Golf Cart Batteries Long Last

How long does Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A small car is used to transport the golfer’s bag, equipment, their essential components during the game session. It is a motorized car for carrying the golfers. Golf carts run using electricity, gas, and also solar energy. The gas is used in gasoline which is also used in many cars. And other electricity is used to supply power into battery cells.

The Golf cart Batteries Long Last

An electric golf cart is sometimes dangerous than the gasoline golf carts. When it is going to downhill, then its a few ability o slow down the golf carts than the gasoline golf carts.

But both kinds of golf carts are specially dependent on their battery power. So it is most important to check and maintenance the battery properly. Let’s start with some common issues about the cart battery to estimate how long your golf cart batteries will last.

Now come to the point that some people always ask how long do golf cart batteries last. It is quite difficult to answers exactly. Because it fully depends on your maintenance of their golf car and also a battery of this car. You don’t know exactly how long the electrical instruments give a last long service to you. It depends on how you take care of them. If you maintenance their all thing it will give you better service surely.

Generally, the professionals say that if you take maintenance properly to your battery packs in fleet charts tend, then it will serve at least 4-6 years along. And the private owners tend to get about 6-10 years. There are a lot of major factors to keep the battery well. Your effort is how much your maintenance is good that will you get service from this. It’s totally up o you.

The fleet charts golf cart is not so much longer than the private one. Because if you see that the fleet carts get used in 2-3 rounds per day while the private carts is used 3-5 rounds in per week. So it is tough conditions for fleet carts. Sometimes it depends on the season. In peak season time, there are lot of schedules too for golfers. So that all being said, if you take proper maintenance, your private cart will be lasting at least 6-10 years, and the fleet carts will be longer between 4-6 years.

There are some other major factors also stand for the golf cart batteries lasting. They sometimes increase the draw from the battery pack of the cart. It may be headlights, taillights or 20 mph speedy code that really affects the overall battery range of this golf cart. Also cause to its performance of deep-cycle of the batteries.

During the peak season of golf gaming time, the fleet trend carts is used heavily. There may have 3-4 rounds in a day. If you live in or near the golf course community and drive for them into the golf course, it also affects the battery pack. In some instances, you go over the round of golf course then again driving to home equivalent to 2-3 rounds per day here. But owners use their golf carts very short time and also care for golf carts battery pack.

The Golf cart Batteries Long Last

The Golf cart Batteries Long Last

How Long Does a Golf Battery Take to Charge?

Some batteries are charging very fast than others. It depends on the battery size or battery capability. Of course, another major factor is that if the golf cart is new, then it will be charged faster than the old one surely.

Sometimes a good charger is good at charge very fast and the cart will be running out only a few hours the charging begins. However, you should obey your time. So this is sometimes very boring to wait for a long time to take charge. However, some new golf carts will charge faster than others old one. The elements behind charging critically depend on the battery itself, the age of battery cells and how you treated with the battery. Fully understanding of all these above point, an owner of the golf cart can protect their cart battery for dying early. They can be very supportive and careful with their battery.

 There are some factors to affect the battery charge time

The experts give some strong state on cart that there are three major key factors that influence how fast the battery charges.

  • The first one is its quality. The quality of the battery is the main key points for charging your cart batteries quickly. If your battery quality is good, then you will get feedback from it so quickly. I mean, get the fast charging services. It also includes that how good it designed when made and how is your cart batteries current situation.
  • You can easily observe that a new battery is always best for charging fast. Generally, it may be between 1-3 years old. This can be a new good battery. Typically this new one charges quicker than the older battery.
  • For comparison, a 5-7 years old battery will not give you a better service than the new one. The old battery, which is almost fully discharged, may take time to charge at least average 10 hours or more. On the other hand, the newest one, which is over 1-3 years with the same discharged level, will take only 2-3 hours to charge fully. Comparable to the new one is most efficient for charging fast.
  • It also matters that when you go to the market to purchase a battery, you should buy brandy batteries always.
  • The second factor is the discharged level of the cart battery. How much power energy it has been lost. Then measure its losing power it will be charged same proportion along with the time. 
  • The third and last one is the charger of cart battery. If your batteries will not be of good quality, you cannot get a super-fast charging service from it. It may take a long time to charge fully.
  • Such an example, the age of a charger affects its power ability that can measure how much does a battery takes to time for fast charging. The older ones have not the power ability, no automatic features also which is necessary for preventing the battery damage. The older battery may not be able to serve better like when it was a new battery. So it is an important factor to affect the charge duration.

Is it Good For Charging After Every Use?

Yes, most probably it is good for charging after every use.

After an excessive use of golf cart, it will be a good decision for charging the battery. Regular maintaining charging with a routine based is a good idea for keeping the battery healthy and active. But you should be aware of the excessive power loss. When a battery charges around 85%-90%, it is better to remove the charger from it. Doing a lot charge it may be a bad idea. There will be some problems if you keep charging after 85% have been completed.

For example, if you drive a little space golf course area for one day, then you will get back it to home. This time will be a very bad decision for charging your cart battery. Because it didn’t drive a very long yet. So you should not charge this time. It will affect a lot for damaging battery. It reduces the battery lifespan. It creates extra pressure on the battery.

Few times, undercharging is another bad thing o damage cart battery. This is another worst problem for the cart owner. Undercharging is a bad issue to charge a cell; it causes less power to the battery. It cannot maximize the power of cart battery so that it may cause a high discharge rate of the battery. The increase of battery discharged level is too bad. Therefore, you should always check first your power supply of charger if it is well then put it into your battery for charging. You should ensure that the power runs smoothly. In this case, automatic chargers are the best choice for charging your golf cart battery. 

How Long Should Your Batteries Last in Your Golf Cart?

Generally, a lifespan of a new battery is almost 10 years. It depends on how you will take care of them. Proper maintenance and better care is improving your battery lifespan. Your battery may long last if you maintain them on a proper way. If you use your cart frequently properly and maintenance them a routine based, your battery operating will be last longer.

You should avoid some issues for your cart batteries last longer.
  • Worst final stage scenario: If your golf cart batteries will stay in the garage with a hot environment without any charge of battery, it will affect your battery. In this case, your battery will destroy within only 1-year maximum. So you should be very careful about it.
  • Proper charging: If possible, it is better to charge after every golf course has been finished. Allow the battery charger to complete charge with own capable limit. Very short time charging is very bad and will a bad impact on the battery. Short charging can make your battery damage and shorten your golf cart battery lifespan.
  • Using pure water: Check your golf cart battery water level. Sometimes people don’t care about this water. They just focus on the charging of the battery only. But adding water is another most important for battery life. You should mix water when its need. But should be concern about what kinds of water you will be going to add. You must be adding pure distilled water when needed. Avoid normal tap water because there are a lot of minerals in tap water. This is very bad for battery life. These kinds of water which contain a lot of minerals will reduce your cart batteries capability.
  • Keep battery charged: In off peak season, the golf cart will stay in the garage for a long time without running. So in this case you should charge after week by week your carts properly. Batteries may lose their charges gradually if it does not use, which can freeze the batteries.
  • In winter case: You should charge fully if you won’t to put your cart in the garage. You should check after week by week. The cart is generally losing their battery charge if they are not active every day. So you should check them always. Also disconnect the plug switch from the battery line and clean the battery case properly. This will give you better feedback in future. You should aware of storing in what kind of room it is or garage it is. It must be a comfort zone for a cart usually. It will not be very warmer or very cooler room.

So at the last there are some tips I written in below for making golf cart batteries last longer. If you say that when my battery charge will finish, then I just keep connected with the charger line that will be all perfect for your battery last longer, you are absolutely fooled in your way. So I just write some article for getting better feedback. If you follow properly, then you will get a long-term service from your cart batteries.

You should know the proper charging techniques which I have already described above in my article clearly. You may follow these. Use a three-phase charger with the professional’s golf cart battery tips is given.

  • Bulk Charging
  • Absorption Period
  • Float Section

While charging most probably about 80% of the charging times in spend in bulk period. This time a pure solid charge is entering into the battery. In the last time, I mean the period of last 20% is the absorption phase. When the golf cart battery arrives the float level, it indicates that the battery has been charged fully. It completes now its charging.

You should follow the rules of the charging method and learn to take proper maintenance for your cart battery. Then you will get a better service from it with a longer period of time.

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