Disc Golf Basket Dimensions

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions Beginners Guide

There are so many kinds of games that are being played all over the world. Some of the games are very unique and some are very much difficult or easy. Among all the games, there is a common thing which is the rules and the types of equipment. That is the same thing as the game named Disc golf. There is a major instrument for the game. That is the basket of the game. In our topic, we will learn about the size and the dimension of the basket that is used for the game. So let's go.

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Disc Golf Basket Dimensions

Before we go for the dimension and the measurement for the basket, we have to know about the disc golf game. Disc golf is a game of throwing. There is a Frisbee disc that is used as the main equipment of the game. The player has to throw the disc in a basket that is not similar to other baskets. It is placed at a similar height and size to the player. The size can be increased or decreased depending on the area. The player has to throw the Frisbee disc into the basket. The player who can make the goal with fewer throws wins the game. It is a very simple but fun game. Some countries organize the game on a bigger platform.

As we have known about the game, let’s go for the main topic which is the dimension of the basket.

A disc golf basket stands in a steel or metal pole where the player has to put the Frisbee disc. The basket is made from typical nylon threads or elastic type cords. To reduce the speed and catch the Frisbee disc, some pieces of chain are connected circularly in the basket. The Frisbee disc gets stopped by the chains and falls into the basket. It is a little bit different type basket compare to other baskets. All the components of the golf disc basket have been described below:

The pole: The pole used for the basket is made from either steel or metal. It is a round shaped pole that contains the total element of the basket. It stands on the ground with the support of the 4/5 steel bend pipes under it. The average and common size of the pole is 65-70 inches in height. There are some holes at the upper side of the pole which helps to attach the locking collars in them. The height can be decreased or increase according to the area and place

Steel bars: There are some pieces of rectangular shaped steel bars. These steel bars are used for the upper and the lower base. It connects with the pole in a rectangular shape from both up and downsides. These steel bars have some small holes on them which help to connect the chain on them.

Chains: The chain of this basket is the main element. If there are no chains, the Frisbee disc will not stop easily. The chains are connected with the upper base and the lower base. It is made from high quality zinc and rust free heavy duty steel and it has small shaped links in them. For connecting the chain with the pole, there are some hooks used in it. The hooks are S and Z shaped. It helps to catch the disc in the chain without any issues and perfectly. A total of 12 chains get connected with the pole with the links. There are some steel hooks at the upper and lower side of the chains which help to connect the chain with the pole and the steel bars. The chain has a maximum rate of 22 inches to hang below the rim. It is not possible more than it.

Upper rim: The upper rim of the basket is a very essential thing to follow. If the upper rim is not perfect, it becomes difficult to create a perfect basket for the game. The steel made upper rim must have to contain the proper size of 22 diameters

The locking collar: The locking collar of the basket helps to keep the basket steady and free from vibration all the time. They make the pole completely sturdy and fit on the ground. There are screws, washers, and nuts that have been used for the proper adjustment of the collar.

Lower Rim: The lower rim of the basket stays under the chains. It is connected with the pole through the steel bars. The lower part rim helps to hang the chains by connecting with the upper rim properly. It is good to keep the chains out of touch from the lower basket. Because the lower part has to get the discs.

So these are the components that create a basket for the disc ball basket game. As we have known about the basket in detail. How cool it will if you can make your basket at a low cost that can provide the same performance as like as the branded ones? That will be great, isn't it?

Disc Golf Basket

Disc Golf Basket

How to Make Baskets in a Home

So let us know the process to make a homemade basket.

  • First of all, gather some items together to make the basket. As the tools:

You have to arrange a bolt cutter, a plier, one drilling machine, a screwdriver with flat shape, sandpapers, and a hacksaw. The tools may increase or decrease depending on the availability.

For Parts of the Basket

  1. Steel pole with the size of 6 feet tall and 1-5/8 inch in diameter
  2. 3 inched PVC coupler
  3. 1-4 inch hose clamp
  4. 24-inch circular grill grate
  5. 20 pieces of steel or nylon made nuts
  6. 5/16 inch washers of 30 pieces
  7. 1/5 inches of locking rings
  8. 45 feet straight steel chains
  9. 20 pieces of bolts with 1 inch and
  10. 4 bottle of color spray
  • Divide the couplers and the hose clamps by using the razor knife. Cut them in half from the middle
  • Cut the steel pole into 55 inches by using the electric saw or the steel cutter
  • Connect the pole with the hose clamps and the couplers and weld them perfectly
  • Bend up the still sticks in a Z shape by using the pole bender and connect them with 4 pieces together in 4 side parts of the pole.
  • After connecting the steel sticks, take the steel sheet in cut it in a long rectangular shape by the cutter
  • Bend up the steel bar perfectly in a circular shape by measuring the rate of the steel sticks. Attach the circular steel bar with the body of the sticks and weld perfectly.
  • Make the circular bar and the steel sticks for the lower part too. connect it at the lower side by keeping the distance of 25 inches from the both
  • Make a total of 24 holes in the steel circular bar by using the drilling machine for the chain
  • Cut the chain in half and then in the size of 22 inches long. Make a total of 24 pieces of chain.
  • Connect the S or Z shaped hooks at the upper rim of the basket in the holes
  • Now connect the chains separately with the hooks and put them down perfectly
  • Connect the lower level chains with a round hose clamp of 20-25 inches. Put the chain links into them and tighten up the hose clamp perfectly with the bar
  • Take 5/6 pieces of metal poles with the size of 20 inches and bend them in half.
  • Put all these bend pipes together and connect them to the pole from under
  • Now all the things have done, sand your basket perfectly by using sandpaper from every corner so that it becomes smooth on the surface.
  • Paint up the basket with your desired color perfectly to use

Note: You can either use the lower rim as the basket or you can add a net to use as a basket.

To use the lower rim as the basket, you just have to attach a honey grill or the check type grills under the lower rim by welding perfectly. But if you want to use the basket net, you will get it at any sports shop. Just put the net into the lower rim and attach it by using nails or silicone lockers.

That's it; your homemade basket for a disc golf game is ready to go.

As the disc golf game is becoming more popular day by day, the baskets are also having demands among the users. So you can either use the branded one or can make one of them for you.

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