Golf Handicap

What is Golf Handicap?

Golf is a very popular and demanded game in the whole world. This game was first invented in the 15th century by the Sweden locals. At that time, it was not a very popular game. But as the day passed, this game became popular and people started to play the game at the state level. The reason for the popularity of this game is, the game is very polite and disciplined. The player has to hit a small-sized rubber or polymer-made ball with the metal club. The player has to put the ball in the hole, which is in a long distance from the starting ground.

The player, who will put the ball in the hole with a less number of hitting the ball, is the winner. There are some rules to follow while playing the game. The rules are very important because the game is very detailed and enjoyable to play. In this topic, we will try to find out that what is the golf handicap briefly.

The handicap system in the golf game was first invented in the 17th century. It had been estimated that the handicap system was made in the 17th century. But the use and the availability of this system had been highlighted in the 19th century.

What Does Handicap Mean?

Handicap means the barrier or the limitation of something. If there is a thing that can be done easily, but a simple obstacle is not letting the work done, that can be called the handicapped thing. Handicap is available in all kinds of works and places. They are mainly made under the rules and conditions of the game. If we explain as a definition, handicap means the ability of a golfer in the whole game, how fast he/she can score the goal without facing any kind of obstacles. The handicap rate will be counted on the more laggings of the shots. The player, with a less number of handicap, is considered a good player. But the player who has the more number of handicap rate, they have to improve their skills and practice more for better games. The handicap Work system also shows that how much a player can play the highest and the lowest slope per game.

How to Create The Handicap?

A  handicap for the game can only be created by a full 18 holes game. The handicap method is created by the golf club or the golf group. As the real rate of the handicap comes by comparing to the other player, the game has to fair enough. The player has to count all the 18 holes number that he/she has potted in the hole. If the player has fewer barriers or extra shots than the other players, he/she is considered as a good player.

How to Calculate The Score of The Golf Handicap?

Many ways can be used for calculating the score of the handicap. The scores are dependent on the number of games that are played. There can be two rounds, six rounds, ten rounds, etc. Here I’m showing a minimum and possible rate of a six-round game below:

Six Round Sample

Number of RoundsDifferential Calculation
6-10Lowest Differential x .95
12-19Average Lowest 4-7 Differentials x .95
20Average Lowest 12 Differentials x .95

This is an approx rating of a 6 round gameplay. The scores of the game can become more or less depending on the rules of the club.


The scorecard of a game shows the handicap rate from the higher number of scores and the lower number of scores in it. For example, if there is a match between 6 handicap golfer and 12 handicap golfer, the number of holes are 18. The 6 handicap golfer will the 12 one, a single stroke according to the game. And the handicaps are listed from 1 to 6.

Good Quality Handicaps

The maximum handicap for a male golfer is an average of 35 to 38. These handicap scores change according to the time of the game and the rounds they have played. A good quality handicap rate is dependent on the player’s performance and their ability to face difficult strokes during a game.

The maximum number of the handicap for a women golfer can be reached to 40. The less the score is, the better the player is. According to the USGA, the best handicap in goal is 36.4 for men golfers

What Does Handicap

The Better Game of Handicap

According to the experts, the handicap system gameplay helps the players of all categories and performance to play together. They are based on the qualities of their handicaps. The player with the lowest net score which is counted by removing the total stroke from the handicap score is considered as a good player. The better handicap game always allows the players to play their perfect game and they can compare themselves with other players.

The Typical Handicap

The United States Golf Association have first created the official handicap and the general handicap. A typical handicap game is counted by the strokes and the par of the course. For example, if a player shoots about 120 shots and it has a par of 85, then the handicap will be 35.

How Can Someone Get a Handicap?

The golf handicap is mainly created or get issued by a golf club, which is under a golf union. A golfer must have to play a minimum of three games of 18 hole rounds to submit their score which will be calculated by the golf club. The player will also need to count the slope and the course rating of the golf for taking the perfect and proper advantage of the handicap.

Handicap System of USGA

The USGA claims to have the perfect and proper handicap between 12 perfect rounds of the game. The handicap score of the whole game will be counted by judging the best shots and the worst shots of a player. The average score gets multiplied or divided according to the number that is provided by the golf club. As there are a total of 3 rounds of each game, it will also have to keep in mind that the game continues for a proper periodic time continuously.

There is also a handicap index which is approved by the USGA authority. In this formula, the player will have permanent gameplay for years with almost 20 rounds to complete the total session.

The good handicap of golf can be considered by the handicap score of 16 to 20 for an average golfer. But the USGA claims that the official good handicap score for golf is 15. So it will mean that the average score for a total game will be 90.

Golf Handicap For The Beginners

The handicap score is based on the gameplay of the player. How much ability they have and how skillful they are. The average rate of the handicap starts from 28 from man and 36 for women. But the handicap score is dependent on the club or the union that you are playing for. For beginners, it will be a great thing for doing practices or playing a perfect game. If they know the rules and basic things of golf, the scorecard for the handicap will help them to have competitive games with others. Those who use the handicap for measuring their scores, all of them become equal at their games and the score. The lower the player will score to the handicap, they will be considered as the better player.

For getting the better handicaps by a beginner, they can follow some of the steps.

Good practice and scoring: The beginner player can practice a lot and make good scores. If they do the same thing continuously, they will be able to make perfect scores for the total game. Make sure that you have listed your scores and numbers whenever you have potted the ball in the hole. This practice and scores of the beginners will help them to get themselves in the handicap gameplay. Though there are all kinds of players in a handicap game, if the beginners have practice enough for the proper scoring and scoring, the handicap will be perfect for them to score less.

Adjusting the score: There is a limited score for using in the handicap gameplay. The score helps the beginner to count and have an idea about the proper handicap score of the game. According to the USGA, the score of handicap can be get started from 10 for each game. The player has to subtract the number of their game from the number of 10 to get their handicap score. The score can be increased depending on the player’s performance.

Difference Between Handicap and Handicap Index

Handicap and handicap are two different terms in the golf game. The handicap can be used by the golf player from the outside of any kind of golf club or union. The handicap method helps a player to increase his/her performance level of the game very easily. The handicap method can be played or used by the single-player for their game improvement. But they have a huge demand in national and international games by the other players. The handicap is the general term of a player’s average scoring in a game.

 The handicap index includes all the scores of the player that is under the club or the organization. They control the official handicap system and give feedback on their scores of the game. The handicap index generally shows the performance or official rating of a golfer’s scoring

But all countries don’t follow the same handicap system. For example, the UK(United Kingdom) have their scoring system to continue the game. Their CONGU system of scoring is not as same as the USGA system.

What will be your handicap if you shoot 120?

If you have a total of 120 shots in a game for 18 holes and the par of 72, the total handicap of your game will be,


48 will be your handicap score

How to get an official USGA handicap index?

As USGA has the best index of handicap among the others, it has so much demand for the golfers. To get the USGA handicap index, the player has to be connected with a golf club. The golf clubs select the players according to their performance. So the golfer should have to play and score a least of good rating. To take the membership of the club. Then, they have to participate in the games with other players. Without participating, the players will not get the proper idea about the general methods of the handicap system. This is how a player can get the handicap index.

Difference Between Ghin Handicap and USGA Handicap

Ghin’s handicap is the same as the USGA handicap. Both of them are from the USGA authority. But the difference between them is, the Ghin handicap is mostly used by some of the regional golf associations. Where the USGA handicap is used by all over the players and the clubs. The Ghin handicap is not used in the national or international game. But the USGA handicap is used for all types and levels of golf games.

How Much It Cost For a USGA Handicap?

Some of the golf clubs don’t use the handicap system as their gameplay. But it is good to use the handicap in the games to improve the performances of the player. There is no fixed cost for the handicaps. The costing is dependent on the level of the club and their rating. But the average cost of a handicap is below 25 pounds for a year. This is the costing for a single player. The price may increase or decrease according to the time.

Is There Any Application For Tracking The Handicaps?

Some useful applications can be used for tracking handicaps. They have been included below.

  1. The EGA handicap calculator

2. Diablo handicap finder

3. Grint golf g.p.s and tracker

How long it will take to get a handicap?

As the handicap shows or describes the player’s performance and their gameplays, it takes some time to come with the total result. The average time of getting the handicap is 4 to 6 weeks. But in some states, the time limit can be reached up to 8 weeks. Because they may follow different handicap systems.

Handicap in Tournaments and Matches

Whenever a player is playing in a Golf tournament or a match, they have to follow some terms. For example, if the player contains 15 handicaps and his opponent has 20, he has to give 5 shots to his opponent during the game. If it is stroke play, the player can easily beat his opponent by giving 5 or more than 5 strokes.

The match handicap is a little bit different. In a match, if the opponent gets six shots, he will able to get the top 6 shots of the handicap holes. You will lose if you will not able to score more number of handicaps than your opponent in all 3 rounds.

Processes to Get a Lower and Perfect Handicap

There are some ways and methods that can be used for getting the lower handicap. Because only the lower handicap will help a player to become more professional and skillful. Some of the processes have been described below:

  • Practicing the game with proper attention
  • Creating an early shoot routine. Shoot according to the distance
  • Make sure to put the ball in the hall with a minimum hit
  • Balance good attitude while playing
  • Keep your mind calm and stress-free totally during practicing or playing the game etc.

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