Best golf simulators for indoor use

Best Golf Simulators For Indoor Use Reviews In 2021

Are you worried because you are not able to practice golf anymore because of the rainy season? Then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the best golf simulators for indoor use.

A golf simulator is very versatile that helps a golfer to improve their golfing abilities and to enjoy golf with their family and friends. Also, those non-golfers who want to enjoy golf can use these devices to accomplish their need. Using a golf simulator can be a great way to teach the children about golf at home.

Some golf simulators are very budget-friendly and some are very high in price. But the purpose of all of these simulators is the same. And that is to show the accurate information of the swing. Therefore, in this article, we have shown the best simulators which are affordable but meet the need of the golfers.

Best Golf Simulators For Indoor Use Reviews

To ensure these golf simulators will surely fulfill your needs and you will be able to enjoy golf easily without any issue our research team checked the accuracy and all other features. These simulators have met all the requirements and our research team has approved them as very qualified products.

 1. Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator

For a bunch of golf enthusiasts friends or family members, this golf simulator is a great choice for a party night. The simulator will provide a realistic golf experience virtually. This Phigolf Smart golf simulator is compatible with smart TV, mobile, and Tablet. That means one can use this golf simulator at the office, home, camping, and a lot of other places. The package comes with a golf swing stick and a sensor. Connecting the sensor with the device to observe the skill is very easy. One just needs to use Bluetooth to connect the sensor.

The astonishing thing about this simulator is that it can be used with the regular golf club. One just needs to attach the sensor with the club and then connect it with the device. One can use both the WGT golf app and also PhiGolf app to enjoy golf on their device. However, to use a real golf club, one has to change some settings. The person needs to go to the setting from the application and then select my account. From my account, one has to select Real Club. After that one can easily enjoy with their real golf clubs.This golf simulator can be a great way to give enjoyment to the kids also. 

On the application, one will find a lot of top golf courses. The graphical view of these courses is very real and one will love to play for a very long time. This golf simulator features 7 different modes so that one does not get bored by playing one. Also, one can choose the single-player mode to test the golfing skills or for practicing. Or one can choose the multiplayer mode or multiplayer online mode to challenge their friends in a golf round.The sensor can be used for 4 hours with one full charge. And there is a charger included with the simulator to charge the sensor. The golf simulator can be used with the devices above ios 9 and android 6. However, if one wants to have access to over 19 golf courses and 5 best short courses then the person needs to pay a 2 dollars subscription fee.


26.18” x 4.92” x 2.76”
.35 ounces
Number of modes
Compatible App
Phigolf and WGT golf app
1 Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Durability
4 hours
Swing Stick, Sensor, Charger, and Safety Strap


  • Compatible with mobile, TV, and Tablet. 
  • Can be used with mobile devices above iOS 9 and android 6.
  • Long-time battery backup will provide more fun time with family and friends.
  • One can enjoy single-player Very easy to set up.
  • and multiplayer modes both offline and online.
  • Safety strap will keep the swing stick attached to the hand which ensures the safety of household elements.


  • This quality golf simulator is safe and does not have any defects.

2. tittle X Home Golf Simulator

Whether you are a recreational golfer or an amateur golfer the Tittle X Home golf simulator can help you in golf amazingly. This golf simulator is available in various different packages. Also, it is available at a very affordable price. However, one must know that here affordable does not mean that this golf simulator is of cheap quality. This simulator can be a great way to prepare for an upcoming tournament at home. The simulator is compatible with iOS devices and Windows operating system computers.

This Tittle golf simulator features a 4k ultra high definition on-screen view of the course. This simulator features a lot of courses to enjoy golf. A non-golfer can also enjoy golf with the help of this golf simulator. The sensor is more superior to other simulator's sensors when it comes to accuracy. It can transfer the data of the shot taken by the player within .1 second. Also, the sensor is very light in weight. One would not feel any burden at the time of swinging the swing stick when the sensor is attached.

One needs to install the E6 software on their device to operate and see all of the swing information. The manufacturer provides a lot of clips and cradles in the set which works as different golf clubs. Also, one can change the club and the hole by simply using the touch panel of the sensor. The simulator sensor is powered by a lithium battery which can be used for up to 8 hours without any problem.

However, this golf simulator is not compatible with android phones. But it will provide endless golf fun in the office, home, parties, and at the time of traveling as well.




Tittle X

1 sensor, 1 swing stick, 4 clips, 2 multi-clips, 4 cradles, charging cable, and User manual

Compatible App

E6 software
Compatible Device

iOS and Windows computer
Sensor Powered

A Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Durability

8 hours
Sensor Weight

0.28 oz


  • One of the best budget-friendly golf simulators.
  • Shows the information of the swing within 0.1 seconds.
  • The sensor is very accurate than other high price golf simulator sensors.
  • The very lightweight sensor would not feel a burden at the time of swinging the stick.
  • Provides 4k ultra high-quality graphical view of the course.
  • The touch sensor is very easy to set up and use.


  • This golf simulator is not compatible with android devices.

Best golf simulator impact screen for indoor use

1. Golf Ball Training Simulator Impact

Searching for an indoor screen to use with the golf simulator projector? Then get this simulator projector screen. Unlike other simulator screens, this projector screen is very budget-friendly. The simulator is very big which will provide a real golf course feeling at home. This simulator is perfect for hanging it in the garage or downstairs to enjoy golf. This golf simulator projector screen is made of Weft Yarn material which is a very solid material. For the solid material, the surface of this projector screen is very sturdy. Though it is very sturdy it is very smooth as well.

One will be able to enjoy the crisp, clear, and vivid color image on this screen. Hanging this golf simulator screen is very easy. There are holes in the edges of the screen to hang the screen effortlessly. This white color golf simulator screen features 9.8 feet by 6.6 feet screen. One can also use this screen for different purposes as well.

For enjoying golf, one can use a real golf club and golf ball and hit the ball as hard as they can towards the screen without any fear. Far from being torn, there will be no trace or mark of the ball on the screen. However, the picture quality of the image depends on the projector. So with a quality projector, one will be able to enjoy a good quality image in this simulator projector screen.






Weft Yarn

9.8’ x 6.6’

4.95 pounds
Package Dimension

15.63” x 10.28” x 3.98”


  • Low price, affordable, and premium quality golf simulator screen.
  • Can be hanged in the garage, downstairs, or the office room.
  • A very sturdy and smooth surface will show a vivid image.
  • Holes around the edges of the screen made the hanging process very easy and effortless.
  • Can be used for other purposes as well.
  • Would not be damaged if a golfer shots a real golf ball on the screen as hard as they can.
  • Will provide real golf course enjoyment.


  • Due to the quality of the projector, one may see low-quality images on this screen. But this is not the fault of this screen. The screen is very high quality than other simulator screens. So make sure to use a quality projector.

2. TheTerakart Indoor Golf Simulator

If you are in need of a simulator projector screen for your golf simulator, consider this impact screen. This simulator impact screen is very versatile. This TheTerakart golf simulator screen is not only suitable for indoor use but also suitable for outdoor use as well. That means golfers can use this screen outside their home for playing or practicing. The great thing about this projector screen is that it is available in various sizes. One can order this screen as big as 10 feet long and 19.5 feet wide.

Another amazing feature of this projector screen is that it is a multifunctional impact screen. Therefore, this screen can be used by both golfers and non-golfers as well. This can be used as an office meeting projector screen, movie screen, and other purposes.

The screen is made of high-quality durable weft yarn material. It is so sturdy that it can absorb the impact of the ball without any problem. There will be no stain from the ball impact on the screen. The screen is very durable. However, the manufacturer recommends that one should use a sports net on the back of the screen which will improve the durability of the screen a lot.

On the edges, the manufacturer used hammed so that the user does not face any problem hanging the screen. To get a clear view of the image one should hang the screen tightly so that there is no folding on the screen surface.




The Terakart


Weft Yarn

From 10’ by 3.2’ to 10’ by 19.5’


  • Features various sizes to choose from.
  • Multifunctional simulator screen can be used for meetings, movie nights, outdoor, fun, and many more purposes.
  • Not only for indoor it can be used for outdoor purposes as well.
  • Sturdy to absorb impact from the real golf ball.
  • Hammed edges feature effortless and timeless hanging.
  • Recommends back sports net for golfing to increase the durability of the screen.


  • A bit thinner than the previous net on this list.
  • May seem less durable than the previous simulator screen.
Golf Simulators For Indoor

Golf Simulators For Indoor

How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator for Indoor Use

It is not quite possible to find a golf simulator blindly. One has to look at all the necessary features and ensure that the simulator will fulfill the need. Some golf simulators are suitable for recreational games and some simulators are suitable for professional practice. Therefore, one needs to determine their need before choosing a golf simulator.

Let’s discuss the necessary features of the golf simulator so that one can effortlessly get the best one for their need.

Accuracy- The first thing to consider in a golf simulator before buying is the accuracy of the sensor. When it comes to golf accuracy is the most important thing. Whether you are practicing or competing with your friends via the simulator you need the shot data as accurate as possible. If the simulator is not able to provide precise information about the shot then there is no use for it.

All the necessary information including the swing speed, clubhead speed, sidespin, total distance, and trajectory must need to be accurate. For a golfer who is trying to improve their golfing skill without getting accurate information, there is no chance of improving using a golf simulator. Therefore, accuracy must be the first priority.

Data Transfer Time- The 2nd thing to determine is the speed of the sensor of transferring all the information on the screen. Now, you do not want to wait for a long time to get the necessary information before engaging with the next shot, therefore, the data transfer time must be as fast as possible.

The Tittle X golf simulator in our golf simulator list is one of the fastest simulators. This simulator can transfer the information related to a shot on the screen within .1 second.

Compatible Devices- One needs to choose a versatile simulator so that they can use the simulator anywhere anytime with any device. The most versatile and best simulator will be compatible with iOS and Android mobiles and also with computers. However, there are some simulators that are only compatible with iOS devices and computers. Make sure to choose a very versatile simulator that is compatible with most of the devices so that you can enjoy golf anywhere at any time.

Number of modes- Make sure the golf simulator features all the necessary modes that you want to improve your golfing ability. Some golf simulators feature fewer modes that do not satisfy the golfer.

In the list of our golf simulators, the Phigolf simulator features a total number of 7 modes. It comes with competitive modes where one can challenge their friends in order to improve both of their golfing abilities.

Battery Backup- Want to enjoy golf inside the home for a long time then Try to choose a golf simulator that provides a long-term battery backup. All of the golf simulator sensors are powered by a lithium battery. Typically these batteries can continuously run for 4 to 5 hours. But there are some simulators that can support your golfing for more than 7 hours.

The Tittle X simulator of our list can run up to 8 hours. That means with this simulator, one can play enjoy golf for a very long time.

Application- The operational application which will help one by showing the necessary information by co-operating with the sensor must be very easy to understand and use. Some golf simulators need an exact required application to operate. The manufacturer also provides a user manual so that one does not face any problem using the simulator with the application.

On the other hand, there are some golf simulators that can be operated with multiple applications. So that one can easily find the application and download it without any hassle. However, try to communicate with the dealer to know which software is required and how to get it.

Cost- As this is a tiny device and you would not use it often, therefore, you definitely not going to spend a lot of money on this device. The listed simulators in this article are budget-friendly. We would like to recommend one to choose the first one. Because it comes with more features than the 2nd one.

Some special features-

  • Some golf simulators sensors are compatible with real golf clubs. That means one can attach the sensor to their regular golf club to have a more realistic feel.
  • Some simulators come with clips which work as different golf clubs so that one can improve their abilities for all kind of situations.
  • Some simulators feature a safety strap so that the swing stick remain attached to the hand and does not slip away which ensures the safety of the accessories around the player

How Much does an Indoor Golf Simulator Cost

Golf simulators are available at various prices. One can find golf simulators under 500$ and also above 10,000$. Basically, we can separate the price range of the golf simulators into 3 different price ranges. These are low, medium, and high. The low-cost simulators contain a sensor, a swing stick, and a charge to charge the battery of the sensor.

But the mid and high-range golf simulators are not just a set of equipment. These are a complete set of golf. These simulators feature a screen, a projector, a net, and can accommodate real golf clubs. These simulators also come with artificial grass carpet so that one can have the exact feel of a golf course while playing with the simulator.

Are Indoor Golf Simulators Worth it

The answer is yes, golf simulators are worth purchasing. These are very handy devices to keep the ability of busy golfers intact and unharmed. Also, these can provide fun at the office or at parties. Family, friends, colleagues, and almost all sorts of people can enjoy golf with a golf simulator.

 A simulator can help a new golfer or a professional golfer to sharpen their golfing abilities inside the home on a rainy day. One can enjoy competitive golf round and different golfing modes to improve skills. Also, one can use a golf simulator to teach their growing kids about golf and give them some basic knowledge of golf.

What do I Need for an Indoor Golf Simulator

To play golf inside the home with the help of a golf simulator one needs some accessories. These are a golf impact screen, a projector, software, a compatible device with the software, an artificial golf mat, and most importantly the golf simulator.

However, some golf simulators do not require a projector and screen to see the information and the ball flight. One can connect these types of golf simulators with their TV or computers in order to get the necessary data.

Final Words

Whether you are a golfer who wants to enjoy golf inside on a rainy day or a golf enthusiast person who wants to spend quality fun time with their family or friends by playing golf, a golf simulator can serve these purposes. The best golf simulators for indoor use are very easy to set up and one can enjoy golf for a very long period of time.

Golf simulators are getting popular day by day. Some people are using these devices for office fun and some people are using these devices for improving their golf skills. If you are one of those persons then we are sure this article will fulfill your needs.

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