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Best Golf Cart Windshield Reviews 2023

The golf cart windshield gets used as the protector of the user and the other things. As the golf course is made in a soiled field and urban roads, there is a good existence of dust and debris into the ground. While driving a golf cart, the dust may hit the face of the driver and the golfer. Besides, during other weathers like rain or snow, it becomes quite impossible to ride a golf cart without the windshield. So it completely makes protection against the wind and the weather. There are two different types of golf carts available for golfers. One is the EzGo golf cart and the other one is Yamaha Golf Cart. So in this topic, different types of windshields for these two types of golf carts will be described. So without making any due, let’s start.

Before knowing about the products, let’s have a good idea about the windshield. Many of the users are using a windshield in the golf cart even without knowing its name and efficiency. Windshield is called to the glass shaped frame of the front side that helps to see the road and drive. Almost all kinds of windshields are made from acrylic and polycarbonate. As a windshield has to face many kinds of obstacles and components, it has to be hard enough and free from cracking. They are also very light in weight and proper more visibility than other types of windshields.

EzGo Windshield

EZ Go golf carts have different types of windshields for their golf carts. Here some of the windshield for EzGo golf cart has been described below:

1. Tinted Windshield for golf cart

This windshield is manufactured by the company named Performance Plus carts. It is a USA made product that is very durable and perfect for use as the windshield. For ensuring durability, this windshield is made from 3/16″ acrylic material. Double part folding system windshield is easy to fold or remove from the cart whenever the user wants. Heavy duty tinted color and frame helps to provide enough visibility of the road to the user. Golfers will have good feedback while using this windshield.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty tinted color that avoids light reflections
  • Foldable double part
  • Made from high quality acyclic material
  • No drilling or hardware required for installing
  • Polyurethane hinges used for easy adjustment

2. BUGGIES Unlimited golf Cart windshield

Manufactured by the company named Buggies Unlimited. This windshield is available in two different variants. One is the transparent one and the other is a tinted one. As the main material, acrylic heavy duty has been used in this windshield. This windshield can avoid any kind of vibration, impact, and snug which is very important for rough golf rides. The tinted variant helps to avoid direct sunlight and provides easy visibility. Total weight of this windshield is 16 pounds that let the user easily attach it to the golf cart. It is one of the best windshields for using in all kinds of weather.

Key Features:

  • Available in two different variant
  • High quality acrylic material used for the structure
  • Easy installation and removing process
  • Anti-vibration and impact resistant
  • Easy fit to all EZ Go golf cart

3. Fat cat golf windshield

For the EZ Go golf cart, this is another good windshield to use. There is a mixture of light tint and transparency in this windshield that helps to provide excellent visibility and performance in all weather and situation. While needed, the windshield can be folded down for better convenience. Heavy material has been used for this windshield which can avoid any kind of impact and obstacles and keep the windshield secure for using. There is no additional clamp, nut, or drilling needed to use the windshield. A perfect type of windshield to use in the Ez Go golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Light tinted and transparent shade create perfect visibility
  • Double part windshield
  • Requires no additional tools and drilling to use
  • Easy installable and removable
  • Enough durable and avoid all kind of impacts

4. AW Fold Down Golf cart windshield

It is available in a single variant. The clear color windshield helps to provide the best visibility to the user. High quality heavy duty acrylic has been the main material of this windshield that avoids any kind of impact on the road. This windshield is available in all sizes for EzGo golf carts. Package of the windshield comes with the windshield, a manual guide, and all the tools and accessories. It is a very light weighted windshield with a weight of 13.29 pounds only. From the bigger sized golf cart to the smaller one, this AW windshield can be used for all of them.

Key Features:

  • Clear colored windshield for excellent visibility
  • Double part for dual purpose
  • Light in weight for easy carrying while installing
  • Made from high quality material
  • Can avoid any kind of cracks or impacts of road

5. FAT CAT EZ Go golf cart windshield

This is another great windshield for use in the EzGo edition golf cart. From 1995-2013 model EZ Go golf carts, this windshield can be used easily. The transparent color windshield helps to see all the things clearly through it. A double part folding windshield is a great thing for convenience. This windshield weighs around 11 pounds and manufactured by the Thirty Six South manufacturer. There are extra tools needed for using the windshield. Tools from the package are enough for attaching the windshield to the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Provide perfect visibility for the clear color windshield
  • Double part windshield for dual purpose
  • Very easy installation process
  • High quality made windshield can avoid any kind of impact
  • A very durable windshield that can be used for a long time

Yamaha Golf Cart Windshield

Yamaha is one of the most popular brands all over the world. Their golf carts also have a good demand among the golfers. Yamaha golf carts require a different type of windshield compare to the EzGo and the other ones.  Some windshields for the Yamaha golf cart has been given here:

1. Classic Accessories Deluxe golf cart windshield

It is a very unique type of windshield for the Yamaha golf cart. As most of the golf cart windshields are made from acrylic material or polycarbonate, this windshield is made from high quality vinyl. That is why; this windshield is very light in weight. The rip and grip strap system of this windshield helps to adjust with any kind of golf cart from Yamaha. Though it is made from vinyl, it can easily avoid rain, wind, and any kind of obstacle. Heavy duty vinyl also avoids any kind of obstacle from the road. If portability is an issue, there is no windshield better than this one for using.

Key Features:

  • Very unique vinyl made material
  • Can be stored in the golf bag by rolling up easily
  • Very easy to install or remove
  • Rip and grip strap for easy fitment
  • A perfect portable windshield

2. Clear Windshield for Yamaha golf cart

This is a simple type of windshield that has clear visibility. It has been using in Yamaha Golf cart from 1995 to 2022 models. This is the USA made product that can ensure the best service in the golf carts. The windshield is made from high quality acrylic material with a thickness of 3/16″. In the packaging, there are all the necessary parts for installing this windshield. The golfers, who have the regular necessity of avoiding dust and obstacles, can go for this windshield.

Key Features:

  • One of the clearest windshield for proper visibility
  • Made from durable acrylic material
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Double part windshield for advantage
  • No extra parts or tools needed for attaching

3. ECOTRIC G29 Windshield

The ECOTRIC G29 is called one of the thickest windshields in the market. It is 38.75 inches wide and 35.75 inches in height. This windshield is protected from shattering and cracking because it is made from high quality and durable acrylic material. Clear colored windshield ensures great visibility to the users. There are no extra tools or equipment needed for attaching the windshield. The company provides all the necessary things in the package for attaching the windshield in the frame. A very initiative step was taken by the company while delivering the windshield. They apply two extra protective layers on both sides of the windshield. This can be a great windshield to use thinking overall facilities.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality acrylic material
  • The total structure is shatterproof and free from cracking
  • One of the thinnest windshield in the market
  • Dual part folding system for easy using
  • Perfect to use at all the golf cart model of Yamaha

4. Buggies Unlimited Windshield

There are two different variants available in this windshield. One is the clear windshield and the other one is a tinted windshield. Both of the windshields are very efficient and perfect to use in any kind of weather or situation. Like other windshields. This model is also made from high quality acrylic material with a thickness of 3/16″. A dual part windshield can be kept folded anytime when it’s needed. This windshield is a USA origin product so that there is no doubt about the quality. The total weight of this windshield is 17 pounds only. Judging all the features, this windshield is good to use for the Yamaha Golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Available in two different variants of color and texture
  • Double part foldable windshield
  • High quality and heavy duty acrylic material ensure durability
  • Easy installing process
  • Avoid all kind of obstacles and absorb impacts

5. 10LOL HD golf cart windshield

10LOL is a very trusted company and brand for its high quality golf cart accessories. This windshield is also the best product from them. Best thing about this windshield is the durability. It has been tested 3000 times of tearing which proves the heavy duty durability of this windshield. 6 Velcro straps on the side ways help to attach the windshield into the perfect position. Main part of this windshield is made from vinyl. As vinyl is a very light material, it can be stored in a golf bag and carry easily. Very clear visibility along with the thermal insulation feature of this windshield makes it more active and perfect than the others. It is called the HD windshield because it has more clear visibility compare to the glass one. With the entire advanced feature, this windshield can be called the best one for the YAMAHA golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality vinyl that ensures better visibility
  • 6 separate and adjustable strap for attaching the windshield at the perfect position
  • Very durable material and perfect for using in any weather
  • Easy to install or remove by folding or unfolding
  • Best windshield for portable carrying
Golf Cart Windshield

Golf Cart Windshield

What is a golf cart windshield made of?

The golf cart windshield is mainly made from two types of material. One is the acrylic material and the other one is polycarbonate. They get used most of the time. But some of the windshields are made from heavy duty vinyl as they get used as portable windshield.

How wide is a golf cart windshield?

The measurement is dependent on the model of the golf cart. For example, EzGo branded golf cart and Yamaha branded golf cart don’t have the same shape of windshield. But the average measurement of a golf cart windshield is 38.1/2 inches in the width at the narrowest point and 39.5 inches at the widest point.

How do you put a windshield on an EZ Go golf cart?

Putting a windshield in the EZ Go golf cart is a very easy process.

  1. First of all, remove the previous windshield clamps
  2. Put the windshield in the perfect place using the nuts
  3. Tight up the nuts and screws using a screwdriver
  4. Check all the edges of the windshield if it is perfectly attached or not

So this is an easy way to install the windshield into the EZ Go golf cart.

Buying Guide

Some of the essential terms can be followed before buying the best windshield for the golf cart. And here they are:

Easy installation ability with proper placing: Golfer will not remove or attach the windshield daily. Therefore, make sure to buy a perfect windshield that can be placed and tight up easily into the golf cart

Proper visibility: The main purpose of using the windshield is to avoid obstacles, dirt, and getting perfect visibility at a time. But if the windshield is not clear enough, having good visibility is quite impossible. Besides, it may not catch reflections of direct sunlight or even opposite lights. That is why; check the visibility of the glass when buying.

Final Words

Golf cart windshields are very important and perfect to use for golf courses. They protect the golfers from dust, debris, mud, and any kind of obstacles. Besides, they are perfect to use in any kind of weather and situation. For tackling the heavy rain or snow from the front side, there is no alternative thing rather than the windshield. Even there is no chance of breaking, tearing, or shattering the windshields because; they are made from high quality and heavy duty material. The material can avoid vibration, impact, and any kind of shock.

Yamaha and EZ Go golf carts may use different types of windshields, but all of them are the same in their efficiency. They are light in weight, provide perfect visibility, and protect the golfer along with the instruments at a time. A golf cart with a perfect windshield is a perfect thing to use.

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