Golf Cart Dimensions

Golf Cart Dimensions For Yamaha, Ez-go & Club Car

Currently, many companies are manufacturing and selling Golf Carts. Mainly, Yamaha, EZGO, and Club golf carts are popular. Three of them have many options. They provide several types of golf carts. Having different features, sizes, colors, all of them are a good choice.

Golf Cart Dimensions

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Before buying a golf cart one should know the details of golf carts. They should search for the available golf cart on the market and match their description with their requirements. Mainly, knowing details about golf cart dimensions is important before buying one. One may store many things on the golf cart but after buying it they may find golf cart dimension isn’t enough for them. Also, one may buy a big-sized golf cart but later they may find the golf cart dimensions are larger and they don’t have enough space to store it. That’s why it’s important to know the dimension of a golf cart before buying one.

Average Dimension

Golf carts come in many shapes and many dimensions. The average dimension always depends on some certain feature when a company designs its cart. They're a bit of variation in golf models the size is almost similar having the same feature.

While deciding the average size and dimension depends on some different factors. Including engine, seat number, cart weight, overall carrying capacity. Normally, the average dimensions of a golf cart are 4 feet wide, 6 feet high, and 8 feet long. This site is for smaller golf carts. However, for a larger golf cart, the average dimension is 4 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 6 feet high.

Depending on the model and making procedure some of the company’s models may have a big difference. Therefore, one should always check the individual dimension of the golf carts before buying one.

How wide is a standard golf cart?

Normally, a golf cart for two people is around 4 feet wide. Golf carts that have been designed for four or more people will be wider than two seated ones. Usually, the narrow golf cart is less wide. The narrow golf cart has 33.5” space between the front wheels but others have 48” space that makes it less wide. However, narrow golf carts are 47” wider and other golf carts are 58” wider.

How long is a golf cart?

Measurements from the front to back are the longest size of the golf cart. The length of the golf cart is the distance from the front wheel to the back seat. The average length of the two seated golf carts is 8 feet. Companies manufacture larger-sized golf carts set  that have multiple rows of seats. Having a larger carrying capacity, or container room the cart can be customized larger than normal. Based on the model and customization of the customer the length of the golf carts can be larger than normal.

How Height is a golf cart?

Measurements of the bottom to up of the golf cart are the height of the golf cart. The golf cart height can be calculated in two ways. Measuring the distance between the tire touching the ground and the steering wheel is the first way. Another way is measuring from the wheel to the uppermost part of the roof of the cart. In case of no roof golf cart, the measurement height will be the measurement from the tire touching the ground to the steering wheel.

As with the width and length, the measurement of height differs from model to model, and also it depends on the customization.

Demonstration of Dimension of Golf Carts in Terms of Companies and Models

  1. Yamaha

UMax One: This golf cart length is 111’, width is 49”, and the height is 72”

UMax Two: Yamaha Umax version two is 119″ Long, having a Width of 49″, and Height is 72″

UMax Bistro: The length of the Umax Bistro version is 128″, Width 49″, and the Height is 49″

UMax Rally: The Umax Rally version has 122″ Length, Width 53″, and Height 51″.

The Drive 2: This model Length is 94”, Width is 47”, and Height is 71”

Adventurer Sport 2+2: Adventure Sport 2+2 model have Length 109″, Width 51″, and Height 50″

Umax Range Picker: This model has a similar length and width to the Umax one, which is Length 111″, and Width 49”. But the difference is in height. The height is 48″.

Concierge 4: Concierge 4 models have Length 128″, Width 47″, and Height 48″.

Concierge 6: The Concierge 6 model of Yamaha’s Length 161″, Width 47″, and Height 47″.

  1. Club Cart

Onward 2 Passenger: For the Gas, electric, and cart of this Onward 2 Passenger model the length is 92 “, width is 48 ¾” and the height is 71”

Onward 4 Passenger: Onward 4 passenger Carts have similar width and height as onward 2 passenger models. The difference is in length, which is 108”.

Onward Lifted 4 Passenger: Onward Lifted 4 Passenger cart has 144’ Length, 49″ Width, and 80″ Height

Precedent Stretch PTV: The dimension of Precedent Stretch is Length 144”, Width 47”, and Height 69”.

Villager 2: This model comes in gas, electric, and lithium. Three of them are the same size. Length 92″, Width 47″, and Height 69″.

Villager 2 LSV: The Electric cart of this model has a dimension of Length 91″, Width 47″, and Height 68″.

Villager 2+2 LX LSV: This second version has a dimension of Length 110″, Width 51″, and Height 50″.

XRT 800: The gas and electric XRT 800 golf carts dimensions are Length 100”, Width 45”, and Height 47”.

XRT 1550: Gas and diesel XRT 1550 models have a dimension of Length 125”, Width 58”, and Height 82”.

  1. EZ-GO

Freedom RXV: Freedom RXV Golf Gas cart dimensions are Length 94”, Width 47”, Height 45”. The electric golf cart has dimensions of 94 ″ Length, 47″ Width, and 45″ Height.

Express S4 Golf: Gas and electric golf carts have Length, Width, and Height of 108”, 48”, and 52”.

Express L6: The Express L6 cart has Length 143″, Width 48″, and Height 49”.

Express 4X4: This model has Length 112″, Width 53″, and Height of 77″ in total.

2 Five Electric: This model of the EZGO company has Length 107″, Width 47″, and Height 71″.

Freedom TXT: This model has Length 93″, Width 47″, and Height of 46”

Valor: The Valor model of EZGO company has Length 93″, Width 47″ with and without having a roof. The difference is in the Height. Without a roof, the height is 47″, and with the roof, the height is 69″.

72 Volt Freedom: This model has the same Length and Width as the Valor model. The difference is in Height. Without a roof, the height is 46″, and with the roof, the height is 67″.

Golf Cart Dimensions

Golf Cart Dimensions

Ground Clearance of Golf Cart

Interestingly, the part Ground Clearance of the golf cart doesn’t have any standard or average dimension. Ground clearance is the measurement of the distance between the ground and the cart floorboards.

In general, most of the models of golf carts have around 4.5 inches of ground clearance. However, people can choose up to 5 inches, depending on the model and customer's choice. Customers can always lift the ground clearance size. When drivers want to increase the stability of the cart they can increase the ground size to 6 inches.

Dimension of Golf Cart Trailer

5X10 sized trailer should be enough for the most standard golf carts of all models. This 5X10 sized golf trailer has plenty of sizes, one can load an average-sized golf cart without much effort. Having an average small size golf cart the 5X8 golf cart trailer should be enough.

Depending on the golf cart one may need larger than the 5X10 sized golf cart. The size of the golf carrying trailer depends on the size of the golf cart.

Dimension of Golf Cart Parking Area

Another important thing one must know before buying a golf cart is the dimension of the parking area to park the golf cart. The dimension of the parking lot will depend on the size of the golf cart. If one hasn’t already bought a golf cart and doesn’t have a parking lot they must select and create the parking area according to the model they are going to buy.

In the case of having a golf cart parking area, one should consider the dimension of available parking before selecting the golf cart model and the golf cart dimension. The recommendation is one should have a larger parking dimension compared to the golf cart dimension. The average parking area of a golf cart is 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. The minimum recommended area of golf cart parking is 9 feet wide. Most of the golf cart parking spaces have a height of 15 to 20 feet.

Dimension of Golf Cart Basket

As with the other parts of a golf cart, the basket of golf carts comes in a different dimension. The average dimension of a golf cart is 18” in length, 10” Width, and 17” in height. This dimension is good for fitting 12 to 18 cans in the back to keep them cold in the round of golf. Depending on the size of the can and cooler one must face a problem fitting more than 22 cans.

Is it possible to fit a Golf cart in the back of a truck?

For this question, the answer will depend on the size of the golf cart and the size of the truck. Having four feet width a full-size pickup truck should be enough to carry a golf cart. However, the golf cart needs are small to fit in this. In case, the cart is longer than the bed of the truck then the owner can leave it down the tailgate of a truck to increase the length. Importantly, one should use a ramp to load the golf cart. One or two ramps will help load the golf cart.

The average weight of a golf cart is 9500 to 1100 pounds. It’s a heavy thing and it’s not an easy task to lift this much weight by hand, so one must need the help of some instrument like a ramp.

How to load a Golf cart in the back of a truck?

We have already discussed the average truck size for carrying an average size golf cart. If the width of the truck is at least two or more feet larger than the golf cart then it will easily fit in the back of the truck. However, one must check the weight of the golf cart before loading it on the truck. Because the weight of the cart may be higher than the truckload capacity. We have already discussed the best way to load a golf cart on a truck is using a ramp, because the load is heavy. One should choose a truck at least having a 1500 pound load capacity. Also, one should use some rope or straps to tie and secure the golf cart on the bed of the truck from preventing it from sliding.


 Having a good knowledge of golf cart dimensions individually can help one from regret after buying a golf cart. We have discussed different models of three main golf manufacturing company's golf cart dimensions in detail. Also, we have added some other important information related to golf cart dimension. One should know all the above details before buying one.

We believe after reading this article one should make the right decision of what dimension of golf cart they should choose for themselves. They also can compare the fact that affects the golf cart dimension. For example suitable size for cart parking area, suitable size of carriage for carrying the golf cart. People will have a clear idea about the type of carriage they should choose.

Having the idea of the right dimension of the golf cart, golf cart parking area, and golf cart carriage will save the buying.

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