Cadet Size Golf Gloves Chart

What is the Cadet Size Golf Gloves Chart?

A golf glove is the best accessories for a golfer. This is an important tool for any golfer. This helps to improve the golfers play a shot. When there are so much hot weather, every golfer need standard gloves. When golfers are playing in a warm-weather then a best type of glove can improve their comfort to play in that kind of weather.  Glove prevent blister from hand while they are playing in warm conditions. It can hold tightly from a slips hand, especially when your hand is so much sweaty in warm weather.

So it is most important to know about the sizes of gloves. There are many sizes of gloves. You can see the many standard type of glove in the market. But there is also a special edition of glove size. It is called ‘Cadet’.

What is the Cadet Size Golf Gloves Chart?

Cadet size of golf gloves are made with special hand size. A cadet size golf glove is different from other normal size golf gloves. This is wider and shorter than regular golf gloves sizing. So it is mainly made for those who have small hands different from other normal peoples.Remember that cadet golf size is available.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Golf Glove and a Cadet Golf Glove?

Cadet golf gloves are designed with the special some golfers which is tightly around their hand and finger too. Some major percentage of golfers is not the same as the cadet size golfers. They even don't know about the special size of golf gloves. Only 20% of golfers need cadet size gloves.

There are two major differences between a normal glove and cadet glove. Whose hand is slightly shorter and wider, they need cadet gloves mainly. The first major difference is the length. The finger size may not be the same as other public crowd peoples. It is the primary difference from normal gloves. Generally speaking, a normal size glove is approximately 1 inch larger than a cadet size golf gloves. Cadet golf gloves are fit for those who have a slightly small finger in proportion to the other golfers.

The second difference is cadet golf gloves are slightly wider in the hand palm area than the normal golf gloves. Thus whose finger size is shorter than others in general, their hand width is also being different as follow.

Remember one thing that cadet golf gloves are designed for mainly men golfers, not for women. This cadet size golf gloves are available for only men in the market. There are a large number of men golfers so that they make for men only specially.

Size of Cadet Golf Gloves

Regular golf gloves are designed for normal people who have similar kind of hand in proportion. There are a few amounts of golfers who have not the same as normal. So they need specially cadet size gloves which is shorter and a little wider than the normal gloves.

But another fact is that cadet size golf gloves are not found in many sizes. It is a fix size for this cadet golf gloves size. It is not available for small, large or extra-large something like this. It is fixed size you can find. But there are some famous brands which have some extra value in public demand so that they can to make some different sizes of cadet size. But for sure it will be only for men golfers.

Here I show a chart with the actual size of this vs. normal golf gloves size.

Golf Gloves

Finger Length

Hand Palm

Regular Medium Size

7 3 /8”

8 1/4”

Regular Large Size

7 1/2”

8 3/8”

Cadet Medium Size


8 3/8”

Cadet Large Size

7 1/8”

8 3/4"

What is the Cadet Size Golf Gloves Chart

How do I Fit a Golf Glove?

For cadet golf gloves size it is measured by the finger and hand palm. Finger length is measured from the crease of your closest finger and the hand palm is measured by the full circle of your flat of the hand.

You should ask yourself that what size is best for your hand gloves. If you are using golf gloves for holding your golf club, then it should be very comfortable gloves, and also it should be smooth for your playing as you can hold your golf club very tightly. Because with the right size of your golf gloves you can take benefits from it like as:

  • Lower grip pressure need when you hold your golf clubs.
  • It can increase your hand grip.
  • Increased comfort level.
  • Better playing confidence.
  • Protect your hands from blisters.

There are several ways to know what your golf gloves size is exactly. Cleverly foremost, current now you are playing with a golf grips. So consider a few things to find out your comfortable exact golf gloves size.

  • Your current golf gloves is fit your hand properly you should be found out first that.
  • Are the fingers longer or shorter than they should be?
  • Is your hand grip good enough as you want?

When you are thinking about these points, you can easily find out your hand golf gloves size approximately. By thinking about these above points and look your current golf glove than you will be able to figure out your wishes golf gloves.

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How to Measure a Hand for Golf Gloves?

Most of the golfers are wearing gloves only in one hand. If they are right-handed golfers, then they should wear a golf gloves ion left hand and vice versa. Although some golfers wear golf gloves in two hands. You should take the time when you are choosing gloves for your hand. You should be aware of their sizes according to your hand sizes. This is so much important for all golfers because it will affect your play.

If it is not perfect according to your hand size, then your shot with the golf club will not be a perfect shot as well you may lose your game also. Conversely, if it is exactly fit with your hand, then you will be able to play a perfect golf shot. It will increase your confidence level as well as improve your playing shots. Potentially improve your overall game.

  • You should measure the golf gloves according to your hand size properly. For men, common gloves will be 7 inches, medium 8-9 inches; large will be 9.5-10 inches. You should remember that if you are a right-handed golf player you must be put a gloves in your left hand and if you are left-handed then you can put gloves in your right hand. You can buy two gloves for both hands also.
  • After wearing the gloves you must check is it okay or cover your hand smoothly. Then will move your finger to check its smooth mobility. The glove will loose after using it sometimes. But avoid very loose gloves.
  • After this check your palm area of golf gloves. Sometimes it will not be suitable. So some manufactures sew an extraordinary layer of leather padding.
  • There are two better kinds of gloves. One is synthetic another is leather material. You can choose one of them. But modern synthetic material is softer then the leather material golf gloves.
  • You should feel also when you will be wearing these gloves in your hand that will be perfect, tight or very loose. If it is very tight with your hand then surely change it to any looser one which will be fit in your hand. But remember one thing that if it very loose than it may occurs a bad situation when you will play golf. Your golf club will slip out from your hand.
  • You may try to check your gloves with some practice. You can ask for taking permission to the shop owners to practice with these gloves or trial some ball while hitting golf into the nearest golf course or their outlets practice area if they will have one. Some stores may not permit to trail with new gloves. Some stores may give you the permission to test with new golf gloves before buying it. But they may have conditions too. Maybe they will permit you to hit a certain number of balls only with the new gloves.

Finally you can buy a cadet golf glove and also a normal glove. It depends on your hand size. But you should have bought two or more pairs of gloves. Because when you will be playing golf with one glove, it may be moister for warm weather. So then you need to change it with another dry new golf gloves. If you follow this trick your golf gloves will survive along.

Another last thing you should keep in mind that when you try to remove it from your hand, it should be slow motion for ripping off from your hand. You should be careful about it. First loose one finger of your hand, then wait until the others will remove slowly and carefully.

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