Golf cart life expectancy

How Long do Golf Carts Last?

Golf carts are used for bringing equipment’s of golf as well as golfer used it as an alternative of car to move in the golf course. Manufacturer of golf carts claim the lifecycle is 30 to 40 years with some condition about maintenance and upgrading. However, a golf cart basically provides five to seven years life time. Sometimes, if the carts battery or engine is better than the market and produced by the best golf cart company that time golfer or golf course owner can expect a ten years lifetime. Though, the lifecycle of a golf cart wholly depends on how it is used and what way it is used. Moreover, the golf cart life expectancy also varies depending on its maintenance, battery or engine quality, quality of wheels, and other features of a cart. Making a proper maintaining all the equipment of a golf cart, can provide 30 to 40 years life expectancy.

Category of Golf Cart

Generally, there are two categories of the golf carts. They are:

In terms of their lifetime, an electric golf cart has the most lifetimes than a gas golf cart. However, considering the other facts like power and speed buyers choose a gas golf cart over an electric golf cart. In a Golf season, the golfer usually makes three to five times around the golf course. That moment, a golfer needs a cart which is capable. In terms of capability, usually golfer chooses gas Golf cart over electric golf cart. Because the electric golf cart has less power than gas golf cart. This is happened because electric golf carts used battery and gas golf carts used engine. But the life expectancy of two golf carts almost same if both the golf carts are maintained and used in proper way.

Parts and Equipment for Golf Cart

There are some basic differences about electric and gas golf cart. They use several different parts and equipment based on their types.

What parts and equipment are there for both golf carts is given below with a matrix table:

Therefore golf carts are also making from various kinds of raw materials. Like;

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Metal.

Apart from this matrix chart, there are other elements that are used in both golf carts such as;

  • Suspension.
  • Electric cables.
  • Steel.
  • Charger.

Golf Carts Capacity for Carrying Weight

The lifecycle of a golf cart also depends on the capacity of the Golf cart. There are so many models of golf carts are in the market and with so many options. Basically, the capacity of a Golf cart fully depends on its seats. First of all, the capacity of the golf cart changes with the type of golf cart. An Electric Golf cart has batteries and that is not as powerful as like gas golf cart. Moreover, there also have the weight of the battery. So that, the weight load capacity will be less than the gas Golf cart. If the cart fully loaded, the speed of the golf carts will decrease. Hence, life expectancy also differs from that point of view.

The capability of golf carts based on their number of seats is given below with a table:

Golf cart Seats number


Two people 

200 to 500 lbs.

Four people

700 to 900 lbs.

Six people

1000 to 1200 lbs.

Is life Expectancy of Golf Cart Considering Weight Limits

In general, the more weight you give the more damage will occur in your golf cart. The whole life cycle of a golf cart is near about ten years. But someone who transports overloaded weight every day will not give you the expected duration. Users should have a clear view of weight load and the load varies according to the seats which are shown earlier with a table. Furthermore, the golf cart life expectancy also varies with the model and types of the golf cart. Technically, the gas cylinder doesn’t have so much weight as like as batteries which are used in the electric golf carts. However, there also have less power in electric golf carts and that results in the speed. Batteries can carry four or six people based on their capacity but the speed is not as same as a Gas cylinder Golf cart. Though, in today’s world, the producers of golf carts increase the quality of batteries and their life expectancy so that they can completely fight with the gas cylinder golf carts.

Modern technology makes it almost the same and yes, there also have some differences based on the models, types, and capacity which is also shown with a plain table:

Model Name Types of Golf cart Number of seats Capacity limits.
Club Car Precedent Batteries and Gas cylinder both. Two For gas- 642lbs.

For Electric-900 lbs.

Club Car Carryall 500 Turf Gas cylinder Two 900 to 950 lbs.
Club Car Carryall 500 Turf Batteries Two 1350 to 1400 lbs.
Club Car Onward 4 Gas cylinder and batteries both. Four For gas-

750 to 800 lbs.

For electric- 1070lbs approximately

Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2 + 2 Gas Cylinder and batteries also. Four For gase-905 lb, approximately,

For electric- 750 lbs.

EZ-Go Express L6 Batteries Six 1550 lbs, approximately.
EZ-Go Express L6 Gas cylinder Six 910 lbs. Approximately.

From the above table, we can see the difference in its capacity which relies on models, number of seats, and the power of batteries and gas cylinder.

Golf Cart Life Expectancy

Golf Cart Life Expectancy

Differences about gas and electric car that affect the lifetime of a Golf cart

Gas and batteries are not the same. They are two different dimensions in the Golf Club. Two have equal capacity nowadays. Besides, there has some basic uniqueness between them. That is why the life cycle of these two categories varies. There are a good number of differentiations about them. Like:

  • Adaptability: Adapting with all seasons and every situation is an important factor. A perfect golf cart should adapt to various situations and give its user complete satisfaction. Electric cars not getting enough power due to their battery power. However, a cart with gas can provide an all-time solution to its user. When a golf cart driver does things beyond its power whether it is gas or electric, the lifetime will not meet the requirement. So it is obvious for the user that, they know the pros and cons of a golf cart.
  • Performance: Performance is the key indicator for lifespan. If there is low performance see in the Golf cart, so there is less chance of getting a low life. In general, in the winter season, the electric battery doesn’t get enough power and user pressurizes it sometimes for producing more power on gear. But in terms of a gas cylinder golf cart, there is less kind of difficulties in terms of performance. Therefore, a good performance car does not need any kind of extra maintenance and it can catch the flow.
  • Maintenance: The cost of maintenance for an electric or battery base car is lower than the gas cylinder engine car. The battery needs good care to maintain. The gas cylinder also needs to check a period basis to avoid any kind of accident. The cost of maintenance is not high because of battery needs charging; distill water, and other essential things. In terms of gas cylinder cars, there are not so many cheap options for maintaining them. Moreover, if the maintenance does not carry seriously to the golf cart, it will not provide good and expected lifetimes to the golf cart user.
  • Speed: Speed is varied because of the power of the engine and battery. Moreover, there are some other things also that decrease the speed like; overloaded weight in the golf cart. This also reduces the lifetime of a Golf cart.
  • Transportation capacity: Transporting the golf accessories and people are the main use of a golf cart. But if the user of the golf cart transforms beyond a cart capacity whether it is an electric or gas golf cart; the lifetime will decrease. The more important matter is that golfer should transport their things and themselves based on their capacity. Without this, the golf cart will face a loss
  • Value on the second-hand market: If the golf carts are maintained in a proper way and if it has a good battery and engine lifetime, then it can sell with a good value. Proper maintaining and good condition of golf carts easily get a good resale value in the secondary market. Generally, golf carts buy in the range of $5000 to $1500. Obviously, it is not a cheap price. So that, forgetting the proper value in the market and also increase the lifetime of a golf cart one should have to take proper care of it.

Life Expectancy Depends on Maintenance

Without maintaining the parts and equipment of a golf cart, it is not possible to hold the lifespan of a golf cart. For everything in the world, there needs maintenance. Besides, golf carts are very much in need of taking proper maintenance. A good maintenance routine not only holds the life expectancy of golf carts but also sometimes increases the lifetime.

Overall, the golf cart life expectancy equally depends on its capacity, power, type, proper maintenances. In one sentence, Life expectancy gets its number based on these criteria. The lifetime of a golf cart is one of the vital things in terms of using, resale, and used it for a long time.

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