Golf Cart Battery Cables

Best Golf Cart Battery Cables Reviews 2021

Choosing cables for golf cart batteries is not an easy task. Sometimes one needs to change the old golf cart battery cable or replace old and damaged cables to keep their golf cart battery in good condition. But choosing the wrong cable will damage the battery instead of keeping the battery in good condition.

As we know that the electric golf carts are available in different voltages therefore one need to choose the perfect cable cautiously. Also, one needs to choose a cable that has suitable lugs to accommodate with the cart they have so that there will be no short circuit and the connection would not create overheat. That means one has to choose carefully and look for all the requirements to get the best golf cart battery cables and to reduce malfunction. To make the process easy today we will discuss about some of the best cables for the golf cart that one can choose without any hesitation.

Best Golf Cart Battery Cables Review

1. EPAuto Battery Inverter Cable

This cable set from EPAUTO is made to connect the battery to the inverter. The set of cables is 20 inches which are long enough to connect the battery with the inverter. The set contains two cables, one is red which is for positive connection and the other one is black which is for negative connection.

To construct this cable manufacturer used stranded copper wire. The stranded copper wire is very flexible and can work in any situation and temperature from -40 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees. One end of each of the red and black cable has ΒΌ inches center hole and the other end has 3/8 inches round hole.

Key Features:


  • It is a 20 inches long cable set.
  • The wires are 6 AWG gauges.
  • Wires can take a max flow of 200 A of 12 volts.
  • Cables can work in various temperatures from -40 degrees to 105 degrees.
  • Cables are made of stranded copper wire with nickel plated copper terminals.
  • The weight of the cable is 3.2 ounces.

2. LotFancy Battery Cables

This set of 2 cables is available in many gauges of 4, 6, and 8. The set contains one positive wire which is red and one negative wire which is black. Each of the cables has terminals of 3/8 inches. However, one will be able to find 5/16 inches lugs too if they need. This quality cable set is approved by UL. Cables can take a maximum load of 59.9 A. The manufacturer used tin plated copper wire for the cables. For the wire material, the cables are rustproof, wear proof, and provides good stability. The manufacturer used PVC insulated jacket to cover the wires and provides waterproof, moisture proof, heat insulation characteristics. One can use the cables set for golf cart, motorcycle, solar, RV, and many more.

Key Features:

Brand: LotFancy

  • This is a set of 20 inches two cables with 3/8 inches terminals.
  • The wires are constructed of tinned copper and the terminals are also made of tinned copper.
  • Cables are coated with PVC insulated jacket which provides more stability, flexibility and keeps the wires waterproof and moistureproof
  • It can take 59.9A max load.
  • The cable's set weight is 8 ounces.

3. Copper Battery Inverter Cables

These Copper Battery Inverter Cables are available in various lengths from 1 to 10 feet. These inverter cables are constructed in the USA by one of the USA's largest manufacturers known as WindyNation.

To construct these cables manufacturer used 100 percent stranded pure copper. The stranded copper is suitable to work with high amperage applications. The copper wires are coated with a jacket of EPDM insulation. Also, the manufacturer used a separator between the wires and the jacket. The separator is made of polyester tape. The connection terminals of these cables are also made of tin coated pure copper. To make the cable more secure manufacturer used polyolefin heat shrink tubing.

Key Features:

Brand: WindyNation

  • These quality cables are available from 1 to 10 feet in length.
  • Cables are constructed of 100 percent stranded pure copper.
  • To construct the sturdy lugs manufacturer used pure tin coated copper.
  • The jacket of these cables is made of EPDM insulation.
  • There is a polyester separator between the copper wires and the jacket.
  • The manufacturer applied polyolefin heat shrink tubing to resist moisture and any chemical penetration.
  • The weight of the cable set is 8.4 ounces.

4. 10L0L Golf Cart Battery Cables

These updated cables are made to be used for charging golf carts. With these cables, one would not get leakage and cables will save electricity. Unlike the old cables or other cables, these cables will help to keep the battery as new so that one can drive the golf cart for a long time.

In this package, one will get 1 wire of 13 inches and 4 wires of 10 inches. To construct the core of these cables manufacturer used high quality copper. Also, the lugs of these cables are made of pure copper. These extra long lugs are corrosion resistant and sturdy. The manufacturer also used a heat shrinkable tube compartment. The heat shrinkable tube compartment will reduce contact with the sulfuric acid. However, this cable set is not suitable for Pre-1994 Marathon or 2008-Up RXV golf carts.

Key Features:

Brand: 10L0L

  • Cables are available in different packages.
  • This package contains 1 13 inches and 4 10 inches wires.
  • Core and the lugs are constructed with quality copper to be rustproof.
  • Specially manufactured for 1994-Up EZGO Medalist and TXT models golf carts.
  • Used heat shrinkable tube compartment to reduce sulfuric acid contact to the core.

5. Spartan Power Made in America 1 Foot

The Spartan Power cable is made in the USA. These are one of the best 4 AWG battery cables on the market in the present day. One can get a set of these cables or can get a single cable for use. To ensure top quality each of these cables is made of quality copper. Also, the manufacturer cut, crimp, and heat shrunk these cables professionally. The cables set contain one red and one black cable. Each of the cables is 4 gauge. Each of these cables contains 5/16 inches lugs attached on both ends. The lugs are made of tin plated copper to provide corrosion proof and oxidation resistant ability to the cables. These Spartan Power cables also can be found with alligator clamps so that one can choose the best clamp according to their need.

Key Features:

Brand: Spartan Power

  • It can be purchase as a set or single cable.
  • Quality copper made cables.
  • 4 AWG cables set can be found in both lugs and alligator clamp terminals.
  • Lugs are constructed with corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant tin plated copper.
  • The weight of this item is 0.1 pounds.

6. ACDC WIRE Golf Cart Battery

This is a set of 7 cables of 6 black and one red. These cables are rated at 600 volts. To provide supreme quality cable manufacturer used pure copper to the wires to construct the core, not the copper clad aluminum. To cover the core of these cables manufacturer used an EPDM jacket. The jacket is flame resistant, oil resistant, grease solvents, and abrasion resistant which will protect the core of the cable from any conditions. The manufacturer used tinned copper lugs to reduce energy loss. To mount the lugs securely manufacturer used hydraulic crimped over the connection of the lugs and the wires.

Key Features:


  • The set of 7 cables contains 5 black 15 inches cable, 1 red 40 inches cable, and 1 black 42 inches cable.
  • All the cables are made of pure copper.
  • The EPDM jacket is flam, oil, grease, and abrasion resistant to provide superior security to the core.
  • Lugs are made of tinned copper and on top of that manufacturer used hydraulic crimped over the connection of the lugs and the wires.
  • The weight of this cable package is 3 pounds.

7. TRUE AMALGAMATED Golf Cart Cables

This is for those people who want far secure cables for their golf cart battery. This cable set is the only cable set available that is sealed with adhesive on the lugs connection point to prevent water, moisture, and dirt from getting into the core of the cables.

The package contains 5 cables 4 of 9 inches and 1 of 12 inches. In the endpoints of each cable, there are two 5/16 inches lugs. The cable jacket is made of EPDM. The manufacturer made these cables 100 percent waterproof and moistureproof.

Key Features:


  • These are 4 AGW cables.
  • The lugs of each cable are made of tinned copper.
  • USA made EPDM insulated cable jacket.
  • Each lug contains 5/16 inches hole in the middle.
  • To prevent water, moisture, and dirt the connection of the cables is sealed with adhesive.

8. 010L0L Golf Cart Battery Cables

Are you an owner of an EZ-GO golf cart and in search of EZ-Go golf cart battery cables? Then this cable is highly recommended for you. This cable is suitable for EZ-Go 1994 to the above model golf carts. It is a set of 5 cables. The manufacturer used high quality 100 percent pure stranded copper. These cables can be used for 600 volts high amperage applications. The lugs of these cables are made of copper with tin coating. To make the lugs corrosion resistant manufacturer designed the lugs with a close end. One just needs to select the right hole diameter for their cable lugs.

Key Features:

Brand: 10L0L

  • The weight of this cable set is 1.8 pounds.
  • Cables are made of 100 percent pure stranded copper.
  • The 5 cables set contain 4 10 inches and 1 13 inches black cables.
  • Manufacturer applied polyolefin heat shrink tubing protective cover.
  • Copper with tin coated lugs are closed end design

9. AWG 2 Gauge Single Red 3 feet w/ 5/16" Lugs

Those persons who are searching for only one cable for their golf cart battery should get this one. This quality cable is made to use in high amperage applications. To make the cable capable of working with high amperage manufacturer used pure fine stranded copper. This cable is 600 volts rated. Also, the lugs on this cable are tin coated and the manufacturer used a close end design to prevent corrosion. For the protective seal, the manufacturer utilized Polyolefin heat shrink tubing. This cable is resistant to many elements including saltwater, gasoline, diesel, and grease. One can use this cable for many purposes including a golf cart, car, RV, boat, solar installation, etc.

Key Features:

Brand: WindyNation

  • The cable is red in color and weighed 11.5 ounces.
  • Cable is available in many lug diameters.
  • 600 volts rating and can be used for high amperage applications.
  • The cable is made of stranded pure copper.
  • Tin coated copper lugs are close designed.
Golf Cart Battery Cables

Golf Cart Battery Cables

Buying Considerations for Golf Cart Battery Cables

To have the best battery cable for your golf cart you need to know few things. If you search in the market, then you will find many golf cart battery cables. But all of these are not compatible with every golf cart. Therefore one has to check the following things.

Material: Some manufacturers use pure copper, some use stranded copper, some use copper clad aluminum to construct the cables. All of these materials are suitable for golf cart batteries. However, the copper pure copper made cables are heavy. On the other hand, the copper clad aluminum is made of aluminum with a copper coating which is less weighted and works similarly to the copper wire.

For the lugs, pure copper or tin coated copper is suitable. But the thing one needs to make sure that the lugs are secured with a protective tube and would not cause any energy failure or would not create overheat. A protective seal will secure the core of the cable from water, dust, and moisture.

Compatibility: The most important thing one needs to consider is the compatibility of the cables. To purchase a compatible and suitable golf cart battery cable one needs to follow the instruction manual. If one is not able to find any instruction manual then they should ask the provider before buying.

Diameter of the lugs hole: Golf cart cables are available in various diameter lug holes. One needs to choose the right lug hole diameter so that they can fit the cable easily and the cable would not provide any short circuit or would not create any heat for loose connection.

Resistance: Make sure to check the resistance of the cables you are choosing for your golf cart. Golf cart battery cables come in 3 forms. These are 2 AWG, 4 AWG, and 6 AWG. If the cables you choose have lower AWG then the cable will be very dense and the resistance will be very high. But we would like to recommend you choose a higher number AWG cable. Because the higher AWG cables will provide lower resistance and the lower the AWG rate is the better.

What Gauge are Golf Cart Battery Cables?

Golf cart battery cables are available in three gauges. These are 2, 4, and 6 AWG. Among the three of them, the most used and suitable gauge is the 6 AWG. Because the 6 AWG provides less resistance as these cables are not very dense. And according to the golf cart specialist, the lower the resistance is the better. Almost all the electric golf cart manufacturers use 6 AWG cables for their cart battery and they also recommend the user to use 6 AWG.

How are Golf Cart Batteries Wired?

The golf cart batteries are wired in series to make a series circuit. By forming a series circuit, all the batteries will work as a single battery and will form the necessary voltage for the cart. To make a series circuit one needs to connect the negative terminals of the battery with the positive terminals.


One of the important elements for the electric golf cart is the battery cables. In the world of golf carts, to keep the electric golf cart battery health good and to keep modest energy flow, golf cart battery cables need to be the best.

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