Ez Go Golf Cart Charging Problem and solution

Ez Go Golf Cart Charging Problem and Solution

The golf cart charging problem is a common thing that can be occurred due to some major or minor reasons. Mainly the batteries or the cables are the main reason for attempting the problem. In this topic, we will find out the issues that why an EZ Go golf cart has charging problems and also the solutions.

Ez Go Golf Cart Charging Problem and Solution

So let’s go downwards.

There are a lot of problems that can be found out for the charging problem. Some of them are very common, some are a little bit expensive and require professional hands and some just require DIY processing. Here, some of the common Ez Go golf cart battery charging problems have been listed along with the solutions

  • Battery voltage issue
  • Wiring problem of the connection
  • Faulty charger and wiring
  • The detached terminal sector of the battery
  • Internal cart problem
  • Dry battery cells
  • Old battery issue

Battery voltage issue

As the battery is the main running power for the electric golf cart, it has to work from the starting period till the end. If the cart is not moving accurately according to the acceleration, that means there is a battery issue along with its voltage. Basically, this kind of problem happens for the voltage wave of the battery. As the battery has to provide stable and accurate voltage into the cart for easy running, it loses the ability for the voltage issue. This kind of problem mainly happens if the battery has not been maintained and checked for a long time.

Solution: If there is a voltage problem in the battery, no need to worry. Just some simple processes can make the battery workable like before.

  • First of all, open up the battery compartment and mark the main connecting cable
  • Now open the connecting cable and clean up the inner carbon of the cable. As the battery has not opened for a long time so gathering the carbon is obvious.
  • Reattach the battery cable with the battery and the cart line and start the ignition switch
  • If the cart gets started without facing any issue or laggings, that means the problem is solved.

This is an easy method of solving out the voltage issue. But if the procedure doesn’t get useful, changing the connecting cable should be the best option.

Connection line wiring issue

Another reason for the battery problem is the wiring issue. In most cases of battery problems, this problem gets visible. Sometimes the inner wiring parts of a battery have loose connections or damaged wire. As a result, the cart doesn’t get any line from the battery. Measuring the problem is a very easy task. Whenever the cart will be started, there should a smell of burning wires or smoke from the battery. This simple thing can make you realize the wiring issue. An advantage of using the EZ Go golf cart is, the wiring issue of this cart can be easily sorted out by changing the total wiring set that is available in the local market.


  • First, remove the battery from the cart along with the wires
  • Remove the previous wires using a screwdriver or wire cutter
  • Check for the defect wire to replace or repair it
  •  If the defective wire is not visible, change the total wiring system as the defect one can make more problems later times
  • Now adjust all the settings like before and check the battery if it is working or not
Golf Cart Charging Problem and Solution

Golf Cart Charging Problem and Solution

Default battery charger

Sometimes, the battery problems get increased more because of the charger. As the charger supplies the electric power source into the battery, it is a very important thing to follow to keep the battery safe. If the battery doesn't kick or charge up the battery after plugging in, it means there is a charger problem or power failure.

Determining the charger problem, the batteries have to connect with other chargers for knowing if it gets charged or not. If the battery is getting properly charged, then the problem is in the charger.

Solution: There are a lot of functions in the charger that can be the reason for charging failure. Checking all the lines of the charger may create difficulties even professional requirements.

  • The very first process is to checking the charging cable if it works or not
  • Remove the cable from the charger using essential tools
  • Now check the charger by using a volt measuring meter. If the cable is working properly, that means there is another problem
  • Consult with an expert technician and change the inner parts if they get damaged or needed

But the charger still creates any problem, it’s better to replace it and go for a new one.

Detached terminal lines

All the batteries are connected with the cart through the wiring system. Sometimes, the terminal lines may have some defaults from which the batteries don't charge up. Terminal lines are called to the end parts of all the connections. As all the power of electric current supplies through the wires, maintaining the terminal lines with a fixed and perfectly attached fitment is very important.

Solution: No special or additional process is required for fixing the terminal lines.

Just open up the battery lines and the cart connecting cables and find out if there are any loose lines or wires. If there is, just tighten up the terminal lines perfectly using the tools or use glue tape or sticky tapes if needed. Check the lines either they are getting charged or starting up perfectly. This simple solution method doesn’t require any kind of expense or any major processes.

Internal cart issue

Occurring the problems from the battery is not only the reason for this problem. Sometimes, it happens for the cart too. If the EZ Go golf cart gets old enough and getting used continuously, then it can create a problem instead of a battery issue. No matter how perfect the battery remains, if the cart has a problem, the batteries will not work.

In terms of the golf cart, the main problem will come from either the circuit board or the inner battery lines.

Solution: Changing the battery lines can be the solution to this problem. This process can create a good expense but the problem will be fixed. But if the inner cart lines are alright, the circuit board has to change. Repairing the board can be a way of the solution rather than going for a new one. But there is no surety about the efficiency from the repaired one.

Dead battery cells..

In some cases, the batteries don't get fill up with new water. They get used for a long time to the same conditions. As a result, some of the cells may die and lose performance. Losing one or two cells don’t let the battery work perfectly.

Solution: This kind of problem can't be solved by own. Consulting with the mechanics or going to the automobile zone with the battery can solve the problems. Slow charging the batteries along with the power load test can sort out the problems. Considering the problem as the solved one is possible only when the battery started to work again.

Old battery issue

As long as the batteries get old, the issues get visible. When the battery gets used for a long time in the cart, they generally lose all the performance. That is because; all the things have an expiring time. The batteries too.

Solution: Changing the batteries is the last solution. If they don’t get changed, the cart will be not get used properly. Though repairing can be listed as an option, but the repairing will cost almost the equal as buying a new one. Besides, there is no surety of working the batteries perfectly like before.

So these are some of the main battery problems of an EZ Go golf cart. Solutions have been also listed with the problems. But still, some minor battery problems can be solved in a short time. Some maintenance processes have been listed also.

Switch and connection defects: cleaning up the switches of the cart and the wires after several times can keep the problem away

Changing the batter water timely: As the acid batteries require battery water for proper workability. Change the battery water in time before it gets dry.

Measuring the voltmeter: While charging the batteries, there is an analog or digital shaped meter that reads the battery stat and charging rate which is called the voltmeter. Make sure that the meter is working perfectly otherwise the battery can lose efficiency from overcharging.

Wrong wiring: A simple problem with the battery is, adjusting the wrong wires. Two main lines connect with the battery and operate the cart. If the charger socket doesn't get connect with the positive line, the battery will not work. Therefore, check the proper lines before connecting.

EZ go Golf carts can surely have problems from the batteries. But there are some solutions too. As the solutions are very effective, all the cart users can go for it to solving the problems. Just make sure to use proper safety equipment in case of a major solution process.

EZ Go golf carts can have charging problems but there are solutions too. Apply the solutions depending on the problems and have a fun ride on the cart.

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