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Best Personalized Golf Towels Reviews 2021

Golf towels are one of the essential components of a golf game. Most pro golf gamers can’t think a bit of gaming without the towels. These towels are mainly used for the clubs. When a player hits the ball using the club, the club gets dirty and catches debris to them. A golf towel helps to clean the dirt from the club. It is used because a dirty club can be a big reason for a bad game. They are kept in the golf bags most of the time. Some of the players keep the towel in the back pocket of their pants. This is because of the quick access and easy use. Someone may think them not very much useful. But for those who like to have good shots, a golf towel is the best partner. Let’s know about some of the best golf towels, their brands, and their specifications below.

Best Personalized Golf Towels Review

Some of the users may not have an idea about the golf towel. So basically golf towel is a piece of cloth that is made from a microfiber blend. Microfiber blend is well known for its high absorbent feature. This feature is very much important for the golf towel because their main using purpose is cleaning the golf club. They are used for cleaning the golf club. But those who are clever enough, use the golf towels for using all the golf-related instruments like the golf club, tee, ball, driver, iron, etc. They have more efficiency of cleaning than any other clothes. The general size of a golf club towel is 1.5 feet in length and almost 8 inches wide. This size is available for all branded golf towels.

As the size and all the details related to golf towel has given above, now let’s explain some of the best-personalized golf towels below:

1.Printualist Golf Towel

A premium quality golf towel that is available in 5 different colors. All the colors available for this towel are very standard and give a premium feel while using. Among them, the black one looks premium very much. The main sewing pattern of this towel is embroidered. The good thing about this golf towel is, it is available in various designs with name tags on them. The company of this towel allows their customer to list their name in the towel. Isn’t it cool? Though most of the towels contain this feature, they don’t provide a lot of variants and styles in nametag. A golfer will surely fall in love with these towels, watching the beautiful designs. As a material, this towel contains an 80/20 ratio of poly fiber and nylon microfiber. So no doubts about the efficiency. A perfect thing to gift your fellow game partner or your loving one.

Key Features:

  • Premium quality towel
  • Contains a material with the perfect ratio
  • Steel made hook at upper part creates better gripping at anything
  • Different variants of colors with design
  • Different shaped nametags with beautiful embroidered

2.Golf Tower Store Personalized Towels 

This towel belongs to the brand named Golf Tower Store. They are manufactured by Slakeware Limited Company. This towel is a little bit thinner in width compared to other towels. But they are very high quality towels for sure. As for color, the towel is available in a total of 6 different colors. The red one looks very beautiful and gorgeous among all the colors. 100% cotton made towel contains the perfect embroidered pattern in them. At the upper part of the towel, there is a hook connected with the towel through a steel washer. This hook helps to attach the towel to any object. As the main purpose of these towels is cleaning the golf objects, the hook can be easily used in the golf cart bag or the eyelet of the pants. For listing names, the nametag is enough big and attractive. If someone will not fall in love with the towel, but they will surely love the nametag.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Very responsive and quick-absorbing towel
  • Contain various colors with premium quality
  • The embroidered pattern of the nametag doesn’t go up easily for better sewing.
  • Helpful enough to increase the looks of a golfer as they hang the towels at the back eyelets of their pants

3.Custom Golf Towels

This towel is a USA origin product. They are available in 8 different colors. All the colors are different from each other. This towel has a different nametag design from the others. The nametag part is situated on the lower side of the towel. Shaped in a little bit angle so that it looks different than others. Main material used in this towel is cotton which can absorb water and dust from the towel very quickly. The best thing about this towel is, they are available in two different styles. One is mato and another one is hash. So the golfer can easily choose a perfect towel for the game. This towel with the total set can be a perfect gift for a pro golfer friend.

Key Features:

  • Available in the good color variant
  • The unique placing of the nametag
  • It Has two different styles of this towel. Mato and hash
  • Cotton made towel can easily absorb all the dust and water
  • Heavy-duty carabiner clip helps to get a perfect fitting with any object

4.Generic Golf Towel

This golf towel is available in a single color. And that is blue. Though it’s a single color, very beautiful and enough eye-catchy. The company has named this color Let’s Par Tee. For the material, microfiber has been used. There is a logo named Let’s Par-Tee at the front lower side of the towel. But there is no nametag in this towel, so no customization. But a good and unique thing is, this towel has odor free feature in it. Whenever it will be used for cleaning the objects, they will catch enough malodor. But for the breathable fabric of this towel, there is less chance of getting odor. It also absorbs the water very quickly and very responsively.

Key Features:

  • Very durable and long lasting towel
  • Microfiber material keeps the towel odor free and make it more breathable
  • High quality clip used for better gripping and adjusting
  • Can soak the water easily
  • A perfect gift for friends and loving ones

5.Printualist Terry Golf Towels

This one is a different golf towel compare to the others. Because the main material of this golf towel is terry. It is a totally customizing towel where the user can set his name or the golf club name at the lower part of the towel. Especially for the golf courses, this is the perfect one. And the reason is. They provide a good material along with good discounts for larger pieces of towels together. There is a total of 11 colors available in this. Those, who stay a little bit confused while choosing the color, will never face the problem at all. 100% cotton terry velour is the main element of this towel. Everyone will have a premium feel whenever holding the towel in hand. The best choice to use for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful color and design
  • Nametag contain enough big size and unique design
  • 100% terry cotton made towel is best for reducing odor
  • Easy to attach and remove from a golf bag, pant hooks, and belt eyelets
  • Enable super fast wiping out and cleaning dust from the objects

6.Lifetime Golf Towels

This company makes one of the best golf towels. They are available in single black color. But the color is very much standard and the quality is also very good. It is a towel made from the company named Lifetime Creations from the USA. A microfiber made towel is perfect for removing all the dust and water from the clubs. These washable towels are perfect enough to avoid any kind of odor and deliver enough air into them. Though the front side of this towel contains 100% pure microfiber, in the back, there is a scrubber made from polyester which helps to wipe the club easily. At the front lower side of the towel, there are two clubs along with two balls that are used as the design of the towel. If someone wants to remove it and add customized names, they can easily do it. This is an all-rounder golf towel except for the color variant.

Key Features:

  • Solid and long lasting embroidered pattern
  • Contain both polyester and microfiber material that can be used for dual purpose
  • Easy to hang and remove because of high quality hook and grommet
  • Beautiful design which can be replaced with own customized one
  • Easy washable by using any kind of detergent or soap

7.Mile High Life Golf Towel

This golf towel has large variety of colors available to them. The unique thing about this towel is the design. Waffle patterned towel looks different than any other towels. A total of 15 different colors are available for this towel. Each of the colors is different from the others. As the main material, this towel contains 100% polyester. As polyester is a very strong and durable material, the towel lasts for a long time. For clipping, there is an aluminum made clip at the upper side of the towel which helps to hang the towel with a golf bag or other objects. This tower is lighter than the others. That is why it is very easy to carry and wash.

Key Features:

  • A lot of colors are available so no hesitation in choosing
  • Easy to wash and carry because of the microfiber polyester
  • Perfectly placed clip for easy attachment
  • Waffle patterned design looks unique than others
  • Strong and durable three layer stitching at the whole area

8. Mana Trading Golf Towel

This towel has a very beautiful design. In the proper middle of the towel, there is a golf ball with a tee and some amount of grass embroidered perfectly. A total of 5 different colors are available in this towel. Cotton made towel is perfect to use for cleaning and wiping the water of a golf club. This towel is perfectly hemmed for getting enough clean look. For unique design lovers, this towel can be a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Perfectly placed area for nametag just under the main logo
  • Easy washable by using water
  • Fade-resistant material that will not fade the color easily

9.Trifold Golf Towel

This golf towel contains three separate layers. They are available in a total of 11 colors. The main material of this towel is cotton. Easy washable, durable, and odor free are the great feature of this towel. For providing better gripping, there is a heavy duty hook or grommet used on the top side of the towel. This lets the towel attach to any place like the golf bag or the cart easily.

Key Features:

  • Easy to wash and dry faster
  • All the colors contain very premium and standard quality
  • Strong grommet for a perfect attachment
  • Customized names can be placed anywhere with colorful sewing and embroidery
  • Soft fabric can be used for wiping the body and hand sweating too

10.101 Beach Golf Towel

101 beach golf towels are one of the perfect shaped towels among all. The specialty of this towel is, it has a very moderate size that everyone will love to use it. Especially the black one looks very premium. A total of 21 different colors are available for this towel. Made from high quality cotton that is perfect for easy breathability and cleaning. Customized embroidery nametag can be used on the lower side of the towel.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly shaped and sized
  • Easy to use and clean for cotton fabric
  • Good color variants are available for choosing
  • Stock nametag can be replaced with customized embroidery one
  • Contains size of 16 inches by 26 inches

Personalized Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel

Buying Guide

Buying guide a perfect thing that helps to choose the best thing judging on all the terms. This is a very effective part for the beginners because most of the beginners don’t have any idea about the items. Like others, a golf towel has some buying guides too. Let’s see what they are:

Quality: Quality is the very first desired thing for the towel. There are such golf towels that are not good enough for quality. Some towels lose the sewing after several usages, some get fade in color and some may burst too. The perfect quality will come from using cotton, microfiber and polyester made golf towels

Easy absorbing and cleaning ability: Sometimes, a golf towel has to use for cleaning water from the club. If they are not perfectly cleaned, they will impact during gameplay. Just like water, dust and mud also create problems during the game. So it is a good decision to choose the towel with better cleaning ability.

Proper hooking: Most of the towels are hanged in the golf bag using the hook or the grommet. Make sure that the towel has a flexible and strong hook before buying it. Though the hook can be changed, who will like to have a broken one after using it for few days.

Odor free and breathability: As the main purpose of golf towels is to clean dust and dirt from the club, they become dirty and sometimes create malodor. If the towel has no breathability, the malodor may damage the towel. Choosing the microfiber made towel is the cure of this problem.

Anti fading resistance: Some golf towels lose the color after using for some days only. That is because the towels can’t take direct sunlight. Though the color doesn’t matter to the efficiency, it doesn’t look good as well. Try to avoid those towels that don’t contain the anti fade resistant feature. The best thing is to buy a towel by judging on the user review.

What is the best golf towel?

There is no exclusive or single brand for the best golf towel. Some of the brands and their towels have been listed as the best ones. That is because of their quality, pricing, and performance. Here some of the best brands for golf towel has been listed below:

  1. Callaway Golf Towel
  2. Titleist Microfiber Golf Towel
  3. Printualist Golf Towel
  4. Chill Pal PVA Cooling Golf towel
  5. Lifetime Creations Golf towel

What golf towels do pros use?

Pro golf players surely the best instrument for improving their games every time. So consulting with a pro golfer about his/her equipment will definitely lead to the best thing. Some of the pro golfers have to clean their golf clubs after each shot. So they will prefer the best performer towel for them. After some of the researches, the result is, pro gamers use 3 or 4 separate branded towels for their game. They are:

  1. Printualist Golf Towel
  2. Chill Pal PVA Cooling Golf Towel
  3. Callaway Uptown Golf Towel

So these 3 are the most famous ones for the pro golfers

 How many towels should be in a golf bag?

It is totally dependent on the choice of the golfer. Some of the golfers contain more than 5 pieces of towels in their bags. Their intention is to use them for a long time. But keeping the towels in the bag for a long time may reduce the efficiency of the towels. Because some of the towels need sunlight for getting dry or staying fresh to work. If they are placed inside of the bag for a long, they may get damaged. almost all golf towels contain a hook and grommet in them which helps to attach the towel to the golf bag easily. So it is perfect to keep 1 or 2 pieces of a towel in the bag. If you want to know What to Wear to Top Golf?

How to make a golf towel?

If someone has a trust issue about the golf towels of the local market, they can surely go for their self hand made one. For making a golf towel at home, some instruments are needed. They are:

  • A big sized handkerchief or kitchen towel that is made from cotton
  • Thread and needle
  • A scissor
  • Two pieces of small sized washer
  • A metal hook or grommet

First of all, cut the edges of the handkerchief or the kitchen towel. Make two separate pieces of the same size and sew them perfectly using the thread and the needle. Make sure that the edges are perfectly attached. Now create a hole on the top middle of the towel by using the scissor. Add the washer in the hole and fix it perfectly. After attaching the washer, put the hook into the washer and make a perfect joint. A homemade golf towel is ready to use. Customized names can be attached at any corner of the towel depending on the choice of the user

This is how a perfect golf towel can be made at home.

Final Words

Personalized may not helpful for some of the golfers, but it is a blessing for the pro golfers. Some golf players need to clean their favorite club after playing a single shot. If they use any kind of thing for cleaning, it may create stains or even damages to their clubs. But a perfect golf towel doesn’t make any kind of damage to the clubs or not even other equipment. Some golfers use the towel for their tee, balls, and other kinds of stuff. They even use them for wiping their hands and faces. So they are harmful to the clubs. They are nowadays very much demanded all the golfers.

Golf towels need anyone’s approval to use during the game. They are perfect, safe, friendly, and enough hygienic for the golf instruments and especially for the club. Buy, use, wash and reuse again until the club don’t get cleaned enough.

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