Golf cart garage door size

Golf Cart Garage Door Size

Size for the golf cart garage door is mainly dependent on the golf cart. If the golf cart is bigger, the door is also required in a bigger size. The standard door size for the golf cart garage is 5 feet in width by 7 feet in height. 6 feet in width by 7 feet in height, 5 feet in width by 8 feet in height, and 6 feet in width by 8 feet in height.

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Golf Cart Garage Door Size

Nowadays, almost all golfers love to have a garage in their private area for the golf carts. Lightweight, easy controlling, and lower maintenance necessity are some of the useful features of using the golf cart. A garage for the golf cart mainly gets used for keeping the cart safe and away from any kind of harmful obstacles. Some customized golf carts cost a lot and using the garage is a must needed term for them. In terms of safety for the garage, the door is the most essential part. Besides, the sizing is also considerable for the cart as the golf cart has to access through the door.

Here are the sizes for the golf cart doors that have been described individually.

Small sized garage door: At the beginning of size measurement. The smaller sized door for the garage comes in 5 feet in width and 7 feet in height. As the lower size for a golf cart is 4 feet in width and 6 feet in height, this door easily allows the small sized golf carts to have easy access through it.

Medium sized garage door: Having a medium sized door in the garage, helps to access both sized and small sized carts through it. Medium sized golf carts for 4 or 2 persons contain the size of 5 feet in width and 6 feet in height. As the garage door has a size dimension of 6 feet by 7 feet, it allows the golf cart to get through it.

Large sized garage door: The larger sized garage door let it use for all sized and shaped golf carts. As the size of the largest garage door is 6 feet in width and 8 feet in height, all the golf carts can go through this bigger sized door. Similar to the larger sized golf cart which has the size dimension of 6 feet in width and 7 feet in height.

So these are the sizes available as the golf cart garage doors. Let's discuss the processes of measuring the door size by own.

Golf Cart Garage

Garage door measurement

If the door for the garage gets measured manually or by the owners themselves, some easy steps will make the work easier. Here they have been given below.

Height measurement

The very first process gets started from the height measurement. Height is very essential to measure to avoid accessing issues. If the height of the cart becomes more than the door, it is impossible to enter the cart into the garage. That is why measure the height from the highest point to the lowest area point. Make sure there is no defect in the floor like bumpy areas or sensitive surface parts etc. If that is, repair those places before using them for the garage purpose. If you want to know Golf Cart Battery Cables

Width Measurement

Measuring the width is almost similar to the height. Using a measuring tape is the best way for listing the sizes. Use the tape from the left side to all the last of the right side to measure the proper width area. Unleveled walls or rugged surfaces may create difficulties for use. Therefore, check the wideness of the garage by measuring from every angle by the tape in horizontal length

Measuring Headroom

After measuring the width and height, now it’s time for measuring the headroom. Basically, the headroom is called to that area that stays between the upper side of the door and the ceiling. Headroom measurement is important for those types of garage doors that have the using system of sliding up and down. If the headroom doesn't have enough space for the door, the door can't be attached.

Sideline Measurement

All the garages have sidelines where a small get is situated along with some wires and other stuff. Some of the garages of golf carts even have personal workshops even an air compressor too. Measuring the garage with the sideline area is important. Because of this, it helps to have the size for not using and adjusting the golf cart with the rest of the size. Don't forget to mark the barriers while measuring.

Celling Measurement

This measurement requires only the sliding type doors. As the door of the garage gets slides up for opening or closing, if the ceiling is not perfect in size, the door may create breaking or even major damages to the ceiling. Measure the ceiling area using the tape for the better adjustment of the door. If you want to know Golf Cart Seat Belts

Types of garage doors for golf carts

Golf cart garage doors are available in some different types. Depending on the material, efficiency, and durability, they are different from each other. Even the pricing is not the same in them. Here, some of the common door types for golf cart garages have been listed.

1.Aluminum made garage door

2.Steelmade garage door

3.Fiberglass made garage door

4.Wood garage door and

5.Rolling up garage door

Aluminum garage door

Aluminum made garage door is light in weight than the other types of door. This type of door is well known for the durability. Despite of having light weight, they are very durable and can overcome any kind of impact or hitting. This type of door mostly gets used in golf cart garages.

Steel made garage door

A garage door made from steel can be considered the heaviest one. Sometimes, opening or closing the steel made garage door makes it very difficult for its weight. In terms of safety and protection, they are very much sturdy and durable.If you want to know Golf Cart Lift Kit

Fiberglass garage door

This type of garage door is not seen often. But the best thing about this type of door is the transparent structure. As the fiberglass contains a watercolor formula, it may look unique as the garage door design, but a little bit weird as all the things remain visible for the outsiders. But still, they are on the list of luxury by some of the fancy golf cart users.

Wood garage door

Wood is a type of material that gets used for garage doors for a very long time. Wood made doors look gorgeous and beautiful in the garages if they have the well-furnished and shiny structure. In terms of safety, wood made doors are enough flexible and strong and stay durable for a long time even in rainy times.

Rolling up garage door

If the style is more preferable than safety, rolling up the garage door can be a choice. This type of garage door gets rolled up in two methods. One is the humanized process and the other one is by the remote control system. Both of the processes are easy enough and take fewer efforts for opening up or closing down. If safety is the concern, rolling up garage door is safe enough and one of the perfect ones among the others.

Golf cart garage door size is as important as using the golf cart. Without proper housing or protection, there is no chance and value of using the golf cart. Sizing of length and width by themselves is not enough for getting the proper door. All the other things are also necessary to follow.

Protection is more important than use. That is why, there should be no compromise for the accurate measurement of a golf cart garage door size, and otherwise the golf cart will become difficult to access into the garage.

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