Birdie in Golf

What is a Birdie in Golf?

Golf is a very common game among all kinds of games. It is not only common but also very demanding to passionate players. Because of the easy gaming method and the simple instruments, the game has become so much popular and well known to all. It is a very easy game that is played by a single player. The player has to make shots and put the golf ball in the hole. For playing the game, a golf ground with some essential surface is needed. There should a hole in a limited distance for potting the ball.

The ball has to hit by using the metal or steel club. It has a solid metal-made round part at the top bottom. Which helps to hit the ball perfectly. The ball is made of high-quality polymer or rubber. The ball is placed in a tee and the player hits the ball using the club. The player who can put the ball in the hole with a minimum handicap number is the winner. There are many kinds of shots available in the golf game. One of the shots is called the birdie. So now let's discuss what is birdie in golf and other related topics.

What is a Birdie in Golf?

Birdie is a golf term in golf where scoring one stroke becomes less than the declared par of the hole. The birdie mainly has to complete in two stokes only. The word birdie has been converted from the word "bird" which is American slang. Using this word means something wonderful or great. In 1903, a golf game was held at Atlantic City country club, new Jersey. The word and method were first used there. The real meaning of birdie is scored the score of one under par. The scoring system of a birdie has been described below:

  • Two shots on 3 par
  • Three shots on 4 par
  • Four shots on 5 par
  • Five shots on 6 par

The History of Birdie

As we all know that the word Birdie has come from American slang. At the 19th century, the word bird was used as the meaning of something cool or wonderful. Many of the specialists and experts have said that a birdie is a hole done in a stroke under par.

Attempting a Birdie Score

Birdie is one of the most common and unique shots of golf. But scoring a birdie is not easy at all. Some of the best and good players get failed while scoring a birdie. Some high and low-scorer handicap players try to make a birdie while playing the game. Top professional players can make birdies up to 4 or 5 times in a round. Though it is a good score, all players can't score the birdie. The most birdies scored by the players are In the 5th par of the game. The highest amount birdies that have been scored in a single round is 13. There is also a world record of 9 birdies in a single round which was a national-level match.

There is a term named double birdie that is used to score two under par which is given in the hole. There is also a term named birdie putt which is used in the game. It is a simple term for a putt that can be made under the par for a particular hole. A gross birdie also can be claimed if the player takes one less shot than the par of the hole. There is a net birdie too, which allows scoring only after the handicap allowances get applicable for the score.

There are some related words of birdie In the golf game. Let's discuss about some of the words and their works below:

Bogey: It is the first stroke system of golf. It was first developed in England at the end of the 19th century. This term has been used as the term of par above one.

Par: Par is the stroke number which is predetermined to score in the hole. There is different kind of ways to score the hole according to the par. The ways can be scratch, or zero, and handicap, etc.  These ways are used to complete the hole or a tournament or a round.

Eagle: it is a score that can be completed by using two under par or the given hole. Eagle is the natural symbol of the Americans. Eagle generally describes the putt for a 3 on a 5 par hole. Or it easily can make 2 strokes under par.

Albatross: it means the 3 strokes under par that are used to put the ball in the hole. It is a very common term for the players.

Chip: It a short shot. Which is used to hit in the first stroke. And try to keep near as much as possible of the hole

Drive: It is a long tee shot. Which is played with wood or driver

Flag: it is the marker for the holes in the ground

What is a Birdie in Golf

What is a Birdie in Golf

What is a Double Eagle in Golf?

The double eagle is also known as the albatross. It means 2 on a par-5 or the holing out of the drive on par-4. They are not very common and available in terms of the shots. They are rarely counted in five or six times in a year.

What is the Bad Shot of Golf?

Duck hook has been considered as the bad shot of the golf game. The right-handed player tries to curve the ball by hitting it. But It doesn't go from right to left and keep at the ground. That is the bad shoot of golf.

Why Golf is Called the Rich Man Game?

Golf is called the rich man game. Because the game is very neat and clean to play. There are some rules given to play the game. And the main reason for it is the rich man game is, the equipment that is used for the game. The clubs, the tees, the balls, the golf bags. They are very much expensive to use. Some of the countries have their golf carts too in the game. So it can be easily considered as the rich man game.

How Rare is an Albatross in Golf?

The albatross in golf is very rear. It said that the albatross shot can happen 1 out of almost 12,800 attempts. This is for beginner players. Even the professional players can't score the albatross. They can make out only one shot from almost 3,500 attempts. So it is clear that they are very critical and rare to attempt.

What is The Best Golf Score Ever?

The best golf score ever has been done by Jim Furyk. It was recorded at the final round of Travelers Championship 2016 at TPC River highland, Connecticut. And the score was 58

What is The Golden Rule in Golf?

As the golf game is played by using the club and the ball, there are some rules to follow while playing the game. The golden rule of the game is not to touch the ball, move the ball, or do anything with the ball without touching or hitting by the clubs. But it could be considered if the ball touches any water source or other unnecessary objects.

So How Can a Birdie be Scored?

As birdie is a very unique shot in golf, it will take a long time to do practices and learn the birdie shot. A perfect birdie shot is dependable on the experience and skill. Luck is also favorable. Because, there is a lot of record in the previous times which shows that, some of the beginner players have done the birdie shot. So it is very much dependent on luck.

For doing the perfect birdie, you can follow some of the steps and terms are given below:

  • Try to hit long and straight shots at making it count for every shot.
  • Use the proper golf club which will provide you the proper and perfect shot during the game
  • Try to use a proper putter that will help to maneuver the green with the proper procession
  • Practice more and more for the perfect shot
  • Keep self-confidence and try to achieve the hole by a single shot

The birdie shot will be the best thing for you whenever you will learn it perfectly. After learning the shot, you will be able to hit the ball and put it in the hole by just 2 par. It can be a game-changing shoot for the player.

What is a Birdie in Disc Golf?

Birdie is one of the most common and popular terms for disc golfers. To win a disc golf game, the player has to maintain the lowest number of scores or the total throws. The finishing of one throw under one par or the few throw compare to the par is mainly the birdie of the disc golf. When a player finishes a par 3 hole by using two throws only, they have used the birdie in the game.

How Good a Birdie in Golf?

The high professional golfers don't like to play by three, four, or five strokes in a round. The birdie is a common and very useful shot for them. They like to complete the holes in 2 strokes only. For high-performance golf players, birdie is a very common shot to do. The mid-range handicapped players are also the proper user of the birdie shot. The creative golfers get very much happiness while they score a birdie.

Which One is Better at Golf? Birdie or Eagle?

The eagle is the best shot, compared to the birdie. It is not needed to see, it can be justified by the name. the birdie describes about the bird where the eagle is more powerful and bigger than the bird. The eagle is more powerful in terms of the golf shoot. The player tries to hit a powerful shot that can reach almost to the near of the flag and the hole. So as compared, the eagle shot is better than the birdie.

Net Birdie in Golf

When a player shoots the birdie with an aid of handicap strokes, it is called the net birdie. On a 3 par hole, the shoot given from the tee to the ball, land on the green. The first putt will stop approximately 6 inches away from the hole. The player will have to hit again the ball to put it on the hole.

What is The Net Golf Score?

The net golf score will be gotten by subtracting the total number of the strokes from the handicapped strokes that have been received according to the given course handicap. For example, if I say that, if a player has scored 77 shots and has the course handicap of 15, then his gross score will be 77 and his net score will be 62.

Why The Eagles are Called The Birdies?

In the 19th century when the word was first invented, it was used as cool or wonderful. The specialists and the scholars believe that the word has come from there. At that time, the eagle was also called the birdies. Soon after the time, it has gained a separate name because of the powerful and long-range shoots.

Importance of Birdie

Birdie is a shot that can be made or scored whenever the golf player wants to complete the hole by putting one lass stroke than the par. So the birdie is not an important shot for the golf game, it is very effective too. It helps the players to take long shots with the possible straight lines. The players use the strategy of their practices and their performance. Though the birdie is a very unique and rare shot, but the players can make it very easily by doing a lot of practice. Just a single birdie shot can increase the scorecard of the player. So it is a very important and useful shot in golf.


Golf is a game of patience, intelligence, strength, and stamina. There are a lot of successful golf players who have turned their life by the game. The game is not only addictive but also very demanding. To learn the game perfectly, it will be perfect to start from the basic things of the games. It will be a good decision for the beginner if he adds up himself at any kind of golf club or union. This will help him to learn the techniques, skills, and the total theme of the game very easily. for this kind of shot, they have to practice hard and for a long time. As the shots are not very much easy to make, the players have to keep faith and self-confidence so that they can achieve victory by applying those shots easily.

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