What is the difference between men's and women's golf clubs

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

Men's and women's golf clubs are different in some major terms. As women have lower strength and power compared to men, their golf club is comparatively lower in some features and also higher in some of the specifications. All the differences between the men's and women's golf clubs have been explained below.

What is the Difference Between Men's and Women's Golf Clubs?

Men Golf Club

Men golf club contains an iron size of 38 inches. This size variant is the most common one for man golfers. Latest golf clubs are made from various types of material. Such as steel, titanium, carbon fiber, etc. At the end of the iron, there is a clubhead connected. Main efficiency of the clubhead is hitting the ball.  High quality steel along with carbon fiber is the main material of the clubhead. It is placed in a telescopic position into the iron. Aerodynamic design of the clubhead delivers the swings in the ball after hitting. Stainless steel, carbon graphite, and carbon steel is the best material for using in the golf club.

Women Golf club

Women's golf has an iron height of 36.5 inches. The clubhead is positioned in a telescopic pattern in the golf club. Main material of the women's golf club is steel or metal. Most of the clubheads of the women's golf club are made from carbon fiber and plastic. There is a grip on the handle that is made from high quality rubber or polyester.

Man and women golf clubs may look almost the same in the design. But if they get distinguished closely, there are some differences among them. They are:

Size of the grip: The grip of a golf club is an important thing. Most golfers believe that a perfect game is very much dependent on the golf club grip. As a golfer plays the shot holding the handle with grip, the perfect grip is very necessary. The very first difference between the man golf club and women golf club is, the women golf club is smaller in size compared to the man one. As women have smaller shaped hands, bigger size grips may create problems for their gameplays.

Golf club wood: The big difference between a man and woman golf club is the wood. Women's golf club contains lower weight than the man's one. Besides, the loft of women's golf club has a higher degree. Women's golf club wood also contains a larger range compared to the men's one. These features make the women's golf club lighter in weight and easier to use.

Drivers size ratio: loft measurement of the woman golf club is 12 degrees. For men, the rate is 8-11 degrees. This higher loft in the women's golf club helps the woman golfer to deliver the ball in the air within a small hit off the tee.

Clubhead Size: Clubhead is the main thing of the golf club. It helps to hit the ball and provide speed with the swing. Women's golf club has a larger size of clubhead compare to the men's one. But it is also lighter in weight than the men's golf club. This feature is mainly used in thinking of women. As they have lower strength and power compared to men, they have to hit the golf ball with a proper angled position. Heavy clubhead may create an issue for moving by women. But the light weight clubhead let the women golfers easy movement and hit in the ball. Besides, the large size clubhead also helps to hit the ball easily.

Shaft: The shaft of the golf club helps to provide swings in the ball after hitting. Steel made shafts are considered the best ones for perfect swing and shots. But the women's golf club contains a shaft made from graphite. As graphite is lighter in weight compare to steel, it also helps to provide good speed and power in the ball even in lower swing and torque. Graphite made also gets used for the beginners and also for the senior citizen golf players.

Length: There is another difference between a man and woman golf club is the height. Though the standard size for a men's golf club is 38 inches and for women, it is 36 inches. But some of the reputed companies have golf clubs with the size of 40 inches and above. Those companies also have the women's golf club shorter in size than the man one. 40-42 inches sizes of driver are available for women where men driver contain the size of 44 inches. The size of women's length of golf club gets produced depending on their heights. Average height of a woman golfer is 5.4 inches that can last to 5.7 inches. This golf club height lets them use it easily and comfortably. And the men one is made judging on their height of 5.7 inches average that last to 5.10 inches.

Weight: from some previous terms, it is clear that men's golf clubs weigh more than women's ones. That is because men's golfers contain more strength, stamina, and power than women's golfers. So using weighty golf clubs doesn't create any issue for the man golfers. On the other hand, light weight golf clubs help women golfers to use comfortably and easily.

Between Men's and Women's Golf Clubs

Between Men's and Women's Golf Clubs

Women Golf Club for Man Golfers

If a man golfer uses the women's golf club, there is no major difference they will face. But the first highlighting term is, they will get lower weight with a larger clubhead. For some golfers, the women's golf club will create very comfort. That is because of the easy movement even at a lower speed or torque. But the problem that a man golfer may face is for the height. As women golf club has a shorter height, for that golfer who has the height below 5 feet 7 inches may become uncomfortable. Expect this term, the women's golf club also can be a good choice to use by the man golfers.

Recognizing the Golf Clubs

Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify or recognize whether it’s a man golf club or a woman golf club.  But the recognizing method is very easy. Just follow some terms to identify the proper one.

  1. check the height of the driver. The man golf club is longer than the women's one
  2. clubhead size of the women golf club is bigger and larger than man's
  3. men golf club has more weight
  4. smaller grip size means the club is for women

These easy methods will help to recognize the golf club easily.

The Different Pattern of Golf Clubs

As the size and specifications describe standard level golf clubs of both men and women. Sometimes, it may become different. Some women golfers even have a height of 5.9 inches with bigger hand size. For them, man golf clubs are perfect to use. Those woman golfers can easily handle the man golf club.

Both man and women golf clubs are made from high quality material and perfect to use. They are getting used to both national and international games for a long time. If there is no club available for women golfers on the course, don't worry. Man golf club can be used. But the real performance can't get from the replaced one.

A golf club can be called the perfect one if it helps to deliver the perfect shot and swing. That is why, use golf club according to the size, proper material, and shape.

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