Best Golf Cart Battery Reviews

Best Golf Cart Battery Reviews In 2021

The golf game contains some major and minor equipment in it. They are required to produce the perfect and accurate game. Some of the types of equipment are very much necessary for the game. One of them is a golf cart. A golf cart is a four wheeler with a 2 or 4 seat vehicle that is used for transporting the player and the game related equipment. There is some of the golf course, which is very large in size and shape.

 It becomes quite impossible for the player to go to the proper place or the hole. As the player has to put the ball in different holes, each of the holes is at a good distance from the others. Therefore the golfers use the golf cart for reducing their walking issue. Using the golf cart will easily take the player to the golf course and save time. Today in our topic, we will know about some of the best golf cart batteries and  some of their brands:

Best Golf Cart Battery Review

A golf cart is small in size compared to the other 4 wheeled vehicles. They are used for a single purpose of the golf game. It runs through battery or petrol or gas. The engine generates moderate power from the battery or other energy source which is perfect for using in the golf course. Let’s know about the battery and some of their brands below:

Golf Cart Battery

There are a variety of electric golf carts. They run by using rechargeable batteries. The average capacity of a golf cart battery is 8v. 6V is the minimum capacity of the battery. The maximum power of the battery can reach 12v. Three kinds of batteries are available for the golf cart they are: 6V, 8V, and 12V. It is easy to check the battery capacity without knowing the volt. If the battery has 3 cell caps, then the battery is 6V.

If the battery has 4 separate cell caps, the battery contains 8V of capacity. And if there are 4 cell caps, then the power of the battery is 12V. Each of the cell caps contains 2V in them. Most of the batteries of the golf carts are placed under the seat. As the batteries are enough heavy, they keep a good balance of the cart. 

1.AmpereTime battery

It is a 12V 200Ah battery that is used for the golf cart. The battery contains lithium-ion technology. This battery can provide a good and long time service compare to the other batteries. It has a good demand for using in the golf cart. LifePO4 automotive grade battery can run with higher power with better stability.

The company of this battery ensures the proper safety of the users. That is why they are UL testing certified batteries. It has a very low weight of 46 lbs only. In comparison to other batteries, the weight is very low in rate. The weight of the battery makes it easy to use or place in the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • The lithium-ion battery that is perfect to use for a long time
  • Totally acid free. So no risk of having any issue
  • Contain the battery management technology that protects for short circuit, overcharge, over current, etc
  • Has less weight rather than other batteries that help to move and place the battery easily
  • The lifePO4 technology of the battery allows a 10 year lifetime and 2500-5000 hour life cycle.
  • UL testing certified batteries. So no worry about any issue

2.CHINS 12V Battery

This 12V battery is very much popular and demanding for golf cart users. It has a battery capacity of 12 volts. There is a total of 8 sizes available in this battery which is helpful enough to choose for different typed golf carts. The weight of this battery is 67.2 pounds. This battery contains the lifePO4 technology in it. It is very effective and helpful for the battery to run for a long time. It can provide a 2000-5000 life cycle that is better than any other batteries.

This technology also helps to avoid any kind of accident like overcharge, short circuit, power failure, etc. For safety, the battery UL testing certified. A battery management system helps to get the proper energy and delivery from the battery even at the low charge rate. Though it has a little bit of weight, it can be easily operated in the golf cart. But compared to the acid batteries, this battery has 30% less weight than them. Once the installation is done, just enjoy the feedback

Key Features:

  • High quality lithium-ion battery with no acid
  • Ensures a greater and longer life cycle compared to other batteries
  • LifePO4 technology is perfect to avoid any kind of battery related incidents
  • Has the 30% less weight than the other lead-acid batteries
  • UL testing certified

3.Lossigy 12v Battery

The lossigy is a 12v lithium-ion battery. It has a life cycle of 2000 to 5000 with a minimum service time of 10 years. The best thing about this battery is the weight it. It weighs only 2.3 lbs which are perfect and suitable to use perfectly and can be placed easily. The company claims that the battery will not burn or explode even in overcharge or high voltage. Because of the high quality material that is used in it. The company is very promising and concern about their customer. Therefore, the battery has 10 years warranty.

Key Features:

  • A perfect eco-friendly battery for the golf cart
  • Easy to adjust and remove
  • The lightweight of 2.3lbs only is perfect for the placement and removing
  • No chance of getting explode or burn even in the high voltage or overcharge
  • Provide more life cycle with less space and weight compared to other lithium-ion batteries

4.Roypow Golf Cart Battery

This is one is a lithium-ion phosphate made battery. It has the capacity of 12v. The battery is available in 4 different sizes. It has the longest cycle life of 3500-7000 compared to the other batteries. The battery also has the auto shut down system in it. When the battery gets fully charged, it will shut down the system automatically so that the power will not be wasted and the battery stays safe.

Because of the lifePO4 feature, the battery can easily avoid any kind of electrical issues like the short circuit, overcharge, system failure, overloading, etc. The battery cells of the battery have the proper and accurate supply in them during the operating time. The lightweight of 3.3lbs only helps to carry it or remove the battery according to the want. The company of this battery is providing 1-year warranty with 30 days money back guarantee with the battery too.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry and place because of the 3.3lbs lightweight
  • The lifePO4 feature avoids any kind of electrical or major issue
  • 25% lighter and more effective in performance compared to other batteries
  • Contains a larger cycle life than the others
  • Takes very little time of 2.5 hours only for getting a full charge

5. LionCore 12v Battery

This one is one of the best performer batteries. It has 8 different sizes available in it. The power of this battery is 12v. The best and unique thing about this battery is the company commitment. The company has provided 12 years warranty with it! The policy gives knowledge about the quality and performance of the product. This rechargeable battery weighs almost 2300 grams. It is the lithium-ion phosphate made battery that ensures high performance with high quality.

The battery has a total life cycle spin of 2000 that is perfect to use for a long time. The BMS helps to let the battery work perfectly even in the low charge and avoid all kinds of major and minor issues. This one is lighter than the other batteries in weight. It can provide double performance than the other batteries. There is a sealed construction in the battery. It helps to avoid any kind of leakage or accident. This one can be the perfect battery for the golf cart.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and no extra tools needed
  • 50%  lighter in weight than the other batteries
  • The BMS technology avoids any kind of electrical issues and provides the accurate power
  • Can last for a long time with proper performance than the other batteries
  • No maintenance is needed after installing

6. ExpertPower Golf Cart Battery

The battery is manufactured by the company name ExtraPower. It is a 12v battery that has a life cycle of 2500-7000. One of the best long lasting capable batteries. The weight of this battery is 5.8 pounds only. A perfect battery to use on any kind of low power transports like boats, minivans, golf carts, autocycles, etc. This one also has the lifePO4 technology in it which helps to provide the best performance and service to the user.

The battery is 95% more effective and powerful in its working ability compare to the other Acid batteries. For protection, the battery is perfectly sealed from each side so that no leakage or accident can happen.

Key Features:

  • A perfect weight to power ratio
  • Good construction sealed to avoid leakage and accident
  • Provides good life cycle compared to other batteries
  • The built-in battery management system avoids any kind of issue like overcharged, overpower, power failure, high voltage, etc
  • Very light in weight compared to the other batteries

7. Trojan T-105 Plus Golf Cart Battery

This battery is listed as one of the best batteries of 2021 for golf carts. It is a 6v battery with a maroon color. The main material that is used in this battery is polypropylene. The weight of this battery is 66 lbs. It has a properly sealed construction that is perfect to use without any kind of issue. The life cycle of the battery is more than 8 years as the company has claimed. Install in the golf cart and enjoy the performance

Key Features:

  • High quality polypropylene built
  • Perfectly sealed construction ensure the best safety
  • Has a long life cycle of almost 8 years
  • The battery management system can control any kind of major issue
  • No need to charge or remove after connecting

8.Universal Power Group Battery

This battery has a very simple color and design. The black colored battery with some descriptions written on it weighs only 1 pound. It is a 12v battery. The battery is rechargeable. For those who want better performance for a long time, this battery is suitable for them. The battery is very easy to install and remove from the golf cart. The life spin cycle of the battery is more than 5000. It can be called the best performer battery for golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to install and remove
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Provides a strong performance from a low weight
  • No maintenance needed after installing
  • Vibration free and shock resistant operating system
Golf Cart Battery

Buying Guide

Buying guide helps a new user or buyer to know about the best terms of a product. These terms are very much helpful for them to buy the perfect product for them. Like other products, this one has some buying guides too. They are:

Accurate power with performance ratio: If a battery has the power of 6v, it will provide the power according to the voltage. If the power is more, it is more powerful. The power ratio is dependent on the voltage of the battery. So make sure to buy the battery with proper voltage and power

Easy maintenance: Some of the batteries are high quality built, some have less quality. It is good to buy a battery that requires a lower level of maintenance. Because the battery will not be checked every day. That is why it will be a good decision to buy a battery that needs less amount and time of maintenance.

Safety issue: As we all know that, batteries have a tendency of getting explode or leakage, which is an important term to follow. To avoid these kinds of problems, make sure to buy a battery with proper construction sealed. So that the battery will not have leakage and get explode after using for a long time

Long lasting ability: There are such batteries that have a life cycle of more than 10 years. And some of them can't last more than 5 to 6 years too. As a golf cart will be used for a long time and the battery is the main energy source of it, make sure to buy a battery with long lasting ability. Here some of the brands above have a great long lasting and durable time. So make sure to buy one of those batteries which have the long lasting and working ability

What Kind of Batteries is Perfect for a Golf Cart?

The perfect battery for a golf cart is 6v. This one is the most common battery for all kinds of golf carts. But there are two more variants of 8v and 12v. Those are used for the bigger sized golf carts. In the golf courses, the golf carts have the battery of all the three variants

How Many Years an a Golf Cart Battery Last?

By using carefully and maintaining perfectly, a golf cart battery can last for 6-7 years easily. This is the approx measurement of those golf cart batteries that are used in a golf course. But those who use the personal golf cart, claim that the batteries can last for almost 10 years or longer.

Final Words

The golf cart battery is the main thing for an electric golf cart to use. Without a battery, a golf cart can't be used. They are not much high in price. They are very affordable and easy to install. Those who are the member of any golf course or owns a personal golf course, they know the value of this 4 wheeler transport. Therefore, use the perfect battery with perfect power for your cart and stay tension free about the batteries for years.

Install the battery, start the ignition switch, and your golf cart is ready to roll

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