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Best Golf Cart Fan Reviews 2021

A golf cart fan is basically get used for providing chill air to the driver and others. It gets connected at the golf cart during heavy summer or sunny days. As the golf game gets played in the open field, golfers become tired or uncomfortable during heavy sunlight. To prevent this short problem, the fan gets used. It may not create a huge difference for cooling, but it can provide the least comfort to the user. All the golf cart fans are operated by using batteries. They have a connection from a direct battery to the fan along with a controller board or a switch. Some of the portable fans don’t need any kind of connection to the battery as they get used by their batteries. Portable golf cart fans are now get used the most.

All the best  golf cart fans are almost the same in size and efficiency. Some of the golf cart fans may generate more air depending on the capacity. So in this topic, we will know some of the brands of golf cart fans and their products briefly. So without making any further delay, let’s go.

Best Golf Cart Fan Review

1. WiHoo Mini Handheld Golf Cart Fan

At the very first, this fan is from the brand named WiHoo. The weight of this fan is 6.4 ounces. This is a handheld fan that means it can be used even carrying in hand. As the main material, this fan contains plastic and silicone. Plastic is used for the main part of the fan where silicone is used for the handle side. The fan can run around 3 to 8 hours after getting fully charged for 3.5 hours approximately. For charging, this fan has a good sized battery of 2650 mAh. This golf cart fan is a little bit different from the others. As most golf cart fans have a simple handle or stand on the lower side, this golf cart fan uses a tripod made from silicone as the stand.

The tripod can be placed anywhere very easily. It can even be wrap, twist, bend, and can be placed at any angle. Both charging type and operating type increase the performing rate of this fan a little bit. Not only for the golf cart but it can also be used for any kind of necessity anywhere. Just start the fan using the buttons and have a chilled experience anywhere anytime.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality silicone and plastic
  • Silicone made lower stand helps to adjust or place anywhere
  • Contains two different types of charging and operating system
  • Long time performer within a short time charging
  • 3 different fan speed mode that saves both the battery and charge

2. SkyGenius Golf Cart Fan

It is a beautiful fan in shape and also perfect in its efficiency. SkyGenious golf cart fan has a weight of 9.56 ounces that is perfect and handy enough to use at the golf cart. The great thing about this fan is, it can be charged by using any kind of device. As the fan contains a USB port system, so it can be connected with a PC, Charger, and power band and with any kind of other USB charging sources. A battery size of 2650 mAh can deliver a charging time of 2.5-6 hours. For attaching the fan with any kind of object, it has a clip on system.

By attaching with the clip one system, the fan can be moved or turned to 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical positions. The battery type of 18650 lithium battery means it can be charged easily from the golf cart. With a great speed, easy carrying ability, and all angle rotation feature, the SkyGenious golf cart fan can be used at any kind of golf cart or even for other purposes too.

Key Features:

  • Very light in weight with easy carrying ability makes the fan more versatile.
  • Easy clip on mounting system let the fan easily attach with any kind of object or place.
  • USB charging port helps to get charged from any kind of USB source
  • Very sturdy and durable enough for the high quality product
  • The main joining part of the stand is very flexible that can provide a 360-degree rotation in both horizontal and vertical position

3. OPOLARB Golf Cart Fan

OPOLAR is a beautiful looking and gorgeous designed fan for using in the golf cart. It contains so many good and high performing features which makes the fan very powerful and sturdy to use. As the battery, this golf cart fan contains 10000 mAh of battery which can provide a long lasting performance. Unique type material of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene has been used for the main construction of this fan. There are two different types of charging port of Type C and Type B that get used in the fan.

Both of the port contains 2A fast charging feature. 8 inch sized fan blades have an aerodynamic design that can create faster fan speed and airflow compare to the others. This golf cart fan has the best working time for even a day with a low charging time. It takes only 6 hours to fully charge the fan which can easily end up for a day of use. 4 different speed types also help to use the fan according to the requirement. Single button controlling system control all functions of the fan very easily. This thing can easily save the battery and the power a lot. As this fan has some essential and good features, it can be a good choice to use in the golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Contains 4 separate speed modes
  • Dual charging ports of Type B and Type C helps to provide fast charging
  • Lower charging time with the longer performance for the 10000 mAh battery capacity
  • Made from a unique but heavy duty material that can easily run the fan for a long time without any issue
  • High quality made durable fan stands are enough sturdy and provide 360 degrees rotation to the fan

4. Viniper Battery Operated Golf Cart Fan

A fan with a very cute and beautiful design can be named the Viniper golf cart fan. This fan is available in 5 different colors. Each of the colors is very beautiful and gorgeous. Two different sizes of 6.2 inches and 8.7 inches are also available in this fan. The sizes help the user to choose the perfect one according to their requirement. Very lower operating sound of 40 decibels with 3 different speed mode let the fan easily use for all kind of purposes.

Multi functional charging port of both USB and golf cart battery connection lets this fan easily charge at any place. For the 3600 mAh sized battery, this fan can deliver air for around 8 to 24 hours. Besides, the fan can be moved or rotated to 180 degree angle by placing it in a single place. Another great thing about this fan is their company policy which ensures to provide lifetime technical support to their customers. Judging all the useful terms and features, this is also a perfect one to use as a golf cart fan.

Key Features:

  • Very cute design and compact size of 6.2+6.2+2.3 inches
  • Easy to recharge by using any kind of USB supported gadget
  • Perfectly attach with any object by the holder and can rotate to 180 degrees
  • Contains high quality brushless motor that can perform for a long time
  • Non-slippery rubber made cushion helps to create balance the fan at the golf cart or other areas very easily

5.  SkyGenius Battery Operated Fan for Golf Cart

This one is another good product from the SkyGenius brand which has almost similar functions compared to the previous one. High quality plastic made mainframe and construction help to deliver a durable and sturdy performance to the user. All the functional buttons are used at the bottom side of the fan. The total weight of this golf cart fan is 11.7 ounces which means it is enough light in weight for easy carrying. This fan can be charged in a faster time of 1.5-2 hours compared to the other golf cart fans. It also has a performing time of 3-6 hours, depending on the speed and the mode.

3 different speed modes are easy to adjust and save the battery. For attaching the fan properly, it also has a clip on system on the lower side. The flexible middle holding side of the fan lets it easily rotate and move up to 360 degrees very easily. 18650 Lithium battery type also allows the fan to fit with any kind of golf cart very easily. The best thing about this golf cart fan is, it can deliver the maximum wind speed of 16.5ft/s, where the other branded fans can generate a maximum of 10ft/s which means this fan is enough faster compare to the others. As the previous model of SkyGenious, this model is also a perfect one to use at the golf cart or other things.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality and sturdy material
  • The battery capacity of 2500 mAh get charged quickly and provide an operating time of 3-6 hours
  • 3 different speed modes for adjusting the speed and saving the battery at a time
  • Heavy duty clip system helps to adjust the fan perfectly to the golf cart or other areas
  • Contains a flexible gripping along with 360 degrees of rotation ability

6. HomeLiFairy Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan

Among all the golf cart fans, this one looks more beautiful and cute. That is because of the cute and compact shape along with the tripod type adjusting. For choosing, there is a total of 4 different colors available in this golf cart fan. Silicone and plastic have been used as the main material of this golf cart fan. Plastic is for the main upper side of the fan and silicone is for the lower part of the fan. As the tripod is made from silicone, it is easy to bend, twist, wrap, and can be angled at any position which helps the fan to use at any kind of surface or area very easily.  Besides, high quality metal along with an ABS cover has been used for the tripod.

Both USB and battery power charging systems help the user to easily charge the fan even using the electric socket, computer, powerhouse, etc. 2600 mAh removable and rechargeable battery require almost 3 hours for fully charged that can deliver the performance time of 3-8 hours. But the operating time is depended on the speed of the fan. That is why; there are three different types of speed mode in the fan. Slow, medium, and fast. All the good and useful features of this fan allow it to use perfectly for any kind of purpose and area.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful color with cute octopus shaped design
  • High quality silicone and metal made tripod is enough flexible and sturdy to use for any angle
  • Dual charging system let the fan charge easily
  • 3 speed modes
  • Very fan blade with a quiet operating sound

7. OPOLAR 5000mAh Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan

This model from the OPOLAR brand has a simple but effective design. There are 2 different colors available in this fan. One is blue and the other one is black. It is a handheld golf cart fan that can be used easily by holding in the handle. For those who love to enjoy a chilled experience and air support during summer times, this fan is the ideal one. Besides, silicone and plastic made tripod design also lets the user place the fan at any angle, shape, or position. New shaped blades with stronger structures let the fan use perfectly and accurately compare to the others.

For the aerodynamic shape, this fan can produce a faster airspeed with 1760 rev per miter, which is more than the previous model. With a 10w fast charging ability, this fan can increase 25% of charging speed and time. It is a fan that can be called the all rounder judging all the terms and specifications.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and long lasting painted finish main construction
  • High quality silicone made and perfectly adjustable tripod
  • High performing blade with aerodynamic shape for better airing
  • Fan operating speed of 1750 rpm is faster than the others
  • 10w fast charging supportive that provide lower charging time with a long operating time

8. SNAWOWO Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan

There is a total of 5 colors available in this little handheld golf cart fan. All the colors are enough attractive and eye catchy. Like most of the other golf cart fans, this one also has an adjustable tripod for better and perfect handling and attachment. It can be used at any angle or shape for a flexible and durable material. The Button operating system of the fans delivers an easy using process at any moment. Total working time of 2-8 hours with a full charge that requires almost 3.5 hours along with the battery size of 2600mAh. The strong motor of the fan delivers strong wind with a quick response from the buttons. This golf cart fan is enough portable and versatile for use in all kinds of areas or surfaces for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Contains high quality metal and silicone made tripod for easy using and adjusting
  • Good operating time with a lower charging time
  • Powerful and very quick responsive fan motor
  • Tripod holder can be used for multiple purpose and usage
  • 3 separate speed mode design for battery saving and fan speed according to the want

9. Mieuxbuck Clip on Rechargeable Fan

With the clip on system, this fan has a smaller size compare to the others. 4 different colors are available in this fan which are enough beautiful and perfect. The clip on mounting system is helpful enough for creating a better gripping and adjustment with the golf cart or other things. Besides, the rotational rate of 360 degrees is helpful enough to create the position at any angle or shape. While using the fan, it creates a very low sound of 40 decibels or less. 2600 mAh battery can perform for 2.5-6 hours with a full charge within 1.5 hours. For better customer service, the company provides 12 months warranty with 24/7 customer service. This rechargeable fan can be used for the golf cart for its compact size and better performance.

Key Features:

  • Compact looking and shaped
  • Durable and easy adjustable clip on system
  • Very low operating sound of 40 decibels
  • Can provide the maximum wind spinning speed of 16.5ft/s
  • Can run for a long time of 2.5-6 hours with a lower charging time of 1.5 hours
Golf Cart Fan

Golf Cart Fan

Buying Guide

All kinds of products have some essential and important terms which can be followed for buying a proper and best product. A buying guide actually leads a user to all the things that are necessary for a product. There are some buying guides related to the golf cart fan. And here they are:

Strong adjustment: As most golf cart fans are portable, they require a better gripping and adjusting system to use at the golf cart. Sometimes, the golf cart fan may break down or get damaged if there is no perfect adjusting process. For avoiding this type of issue and buying the best one, a golf cart fan with high quality and durable silicone made tripod or heavy duty plastic made clip on a system is perfect.

Higher performing ability with lower charger time: Some of the users don’t like to waste time as they need the use the golf cart fan for a long time. For avoiding this type of issue, make sure to buy a fan for the golf cart with a lower charging time without a higher performing ability.

How Much is a Golf Cart Belt?

Golf cart belts are available at different prices and types. Some of them are very sturdy and long lasting. And some of them may not last for a long time. Here the price for some of the golf cart belt has been given:

1.Ez Go 1988 only drive belt= 40.80 USD

2.Harley Davidson drive belt for 1961-1966 model=102.98 USD

3.Colombia Parkar drive belt (1996-1999)= 80.89 USD

4.Yamaha G1 and G3 golf cart belt=36.67USD and

5.Club car precedent standard golf cart drive belt=36.95 USD

These are some of the pricing for golf cart belts. Some are higher in price and some are low. That is because all the golf carts are not the same in size and shape or efficiency. Some of the golf carts have high priced accessories and parts and some of them are cheap. If you want to know Electric Golf Push Cart

How to Wire a Fan on a 48V Golf Cart?

Wiring a fan in a golf cart is an easy task. There are some of the essential tools needed for this operation. Here they are given below.

1.Copper wires with the relay

2.The fan

3.A screwdriver

4.clamps and nuts

First of all, open up the battery compartment using the screwdriver

Now connect the line of the fan using the positive and negative wire and connect with the battery. Place the choosing the proper place. Most of the fans get connected at the dashboard or the upper compartment side of the user. After placing the fan, use the clamp or the nuts to make a proper adjustment if needed.

The essential thing to keep in mind that the fan has to connect with the 48V golf cart. That is why; using the relay is an important thing. Thus a portable fan can be connected to a 48V battery golf cart.

Final Words

Using a golf cart fan can help the golfer stay chilled and relaxed for the summer times. If the players don’t stay fresh and active and get sweated before the game, they may not able to perform well. Besides, there is no such player who will not like to freshen up after the game using a powerful fan. Sometimes, they may create a lot of noise while running, but their efficiency is not deniable at all.

Golf cart fans are portable, light in weight, compact in size, and very easy to use. High performer golf cart fans deliver a quick and responsive experience to the users. They can even be used for a higher speed or lower speed, depending on the user's choice. In order to have a relaxing moment after a whole day game, there is no alternative thing to use rather than a golf cart fan.

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