Golf Iron shafts

What is Golf Iron Shafts?

All golfers know that golf iron shafts are available in two types. These types are steel and graphite. There is always been conflict between these two types. Some players like to choose steel shafts for their game and others like to use graphite. Because each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Golf Iron Shafts

There are some players who don’t even consider about the advantage of the types. They just like to choose a shaft that their favorite player uses. Also, there are some players who just like to choose one from their favorite brands. They are so obsessed with their favorite brand that they just choose whatever shaft the brand releases. These types of thoughts decrease the performance of the player. Here one will find many important things related to the iron shaft.

Two Types of Golf Iron Shafts

In the above part, we have said that golf iron shafts are made of either steel or graphite. Each of the shafts is completely different from the other. Therefore one has to understand about these shafts first before they purchase one.

Steel Shafts iron- Most players like to use the steel made iron shafts. The steel made iron shafts are heavy and with them, a player can provide perfect and accurate force to reach the hole. The manufacturer uses carbon and sometimes even stainless steel to construct the steel shafts. Steel shafts are also affordable. For those players who like to have control over their iron shafts, they should choose the steel shaft. The steel shaft provides more control than other materials.

Graphite shafts iron- The graphite constructed shafts are a bit expensive. The graphite shafts are less weighted which helps a player to have their potential speed to reach a far distance. These shafts are available in different colors and designs which is more appealing than the steel one. The lightweight characteristics of graphite shafts make them very suitable for beginner and old timer golfers and even for women.

Multi-materials- However, except from the two shafts above there is a new type of shaft in the market which is gaining popularity in the market. This new type of shaft is made by combining two of the shaft materials. Basically, the whole body of the multi-material shaft is made of steel. But only the tip of the shaft is made of graphite. This multi-materials made golf shaft is very comfortable to use. With the multi-materials mad golf shaft, a player will get the perfect swing as a player will be able to control the ball distance. With the help of the graphite tip, there will be no vibration which will allow a player to have more control over the shaft.

Difference Between Steel and Graphite Shafts

If a player wants to buy the best golf iron shafts for their game then the first thing they must know is the difference between the two types of golf shafts. There are many differences between steel and graphite. If they know the differences well then they will able to increase the intensity of their game. For those players who don't know the difference and want to increase their performance, we will discuss about the differences. Here are the main differences between these two types.

Steel Shafts

Graphite Shafts

Steel shafts are less expensive.

Graphite shafts are more expensive.

Provides more accuracy.

Provides less accuracy.

Provides less swing speed.

More swing speed.

Heavier in weight.

Light weighted.

Not so flexible.

Very flexible.

Very durable.

Less durable than steel shafts.

Provides vibration.

Less vibration than steel shafts.

Feels very stiff.

Feels less stiff and comfortable.

Let's discuss in detail about the differences between the steel and graphite shafts.

  • If anyone wants to have an affordable iron shaft then they should go for the steel shaft. Steel shafts are affordable and will provide a player to play the game with the control. However, if there is no problem with the budget then one can choose graphite for their game.
  • For those players who can produce strong swing force but facing problems in controlling the accuracy, they should choose a steel shaft. The steel shaft provides more control to the swing and also provides a player with the best accuracy which is very helpful for the game.
  • On the other hand, graphite shafts will provide players to hit the ball with their peak swing speed. With more swing speed they will be able to get their desired distance. However, there is a drawback and that is the accuracy. The more swing speed will provide a player with less accuracy. Therefore if one wants to improve the accuracy then the golfer must choose steel shafts and if one wants to improve the swing speed then graphite would be a good choice.
  • The weight of a golf club is very important. A golfer needs to choose the right amount of weight for their club. They need to choose a perfect amount of weight that will help them to play the game longer. We will discuss about the weight in the latter part.
  • As we know that steel is a very durable material. That means the steel made iron shaft is very durable and also sturdy. Steel made shafts won’t break easily and can be used for decades.
  • On the other hand, the graphite made steel shafts are less durable than the steel shafts. Because these steel shafts are very flexible and light in weight. Graphite shafts can get broken easily.
  • In the term of reducing physical injuries, the graphite made shafts are very suitable. With a graphite shaft, one won't feel any vibrations in their hand or even body. Also, as the graphite made shafts are very light in weight so there won't be any shoulder and back injuries.
  • The steel made shaft will provide a lot of vibrations. As we know that these are heavy shafts, swinging them too hard can provide shoulder injuries and also back injuries.
  • Steel made shaft feels very stiff because of its hard construction. With bare hands, players will feel uncomfortable to hold a steel shaft.
  • However, a graphite shaft is very flexible and feels very comfortable to hold.

These are the major differences between these two types. Rather than these differences, there is also one difference between the graphite and steel shaft and it is the Torque. It is a matter of consideration for those players who have exceptional ability.

Golf Iron Shafts

Golf Iron Shafts

Heavier vs Lighter Golf Iron Shafts

Weight is one of the major factors of golf iron shafts. Players must choose the weight of the shaft depending on their strength and capacity. However, the heavier and the lighter golf shafts have their own performance capacity. Some experts said that more than 60 percent of amateur golfers face problems in a golf session for their golf shaft's weight.

Heavy iron shafts- As said before, a heavy golf iron shaft will provide more accuracy and less speed. One will be able to play the game with accurate control. If you are a strong guy who can produce very strong shots then you will need more accuracy to your shot. Therefore it would be wise to choose a steel shaft. The weight of a steel shaft starts from 120 grams.

However, there are many drawbacks of heavy shafts. A heavy shaft will decrease the swing angle. As the heavy shafts decrease the ball flight, it will become tough to reach the preferred distance.

Light iron shafts- Light iron shafts are great for long distance shots. They will increase the ball flight and the swing angle which will help a player to reach their desired distance. Also, players will be able to shot the ball with perfect strength with more swing speed.

But with a lighter iron shaft, it is quite hard to hit the ball with perfect accuracy. Also, players with light shafts will face problems with their timing.

For these reasons, choosing the right amount of weight is very crucial to perform the best. Though it is very tricky to choose the right weight players have to try their best.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect iron shafts will help golfers to perform their best in the game. It is often seen that some players don't know the advantages and the disadvantages of the shaft they are choosing for their game. For those types of players, we have gathered all the important information about the golf iron shafts. Amateur and also advanced level players will have all the important considerations about the golf shafts after reading this article.

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