Stockton

Best golf clubs in America

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