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10 Best Golf Cart Cover Reviews In 2021

 As the golf carts have a shed on the upper side that is made from steel or plastic, there is a cover that is used for it. The golf cart cover helps to protect the inner part of the golf cart with the driver and the passenger. They are used on rainy days in the cart. A golf cart cover is connected to the total part of the cart. The cover is made from either polyester or high quality fabric. The cover is 100% waterproof and dustproof. There is a chain or a hook is used for connecting the cover with each side. Sometimes, there is a holing system on the cover. It helps to use the cover by just putting it on the cart. As they are waterproof and enough durable, they are the perfect protector of the golf cart during the rain. Let's talk about some of the popular brands for the cover.

Best Golf Cart Cover Reviews

1. Explore Land Golf cart Cover

The explore Land is the brand that has manufactured the cover for the cart. It is made for 4 seated golf carts. The color of this cover is black, light tan, and gray. The universal size of the cover is helpful to adjust with any kind of golf cart. It is a 100% waterproof cover with 600D polyester material in it. The nylon zipper system has been used in the cover for the locking and the closure of the cover. The total cover has a double layer of stitching and waterproof sealing tape in it. This one is the perfect cover that can protect the users and the other types of equipment from rain, dust, snow, scratch, fog, etc.

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof polyester cover
  • Easy to use and set up within seconds for the zipper and elastic locking system
  • Protects from rain, dust, fog, mud, UV, scratches
  • High quality material made cover with the best durability
  • Contains a proper ventilation system that is perfect for the airflow in the cart while using the cover

2. 10LOL Golf Cart cover

This one can be considered as one of the best looking golf cart covers. It has total of 4 colors available in it. All these colors are very detailed and beautiful. This golf cart cover is perfect to use for the 4 seated golf carts. The best thing about this golf cart is, it has a weather control feature in it.

It helps to keep the inner part of the cart cool and perfect in the summer days. And in winter it creates a warm environment in the inner part of the cart. The cover is 100% waterproof. It can avoid any kind of natural calls like the rains, snow, fog, dust, or any other things. It has high quality adhesive tape and stitches that are perfect to use for avoiding the heavy rains too. There is no chance of the cover to blow away.

Because of this, the cover has a very strong strap used in some of the areas of this cover. There are two strips on the rooftop side, two on the left and two on the right side. Each of the strips is perfectly and strongly connected with the cart from the whole area. There is also a PU waterproof layer at the inner part of the cover. It has taken the protection rate to another new level.

Key Features:

  • Comes with great durability and can be used in any weather
  • Made from high quality polyester
  • Completely tear, fading, water, dust, scratch, snow, and rain resistant
  • Has the weather control feature that will help to provide proper comfort according to the weather
  • High quality zipper and Velcro strip used for the locking system

3. KAKIT Golf Cart Cover

This one is a very beautiful and perfect cover for the golf carts. It is very beautifully designed and get fitted perfectly with the golf cart. The cover is made from high quality transparent polyester material. The cover is waterproof with UV resistant and dust, snow, mud resistant technology too. There is a double stitching system in the cover which is perfect to control any kind of heavy natural impacts too. The windproof hooks are used to set on the cover for the perfect attachment. This one can be the perfect choice to use as the cover for the cart.

Key Features:

  • Coves with a compact size bag which helps to carry the cover easily
  • Made from high quality transparent polyester material
  • Dual zipper system for opening up and closing with attachment hooks
  • 100% stitch, water, dust, fog, and snow proof
  • Very durable fabric and polyester that has no chance of tire down or damage

4. North East Harbor Golf Cart Cover

This can cover a golf cart properly from every angle. It is available in two different colors. One is black and the other one is beige. This cart cover is made from high quality fabric that has an elastic hem attached to it. The elastic hem is situated in the lower part of the cover. It is very easy to use. Just put the cover on in the golf cart and keep the elastic hems under the body. That's it. It can be called the plug-and-play system of using. The cover has the proper air vent system in it. 100% water resistant cover can keep the cart safe and free from dust, snow, and foggy weather. The company provides a bag to carry the cover to anyplace anytime.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality fabric
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Elastic hem used for perfect adjusting
  • Comes in a bag which helps to carry the cover anywhere anytime
  • Less chance of tearing down or getting damaged even after using for a long time

5. Deluxe Cart Cover

This is a universal cover for the two seated golf carts. The color of this cover is beige. This one is a very perfect shaped cover for golf. There are such golf cart covers that are not usable while driving because they cover the entire area and not enough visible. But this one is perfect to use in the rain, in foggy weather, and in any kind of critical natural situation.

Each left and right side and the front of the cover have transparent polyester and PVC nylon material. It makes the golf cart very easy to use. The high quality polyester fabric is perfect to avoid dust, mud, scratches, rain. It can tackle the heavy type of rain too. The strong sealing and zipper system is perfect to cover the whole area and the cart perfectly. For carrying the cover with the cart, there is a storage bag too.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • The very standard enclosure system
  • Made from high quality PVC nylon and polyester
  • The transparent parts of the covers help to use and run the cart perfectly during rain and fogs
  • Easy to carry as the company provides a storage bag with the cover

6. Formosa Golf Cart Cover

This one is a massive type cover for the golf cart. It is suitable for those golf carts that are 4 or 6 seats. This golf cart cover is manufactured by a company named Bondvast. It is available in a single beige color. The cover is made from high quality heavy duty satin polyester.

The inner coating of the cover is built from double polyurethane. These high quality materials don't allow a single drop of rain inside the golf cart. It is water, rain, scratch, dust, fog, and snow. The transparent part for the window side and the front view side help to give the clearest visibility to the user. The players have no tension if they have the Formosa cart cover to them. They can now easily play the game whether it is rain or foggy weather.

Key Features:

  • Contains high quality satin polyester on the outside and the double coated polyurethane inside
  • The cover has 4 air vents in it which provides a better airflow inside of the cart while using
  • Very durable to use because of the double top stitches and the grommet cable locking system
  • Has a clear view at the backlight side so that the backlights stay visible even in happy rain or foggy weather
  • Each of the doors has individual zippers to open or close. No need to open the total cover while using

7. Classic Accessories Golf Cart Cover

This golf cart cover is manufactured by the company named Classic Accessories Ltd. It is available in three different colors they are: khaki, blue and black. The cover is perfect to fit with the cart roof and the lower side of the cart with hooks. The material used to build the cover is called the gardelle fabric.

It is a very high quality fabric to use for the cover. The rip n grip strap system helps to roll up the door side cover which is a little bit unique from the other covers. For the windshield, there is a zipper that helps to open up easily. To get the perfect visibility, the cover contains high quality transparent polyester at the windshield and door sides.

This polyester can absorb the higher sunlight easily and gives an excellent performance. As it is a 100% waterproof cover, there is no chance of getting any kind of water drop or fogs inside the cover while using. The reflective piping of the cover can provide good visibility even at night too.

Key Features:

  • It can be said the all rounder 2 seated cart cover
  • Contains high quality gardelle fabric
  • Easy roll up door sides by using the rip n grip strap system
  • The transparent windshield is perfect to absorb the direct sunlight and for the best visibility
  • High quality zippers with an elastic hook system ensure anti natural calls

8. HappyBuy Golf Cart Cover

The HappyBuy golf cart cover is perfect to use for 4 seated or big sized golf carts. It is available in black, blue and cream color. This golf cart cover has the easiest way to use. Because it has a separate zipper system to open up and close for each door. The cover is made from high quality PVC and polyester. It can easily tackle the rain, fog, scratch, dust, and other things. The double tape has been used for the protection of the zippers.

As the zippers can be opened individually, no extra issue and problems are opening up the whole cover. This cart cover has a unique feature in it. It has a detachable front and side part. There is no issue to open up the total cover. Just open from the sides, but them on the roof and use the golf cart like this. Whenever it is needed, just put down the cart over and that's it.

Key Features:

  • A perfect cover for the big sized golf carts
  • Very easy to use as the cover has separate zippers for each door sides
  • Detachable front and sides for easy using
  • Made from high quality PVC and polyester to provide any kind of natural issues
  • Protective zipper with double tape system to ensure the anti presence of the least drop of rain

9. Doorworks Golf Cart Cover

Nobody will say that this one is a golf cart cover after watching this. It looks the same as the body. This one is one of the best and perfectly shaped golf cart cover for the 2 seated golf cars. It is available in 3 types of color. They are jet black, linen, and wheat. The unique thing about this cover is, it doesn’t look like the cover at all.

The high quality marine grade vinyl looks so realistic that, it doesn't look like a cover whenever it is attached to the golf cart. The windshield and the door parts are made from transparent polyester. It helps to get a proper and perfect view at any kind of weather, the best thing about this cover is, and it can easily open up from any angle. There are high quality zippers at every essential corner of the cover. The owner of a two seated golf cart will easily fall in love with it.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly shaped and designed
  • Has the removable hinged doors which are easy to remove anytime
  • Very clear and perfect visibility of the windshield because of the transparent polyester
  • High quality zippers provide better safety and no chance of opening up while the cart moves
  • Can be installed by using the panteted method which takes very little time to install and remove

10. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf cart cover

This one is used for the small sized golf carts with the smaller roof. It has a very beautiful Navy color that looks different than the other branded covers. There is another color available for this cover too. That is the light khaki. The cover is made from high quality and durable nylon fabric. The windshield and the door sides have transparent polyester used in them for a better and clear view while driving.

The cover gets attached to the golf cart by using the hooks in them. There is a storage system with zippers at the backside too where the players can keep their game related types of equipment. It is completely waterproof. The cover can avoid any kind of natural impacts like rain, dust, fog, snow, and others. The transparent polyester helps the user to user to drive even in the higher sunlight or heavy rains.

Key Features:

  • Use to use and adjust within the cart by using zipper and hooks
  • Contains an extra storage system at the backside for the types of equipment which is completely waterproof and protected with the zippers
  • High quality transparent covers help to get proper visibility even in heavy rain and other critical natural issues
  • Doors can be easily added or removed by using the quality zippers
  • The anti fade fabric of the cover can reduce the sun bleaching easily
Best Golf Cart Cover

Buying Guide

The buying guide is a very helpful and important term to follow if you want to buy the proper and the best product for yourself. There are some essential terms for buying the best and perfect golf cart cover for you. And the terms are given below:

Quality: Quality is a big term to follow if you want to buy the best golf cart cover for yourself. As they will be used in any kind of weather and condition, they must have to contain the proper quality according to the weather. Make sure to buy a golf cart cover that is made from either high quality PVC or nylon fabric

Proper zipper and closure system: Sometimes, there may a heavy rain or critical weather. The golf cart cover has to bear those situations too. If the cover doesn't have proper zippers with a perfectly sealed tap in it, there is a chance of the water or fog getting inside of the cart. So check out the zipper lines and the sealing before buying

Ventilation: Ventilation is must be needed in the cart cover. It is quite impossible to use the golf cart if there is no ventilation system in it. The zippers have to keep close while the rain or the foggy weather, there may create a breathing issue inside of the cart. Check the cover before buying if it has at least two or three holes for use as ventilation.

How Much it can Cost to have a Golf Cart Cover?

The golf cart cover is not as expensive as they look. They are enough affordable for a golfer. An average quality golf cart cover can be getting within 180 to 320 dollars. But the price may increase judging on the size, performance, features and golf cart cost.

Is it Possible to Paint the Golf Cart Cover and the Roof?

Some known golf courses have their golf cart cover painted with their golf course name and logo. It is a very easy thing to do. But only acrylic paint is perfect and appropriate to use in the golf cart covers. As the golf cart covers are made from high quality fabric and polyester, the material can't contain another kind of paint. They may get damaged or discolored after some time. But the acrylic color will suit the fabric and the material. It will not be sticky to the roof of the cover and the other parts.

Are the Golf Cart Covers Worthy?

If you are a proper golf lover and player, then this is an essential thing for your golf cart. No golfer will like to get his dress dirty and stop their game. The golf cart cover allows the golfer to drive their cart no matter how and what the season or the surface is. It will protect the golfer and the instruments from any kind of critical weather and situation.

Final Words

The golf cart has made the game very much easy and enjoyable to play. The golfer will not like to stop an interesting stroke because of the rain. The golf cart cover allows the golfer to reach their destination easily. As they are waterproof and completely sealed by zippers and locks, the golfers can even wait inside of the cart until the rain over.

Not only that, they are now protecting their equipment too. For a golfer, there is nothing more important than the club and the ball. These things may get wet if the rain comes or in the fog, they may get damaged. But the golf cart covers now help the golfers to put their equipment safely in the storage compartment. Use the golf cart cover and keep you and your golf equipment safe at any weather. Enjoy issue free gaming.

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