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Best Golf Cart Speaker and Mount Reviews 2023

Golf cart speakers are get used for a lot of purposes. Having a speaker in the golf cart means making the golf cart a little bit more advanced. As speakers help to produce sounds, golf cart speakers are very much perfect and accurate to supply the music, or playing radio or news. While going to the ground, the golfer can have a piece of chilled music or some important daily news or even hear some talk shows and get updates of the daily matches through the speaker. They can’t be placed or use easily in the golf cart. Therefore, mounting is also an essential thing.

What is Mounting?

Basically mounting is a type of clamping system or adjusting system that can be used for placing the speaker on the golf cart. Front side of the dashboard is an ideal area for placing the speaker. Or they can be used as portable ones by carrying in the hand. Here some of the golf cart speakers and mounts along with the details and specifications have been given below:

Best Golf Cart Speaker and Mount Review

1.Oontz portable Bluetooth speaker

With some excellent features and good quality, the Oontz speaker for the golf carts comes first. Cambridge Soundworks is the brand that has invented this speaker. There is a total of 8 different colors available in this speaker. Each of the colors is enough beautiful and gorgeous. This single type of speaker is loaded with some great features. First of all, the charging backup. With 3-4 hours of charging, this speaker can operate for almost 14 hours continuously. This great feature lets the speaker use it for a long time. Provides very good and clear sound to the users because of the high quality material and standard design.

5 inches in width and 2.8 inches in length deliver a beautiful and compact design to the users. All the great specifications make the speaker more advanced and perfect to use for golf carts and even for other purposes. A very unique triangular shape and the downward angled bass radiator let the speaker deliver enough good sound quality and performance. 10+ watt power amp pumps out more sound with clear quality all the time. At the sidelines, all the buttons are placed perfectly and give a soft feel to the user. A unique of this speaker is, it can be played or used by sharing with other speakers. That means, two separate speakers can be connected and controlled with a single device. With a great distance of around 100 feet, it can be played very easily even without facing any kind of laggings.

That is because of the powerful radar and signal frequency of the speaker. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 version provides all these great facilities to the speaker. For day to day usage or in the golf cart even in pool parties, there is no better option than the OontZ portable speaker.

Key Features:

  • High quality build and sturdy main construction
  • Dual stereotype speaker for better sound and quality
  • Perfectly placed downward facing passive bass radiator for better frequency
  • Loaded with advanced features like waterproof, dustproof, splash proof, and all weather proof
  • Long time battery life even the same performance in the low battery mode with the short time charging

2. INSMY Portable Speaker

For a beautiful and unique design, INSMY is one of the best portable speakers. This speaker is not only beautiful in look, but also very much efficient in the performance. A total of 6 different colors are available in this speaker. Each of the colors is enough gorgeous and unique than the other. With a lower weight of 7.96 ounces, this speaker can be used for any kind of purpose and necessity. As most of the speakers are operated by using the buttons or through the smartphone, this speaker is completely operated by using touch sensors. Contains a moderate level battery of 1200 mAh which can perform for 12 hours continuously. Very low charging time too.

It takes only 3 hours to get fully charged and for using a half day. Because of the 5w driver and the passive radiator, the INSMY Bluetooth speaker can deliver enough loud and clear sound. Even, there is no distortion and lagging in the sound when the volume is high. There is a built in USB port, a mic port, and a strong build suction cap in the speaker. Suction cap helps to provide enough gripping and adjustment in the vertical surface. For the unique features and shaping, this portable speaker from INSMY can be chosen by all.

Key Features:

  • Unique design and shape with touch controlling operating system
  • Latest Bluetooth edition of 5.0 runs the whole speaker very accurately and smoothly
  • IPX7 waterproof technology along with dustproof, windproof, and splash proof make the speaker stay 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes
  • Long operating time of 12 hours with the 3 hours lower charging time
  • Easy to access and operate and use by smart phone, tablet, PC or using SD card or headphones

3. JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker

There are a few people who don’t know about the JBL Company. They are very much popular worldwide for their high quality sound systems. Like their other products, this is an advanced portable speaker which can be used for golf carts and even for other purposes. Weighs around 2.25 pounds. A total of 11 beautiful colors are available with this speaker. In size, this speaker has a long length shape with a round structure. This thing makes the speaker more sturdy and compact for both look and durability. This model from JBL lets the user connect the speaker with 2 different speakers at a time which gets enabled for the PartyBoost feature of the speaker.

Compare to the other speakers, this one has one of the biggest sized batteries of about 4800mAh which can surely provide a long time performing ability to the user. Total speaker set along with the essential tools and items come in heavy duty and compact hardshell case. For carrying the speaker and keep safe from any kind of damage or stain, the hardshell case gets used. In terms of brand value along with performance, this speaker can be a perfect party maker for sure.

Key Features:

  • A bigger sized battery of 4800 mAh with long operating time even in the lower charging time
  • Easy to access and operate through smartphone and application
  • IPX7 waterproof feature with heavy duty construction for all weather and surface usage
  • Proper protective hard case with EVA foam made and soft velvet lining
  • Dual stereo connecting ability with easy access for party boost feature

4. TRIBIT Portable Speaker

For using in golf carts or other sectors, TRIBIT is a good type of speaker to use. This portable Bluetooth speaker is available in two colors of black and blue. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, this speaker can provide crystal clear sound without any lagging or disturbance. High quality X Bass technology provides 20% more bass sound than any other speakers. A dual type 8W power driver is enough to deliver the maximum sound without any kind of distortion or problem.

With a great distance operating system of 100 feet, this speaker can be controlled or used through smart phone or tablet, or PC. Very stylish and beautiful matte finishing along with the buttons at the upper side and curved design makes the speaker more beautiful and sturdy enough for using on any kind of surface. It can be the suitable one for using in the golf cart and even for carrying in different areas too.

Key Features:

5. MIFA F10 Speaker

MIFA F10 is one of those speaker models, which has a heavy duty look and design. This round shaped speaker contains a size of 4 inches. Grey is the only color that is available in this speaker. This cute little performer is designed with a class G double pump audio power amplifier along with the DSP 3D chip, which enables the speaker to deliver 3D bass and sound to the users. At the top side of the speaker, there is aluminum made housing that helps to place the speaker into the wall or any vertical position.

For safety, this high quality built speaker contains IP56 waterproof and splashproof technology. A moderate level distance rate of 33 feet helps to use the speaker through a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or PC without any lagging and issue. The battery size is perfect enough according to the size. Having a 900 mAH battery, it can run for 10 hours continuously with 75% volume. Charging time required to 3 hours is suitable. Hanging in the front side or rear side of the golf cart, this little Bluetooth speaker is enough the refresh the golfer.

Key Features:

  • Small and compact size with powerful sound providing the ability
  • Can generate 3D sound and bass for the latest DSP 3D chip technology
  • Durable metal hook at the upper side with an easy adjusting system
  • Easy to access and operate through Bluetooth 4.0 version with any kind of smartphone or PC
  • IP56 waterproof, dustproof, and splash proof

6. Ampcaddy Version 3 Bluetooth Speaker

If someone doesn’t get informed that it is a Bluetooth speaker, he may not recognize it so easily. That is because of the size and shape of the speaker. It can be considered the best looking speaker among the others. There are two types of speakers available in this model. They are different in size and shape. Version 3 model has a square shaped design where version 3 max contains the rectangular shape. This is a portable speaker that is specially designed for golfers and golf games. Very easy to mount with the golf cart or in the pushcart. With the 2″ sized resonator and the powerful 15 watts, this speaker can produce a very loud sound with clear quality.

For the clipping system at the rear side of the speaker, it can be easily placed or attached to the golf cart and the handle. In terms of operating time, this Bluetooth speaker can run for almost 20 hours with the 3 hours full charge. This means it can perform easily for an all day long game. Directional audio swivel for 180 degrees perfectly delivers the sound to the surrounding areas very easily. As this speaker can make a good adjustment in the golf cart, there may not any better speaker for the portability than this one.

Key Features:

  • Delivers clear sound with loud bass for the 2 inched resonator bass boost
  • Perfectly adjust with the golf cart through the clipping system
  • Very long operating time of 20 hours with a short charging time
  • Avoid any kind of scratch, break or damage from 5 feet dropping
  • Build in IPX7 waterproof and shockproof resistant features

7. ROKFORM G Rok Portable Golf Speaker

Judging on the exterior structure, this speaker can easily declare as heavy duty and durable. That is because of the design of this speaker. There is no such speaker as like as the ROKFORM G Rok speaker in terms of size and design. With the rectangular shape and upper side buttons, this speaker can be chosen by any golfer for using in their golf carts. A very easy magnetic mounting system helps to connect the speaker with the golf cart very easily. Thinking about the durability, this speaker also contains anti drop feature that delivers heavy duty usage to the speaker. For better and clear sound, there are 8 watt drivers of 2 pieces in the speaker. 3600 mAh battery is perfect to play the music in the speaker for a long time. Golfers will fall in love with the speaker and the specifications for sure and use it in the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty and sturdy construction
  • Built in magnetic mounting for easy adjusting and using
  • Comes with IPX7 waterproof and dustproof feature
  • Provides a long time operating service of 24 hours with a full charge
  • Drop resistant technology for avoiding damage or stain

8. AMPCADDY Subwoofer Golf Cart Speaker

This one is another portable speaker from the AMPCADDY brand. It is mainly a subwoofer with a bigger size and rectangular shape. The maximum output power of this speaker is 40 watts that are enough for producing the accurate sound of the speaker. Generates very loud but clear sound from the 15 watts powerful supply and the bass boost of 2 inched resonators.

Like the previous one, this speaker also contains the same thing and specification except the sizing. There is a high quality made mounting system at the lower side of the speaker which helps to create better adjustment and gripping with the golf cart. With the 180 degrees audio swivel, the speaker can supply a surrounding and accurate sound to the user. Can be handled easily from a distance of 100 feet with a clear sound. The rechargeable batteries can perform for about 20 hours continuously with no disturbance. In terms of big sized speakers with sounder, the AMPCADDY subwoofer can probably the best choice.

Key Features:

  • Rugged and compact design for heavy duty usage
  • Easy access and connection using Bluetooth from any device
  • 180 degrees directional audio swivel with perfect sound delivering
  • IPX7 shock and waterproof resistant technology
  • 100 feet connection range with crystal clear sound and easy operating system

9. NOAM NUTV4 Golf Cart Speaker

For those golfers who love to have surrounding sounds in 360 degrees or the whole golf cart area; this golf cart speaker is a good choice. This speaker for the golf cart is available in 4 pieces. Each of them contains the size of 4 inches which means they are properly sized. The maximum output of this speaker is 100 watts. In the total packaging, there is an amplifier, 4 separate speakers, 1 Bluetooth controller, power wire, and all the essential mounting accessories, which means there are no extra tools needed for attaching the speaker into the golf cart. A balanced weight of 16.50 pounds of these speakers let them use easily and perfectly into the golf carts. Containing all the essential features, this speaker can surely suit the golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Unique shaped and separate speakers
  • Build in Bluetooth controller for easy access and usage
  • Durable plastic made upper chamber helps to adjust the speakers with any kind of object
  • High quality and durable poly injection plastic made cone shaped exterior of the speakers
  • All the essential kits come with the full packaging so no necessity of adding extra ones

10. Herdio Heavy Duty Speakers

They are available in two pieces of speakers. 4 inches sized speakers look enough compact and sturdy to use in golf carts. All the speakers from above contain a Bluetooth system except this one. Corded electricity is the main source of operating the speakers. These marine graded hi fi speakers are the perfect one for using continuously. As they run from battery, they can be used without any charging issue or even the laggings. All these useful features lead the speaker to a perfect one. IP66 waterproof ability of this speaker let it use perfectly without facing any kind of issue in the bad weather or even on the rainy days. If the golfers know about the specification and features of this speaker, they will surely go for it.

Key Features:

  • Very compact and sturdy in size
  • Excellent frequency response of 80-20000hz
  • Easy installation process with the provided brackets and other tools
  • Heavy duty plastic made the main cabinet about any kind of water source
  • Stainless and rustproof front grill
Golf Cart Speaker and Mount

Golf Cart Speaker and Mount

Best Speaker Mounts

Mount for the speakers has been defined earlier on this topic. They are helpful, compact, durable, and light in weight. Some of the best brands for speaker mounts have been given below:

1. Bushwhacker Original Portable Golf Cart Speaker Mount

With a flexible and heavy duty fitment, this mount weighs around 2.39 ounces. As Bluetooth speakers are available in different sizes and shapes, this mount is perfect enough for adjusting all shaped ones. There are 3 buckles with separate strapping that allows the speaker to connect with the golf cart. From vertical to horizontal, this mount is perfect enough for adjusting at any angle.

Key Features:

  • 3 separate adjustable strap for durable adjusting
  • Maximum 12 inches sized speakers are easily adjustable with the mount
  • Inner part contains a non slippery feature that can avoid falling from any impact
  • Half inched padding absorb any kind of shock and prevent the speaker from rattling at a time
  • Enough stretchy inner side for avoiding stain or damage in a long time usage

2. HomeMount Golf Cart Speaker Mount

At the handlebar or the side frames of the golf cart, this mount can be placed along with the speaker. Main material of this mount is nylon. As nylon is a very effective and hard material, there is no compromise about the quality of this mount. The adjustable strap of this mount is enough durable and the tightness can be set according to the hooks. No chance of falling even in great impact or driving as the inner part contains enough durable partition. A maximum railing size of 3 inches is perfect enough for adjusting the mount without facing any issue. Besides, HomeMount Company is enough concerned about their customers with a great after sell service.

Key Features:

  • Contains a very efficient and perfect design for attaching to the golf cart
  • The humanized antiskid design delivers scratch proof technology along with tighter straps
  • Easily adjustable straps keep the speaker in a perfect position
  • Suits with all kind of railings with the size of 3 inches
  • Very promising and responsive company policy

3. Ayaport Speaker Mount Holder

Compare to the other holders for speakers, Ayaport has a safer structure and size. There are two different sizes available in this mount holder. One is 3.75 inches and the other one is 5.75 inches. Here is a benefit of the sizes. That is because, other things like bottles, or containers, or other similar objects can be put in the holder except for the sound player. The 2 strap design is enough flexible and perfect for carrying any weighted speaker easily with a perfect adjustment. A maximum length of 8.5 inches is possible to fit into the mount without any tightening issue. There are also two different types of attaching systems of this mount. They are the carabiner and bungee cord. There are very few mounts with dual using features except this one.

Key Features:

  • Unique mesh type design
  • Comfortable 2 strap system for easy gripping and avoiding speaker buttons
  • Bigger size and shape helps to contain all type of speakers
  • Multi purpose mount with carabineer and bungee cord
  • Can be used by hanging in the tree with a carabiner or attaching in the cart or backpack through a bungee cord.

4. XISLET Speaker Mount

For a flexible and tight adjustment, the XISLET mount can be a good choice for golfers. With the handlebar mounting pattern, this speaker mount is enough durable and strong. Or else, it can be placed on any kind of vertical or horizontal surface of the golf cart. 2 straps at the mount, one is at the top side and the other one is at the lower side. It helps to have an easy operation on the Bluetooth speaker through the middle shaped buttons. For avoiding slippery or traction, the straps are made from high quality material that helps to keep the balance even in major impacts or falling. Typical structure with good performance is the main efficiency of this mount.

Key Features:

  • Strap made from high quality non slippery material
  • 2 strap design delivers easy access and operating ability
  • Perfectly capture the speaker even without making any fall
  • No extra tools or instruments required for installing
  • Can be used for multipurpose like holding water bottle, cans or other kinds of stuff

5. HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart

Another suitable product from the HomeMount Company. As their previous model was good enough, this one is the same. But there is a little bit of difference between them. As the material, nylon has been used in this golf cart speaker mount. There is a single color available in this model and that is black. Maximum 13 inches sized mount can easily adjust any sized portable sized speaker in it. Though there is a single strap in the mount, it is tight enough with strong gripping and can easily avoid any kind of falling. 3 separate adjustable structures with quality strap easily fix with the handlebar or other suitable places. Enjoy the music by putting the speaker into the HomeMount portable speaker mount.

Key Features:

  • Made from heavy duty and durable Nylon material
  • 13 inches bigger size can easily hold any kind of speaker
  • Scratch proof and enough tight strap can avoid falling or any kind of shaking
  • PU leather used for the upper part of the strap
  • Very easy to install and perfect to use as a multipurpose holder

Buying Guide

As there is two separate type item described above, there will be two separate buying guides too. First of all, buying guide for the speaker.

Here are some of the terms that can be considered as the buying guide of a speaker. And here they are:

Quality: Quality is the priority of everyone in terms of buying anything. If the speaker is not made of good quality material, there is a chance of getting damaged or having scratches even at the lower effort. A good decision is to buy a speaker with good outer quality.

Good bass with loud sound: As most of the speakers nowadays contain the high quality PowerBoost feature, they can easily provide enough good bass with louder sounds even without making any distortion. But sometimes, the sound may get damaged even with the PowerBoost feature that is why check the sound and the bass properly before going for it.

Battery backup: Battery backup is the most important thingfor listing as the buying guide. Some users may have the priority for design or loud bass or sound. But among all, the majority of the user comes with the battery backup requirement. That is because, all these speakers are portable. That means they can be charged continuously rather than a single charge. Battery backup and standby are totally dependent on the battery capacity. Therefore, check the battery capacity and the easy charging ability by using smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Batteries.

Easy portability: Another main purpose of using these speakers is the easy portability feature. If they can’t be carried easily, they may not become useful to the golfers. Carrying the speaker into the golf cart or in the golf cart is their main requirement. Must check if there is a hook or any suitable area in the speaker for connecting the cord or the hook. Besides, choosing a proper sized and shaped speaker is also very important.

Additional features: For a long time and heavy duty usage, these speakers must have to contain some of the additional features. Among them, waterproof and scratch-proof feature is the common ones. IPX7 and IP56 are the versions of waterproof-resistant technology. Besides, these features can avoid water splashes or even minor scratches too. Some of the speakers contain the anti drop feature that helps to avoid any kind of damage or break of the speaker from a major or minor dropping.

Perfect connectivity: All these speakers get to operate using Bluetooth. Most of the advanced models are now have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version which lets the speaker provide a clear sound and frequency even from a good distance. Some speakers can even perform smoothly and clearly even from 100 feet or more distance. Having easy connectivity and perfect sound-flowing frequency can be listed as the choice of the users.

Brand value: This term should have been listed as the first requirement. But the fact is, some famous brands sometimes don’t contain extra features or even battery backup. So listing the brand value as a priority may not become useful. Some of the users have trust in the brands and their products. So this term can be considered as the major requirement of buying guide by some of the users or may not.

For Speaker Mount

Here are some of the terms as buying guide for the speaker mount.

High quality build: Nylon and PVC are the most common type of material that gets used for the mount. As they are enough durable, they can last for a long time with accurate performance. Choosing other material made mounts may not be useful as they have a chance of ripping or getting damaged.

Easy straps: High quality nylon made Velcro straps are the most important part of the mount. Adjusting the speaker with a mount is only possible through the straps. Different branded mounts contain different numbered straps. Some have one, some two but the maximum number of the strap is three. Make sure to go for a mount that has an easy attaching and removing strap system with perfect quality because the straps can make an issue of operating the speakers. As all the speakers have the operating buttons at the sidelines, attaching the strap onto the buttons may create difficulties for playing and using the speakers.

Universal fitment: Different speakers contain different sizes. Some of the speakers are small in size, some are medium and some are enough big. Especially, subwoofers have a bigger size and shape than the other portable speakers. If the mount doesn’t have any capacity of keeping the speaker, it is of no use. Therefore, choosing a bigger sized or universal sized mount may not create an issue. With the size of 13-15 inches, the mounts can be used easily for carrying the speaker in it.

All surface adjusting ability: If area shifting is an issue, then this term can be listed in the buying guide. Not everyone has the same requirement of placing or music. Some may have different thinking and purposes. Mounting the speaker into the side handlebars of the golf cart is a common placement. But sometimes it can be changed according to the user’s want. All these facilities are possible to overcome by using safety buckles or adjusting rear structures. They can be placed anywhere or on any surface if they contain the proper rear mounting system in them.

Nonslippery Feature: It is a must-needed thing for the speaker mount. Basically, a speaker contains enough weight as they have a good size. Sometimes they can even weigh around a kilo too. If they are placed into the mount, they have a chance of falling or the mount may get detached from the handlebar. That is because of the slipping issue. Unless the adjusting straps don’t contain the ant slipping feature or the ability, the mounts have less chance of adjusting with the golf cart even in the jerks or impacts.

Where do you Mount Speakers on a Golf Cart?

Mounting the speakers in the golf cart is dependent on the size and the shape. Many of the speakers come in a single piece or dual piece. But some of the speakers are available in 4 pieces. Attaching these speakers is not the same as each other. Most of the speakers get mounted on the dashboard side. That is because; the driver can easily operate the speaker through the buttons or the controller. But the placing may become different in case there are a good number of speakers. A mounting process that time becomes a little bit creative and difficult too. Sometimes, some of the areas of a golf cart require drilling or making holes to place the speakers.

Dashboard, under the seat, overhead side, or the rear shell panel part of the golf cart can be some ideal places for mounting the speakers. All these options are available for using portable speakers. As they don’t require any kind of wiring issues, there is no procedure at all. But corded speakers may not become easy to mount as like as portable ones. Therefore, some of the placings for portable speakers must have to avoid for the corded speakers.

How do I Connect my Bluetooth to my Golf Cart?

Connecting the Bluetooth in the golf cart doesn’t require any kind of additional processes. It is a very easy and simple method of connecting. Processes of connecting the Bluetooth in the golf cart have been given down:

  • First of all, choose the Bluetooth which you want to connect with the golf cart. There are a lot of Bluetooth available in the markets which multifunctional buttons and features. For example, choose a circular Bluetooth to the similar size of the steering center cap
  • Install the Bluetooth by removing the cap using screwdrivers and put the cap back in place.
  • If the Bluetooth completely cover the gap, there is no necessity of adjusting the cap
  • Once the installing is done, adjust the Bluetooth properly using either screw and nuts or sticky tapes so that it may not fall in the impacts
  • When the Bluetooth is successfully connected with the steering, now it’s time for pairing
  • Turn on the device and connect it with your smartphone or tablet or IOS from the Bluetooth setting. Pair the device and give the required passcode. 0000 or 1234 is the two common types and effective passcode for the pairing.
  • When the Bluetooth connection is successful, there will be a light blinking into the device that means your device is ready to go.

So these are the simple ways of operating or connecting the Bluetooth with the golf cart. There will be no difference in installing methods for the other branded or shaped Bluetooth devices too.

Do Golf Carts Have Radios?

Well, they don’t. Using a golf cart in the beach or private area or even in the golf course actually doesn’t require using a radio. Users may carry a portable speaker or even can play from the smartphone or other gadgets. But if there is a necessity of using radio, there is a chance of installing or adding too.

Final Words

Speakers for golf carts may not seem useful to some of the users, but fancy golfers always fall in love with it. Not only suitable for hearing songs, but it can also even telecast daily news through the phone. That means they are very informative too. Thinking about the carrying issue, the mount also fills up the necessity. Not only for carrying the speaker but the mount can also be used as a multipurpose carrying object. Both speaker and mount are a perfect combination for the golf cart. That is why; don’t forget to buy a mount after going for the speaker.

Play the songs, get daily updates, and use the radio anytime anywhere in your golf cart. Attach the mount with the handlebar and put the speaker into it. Forget about the placing and enjoy the times. Why become boring in the cart when you have a good entertaining object with its savior. Make every moment and time worthwhile.

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