Best Golf Cart Light Bar Reviews 2021

Best Golf Cart Light Bar Reviews 2021

Golf is one of the most favorite games in the world. There are a lot of golfers. For playing golf game must need a golf cart for carrying golfers. In all golf courses, there are many kinds of the golf cart. Some of the golfers have their golf carts. Or usually, most golfers need a golf cart to move from one place to another place. Golf carts carry the golfers with their golf clubs and other components. Without a golf cart, golfers cannot reach their golf course to play at the right time.

Sometimes the golf course is too far away from the main location of a golfer. So then a golf cart is badly needed. But there are some essential things to set up or install into the golf cart. A golf cart needs some necessary components to install manually. These are lights, indicator sidelights, bar lights, etc. But among these a golf cart light bar is so much essential for driving safely. But the best golf cart light bar is more useful for any golf cart. It can be found in a package with golf cart turn light kits. So people can easily find these items.

What is a Golf Cart Light Bar?

A golf cart light bar is one of the most essential components for any golf cart. If a golf cart needs to drive at night then there must be a light bar in the golf cart. It is safe for having a light bar in the golf cart. Without a light bar in the golf cart, it is incomplete. It is not a good fact. A golf cart light bar helps the driver for driving easily. They can see the entire invisible or disturbances scene in the dark mode. A golf cart light bar increase also a golf cart's beauty. It is a must need to have a light bar in the golf cart.

Best Golf Cart Light Bar

Best Golf Cart Light Bar Review

Product Image

Product Name



Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar


Nilight LED Light Bar Set


EZGO 74001G01 Freedom Light Bar


Linkitom LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar


Parts Direct Golf Cart 21" LED Utility Light Bar


In this article, we try to introduce some of the best golf cart light bars with their key features also. So people can easily gather information about some golf cart light bars.

1. Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

This is produced by the popular brand Rigidhorse. This LED light bar is made with aluminum. This light bar is small in size. But it is more powerful to give high brightness. It has an 8d reflective cup lens. It provides a softer light beam and also further irradiation distance. 6000k color temperature with 30000Lumens in these high-power LEDs.

There is a special high flood reflective cup that provides an irradiation area more extensive than an ordinary 1 red LED light bar. It is most important to bide this light bar in any harsh condition. So this light bar is made with strong durable aluminum alloy. A black-painted aluminum housing and the strongest optic lens are covered this light bar. To look stylish and a better view it is covered with an adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket. Also a shatterproof 6063 PC lenses durable to withstand any tough conditions. Another advantage is these light transmission rates are higher than the PMMA lens and further reduce optical loss. It has a great life span of almost 50,000 hours.

It has another great advantage too. This is water resistance. It shows a great performance of waterproof. It can stay at least 30 minutes into 3.3 feet of water. It is effectively dust proof, shockproof, and anti-corrosion in any kind of rush weather. The heat sink is made of many kinds of aluminum with also mixed materials. If the heat sink affects perfectly then it ensures the waterproof rated to IP67 which helps to prevent the light bar foggy due to sharp difference in other temperature. It is easy to set any mounting holes and openings with standard base mounts because of using universal mounting brackets.

Its operating voltage range is between 9V-32V. In average voltage are 12 volts and 310 watts. It is fit perfectly for Toyota Tacoma, Hummer h2 h3, Chevy, Nissan titan pathfinder, Dodge ram, Yamaha Viking, Ford F150 F250 F350 ATV, SUV, Off-road, Project vehicle, 4*4, mining vehicle, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat pickup, Van, Van camper, Projector, In any heavy equipment, etc. It's another special feature is power-folding. This package includes 1*32 inches LED light bar and also 1 set of mounting brackets.

Key Features:

  • Durable aluminum light bar
  • High brightness
  • 8D reflective cup lens
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Higher light transmission rate than PMMA lens
  • Up to 50,000 hours life span
  • Great water resistance
  • Effectively dust proof and anti-corrosion
  • Universal Mounting Brackets are included
  • Operating voltage range between 9V-32V

2. Nilight LED Light Bar Set 12"

It is produced by the Nilight brand. It is a 20 Inch 420w LED light bar and wiring harness. It is designed with triple-row LED light bars. This light bar features an IP67 waterproof rate with also dust-proof and quake-proof rates. This is used in any rush weather because it is also anti-corrosion. It is durable to withstand any extreme conditions. Its life span over 50,000 hours. It's really surprising. It is made with an adjustable mounting bracket. This bracket can be adjusted and offered sliding techniques to adjust any position flexibly when people needed. This LED light bar is designed to improve the brightness for safely driving in the night.

To spread optimal light there are combined with a spotlight and floodlight combo beam in a light bar. This is also designed with a triple row and reflector cup for extreme light efficiency. There are also included a board reflective plate on both sides which allows multi-angle refraction ideal for ambient illumination. It has a better heat dissipation with a specially designed 6063. It is very essential to improve heat dissipation in any golf cart light bar.

This LED light bar has an aluminum profile with thermal greases which can improve the heat dissipation ability. This is an energy-efficient and low power consumption LED light bar. It has a super adjustable mounting bracket easy to install. It fit type is universal fit. This package includes a 1*12 Inch 300w LED light bar, 2*4 Inch 60w triple row flood spot LED light. Also has a Wiring harness kit.

Key Features:

  • Great multiple waterproof protection
  • Dust-proof, quake-proof, anti-explosion
  • Adjustable mounting bracket, so easy to install
  • Combo beam with a spotlight and floodlight
  • Better optimal light spread
  • Reflector cup design for extreme light efficiency
  • Ambient illumination
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Aluminum profile with thermal grease
  • Energy-efficient and low power consumption
  • Brighter than expected
  • Adopted high-quality materials
  • A wiring harness can hook up three LED lights
  • Inline blade fuse with resistant fuse holder

3. EZGO 74001GO1 Freedom Light Bar Assembly-Medalist & TXT

This is manufactured by Textron EZ GO – Parts (FC). This is a solid light bar in any golf cart. This freedom light bar assembly provides heightened visibility. This badly needs for safe driving at the night. So this light bar provides better brightness in the dark. Sometimes many light bars are broken somehow. So then it needs a replacement of this broken light bar. So this EZGO freedom light bar is used as a replacement for any broken light bar or as an addition to any vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Can provide heightened visibility to and from vehicle
  • Illuminate the direct and peripheral sight areas
  • Two light bar bulbs
  • 4/6 passenger shuttle
  • Refresher 1200 beverage cars
  • Typically used as a replacement for a broken light bar

4. NLinkitom LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar

This light bar is manufactured by the LINKITOM brand. This light bar average weight can be 3.69 pounds with 12 volts and 30 watts. There are included 30 hi-intensity LED chips with great visibility in daylight, night, raining and fog days also. This is so much important to drive safely at the night.

People can drive a golf cart easily and avoid more accidents in any extreme situation using this light bar into the golf cart. There are 7 different flash patterns with a single independent switch to cycle through modes. It is easier to use when people want to flash. Just need to memorize the last pattern call. Then start again recalling the last pattern.

Its panel dimensions are 15.6" (W) * 6.5" (D) * 3.1" (H). It has a 16 feet straight cable with an on/off power button and also an independent control switch. Plug and play. We can expect at over 50,000 hours life span. People can install it very easily. Just comes with 4 heavy strong magnets. Then only need to attach the strong magnets on any metal exterior of cars and at last plug the switch plug. That's a very easy installation. Super compatible with all these kinds of vehicles which have a 12-volt power socket.

It is fully encapsulated and weatherproof. So in any extreme weather, it is suitable for driving. And obviously, it is also anti-corrosion. It has also 7 optional flash patterns with a pattern-changing button which are more impressive to choose this light bar for any golf cart. Also include a super magnet for mounting on the car. This light bar is also great for the postal service, emergency vehicles, safety warnings, police vehicles, tow trucks, constructions vehicles, firefighter's cars, etc.

Key Features:

  • Super adjustable and bright
  • High visibility in daylight, night, rainy or foggy weather
  • The installation process is very easy
  • 7 different flash patterns
  • Include 16 feet straight cable with on/off power
  • Up to 50,000 hours life span
  • Compatible with these kinds of the vehicle which have 12 volt power socket
  • Can improve the driver security and reduce accident rates

5. Parts Direct Golf Cart 21" LED Utility Light Bar Single Beam

This is also a good quality light bar. This is manufactured by Parts Direct. Its voltage range is between 12V-24V. This light bar average watts is 54 watts with 4050 Lumen. This is a single beam utility light bar.

Key Features:

  • The voltage range is between 12V-24V
  • The average watts is 54w
  • 4050 lumen
  • Include just a single beam

6. RecPro Club Car Precedent Electric Golf Cart All LED Light Kit

This electric golf cart LED light is great for driving at night. This LED light kit includes all kinds of necessary components people should need to light up in the dark road for safe driving. It is made with LED technology. You will receive high-quality bright assembly LED headlights. It has an LED headlight bar and also LED tail lights. Especially this kit is for electric carts 2008.5 and newer. Include a bucket harness and wiring harness as well.

This bucket harness is divided into two lines which are the harness that goes to the LED tail lights and another sub harness that goes to the LED headlights. There is a small hole for mounting the tail lights to be placed properly. These light bars have 12 volts batteries to supply power. People should use a voltage reducer if their cart has 8V batteries and also find best golf cart battery.

Key Features:

  • Includes LED headlight bar and LED tail lights
  • Use for mainly electric cart 2008.5 and newer
  • This kit contains also a bucket harness and wiring harness
  • 12V batteries

7. Led Warning Lights 36 Inch Police Emergency Strobe Light Bar

This is manufactured by LE-JX top brand. These light bars weigh is around 3.74 pounds. Its dimension is 35.5 * 2.5 * 2.5 Inch. It has 32 high-intensity LEDs which is brighter and more effective than other standard Led strobe lights. This is great to visible clearly in daylight also. It has a waterproof shell and universal. People need to keep their emergency light bar safe and secure. To avoid rust or anything in extreme conditions this light bar is absolutely fine for that. It is made of high-quality ABS materials.

This is high weatherproof undoubtedly and can be used in any rush conditions. These emergency strobe Led lights fit for all vehicles which have a 12V power source. There are 13 different modes to use it easily. Different patterns of flashing can be controlled by one button. This light bar also includes directional flash patterns. It is easy to use for a special mode memory function which is available in this light bar. There are 9 cups mounted on the base for easy installation.

This package includes a 1*35.5 Inch emergency light bar with a special cigar lighter. Also, have a modes change button. There are an 11 feet high-quality extension cable. It is a non-stretchable, fully straight high-quality cable. The user manual is included also.

Key Features:

  • Total super brighter 32 high intensity Led
  • The pure waterproof shell and universal
  • Weatherproof light bar
  • 13 modes with unique flash patterns
  • Also a memory recall function
  • On/off power button
  • Used high ABS materials
  • Visible during daytime conditions
  • 11 feet long non-stretchable straight cable

Mind Something Before Buying

Here we have discussed some best golf cart light bars in his article. Now you can select the best one for your golf cart. A golf cart usually needs for carrying the golfers. So it is most important to ensure the golfer's safety first. So people should use a high-quality golf cart light bar while driving at night. There are lots of brands that provide a lot of light bars on a golf cart. But people should remember something in their mind before buying a golf cart light bar.

They should research some of the best light bars in the market. They should check properly their key features while buying a light bar. According to their golf cart, they should select a perfect light bar having all the special features that really work. Anyone can take help from this article. Because we have discussed briefly all functionality of some best golf cart light bar. People can choose from here.

Can People Use a Light Bar as Headlights?

That does vary from golf carts sizes. A light bar may use as a long if it is low profile and lower than the headlights.

What is Better a Light Bar or Spotlights?

A light bar holds multiple-beam pattern options in the one light. Other hand the spotlight is designed for more focusing beams and bright further down the road.

Where do People do Aim a Light Bar?

People should mount a light bar on the roof of the golf cart. If people mount higher it is better for visible.

Final Words

At the last, we can now understand the golf cart light bar. It increases safety while driving a golf cart at night. So people should select the best golf cart light bar for receiving better facilities. The best one gives you the best services.

People should use this golf cart light bar for avoiding more accidents and increase their safety as well. But ensure that the light bar is high quality. Read attentively this article for choosing the best golf cart light bar.

Use the best golf cart light bar and enjoy while driving a golf cart and ensure your safety.

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