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Best Golf Cart Seat Belts Reviews 2023

Using seat belts is both a wise and perfect decision. Because it helps to provide safety and a comfortable ride to the users. Sometimes, there are some bumpy and rough roads in the golf courses which may create issues or problems for the driver. There is a good chance of falling or having a misbalance of the steering. For avoiding this kind of problem and ensuring safe riding, golf carts contain seat belts. Though they are not getting seen in a lot of numbers, some of the countries along with their golf courses have a law of using seat belts in the golf carts. This simple activity can give a hint about the great demand for using the golf cart seat belt. There are some of the good brands of golf cart seat belts. They have been described separately as Best Golf Cart Seat Belts along with their specifications below:

Best Golf Cart Seat Belts Review

1. TOYI Universal Golf Cart Seat Belt

A seat belt set that is available in single tone black color. There are two sizes available in this seat belt. One is the size of 54.4 inches and the other one is 37.5 inches. Weighs around 2 pounds. This seat belt can be used on any kind of golf cart as it has a universal size. A perfect one to fit with EZ Go, Yamaha, buggies, and club cars. Total packaging has a pair of the seat belt with some essential tools and nuts. It can be connected from the both front side and rear side of the seat. Some of the golf carts may require drilling or extra placing of nuts for this seat belt. With a simple design and quick using feature, this seat belt can be used on any golf cart.

Key Features:

  • High quality material build seat belt
  • Easy push and pull button for using
  • Perfect in length for comfortable usage
  • Total packaging comes with all essential tools
  • Can be used for both front are rear seat

2. 10LOL Golf Cart Seat Belt

10LOL is a very famous brand for its golf cart accessories. This seat belt is one of them. It is a type of seat belt for 4 seated golf carts. They are enough retractable and easy to use. They are one of the best ones for using in the 2 seated golf carts. No additional tools are required to use the seat belt. All the essential parts with nuts come with total packaging. Some of the seat belts require holes and drilling to place the seat belts. But the 10LOL golf cart seat belt doesn’t require any kind of drilling or even making holes for using. Sturdy brackets with durable clips which are usable for a long time. A perfect bracket size of 35″ X 6.9″ with a belt length of 42 inches. This large length helps the belt to use for all aged users very easily. The 10LOL company also provides one year warranty with their products. All these good features lead the seat belt set to a perfect one to use.

Key Features:

  • Very durable and sturdy construction
  • High quality made bracket
  • 42 inches of large belt size help to adjust with all aged user
  • Total packaging comes with all the essential equipment
  • Very promising company service

3. 10LOL 4 Passenger Golf Seat Belt

This one is the new and updated edition of the previous one. Though there is no major difference between the two models, still it has some good efficiency. The clipping system of the latest model is very much durable and perfect than the older one. The older one was good enough for keeping balance and making controls. But the latest edition can overcome any kind of impact or pressure and doesn’t create any kind of throwing or falling issue at all. Compare to the previous model, all the specifications are the same as this one except the clipping system.

Key Features:

  • Perfect and suitable belt length
  • High quality build durable brackets
  • Easy adjusting push button
  • Very sturdy and flexible clips
  • Easy to install without making any drillings or holes

4. TOYI Retractable Golf Cart Seat Belt

 TOYI has this seat belt model known as the universal one. There is a set of total 2 seat belts for two users. A suitable seat belt that can go for Ez Go, Yamaha, Buggies, bus, and club cars. The belt can is retractable to 42 inches with a width size of 1.98 inches. The company provides all the essential parts and tools with the packaging of the seat belt. There is no requirement to drill or modifying the golf cart to use the seat belt. Having this seat belt in the cart, the user has less chance of falling or having a misbalance. All these useful terms lead the seat belt set to a proper one for sure.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and heavy duty belt
  • Perfectly placed retractable size of 42 inches
  • Durable locking system
  • Can be used for both front and rear seats
  • Very easy to install even without using brackets

5. 10LOL 42” Golf Cart Seat Belt

If big seated golf carts need the seat belt set to use, there is no better option than using the 10LOL golf cart seat belt. This seat belt is available for all sized golf carts like 2/4/6/8 seated golf carts. Not only have that, but this golf also has seat belts that are made from high quality and durable material. 35 inched steel made mainframes are enough durable and long lasting for attaching all the seat belts perfectly. No need for holing or drilling in the golf cart for attaching or using the seatbelt. With the high quality and durable belt, users stay safe while hitting any object or making emergency braking. Two different types of belts are available for this model. One is the belt size of 35 inches and the other one is 42 inches. Both of the variants are same in the efficiency except the belt length. It is a perfect belt considering all the terms and for using in all sized golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty and sturdy construction
  • Available in two different type variant according to the requirement and easy access
  • Very durable and high quality made the mainframe with the size of 35 inches
  • No essential drilling or modification required to install
  • Perfect to use at all sized golf cart (2,4,6,8 seated golf carts)

6. MOHEEN 2 Point Adjustable Golf cart seat belt

As all of the golf carts have universal type seat belts, MOHEEN is one of them. This seat belt can be used for any kind of size and shaped golf cart. Like most others, this seat belt has the same color as the black and red mixture. There are three different sizes available in this seat belt. They are 48 inches, 54 inches, and more than 54 inches. Each of the size variants contains the same specification along with the tools in the packaging. High quality polyester fabric has been used as the main material of the belt. The golf cart lock system is made from durable and all weather proof plastic. For ensuring the best safety, this golf cart seat belt contains the E11 certification. That means this seat belt can be used undoubtedly without thinking of any kind of safety term.

Perfect length for adjusting with the seat so that users can have a comfortable experience. If a golf cart has two bolt points, this seat belt can perfectly attach to that golf cart. The complete seat belt along with 4 essential adjustable screws comes with the total seat belt package. This golf cart seat belt may match most of the seat belts, but they have also demands as well as the other ones.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and sturdy belt
  • Enough tensile in terms of strength and don’t take any pains even tighten up
  • Easily adjustable length for the perfect webbing
  • All the essential tools provided with the seat belt set
  • E11 safety certified. So no question about safety

7. 10LOL Universal golf cart seat belt

An ideal pair of the seat belt to use in the EZ Go and Yamaha modeled golf carts. As 10LOL has a lot of variants of golf cart seat belts available to them, this is another one among them. Having the universal fitment feature, this golf cart seat belt can be used for all sized and shaped golf carts. This is a great advantage to the users. 10LOL company also claims that its set of golf club seat belts are enough perfect and safe even using on the rough road or facing any kind of major impact. With the retractable 42 inches of length, this golf cart seat belt can easily fit with any user perfectly. Enough fast and convenient length of the belt can be adjusted or used properly.

Total packaging comes with 4 pieces of belts, 8 pieces of screws which means there are no additional parts or modifications needed for using the seat belts at all. In fact, the company also providing a 3 month returns policy if there is any issue or problems with the parts. That is a very helpful and effective step for the users.

Key Features:

  • Perfect to fit with most of the golf carts
  • Retractable length of the belt with the universal fitment size
  • Simple and easy installation process
  • A convenient belt size of 42 inches helps to provide easy and comfortable wearing to all aged users
  • Can be mount to both the front seats very easily

8. TOYI retractable Seat Belts For Golf Cart

In terms of safety and long time usage, this seat belt from the TOYI Company can be another good choice. All the essential tools that are required to install the seat belt comes in the packaging. This is mainly a seat belt set for 2 golf carts which mean; more sets are needed for using in the 4 seated or 8 seated golf carts. High quality built retractable belt can be extended to 42 inches without any kind of problem which is helpful enough for fitting and comfortable usage. This seat belt is perfect enough for using in all kinds of golf carts for sure.

Key Features:

  • The total package comes with all the essential tools for fitting
  • Durable belt part and strap
  • Easy to install even without using brackets
  • Perfect and comfortable knot ensure no falling even in the shaking or impact
  • High quality made locking for good removing and fixing ability

9.Heart Horse Universal Golf Cart Seat Belt

Using a universal sized seat belt is a good decision. This model of seat belt for the golf carts is also the same. Like the others, the heart horse golf cart seat belt contains a common shape and color. Two different sizes are available for this seat belt. One is 48 inches in length and the other one is 28 inches. High quality fabric provides strong gripping and easy wear to the user. As the safety commitment, these universal seatbelts have enough ability to absorb any kind of impact or major accident and keep the user stable and safe. The metal made buckle also ensures a better and perfect connection between the buckle and the user. For having all the safety and useful features, this seat belt can be considered a perfect one to use at all sized golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable and high quality fabric
  • 2 different sizes available in terms of length and golf cart shape
  • Easily possible to place at both front and rear seat
  • Heavy duty metal buckle for better protection and safety
  • Perfect adjustable length for webbing

10. Avena 2 Point Adjustable Golf Cart Seat Belt

If color is an option of choosing, the Avena seat belt for the golf cart can be the perfect one. Not only the color, but it is also a perfect type of seat belt with some great and useful features. This seat belt contains one of the largest belt sizes of 55 inches than the other ones. As large belts can provide extra comfort and easy removing ability, there is no doubt about this one. 2 points of the seat belt helps to fit it with the golf cart very easily. Thinking about the quality issue, the Avena Company has used high quality fabric along with heavy duty plastic in this seat belt model. Both two of the colors are perfect to use at any kind of golf cart, buggies, and club cars for sure.

Key Features:

  • Universal seat belt for all branded and sized golf carts
  • Contains one of the largest belt sizes that ensure comfortable usage and an easy removing process
  • All the essential items and tools included in the total packaging
  • Suitable to use at both front and rare area of the seat
  • Ensures better gripping to the user even in high impact or in the major accident
Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf Cart Seat Belts

Buying Guide

Containing the buying guides for a golf cart seat belt is not necessary. But still, some of the terms can be followed or keep in mind while choosing the right one. As the seat belts have to keep the user safe and protected from any kind of impact or pressure of the road, they must have to contain some better and useful features. And here they are:

High quality made belt with bigger size: Main part of a seat belt is the belt and the material. Most of the companies have belts made from high quality fiber and fabric. Some company has their seat belt made from high quality polyester. Choosing the perfect seat belt depending on the main material lets the belt provide safe and accurate gripping and also increase the lifetime of the seat belt. For a new buyer, choosing a high quality made belt is a very necessary term to follow.

Easy installation process: Some of the seat belts require major or minor type modification to use or place in the golf cart. The most common terms that come under the modification processes are either drilling or making holes in the golf cart. This thing may become effective for placing the seat belt and the steel frame but sometimes, it can make several damages too. On the other hand, thinking about the safety concern, they can be installed or put into the cart. For avoiding all these problem and issues of drilling or making holes, there are some universal sized and shaped seat belts with pre drilled holes for easy installment and connection with the golf cart and the clamps

Comfortable adjustment: Only connecting and wearing the seat belt is not the main thing. If it is not comfortable enough, the user may not be able to drive perfectly. Almost all of the seat belts are made from hard fabric material to stay durable and long lasting. With hard structure, they still can perform well and provide good support to the user. All the comfort of a seat belt is dependent on the size and the material. If the belt contains a longer size, it can be used perfectly without facing any kind of tightness or discomfort. Therefore, choosing the seat belt with easy adjustment and comfort purpose is a good term of having the best one.

Can you add seat belts to a golf cart?

Yes, I can. In fact, using seat belts in a golf cart is a great and helpful thing. There are various types of roads on the golf course. Some of them are very rough and some contain enough potholes too. Despite all these terms, seat belts are very much important to use as a safety concern. Most of the seat belts for golf carts are easy to use and install. That is because of the easy install process and adjusting. Nowadays, all the latest model golf carts have functional seat belts or the sector for installing the seat belts. That is because everyone is a safety concern.

 Are Seat Belts Required on Golf Carts?

It is basically dependent on the situation and the place. In some countries, there is no requirement of using seat belts in the golf cart. Besides, some countries have a federal law of using seat belts in the golf cart. It has the same importance as the brake, headlight, and steering of the cart.

Final Words

Using seat belts in the golf cart means keeping the rider and the passenger safe from any kind of accident or impact. Though golf carts don’t make a high speed run or movement in the course but still, a small and simple crash from the cart can even make a major injury. That is why; there should be no compromise about safety. No major installing process is required for installing the seat belts in the cart. They are sturdy, compact, light in weight, and very effective in their efficiency. Some of the states even have the requirement of using seat belts in their law. This term can indicate the importance of their use.

Golf cart seat belts are made for creating protection and avoid all the possible impacts against the user. This simple thing even can become a lifesaving element too. Using the seat belt in the golf cart ensures not only safe riding but also reflects a wise decision too.

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