Best Taylormade Golf Driver

Best Taylormade Golf Driver 2021

There are so many games around the world that are being played every day. Golf is one of them. This game is popular all over the world. It has a good demand at both national and international level. The game is quite simple and easy to play. Nowadays, it has been played as one of the major games in every country. The game was completed with some objects and types of equipment. There is a player with the club in his hand.

The club is made from either wood or steel. The player has to hit a hit that is made from high quality plastic. The ball stand on a tee and the player has to hit the ball as hard as possible to drop it to the far rest hole. There is many golf hole the last hole with a flag which is the finishing area. The player who can reach in the last whole with fewer shots wins the game. It is a very easy and clean game. But this game contains some types of equipment in it. Like the ball, the club, the holes, the tee, etc. So today we will talk about the best TaylorMade golf driver and some of the best brands below:

What is a Golf Driver?

The golf driver is a part of the club. It is connected at the club of the game. This part is used for hitting the ball. It is a big, round shaped, bigger head and a longer shaft. The standard driver for the golf has a shaft of 43-47 inches. It has a head size of 390-470cc and the measurement of the loft is around 7-12 degrees. These golf drivers are made from various kinds of materials.

some of them are made from steel, some are made from aluminum, the same are from titanium and some are from graphite. For a standard type driver, graphite and steel are the best material to use. There are some drivers made from mixed materials too. But those are for the professional level players.

Let's talk about some of the golf drivers, their brands, and their performance below:

Best Taylormade Golf Driver

1.Taylormade Golf M2

This golf driver is made from titanium. It has 6 layers of carbon composite crown in it. The driver has a 4 degree aluminum loft sleeve which provides 12 easy adjustable settings to it. This driver is a regular type golf club fix with the right hand type orientation system. The color of this driver is chrome. It also has a multilateral construction in it, which helps to reposition CG back and enough low.

This feature reduces the pressure and the weight of the driver too. The total weight of this driver is 5 pounds only. The sole has more weight in it which helps to deliver the potential power and speed to the ball. The active speed pocket is deep enough to provide better swings to the ball and make a hit perfectly

Key Features:

  • The main part is made from titanium
  • Contains multilateral construction that helps to reposition the CG low and back
  • 6 layer carbon composite crown which is helpful to reduce the noise
  • Adjustable setting and hosel with aluminum made sleeve
  • Provides the latest geocoustic technology in the club

2. Taylormade RBZ Driver

This driver is available in 3 different variants. The 9.5 degrees, the 10.5 degrees, and the 12-degree driver. It also has the flex of senior, regular and stiff. The shaft of the driver is made from white tie graphite. It has a 460cc large titanium built head that can be adjusted easily by using the left sleeve which helps to get the perfect launch and trajectory.

The graphite made 55 shaft is perfect to give a maximum and long distance shot easily. The total weight of this driver is 6.3 pounds. It has a stain finish black color with some small yellow shades in it. It also contains the spin pocket in it which will help to get the long and perfect shot easily.

Key Features:

  • Contains a 460cc larger titanium head
  • Better speed pocket that helps to get a perfect launch and low speed in more distance
  • Ultralight titanium core is perfect for creating higher launch and trajectory control
  • Comes with the latest cup face technology that helps to increase the performance  and gives a better distance
  • Aerodynamic head design with the major sole weight

3.Taylormade Sim Max Driver

This driver has a shaft that is made from Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 and Blue 5. It has 5 different flex available in it and they are, stiff, regular, extra stiff, and x-stiff. It is available in 3 different configurations too. They are 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12 degrees. The driver has the latest aerodynamic asymmetric sole and the inertia generator feature. This feature helps to generate and provide more speed on the clubhead that generates the ball.

The larger face area with twist face technology is helpful enough for giving a straight and long shot on the ball with confidence. The thru-slot speed pocket technology delivers enhanced sole flexibility that helps for creating the faster ball and improves the forgiveness n low face mis-hits. The total weight of this driver is 1.3 pounds only

Key Features:

  • Has the latest aerodynamic asymmetric sole which helps to provide more speed
  • Twist face technology with a larger face area
  • Thru-slot speed pocket technology for better sole flexibility
  • Multi-material construction provides the low CG with the higher MOI
  • Loft sleeve technology helps to adjust the club with the individual trajectory and angle

4. Taylormade Sim 2 Driver

This driver has a good combination of glossy black color with cyan touchup in it. It has the hand orientation of both left hand and right hand. It has 3 different flex and configuration available in it. This driver is made from titanium. It has graphite made shaft in it. The standard golf club loft of this driver is 10.5 degrees. This driver has the latest forged ring made construction in it.

It has the aluminum used construction which is light in weight and provides high strength in the driver. The driver also contains a good weight in the rear part. The driver has the latest inertia generator with 9 layers of carbon sole. This carbon sole is light in weight which helps to improve the aerodynamic shots with the critical phase and the swings of the faster clubhead speeds.

Key Features:

  • Latest forged ring construction for better speed and shots
  • 9 layer carbon made sole for the driver which is light and weight and easy to move the club
  • Thru-slot speed pocket used in the driver that produces extra forgiveness while playing the low face strikes
  • Delivers higher MOI compare to other drivers with 16G steel weight that is positioned to the inertia generator
  • The sole contains an advanced TPS weight system for the sole to give perfect and better swing shots

5.Taylormade SIM max D-Driver

The total head size of this driver is 460cc. UST Mamiya Helium 5 and 4 is the material that is used for the shaft. It has 4 different configurations available in it. This driver has the Draw-Bias design which helps the golfer to get the perfect and proper shot. Because this feature provides an internal weight to the heel side with the divergent topline masking. The aerodynamic sole and inertia generator helps to make a good swing and perfect shot even from a low distance.

The inverted cone technology of the driver helps to expand the C.O.R zone of the clubface. It helps to provide better performance in the lower mis-hits. The 2-degree loft sleeve of the driver is perfect for adjustability and for optimizing the club for the player's easy swinging and shoots. The driver is made from multi-materials that help to get draw biased CG with the rate of high MOI.

Key Features:

  • Made with advanced Draw-Bias design
  • Twist face technology with a larger face area on the driver
  • Made from multi layer and construction of carbon, steel, and metal
  • The 2-degree loft sleeve is perfect for the adjustability and personalization of the club for the trajectory of the golfers
  • Inverted cone technology for increasing the COR zone of the clubface

6.TaylorMade M6 Driver

The TaylorMade M6 Driver has a shaft made of Fujikura Atmos Orange and Fujikura Atmos Black. It comes in a premium quality artificial leather bag to the user. The weight of this driver is 5 pounds. The driver's head contains tuning resin that optimizes the core across the whole face. It is designed for the maximum distance of the ball with a single hit.

The twist face feature of the driver is effective to reduce the side spins of the ball and helps to deliver long and straight shots. It also provides high and low loft in both high and low heels. The twisted face can also produce more consistent spinning whenever the golfer makes a mis-hit. The sleek aerodynamic design helps to create maximum clubhead speed for more distance

Key Features:

  • Tuning resin contains the whole face of the driver for better control with perfect strike
  • It has the twist face feature that helps to avoid the side spins and deliver the perfect straight shot
  • The sole is made from carbon with an aerodynamic design. It helps to increase the club head speed with more accurate shots
  • 54% more carbon used in the sole compare to the other drivers. Therefore it is lighter and better in performance than the others.
  • The slot is featured with hammer head 2.0 technology. It is perfect to deliver a bigger sweet spot and also helps to preserve the ball speed from the center strikes.

7. TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver Women

This driver is almost the same as the model of M2. It is a typical golf driver for women golfers. The color of this driver is chrome. This one is a right hand oriented driver. For the right handed golfers. The golf club loft of this driver is 12 degrees. The driver is made from titanium.

Therefore, it is very light in weight and very easy to operate. It has a 6 layer carbon coated crown which helps to absorb the impact of the ball at a very minimum sound level. The shaft of the driver is made from steel. The multilateral construction of the body controls the CG to a low rate.

Key Features:

  • Contains various kind of advanced features and technology
  • Very effective and active deep speed pocket
  • The 6 layer carbon make the driver lighter than the other ones
  • The multilateral construction helps to control the CG to a low rate
  • Has the lowest density body ratio of 9-1-1 compared to the other drivers

8. TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver

This driver is more advanced with features and performance than the others. It has a very premium and shiny silver and black mixed chrome color with the stiff club flex. The club with the driver can be lofted to 22 degrees. The material used for the driver is Fujikura Atmos Orange 7.

The most unique thing about this driver is, it has the twist hybrid face used in it. It helps to provide straighter and longer hits compare to the other drivers. The twist face feature of this driver has a revolutionary face curvature with the perfect center hits. This hybrid made twist face is perfect to reduce the side spins of the ball and delivers a perfectly straight shot.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid twist face feature
  • A very advanced speed pocket has been used in it
  • The steel body construction is helpful for lower CG and better alignment for the higher launch
  • The latest TPU slot insert system is perfect for the surface with more flexibility and performance for the COR area
  • Helps to increase the ball speed and provides good swings as the driver has thin carbon coatings in it

9.TaylorMade M4 Driver

The TaylorMade M4 driver has a shaft made from graphite. It has the golf club loft ability of 12 degrees. It has advanced face corrective angles on the center hits. It helps to decrease the possible side spins and provide a straight shot. It delivers more lofts in the high toe with less loft and in the low heel for better performance. The driver has the hammerhead slot in it.

It helps to create the outer face of the slot more perfect and easy for the larger sweet spot. The Geocoustic feature of the driver is perfect for reducing the sound of the club and absorbs the impact. It also helps to decrease the sole volume that creates a larger and perfect forgiving face

Key Features:

  • Shaft made from Graphite
  • The advanced face corrective angles reduce side spins and ensure longer shots
  • The hammerhead slot makes the shots more easily and gives a  67% larger sweet spot
  • Advanced Geocoustic feature absorbs the sound and impact of the ball easily
  • Perfect to use for longer and perfect shots from a small area

10.TaylorMade Max D fairway

This driver is a little bit different from the others. Because it has a good level of configuration rate compare to the other drivers. The total weight of this driver is 4.7 pounds. It has a head size of 190cc. it is a driver made of V steel sole design which is perfect for getting the long and perfect shots easily. The twisted face helps to get straight lined shots too. The C 300 steel allows getting long shots from a short range. It can be your perfect golf driver to use for improving your game

Key Features:

  • Contains the advanced V sole design
  • Perfect driver for the latest technologies
  • Better twist face compare to other drivers
  • Stainless C 300 steel is perfect for the flexibility and performance
  • The best speed pocket among the others
Best Taylormade Golf Driver

Best Taylormade Golf Driver

Buying Guide

Buying guide helps you to know and buy the perfect and the best thing for you. There are some terms that you can follow to buy the best product for yourself. And the terms are given below:

Quality: Quality matters a lot in terms of buying one of the drivers for you. It is good to buy those drivers which have gained a positive user review. But if you want to buy a driver without following any of the reviews, then make sure to have a driver that is made from steel, metal, and carbon. Because there is no better material to use in a driver than these three

Availability of good features: Nowadays, all the drivers are containing enough good features. these good features help to improve the game to the next level. Therefore, make sure to buy a driver for you that contains enough good features.

Perfect structure and long face: Though all the drivers have long face to them, some drivers have a short face compare to other drivers. These drivers are not perfect to use. Because they will not help you to improve your game at all. Besides, they can not make proper and perfect swings. That is why try to own a driver with enough big face of a minimum of 400cc and make sure that the body contains a good amount of carbon fiber. Because carbon fiber helps to absorb the sound of hit and the impact easily

How Helpful they are to Improve the Game?

Some of the specialists say that the golf game is not dependent on the types of equipment that you use. It depends on the player and his performance. Though it is true, the fact is, they are very much helpful. A golfer can easily improve his performance by using a good driver in his club. But those who are the pros, it doesn't matter for them whether they have a good driver or not

Are Golf Drivers Worthy?

Golf drivers are worthy. If you have the intention to improve the game, you will not think about the pricing or value. As these golf drivers are perfect to increase your performance, you will surely go for them, without thinking of any kind of financial or other things. For improving the game and becoming a good golfer, these drivers are worthy.

Final Words

You can easily get connected with the game if you learn about the techniques, rules, and other kinds of stuff. To improve the game, the driver is a perfect thing to use. They have a great demand for golfers from every state and country. Even Tiger Woods, considered as the lord of the Golf game also uses the TaylorMade model drivers for his game. Some good steps need some good start

Put on the shoes and caps. Take your club, attach the TaylorMade Golf driver in it and the game is yours.

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