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10 Best Golf Cart Horn Reviews 2021

Horns of a vehicle or transport are the very important thing. A user blows the horn to reveal their appearance. All kinds of vehicles have a horn in them. Honking and beep are two types of horn systems. Golf carts also have horns in them. They get used in the golf courses against people or other golf carts. As golf carts get used in other sectors like a private area, premium motels, or projects, the horn is also helpful for those areas. Golf carts contain an electric horn system. Main structure of the horn looks snail shaped from where the sound blows. There is a switch at the dashboard that is used for operating the horn. A single tap of the horn releases a single sound and pressing for a long time releases the horn continuously. All the horns need batteries for operating them. They get connected through the wiring system with each other. In this topic, some best golf cart horn and their specification will be given below:

Best Golf Cart Horn Reviews

1. WOLO Loud One Horn

It is a golf cart horn from the brand named WOLO. Total weight of this horn is 1.92 ounces for a single piece. This horn is made from high quality steel and plastic. 12V of battery is the requirement for running the horn. A very easy wiring system and connection of the horn let the user replace the horn in a short time if needed. With high performing mounting bracket, wire terminal, and mounting hardware, this horn is a great piece for use in the golf cart

Key Features:

  • Easy wiring system connection and install process
  • Perfectly fit all 12V battery golf cart
  • Provides enough loud horn
  • Durable and long time performer
  • Made from high quality steel and plastic

2. FARVIN 12V Horn

A red colored single piece horn that contains Red color. This snail shaped horn is very practical and powerful for use in a golf cart. With the battery power requirement of 12V, FARVIN horn can last for a long time. As a material, this horn contains high quality plastic which is very durable. The great thing about this horn is, it contains an air pump that helps to use the horn with the cart without any other issues. The air pump has durable and high temperature resistant plastic parts with a copper made air body which provides good support for blowing the horn. If the battery contains 12V of power, there is no vehicle where this horn can't be used.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful color and snail shaped design
  • Very powerful horn of 150 decibels compare to other horns
  • High quality plastic made exterior
  • Pre-installed air pump contains the durable copper body and high temperature resistant parts
  • Very easy to install using the harness packaging

3. CoolRunner Bugle Horn

This is a different type of horn. As most of the golf carts use electric system horns in them, this is a manual type of horn that doesn't have any kind of wiring or connection with a battery. Even there is no switch or button for operating them. Using a bugle horn is, pressing the ball or the circular pump from the backside. The stored air of the ball let the horn honk with a loud sound. Sometimes, the electric horn may create difficulties while pressing, but bugle horns provide the same sound and effort all the time. Main material of this horn is made from high quality stainless steel that has the nonfading ability with all-weather resistant technology. Horn size of 7 inches, horn ball diameter of 2.2 inches, and handlebar size of .88 inches are the sizing measurement of this horn. Best thing about using this horn is, there is no chance of getting damaged by this horn. Compare to the other type of horns, it is very easy to install and perfect for all kinds of vehicles including the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Very easy installation and removing process using hex nut and screwdriver
  • Perfectly rear side placed ball for horning
  • Made from high quality stainless steel that has anti fade resistant technology and all weather proof
  • No electrical connection required to use
  • Safe to use with a loud sound

4. Timoo Golf Cart Bugle Horn

For the safety and easy using method, bugle horns are very common for the golf cart. This horn is manufactured by a company named Timoo. It has a beautiful and shiny front part that is made from high quality Aluminum which is very durable and can be used for a long time. And the rubber that gets used for blowing the horn is full of quality so that there is no chance of getting damaged or puncture. As for size, it is 7.5 inches long only. This general size lets the horn use at any kind of vehicle and place. Very easy to install using the screwdriver with the screw nut. For those who love to stay simple using easy things in the golf cart, Timoo bugle horn can be used.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality rust free aluminum
  • Create enough strong sound
  • Easily attachable using screwdriver and nuts
  • Contains a retro design and shape
  • Non falling and longtime performer rubber

5. SoundOriginal Universal Golf cart horn

A horn that has the common look with great performance. It is a unisex fitment type horn that goes with any kind of vehicle if they have a battery of 12V. The horn is made from high quality rust free metal. For using in rainy times, it also contains waterproof technology. Besides, the round shaped sizing of the horn helps to place at any corner or area. This little shaped horn can generate up to 105 decibels of sound which is strong enough. Two screw hold areas with two separate wire connection clamps are ready to place this small performer into the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Small round shaped structure helps to place easily anywhere
  • Produce a loud sound of 105 decibels
  • Made from high quality metal that has a waterproof feature
  • Can be installed easily using the wiring clamp and nut holes
  • Suitable to use for a long time

6. 10LOL Universal Horn

10LOL is a very famous company for its high quality golf cart accessories. This is another great product of their company which is a horn. It is a universal type horn that can be used and placed at any kind of vehicle for better performance. Most unique thing about this horn is, the sound of this horn can be controlled manually. There are very few models of horns that have the sound adjuster system. This is one of them. Snail shaped horn is made from high performance plastic and steel along with the red-black color combination. Clean wiring areas with the wiring length helps to adjust the horn with the golf cart easily. Universal battery requirement of 12V is also great for using this horn with almost all kinds of golf carts. An extra switch with the horn helps it to place at any corner of the golf cart. With all the useful facilities, this horn is surely the best one for a golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality and durable plastic and metal
  • Extra volume control button for adjusting the horn sound
  • Snail shaped horn for better sound and performance
  • Extra horn switch provided with the horn for different placing
  • Wiring and the connections have good quality for long time performance

7. Roykaw Universal Golf Cart Horn

It is a horn for golf carts with a universal size. That means it can be used for other vehicles too. The shape and the color of this Roykaw golf cart horn are similar to the 10LOL golf cart horn. Suit perfectly to all the transport with the battery capacity of 12V. There is a horn, a set of wire harnesses, a mounting clip, and two terminals in the total horn set. Roykawcompany also providing one year warranty with the horn which is a very satisfactory step for the users. This horn can be used in the golf cart for having a long time performance and feedback.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and effective snail shaped horn
  • Universal size and fitment with all 12V battery vehicles
  • The total package for the horn is loaded up with essential things for installing
  • Volume controller switch at the backside of the horn for adjusting the sound
  • Easy installation process

8.Golf Cart Chrome Fashioned Bugle Horn

For those who like to stay unique and retro, this horn is definitely for their golf cart. It is bugle horns that can be operated by pressing the ball. Total weight of this horn is 1.44 ounces only. There is a ball at the rear side of the horn which generates the sound by using stored air. Very easy process of using with a good sound. The bugle design looks very unique and beautiful compared to the other horns. Shiny look and structure of the horn come from the sturdy aluminum finishing. There is no kind of wiring or extra tools required for using the bugle horn. Just place the horn in the handle of the golf cart and tighten up using the clamp and the screw. An easy installation system with a good sound comes from this chrome finished bugle horn.

Key Features:

  • High quality aluminum made horn with chrome finishing and shiny texture
  • Beautiful design with shape
  • Perfectly placed and durable ball for storing air and releasing
  • Very easy to install and remove by using the nuts and clamp

9. Huskey Universal Golf Cart Horn

Another snail shaped horn for use in the golf carts. As it contains the universal size and fitment, it can be used on any kind of vehicle very easily. Main part of the horn is made from high quality plastic which is enough durable. The total horn set contains the horn, a wire harness, a floor horn button, a mounting bracket, and two terminals. Like the others, this horn also requires a 12V battery to operate. For use at any corner and place, this horn is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and adjust
  • All the essential items come with the horn
  • Generates perfect sound for snail shape design
  •  The floor horn button helps to use the horn at any area or place
  • Don’t create any kind of pressure in the battery

10. Super Repairman Golf Cart Horn

It is a universal horn for the golf cart and other vehicles. The brand named Super repairman has manufactured this golf cart horn. Plastic and alloy steel have been used as the main material of this golf cart horn. Battery voltage requirement of 12V allows it to use on all kinds of golf carts. Universal mounting bracket and nuts help to connect the horn easily with the battery. Compare to the other golf cart horns, Super repairman generates the highest level sound of 130 decibels. For those, who love to create noise along with the best performance, this golf cart horn can be placed top of their choice list.

Key Features:

  • High quality allow steel and plastic made horn with black color
  • Perfectly fit with all kind of vehicle
  • The easy installation system for the provided kits
  • Produce the strongest sound of 130 decibels
  • Durable and long lasting

Buying Guide

Basically, golf cart horns don’t require any kind of buying guide for buying. As they get used for a single purpose, many of the users don’t check a lot about it. still, some can be followed for getting the best one among all. And the terms are:

Better wiring: As the electric horns get connected with the golf cart through wires, the first step is to check the wires and their connections. If there is a leakage or damage in the wires, the sound will not generate accurately. So check the wirings and lines before buying.

Accurate power according to the volt: The main source of running the electric horns is the battery. Some of the electric horns create problems in the batteries as they require higher volts. This issue mainly creates from factory problems or production problems. As a result, the batteries heat up very much and get damaged. That is why use a voltmeter and read the power of the horn while buying. If you want to know Golf Cart Batteries.

How do you Install a Golf Cart Horn?

Installing a golf cart horn is an easy method.

First of all,

  • Disconnect the battery line from the golf cart
  • Attach the horn into the front grill or at the upper side of the radiator using a screwdriver and nuts
  • Connect both the positive and negative wire of the horn with the two connectors of the battery
  • Use a clamp from the battery to the dashboard and attach the switch
  • Install the battery and check the horn by pressing the switch

So this is the easy process to install the horn in the golf cart. But don’t forget to use proper safety gloves and goggles before the procedure. If you want to know more about Golf Cart Heater.

Do Golf Carts Have Horns?

Yes, they have. Even most of the golf carts contain single or dual horn into them. Though dual horns create a loud noise, they get seen very hardly. There are a lot of golf carts and golfers on a golf course. For alerting and informing about the presence of a golf cart, the horn gets used. Some of the private areas and industries also have golf carts. They also use horns in them.

How much is a Club Car Golf Cart Worth?

A club car golf cart can cost from 8,000 USD to 15,000 USD. But the price may increase or decrease depending on the specification and features.

Final Word

Using a vehicle or transport without other fellow drivers and side walkers is a little bit risky issue. The same thing is for the golf cart. Horn in the golf cart gets used for alerting others and revealing their existence on the golf course. Electric horns and bugle horns are the types of golf horns. But between these two, bugle one looks more beautiful and effective. Both of them are easy to connect with and very efficient.

Golf cart horns are useful, safe, and perfect. They are not only used for alerting purposes, sometimes the golfers blow the horn as game winning celebrations. All the using method is dependent on the golfers except the main purpose's

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