Can You Use Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart

Can You Use Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is the most necessary component of any golf course. It is so much necessary types of equipment to carry the golfer and their instruments from one place to another on the golf course. A golf cart should keep fit while running on the courses. Otherwise, it will be valueless on the course.

To keep fit, people should be taken care of their battery first. The battery is another most important part of any golf cart. Without a proper battery golf cart cannot run smoothly and perfectly. There are so many golf carts in the market from different manufacturers and brands. Their batteries do not similar to each other. Some battery needs more voltage to charge properly and some of these need less voltage to charge up fully.

In this article, we will discuss about the use of marine batteries in a golf cart. Sometimes there needs a marine battery to charge up any golf cart rapidly. So therefore some people want to know if the marine battery can use in a golf cart.

Can You Use Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

Based on the question, this technical answer should be affirmative. Yes, you can use marine batteries in a golf cart. It is possible to use marine batteries instead of using any golf cart battery in an electric golf cart. Generally, they both are designed for deep cycle’s purposes. They both are lead acid batteries. But keep in mind that simAilarity does not mean that they can be used always interchangeably. Marine batteries do not often use in any golf cart. This is a rare case to use any marine battery in a golf cart especially electric golf carts.

But there are some factors for using a marine battery in a golf cart. We also discuss about some factors which are most responsible while using a marine battery instead of using a golf cart battery.

Marine batteries are mainly used in boats. It is built and designed for boats. Basically, they utilize heavy plates and these all are more expensive than any cart batteries. Having some huge and heavy plates, these batteries would become more expensive. It needs so much supportive elements to keep the battery well. So that’s the main reason to price higher of a marine battery.

Types of Marine Batteries

First of all, people should know about the total types of a marine batteries. There are majorly their types of marine batteries. These are: starting battery, deep cycle battery, and dual purpose battery.

These all types of batteries have each specific function to run smoothly in many different types of boats.

  • The starting battery is mainly the exact battery for initial running. This battery is designed to help start initially. When the boat is activated, them its needs the power to start. These starting marine batteries help to robust amounts of energy. While running the boat, the bursts are charging with the help of an alternator to keep the battery fit in great shape.
  • Deep cycle battery discharge over a long time and can be recharged many times while running the boats. Sometimes the boat owner needs to troll their boats. So they can use this battery because this is the best for trolling the boat's motors. They are also best to troll electric appliances in a boat.  
  • Dual purpose battery cells are always the best marine battery type. These cells are the mix of the two different types. They can be performed both functions. Most people use this battery for their boats. It is good because they can get two facilities with one battery. So it is wise to invest in multiple types of marine batteries.

Can You Use Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

Usually, a golf cart battery is used for six batteries. They also need a specific charger to charge the batteries. People should need to follow some major facts about using deep cycle marine batteries in golf.

  • Temperature: Temperature is the most important factor for charging the marine battery. Usually, a marine battery can charge at a low temperature rather than the golf cart battery of 12 volts. Golf cart batteries need more temperature for being charged fully. According to research, the marine battery can charge at a very low temperature, so rarely need a temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But at the same time, golf cart batteries need a hotter temperature than the marine battery.

Charging rates vary depending on battery types. So in this case temperature is so much important factor for charging properly.

  • Types: Usually golf cart battery is similar to a true deep cycle battery. Marine deep cycle battery is the third type of battery. These batteries are even more cost cutting measures taken than golf cart batteries. So if there is no emergency need for the replacement of the cart battery, then people should not use a marine battery in a golf cart.
  • Sizes: Marine deep cycle battery can hold 12 volt batteries and golf cart battery can hold 6 volt batteries. The 6 volt battery of the golf cart is large nearly as the 12 volt battery of a marine deep cycle battery. So the golf cart battery can produce a better voltage while charging than the marine battery. Anyone can connect three 12 volt marine batteries instead of using six 6 volt golf cart batteries because they both produce the same voltages. The marine batteries are made with inferior lead plates so that it may decay faster than other.

What are the differences between marine batteries and golf cart batteries?

There are some differences between a golf cart battery and a marine battery. We put a table chart with their differences so that everyone can understand them properly.

A Golf Cart Battery

A Marine Battery

Golf cart battery needs more temperature than marine battery.

Usually, a marine battery can charge at a low temperature.

There should need more than 90 degrees temperature for charging.

A marine battery can charge less than 90 degrees; sometimes it may need more than 90 degrees.  

Golf cart battery manufactures better than marine battery.

These are manufactured with slightly fewer internal components than a golf cart battery.

Golf cart batteries discharge down to 80 percent of their full capacity.

In the same case, marine batteries highest of 50 percent discharge. 

How long does the golf cart battery last

This issue mainly depends on its proper maintenance and proper care the battery gets. So it is quite difficult to tell the fixed life span of a golf cart battery. Considering some major factors people can get a better life span to form a golf cart battery.

  • Charging the Battery Perfectly: Maintaining a regular charging routine is better for the golf cart battery. Proper charging is the key factor for long lasting golf cart battery. People should take care of the battery with proper charging. Sometimes people do not charge their battery properly when it is needed badly. This will affect their battery the most. They should make sure that their battery is fully charged before running on the course.
  • Water Level Maintaining: People should check the battery fluid level before running a golf cart. If the fluid level drops below the plate or high above its plate, so it can be damaged the battery. Then the battery needs water. Considering something while giving water into the battery. Basically, they should add distilled water into the battery when needed. They should never use any tap or spring to add water because mineral water contains huge minerals that will affect the battery. It may ruin battery capacity.
  • Connect with appropriate Charger: There is a specific battery charger that is fixed by the manufacturer. So people should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer as to what type of charger should best for their golf cart battery. Most of the time manufacturers suggest using a 3-phase charger for surviving the longer period of battery life. It increases the battery efficiency for long lasting.

Final Words

Finally, people now understand about both a golf cart battery and also marine battery. They can use marine batteries in a golf cart. But if there is no emergency needs to replace the golf cart battery with a marine battery, then they should use the golf cart battery into the golf cart. It is better to use the specific battery in the specific place which is made for it. Then they can get long last service from their golf cart battery.

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