Costume ideas for golf tournament

Costume Ideas For Golf Halloween And Also Tournament

Golf is famous all over the world for its decency. Almost all aged people around the world watch golf on the television and also attend the tournaments as a spectator. If anyone wants to attend a golf tournament as a spectator then they must concern about their dress-up. Almost all of the golf tournaments are telecast on television, so it would be wise to go to the golf course with decent dress-up.

Today in this article, we will discuss about some costume ideas for golf tournaments for both spectators and players. Also, some people want to have unique costumes at the time of the Halloween tournament. For those people, we will discuss some costume ideas that they can use.

Costume Ideas For Golf Tournament

For those women who like to wear classic and casual things, there is nothing to worry about them. But there are some important things that a player or a spectator must put in mind while going for a golf tournament. While dressing up for a golf tournament, a woman must consider the weather. For the winter season tournament, a woman should choose warm clothes. With warm clothes, they should use boots as footwear.

On the other hand, for summer women should choose lightweight clothes. With lightweight clothes, they can use scandals or basketball shoes as footwear. But women shouldn’t wear tightly fitted clothes. Also, women should avoid bright color clothes because bright color cloths will distract the player from the game. They should wear sturdy and durable shoes as they have to walk in order to see the game or players shot. In summer they shouldn’t use too much makeup. They can contain a cute umbrella in the summer to make them more attractive. But make sure the umbrella isn’t too bright in color because it also can distract the players. Players or spectators shouldn’t wear high heels as high heels can be very risky for both the players and spectators.

Things that women can wear:

  • For summer, sunglasses will be a good choice and sunglasses will also add style to one’s outfit. A player should use a cap along with sunglasses. And a spectator can use an umbrella.
  • Wear a lightweight dress in summer. Like the skirt, light jeans. A player can wear shorts or skort with a polo t-shirt or collared t-shirt. Even they can wear a button-up shirt with their shorts.
  • A player should use spiked golf shoes for their game. On the other hand, a spectator can use boots with a low heel, basketball shoes, and even flats, etc.

Make sure that a player shouldn’t use too short skirts on the game.

Costume Ideas For Golf Tournament

Costume Ideas For Golf Tournament

Men Costume Ideas For Golf Tournament

For a person, the best outfit for the golf tournament would be a classic outfit. A man shouldn’t dress up over casually as a spectator. Men also should consider the weather while dressing up for a golf tournament. For summer a man shouldn’t wear jeans, boots, gym shorts, etc.

Things that men can wear in a golf tournament:

  • For a summer tournament, a golfer should wear shorts for comfort. On the other hand in winter men should use trousers.
  • A spectator can wear light jeans or they can also wear jeans or shorts. Also, a spectator can wear jackets in the winter season.
  • Spectators can wear t-shirt or shirts. They can use a half sleeve or full sleeve shirt to look nice. But make sure not to choose very bright or flashy colors. Solid colors would be much better for a spectator.
  • On the other hand, a golfer can wear a polo t-shirt with a stylish look. A golfer also can wear a collar-up t-shirt and button-up t-shit. Players also can use half sleeve shirt. But it wouldn’t be a good idea to use full sleeve shirt. We would like to recommend a player to avoid a full sleeve shirt for their game as it can obstruct the player’s swing movement greatly.
  • For both the golfer and spectator cap would be a very good choice. From the invention of golf, the cap is very desirable. It saves the player and the spectator from harsh sun rays and also it keeps the player’s head cool.
  • On a sunny day, a player should use sunglass. Sunglass would be a great advantage. As sun rays could be bothersome while taking a shot. A sunglass will obstruct sun rays from getting into the player’s eyes and the player won’t get bothered. So it would be a wise idea to have sunglass.

For a spectator, it is his choice to have a sunglass. But we would like to recommend you to have sunglass because it will let you observe the game with ease.

  • Shoes are one of the most important considerations for both the players and spectators. We would like to recommend a player to use basketball shoes because basketball shoes come with all the versatility and very comfortable also. They can avoid spiked golf shoes for their game.
  • On the other hand, a spectator can wear shoes, loafers, sandals and even a spectator can wear basketball shoes also.
  • For winter both the player and the spectator can wear boots.

As all the golfers like to tuck in their shirt or t-shirt, they should consider about their belts. They can tuck in their shirt with their shorts and with their trousers. They should choose a decent color for their belts that can match up with their outfits.

Black would be a perfect choice as it can match up with almost all the colors. But choosing white won’t be a very good idea. A white belt can ruin the stylish look of your outfit. But you can choose a white belt to match up with a white shirt or white shorts.

Halloween Golf Costume Ideas

Halloween is a favorite holiday for all. People lookout for something to do creatively. On this day people like to wear costumes to attract other people and to have fun. Friends and families wear horrific costumes for fun and to look different from all of the others. Here are some Halloween costume ideas for a golf tournament that everyone can use.

Zombie Golfer

It is one of the favorites and common costumes that all golfers like to choose. For a zombie outlook, a golfer can use their old golf costume which they don’t mind ruining. Use some red paint to make some blood spots. Then you can use a golf ball to make the zombie look more golf appealing.

Cut a golf ball in half and glue the ball in the corner of the forehead and use some fake blood to make them look more realistic. But the main attraction of this look depends on your acting skills. Walk like a zombie and talk in a harsh voice.

Themed Tournament

It would be a great idea for a tournament. Host a private golf tournament and gather your friends or family members and wear ghost or pirate like costumes to have a themed tournament. When all of the players with the same dress gather together, it will look very great.

Kids Outfit

If you are hosting a family tournament then you should have a theme or Halloween setup for kids also. Kids can wear dress up like a vampire or as a witch. For spending a fun time you can give them golf balls to decorate the balls with horror faces or you can give them pumpkins to decorate them.

One can use their own theme to make the tournament more interesting. But while dressing up for Halloween a player must consider that they shouldn’t wear something inappropriate that can obstruct their movements.


The costume is very important for golfers and also for spectators. They have to wear costumes which are suitable and will allow them to move freely.

In this article, we have discussed about costume ideas for both golfer and spectator. We have also discussed about Halloween costume ideas for a golf tournament.

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