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10 Best Golf Cart Hub Caps Reviews

A golf game builds up with some essential equipment. The club, driver on the club, ball, tee, holes, and flag. The game is generally played in a long grass field where the field is big or large enough to contain a total of 18 holes. Sometimes, it may become difficult to walk on those grounds as they are big enough. Most of the golf games contain a big size ground which has the all holes put in it. Each of the holes stands at a good distance from the other one. To reduce the effort of walking, the golf carts are used for the players. In your topic, we will know about some of the best golf cart hub caps and their other related terms below.

What is a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is 4 wheeler car that is small compare to the other typical cars. It doesn't have the same feature as normal cars too. The golf carts are run by using gas or petrol. Some use the golf cart battery as their power source.. They can carry one or two golfers in them, as they are two seated. The golf cart helps the golfers to reach their playground or near their holes which helps to reduce their effort to walk.

Best Golf Cart Hub Caps

The hub cap for the golf cart can be said the shell of the wheel. They are mainly used for protecting the wheels of the car and for a gorgeous look. As the wheels of a golf cart are small in size, the hub caps have required the size from 8 inches to 10 inches. There are some obstacles on a golf ground like mud, dirt, small pieces of stone, etc. The hub caps help to keep the wheels safe from those things. It attaches with the wheel at the front side. Therefore, it looks like the cover of the wheel.

Let us know about some of the hub caps for golf cart and their brands below:

Best Golf Cart Hub Caps

Best Golf Cart Hub Caps

1. RHOX Wheel Cover

The RHOX wheel cover is manufactured by the RHOX Company. The size of the hub cap is 10 inches. The total set contains 4 pieces of hub caps for the wheels. The style of this hub cap is called the Daytona. It has a very shiny and attractive color combination of chrome and black in it. After installing these hub caps on the wheels of a golf cart, it will change the look completely. Each hub cap contains 3.85 pounds of weight. They can be used to protect your golf wheel easily.

Key Features:

  • Very stylish chrome color with black finishing
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for the Yamaha golf carts and E-Z-Go carts
  • Covers the total wheel it is 10 inch in size
  • High quality material will keep your wheels safe

2. Smart Parts Cart Hub Caps

This hub cap is manufactured by Smarts Parts Company. The size of this hub cap is 8 inches. It is perfect to use in all golf cart which has the wheel size of 8 inches. The total set of this hub cap comes with 4 pieces for a cart. Each of them weighs 3.02 Pounds. It has a very premium and shiny chrome color used in it. The high quality SS design of the hub cap makes it more beautiful and attractive to use on the cart.

A golf cart with these hub caps is easy to catch anyone's attention. As they have the universal 8-inch size, they are perfect to install at any branded golf carts like Yamaha, E-Z-Go, Club Car, etc. They will easily protect your wheels from any kind of possible road obstacles and last for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation system
  • Perfect to fit at any 8 inch sized golf carts
  • High-quality SS coating with 5 spoke chrome design for better attraction and look
  • Durable enough to avoid road bumps, potholes, dust, mud, etc
  • Perfectly fit with the wheel so that it will not fall or break easily even in a high road impact

3.10LOL Wheel Hub Caps

This company has an unique name of them for sure. But they have one of the best hub caps to them. The 10LOL wheel hub caps are available in 3 different colors. They are silver, black, and carbon fiber pattern. It is the total set for the 4 wheel cover.  The 8-inch size of the hub cap is perfect to fit any 8-inch tire as it has a universal size. The hub cap contains a very high quality that can easily avoid any kind of impact on the wheel.

It gives a very beautiful and gorgeous feel to the wheels compared to not using them. The carbon fiber color of the hub cap is more beautiful and attractive than any other color. Very easy to install and adjust with your golf cart by using 5 nuts at the middle of the hub caps. This hub cap is perfect and suitable for the 8 inches sized golf cart like Yamaha, Suzuki, or other carts. Just put the nuts in the holes, tight up with the wheel and that's it. Your golf cart is ready to go.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to fit that takes time less than a minute
  • High quality hub cap is completely rusted and scratch free
  • Universal size to fit all 8 inched rims
  • Contains 3 individual colors for the hub caps. Choose and use according to your taste
  • 5 alloy spoke is perfect enough to hold any kind of impact

4. GCK Golf Cart Wheel Hub Cap

This hub cap is different from the other ones. It has a turbine type design in it. The turbine type design means there is a lot of alloy spokes used in this hub cap. They are made from high quality steel and aluminum. The total wheel hub cap set comes in 4 pieces for a total car. The wheel hub cap has two different colors available in it. They are black and silver.

 The size of this hub cap is 8 inches. As it has a universal fitment, it can adjust with all the 8 inched golf cartwheels very easily. each of the hub cups weighs 8 ounces only. They are very easy to install too. There is no time waste to add them or remove them from your wheel.

Key Features:

  • Unique design compare to other hub caps
  • High-quality material with glossy color
  • Durable enough to avoid the roadside obstacles
  • Perfect for installing or removing as it has the universal size
  • Perfect for seeking the attention as it has the glossy finish

5. GTW Wheel Hub Cap

The GTW has some good demand as the golf cart wheel hub cap. Because of this, it has a very beautiful and unique design compared to the other hub caps. The total package has a set of four hub caps. They are perfect to use in any kind of golf cart as they have a size of 8 inches. The universal fitment of the hub cap allows the user to install them in less than a minute.

The best thing about this wheel hub cap is, it has a gorgeous design and chrome finish spokes. The turbine spokes are not much available in terms of the designs. They are unique to use for some of the users.

Key Features:

  • Enough durable and long lasting hub cap
  • Very unique look and design
  • High quality frame and material is perfect for the wheels
  • The turbine spoke reduce dust and other obstacles rather than other hub caps
  • Perfect to use and fit at any 8inch wheel

6.ROYKAW Wheel Hub Cap

The ROYKAW golf cart wheel hub cap is black. It is manufactured by the company ROYKAW Limited. Each hub cap weighs 2.96 pounds. It has a beautiful matte finished classic black hub cap color in it. This one is suitable to use for Yamaha/EZGO or other model golf carts which have an 8-inch wheel.

The 5 spoke allow with axel nut holes is perfect for catching the wheel through the nuts. They have no risk of falling whenever the cart moves or drives. This hub cap is more flexible and perfect compared to other hub caps because the material used in this hub cap is very high quality and perfect. They are very easy to adjust and fit with the wheel because they have the universal size for all 8 inched wheel carts

Key Features:

  • Classical but gorgeous design
  • The 5 spoke alloy wheel is perfect to absorb any kind of impact or obstacle
  • Matt finish black color highlight less amount of dust or scratches
  • Easy to install or remove within a minute
  • Perfect hub cap to use for any kind of road or situation

7. YouLeGo Golf Cart Hub Cap

The YouLeGo is a 10-inch golf cart wheel hub cap. It is available in 3 types of packaging. You can even buy a single piece, two pieces, or even the full set for your cart. They are made from high quality glossy aluminum and steel. The chrome-finished hub cap is perfect to use for your cart. It gives a very shiny and premium look to your cart and makes the cart more attractive to look.

 It is the perfect friend of your car to protect the wheels from dust, mud, pebbles, and any kind of scratches. The 10 inch size is perfect to use or fit all kinds of carts with a 10 inch wheel. More spokes provide more durability. Therefore, the hub cap has 7 alloys spoke used in it. They can be the perfect partner of a golf cart for sure.

Key Features:

  • 10 inched hub cap with the universal fitment is perfect for all wheels
  • The total set takes time of fewer than 10 minutes to install
  • Helps to protect your car from any kind of roadside obstacles and scratches
  • No risk of falling in a bumpy or rough road
  • It makes the cart attractive and premium in appearance

8. GT 8 Inch Universal Hub Caps

The company named Mainstreet Imports has manufactured this beautiful hub cap. It has a very unique and beautiful color in it. The black white color of this wheel hub cap is different from the others. It comes with an universal size of 8 inches that can fit any 8 inched golf cart perfectly.

 Each of the hub caps weighs 2.6 pounds. The chrome color with the glossy black lines is perfect to seek anyone's attention. The good thing about this hub cap is, it does not require any equipment or tools to install them. just attach them to the rim of the wheel and that's it. This hub cap is all weather resistant and perfect to use on any kind of road.

Key Features:

  • The beautiful color combination of chrome finish and glossy black
  • Perfectly adjustable for all 8 inched wheels including Yamaha, EZGO, and Suzuki
  • Contains all weather resistant  feature and perfect to use at any kind of road
  • Very easy to install without using any toolkit
  • Durable and strong enough to absorb the high or low impact of the road

9. 3G 10 Inch Wheel Hub Cap

The 3G hub cap contains the most allow spokes compare to the other hub caps. It is produced and manufactured by the company named 3G. The wheel hub cap has a beautiful and shiny chrome color that gives a very premium look. The best thing about this hub cap is, it has a large number of alloy spokes in it. These alloy spokes are not only helpful but also very protective and durable. The 8 inch sized hub cap is perfect to use for all the 8 inch wheel carts.

Key Features:

  • Contains more spokes compare to other hub caps
  • Perfect to use for all kind of roads
  • Rust free and scratch resistant hub cap
  • Can be installed easily
  • High quality made hub cap

10.GTW Wheel Hub Caps

This 10 inch maverick hub cap has a very beautiful design. It is made from high quality iron and steel cast. They are the perfect hub caps to use for the golf cart wheels. Because they are beautiful, affordable, and easy to use. The total package contains 4 wheel caps.

 The glossy black body with chrome lineup is beautiful enough to give your cart a different look. They cover the whole part of the wheel. It helps to absorb any kind of major and minor impact of the road. They have the universal feature too. It helps to adjust the hub cap with the cart that has a 10 inch wheel.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to adjust and affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Glossy black with chrome color combination
  • Can tackle any kind of roadside obstacles very easily
  • Durable and perfect to use for a long time

Buying Guide

The Buying guide highlights those terms and information that is helpful to follow to buy the best hub cap for you. Some terms can be followed for buying the best and perfect golf cart wheel hub cap. And the terms are given below:

Size: Size should be the first priority in terms of buying the best hub cap. Someone can buy a set of hub caps at a good price, but if the size will not suit the wheel of his/her golf cart, they will be useless. There are two types of golf cart wheel sizes available. The 8 inch wheel and the 10 inch wheel. Make sure to measure the size of your wheel before you buy

Design: The hub cap will not be used only for performance. They are also a good thing as the design. There are so many designs available for the hub caps. Some of them are 5 spoke alloy ring, some are 7 spoke alloy and some of them have turbine alloy. These alloys are not for design only. They help to absorb the minimum and maximum level of road impacts. Therefore, choose a wheel hub cap with a good design and better alloy rims

Durability: Nobody will change the hub caps of their golf cart daily. As they are used for a long time in a golf cart, so make sure that they have proper durability. There are such records of the wheel hub caps break down after several months of installing. That is because of the poor quality material used in the cap. So it is good to buy the best wheel hub cap for you by getting good knowledge from the user review

Helpful features: This one is a good term to follow. As some of the wheel hub caps have some good features like they are all weather resistant, anti rust, scratch free and so many other features. They are perfect to use without any worry. The golf course may become witty, slippery, and muddy. Sometimes it can become so rough in terms of the surface. Some bumps can also be created. To avoid this kind of situations, it is good to buy a wheel hub cap set that contains the least amount of features.

Is it Possible to Use the Golf Cart Without the Hub Caps?

Yes, it is possible to use. As the hub caps are not so much useful, they just keep the lug nuts and the main rim safe from any kind of object. They are not much important and essential for your cart. So you can easily use your golf cart without adding them.

Are Hub Caps Bad?

Well, they are not. Even they don't have any good sides too. I mean they are not for any kind of use. They are just used as the show and fashion for a golf cart. Some of them help to cover the lug nuts and the original rim to keep them safe. But using only two or three-piece hub caps for your wheel may create an awkward look to your car. Otherwise, they are not bad at all

What is the Procedure to Reuse an Old Pair of Hub Caps?

If the hub cap is not broken, you can reuse them for your golf cart. Here are some of the terms that you can follow for reusing your old hub cap.

  1. First of all, remove the caps from your car
  2. Wash them perfectly by using water, soap, and detergent
  3. After washing them, keep them on a dry surface to dry them up perfectly
  4. Use sand paper on them to remove the previous paint and coating perfectly
  5. After removing the previous coating, let them dry for few minutes
  6. Put them on old paper or newspaper and apply rust remover spray paint on them
  7. When the caps lose the total color and coating, apply the spray paint with your favorite color perfectly
  8. Make sure that you paint the hub caps perfectly at every angle
  9. After painting the hub perfectly, let them try in a medium temperature
  10. Your hub caps are ready to use again.

These are the easiest and perfect method to get the wheel hub caps reused for your golf cart

Final Words

Golf cart wheel hub caps are perfect to increase the design and look of the golf cart. They are not very much useful and effective to use. Sometimes, they keep the lug nuts and the rim safe from any kind of major or minor obstacles. Without these few terms, they are not much helpful. Still, they have a good demand among golf cart users. Because people want to stay unique and trendy no matter what is needed. So these are a perfect thing to use for improving their taste and choice

Just buy a pair of stylish hub caps, put them on your golf cart and see how many people look at you and your ride.

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