Club Car Ds Vs Precedent

Club Car Ds Vs Precedent ( Differences Between )

The golf cart is a vehicle used to help golfers on the golf course. There are lots of companies which make this cart. It usually carries two golfers with their equipment. In this article, we are going to see the comparison between the two best carts existing in the world and that is club car Ds and precedent. We will see the comparison between these two giants and try to give you suggestions about the better choice. So let`s go through the article and try to find which one is better.

Club Car Ds Vs Precedent

History: A golf cart is a common feature in the modern era. People not only use it in golf courses and also use it for their personal needs. The golf cart is very expensive to buy. But if you can take care of it you will get enough service from it. The first electric Golf cart was first invented in 1932. But these carts didn’t get enough response from the golfers because they are not qualified to give services for a long time.

But after 1952, there were some changes made in carts after that golfers started to accept this idea. In 1957 first-ever gasoline golf cart has been made. And after that golfers started to use this cart randomly. There are many types of kids golf carts available in the market. Some of them are recognized as giants of the business. Also, golf carts have different types of the seating system. In a golf cart, 2/3/4 persons can seat together.

There is also a single personal golf cart available in the market. You can also make a custom cart by your recommendation. But, indeed, golf carts have now become a great choice for everyone. It has a great market and people love to use it. The reason behind it is, you don’t need any kind of license to drive it. But also you can`t drive it on the open road in many areas.

Club Car Ds

Club car DS was one of the best golf cars in the world. It is a golf cart that was a part of an American company. They produced carts for both personal and business uses. It was established in 1984 and getting off in 2019. Club Car DS had many things which made them the best golf cart in the world. First of all their engine was far better than any other golf carts. It has long durability. You could use it for almost 20 years if you perfectly take care of it. You just need to look after your engine and surroundings. It has high humidity resistance.

It can remove moisture. It can also use in coastal areas. A coastal area is a place where you can both sea and land. This cart is old-fashioned but with enough advantage. You can get all parts of this product because it is available in the market for over thirty-year. So you don’t need to worry about its repairing materials. Also, it has both electronics and gasoline versions. You can use any one between both of them. They created a car which can fit all. Whether you are healthy, thin, aged, long or short you can seat in this car easily.

People loved to buy this car because they didn’t have to feel hesitation to seat in the car for height or weight. They had mechanical brakes which were very easy to use and didn’t get any kind of accidents for a long time. They have basic performance consistency. But this type of performance was much cooler at that time. So we can say that CLIB CAR DS was one of the best golf carts in the world. And still, now you will find a prime feeling to ride this car.

Club Car Precedent

Club car precedent is another brand of club car. But it has started its production in 2019. It is the post-club cart manufacture of Club car, after the shutdown of Club car Ds. It has new technology and more facilities than other golf carts. It is a fleet golf cart with aluminum frames. It has many more technologies than the previous one. You can use it for a long time unless you will not face an accident by it. It has an aluminum frame. And after the collision, you have to repair it perfectly.

But this cart is cheaper and you can repair all of this in a short time. If all instruments are available in the market. This product started its manufactures in 2019. So it is easy to understand why all the parts are not available in the market. You can use this cart in high humidity. Also, you can drive it on hill road. It has much newly added technology in the cart like an electronic scoreboard, GPS texting, and tournament software. And for all of that this cart has become one of the favorite carts within a short time.

Differences Between Club Car Ds and Club Car Precedent


          Club car Ds

      Club car precedent

Club car DS is an old-fashioned but well-equipped golf cart.

Club car precedent is newly invented and has all the newest technology in it.

It has an aluminum frame with a strong back part. 

It has an aluminum frame with a thin back part

It has a good seating system which is a very comfortable but old-styled seat.

Newly generated seating system with modern equipment

  It has mechanical brakes so there are few chances of an accident.

 It has normal breaks with more comforts.

 It has a good acceleration system.

          It has great acceleration speed with good equipment and technology.

  Has a good controlling system with good quality materials.

Contains good materials with the newest technology.


Club Car

Club Car

Comparison between club cards and club car precedent

Club car DS and Club car precedent both are part of Club car franchises. But the difference is they were manufactured in a different era. One is manufactured in 1984, with the best technologies of that time. And club car precedent was established in 2019, after the shutdown of the previous flagship. So it has more modern technology which is applicable for this era. It contains all the technology of this era. So it is tough to the comparison between two of them. But there are some main parts which can be compared. Here they are:


  It has a light on its body. They used halogen light for their cart

It has a light below the cart. They also halogen light bar

Seating system

 They have separate seats. They only can carry two persons together. But these seats are bench types

They have 2/3/4 types of seats. They are flexible for use. Because these seats are curved type


It has an astringent body and a non-foldable frame.

It has a flexible body that can move anytime.


It has a plastic root with silver aluminum.

It has a plastic root with flexible things.


It has a small black bumper. It is an old setup but with a great working rate. It setups at the front.

It has a newly invented bumper with a wide range. It has good speed and a good use for all.

How fast can a golf cart go 

There is a limited speed regulation of every golf cart. They cannot go above this speed otherwise it will cost their engine. A golf cart can drive 15mph to 19 mph per hour. It is their highest speed. If they go above it they have to repair their cart. There are many ways that you can improve your cart speed. But maximum time people get disappointed by the result. So you don’t need to upgrade the speed of the golf cart. The reason is you don’t need to drive a golf cart on the main road. You just have to drive it to your home and normal road. And you cannot drive over than 25kph on road.

Now let`s see speed comparison between Club Car DS and Club Car precedent:

Club Car DS

i. Its maximum speed is 19kph

ii. It has an average of 12-15 KPH

iii. Speed varies on the engine power.

iv. Electric battery power has more speed than gas.

Club Car Precedent

i. Maximum speed can boost up to 25kph. And normal speed is 19kph

ii. Average speed is 11-15kph.

How to increase the speed of your golf cart

For increasing the speed of a golf cart you have to understand whether it will be good for you or not. All carts are not going to give enough support after service. So you need to talk to the locals about whether it is good or not. If you got permission to servicing your car then you should follow this pattern:

Get bigger size tire and wheel

If you want to increase the speed of your cart, you need to improve your tire first. Without improving this you cannot take care of your wheel. You need to get suggestions from your dealer and buy a bigger size tire and wheel for your cart. And it will increase 1kph to 3kph speed of your cart.

Replace motor engine

After that, you can change your engine. Because when you use your engine for a long time it will become clumsy and rubbish. So you need to change it and add a new engine to the cart. That engine will boost your speed and give perfect satisfaction.

Replace the controllers: You need to replace your controller and boost up its speed from 300amp to 650amp.

Replace your cylinder: There is a common cylinder engine in your cart including 4 cylinders. You can improve to v8/v10 cylinder engine to boast up your cart's speed.

Modify gas engine: You need to modify your gas engine for better service.

Club car Ds models

There are many models of club car DS. All of them are used from 1980 to 2019. Here are some models of Club car DS:

i. Ds electric golf car normal

ii. Ds electric golf car , 48 volt

iii. Ds electric golf car, 36 volt

iv. Ds electric golf car, 48 volt Regan

v. Ds electronic IQ 48 volt Regan

vi. Gasoline Ds golf car

Club car precedent model

i. Precedent I2L excel

ii. Precedent electronic 4 passengers

iii. Precedent gas

iv. Precedent gas 4 passengers

v. Precedent I2 excel

vi. Precedent I2 4 passengers excel

vii. Precedent professional gas

viii. Precedent electronic id(48 volts)

ix. Precedent L2 ELECTRONIC

x. Precedent L2 gas xi. L2 signature excel

xii. Precedent Signature gas

xiii. Signature gas electrics

Club car Ds parts and accessories

There are many parts used to make a golf cart. All of them are very necessary and important. Let`s take a look at parts and accessories:

· Rod hand right thread

· Spring brushing kit

· Voltage regulator

· Terminal silver solenoid

· Ds muffler

· Key switch

· Recap tackle bezel.

· Side brake cable

· Front wheel hub

· Washer

· Cooler kit

· Wheel

Precedent`s parts and accessories

· Aluminum wheel

· Ball and club washer

· Cooler kit

· Brush guard protector

· Curtis cab

· Regulator

· Wheel hub

· Key switch

Price differences of Club car Ds and precedent


Club car Ds



2900$(Average price)

































 First of all Club car Ds are not manufactured any products now. So we need to compares their previous product with Precedent products. And there is only limited amount of cart available of Ds. And all of them second hand. So it is easy to say you should buy Precedent golf cart. Because you will get newly updated technology with comfortable equipments. Also their prices are reasonable for such quality. So if you are looking for suggestions we will tell you to choose Precedent golf cart. But if you are an old fashioned and love to carry vintage products than you can choose Club car Ds products. Our market analyzer team took all the information from the customers, old users and especially from the golfers.

Final Words

After all the discussion we have decided that Precedent Golf cart is best for purchasing. It has better quality with perfect prices. Our customers will be happy to buy it.  After all we can say that if you want to buy golf carts you must have to read our article twice and get a clear idea about products price and variations. 


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