Best Golf Cart Battery Charger

Best Golf Cart Battery Charger Reviews 2021

The battery charger in the golf cart gets used for charging the batteries. As there are two typed golf carts available, one can be operated by automobile gas or petrol and the other one require batteries to run. They are called the electric golf cart. Comparatively, the electric golf cart is more demanded than the fuel one. They mainly get the working efficiency from their batteries. Without charging the batteries, an electric golf cart cannot be used. It mainly works by producing electric current into the secondary cell or the batteries. Some may think it is very difficult to use. But there are no difficulties at all. Just plug in the charger into the batteries is the main task of the charger. A golf cartbattery charger is essential to use to keep the batteries active and perform for the golf carts. Without it, golf carts will not be charged and can’t be used.

How the golf cart battery charger gets used?

There are no additional processes needed to use this charger. A very simple and easy method to use. Just plug the charger according to the wire and that’s it. When the battery gets fully charged, it will be work as the storage house to operate the golf cart until the charging gets finished.

Like other products, the golf cart battery charger also has some different brands and different features. Here, some of the brands for golf cart battery charger have been given below:

Best Golf Cart Battery Charger Review

1. FORM 18 AMP Golf Cart battery charger

FORM is a good brand and manufacturer of golf cart battery chargers. If this charger gets compared to other golf cart battery chargers, it contains enough small size with the size measurement of 8.25 x 4.75 x 2.75 inches. Total weight of this charger is 6.47 pounds. Fast charging ability with 18AMP lets the batteries charge up in a lower time than others. For better and easy portability, the charger contains a wire size of 16 feet. Input cord of 8 feet and output cord of 8 feet let the charger easily use to any area or room without getting cramped. The company is very much concerned about customer satisfaction. That is why FORM 18 amp golf cart battery charger has 18 month replacement guaranty. Judging all these useful terms and features, this charger can be considered a proper one for golf carts.

Key Features:

  • 16 feet power cable for easy usage without having any cramping issue
  • Weighs only 5.5lbs which enough lower than the others
  • Light weight and portable design helps to carry the charger easily
  • 18AMP rapid charger fill up the batteries within a shorter time
  • D style plug connecting system provides a universal charging ability

2. WFLNHB 36volts battery charger

Very functional and efficient battery charger for the lead acid batteries. For power, this battery charger contains output of 36 volts with DC 5 Amps. Input power ratio of 110V-120V lets the charger easily access the golf cart batteries. In the total structure of the battery, there is a fuse, a ventilation system with a fan, two LED light indicators, a US plug interface, and the parameter. With a moderate weight of 2.64 pounds, it can be carried easily without facing any issue. All these useful features can lead the batteries to properly charge without having any issue. For the lead acid batteries, the WFLNHB battery charger can be a good choice thinking about the battery condition.

Key Features:

  • 2 separate LED light indicator that notifies whenever the battery is low or get fully charged by blinking
  • Auto fan forced ventilation system helps to keep a medium temperature even in long time running
  • Trickle charging mode avoid overcharging and increase the durability and performance of the battery
  • D style connector plug for easy plugging and usage
  • Detailed parameter for providing all the essential battery relatedinformation

3. DPI 36volt 18amp battery charger

This battery charger contains a simple design but very efficient in work. Total structure is made from plastic and steel. As it is a product from the USA, there is no doubt about the working efficiency. Universal IEC input connector of this charger let it connect with all kinds of batteries without facing any issue. Weighs around 29 pounds with a size dimension of 6.25 x 10.25 x 6.88 inches.As the battery chargers require enough electricity for operating, they cost more. But DPI battery charger can easily overcome this issue with the build in relay system. 18Amp output fast charging let the batteries charge up in 80% faster time than others. This charger is a good one with all the features for using in golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Durable plastic and high quality steel made main construction
  • 5 separate LED color lighting shows the battery charging situation
  • 18Amp outfit fast charging ability quickly replenish almost of 80% cell balancing
  • Patent pending selector let all the lead acid batteries charge up without any issue
  • Perfectly sealed with heavy duty constructed material avoid any kind of major leakage, sparks, or short circuit while charging

4. MODZ Max36 15 AMP golf cart battery charger

If portability, durability, and proper efficiency are the demands, then MODZ Max36 is a perfect choice. With the heavy duty construction and portable design, this charger for a golf cart can be carried easily and place anywhere. Weighs only 7 pounds with a small size of 11 X 3 X 6 inches. Golf cart king is the company that has manufactured this charger for the golf carts. Some great features are available in this battery charger. Plugin and forget technology is one of them. This feature has taken this battery charger to another new level. Attaching the charger with the battery and keep it without any battery damage issue. Besides, the most unique thing about this charger is IP67 water resistant technology, which helps to use the charger on rainy days or facing dust even the vibrational damages. The aluminum cast main construction of the charger provides this charger better durability. 16 inches long wire helps to provide a better experience to the users. This little game changer is loaded with some best features and can be the first choice for all types of golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty and durable aluminum cast main structure
  • Convenient upper side carrying handle enables better portability
  • Built in holes and lines for easy mounting at any area or surface
  • IP67 waterproof, dustproof, splashproof, and anti-vibrational features let the charger be used in all weather without facing any issue.
  • 7 pounds of weight makes it lighter than any other battery chargers with 16 inches long wire system

5. Smart Parts 36V golf cart charger

It is a heavy duty battery charger with a crows foot connector. This means it can be connected with any type of golf cart battery. A high amperage charger provides more power than other golf cart chargers. A slow trickling of power mode of the charger can easily reduce the batteries from getting overheated while charging. With a weight of 6.67 pounds, this charger can be used for portability and long time performance. A quick and easy installation method with proper charging time is the main efficiency of this charger.

Key Features:

  • Small sized and lightweight design delivers easy portability
  • Easy to install and use without any wiring issue
  • The slow trickling of power mode supply proper electricity in the battery and reduce battery heating issue at the same time
  • Sleek and informative LED display shows all the essential information like charging capacity, low battery, fully charged, etc.
  • Multi stage coupled charging let the battery charged properly and perfectly within a short time

6. 36V golf cart battery charger from Smart parts

This one another product from the Smart parts company.Comes with almost the same features as the previous one. Medium 7 ounce weight lets the charger carry easily anywhere with better portability. Having an average charging time of 4-6 hours, this charger can take place of any other branded chargers. Thinking of the battery and the performance, the slow trickling power mode of the battery lets it charge up easily without facing any heating issues. It can be operated with standard 110-120V household power which means, this charger can be used anywhere. Universal design and the crows foot connector cable made this battery charger a perfect piece for using in all modeled golf carts.

Key Features:

  • Very sturdy and durable in weight and size for using anywhere
  • Easy indicating lights for notifying about battery condition
  • Advanced trickle charge function avoid overheating issue of the battery while charging
  • Universal fitment with all crows foot connectable batteries
  • Can be operated with the household power supply that enables all area using ability

7. BestEquip 36V golf cart battery charger

Some of the advanced function comes with this battery charger. BestEquip is a well known company for high quality products. This charger for golf carts is one of them. Starting from the wire, this battery charger has a protective wiring system than the other battery chargers. Woven line wire system provides any kind of breaking or tearing of the wire at impacts. Can be placed or shaped at any angle without facing any problem. Standard and international IT chip of the charger delivers fast charging with a conversion efficiency of less than 85%. Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, reverses polarity protection make this battery more protective and perfect for using with all types of golf carts. High power cooling fan at the bottom side of the charger lets it cool and heat free while running for a long time. For charging, 3 separate modes help to provide proper charging in a proper lining. There is no battery charger model as like the BestEquip golf cart charger with some best features.

Key Features:

  • Highly build aluminum hard shell for easy carrying and longtime durable using
  • Flexible woven design wiring about any kind of breaking or tearing even in a major pressure
  • Powerful bottom side cooling fan avoid heating while charging
  • High performance IT control chip offer better charging facility with moderate output
  • Multiple electric protection with 3 different types of charging modes increase the performance and long living ability of the battery

8. DPI 36V battery charger with crowfoot connector

A similar product has been described earlier on this topic. DPI battery charger has a bigger size and more weight than any other charger. But they are very effective and good performers. With 36V and 18Amp output, this battery charger can generate 120V with 60Hz of input. A proper and balanced power ratio lets the charger charge up any kind of golf cart easily. For easy usage, there is also a wire with the size of 9 inches which is both BC tested and UL rated. The reverse battery protection formula helps to charge the battery faster than any other. If size and weight are not an issue, this battery charger for a golf cart can be used for sure.

Key Features:

  • Full automatic functional system and no additional using method with 5 mode charging
  • 2 pin blade connector at the inner part for delivering enough power in the club cars
  • UL certified and BC rated charger wires for extra protection
  • Reverse battery protective layers for fast charging within a lower heating issue
  • Perfectly detailed analog meter for showing charging state and battery situation

9. Laster Link 48 Golf cart battery charger

For the club carts of 1995-2003 models, this battery charger is a perfect one. Required battery capacity of 48 volts of the golf carts or club cars helps to charge up easily. Activation of this charger needs 30Volts to charge the batteries. In terms of weight, this battery charger weighs almost 23 pounds with a size dimension of 11.75 X 10.2 X 7.7 inches. A convenient carrying handle at the upper side of the charger lets it carry easily anywhere. Club cars or bigger sized golf carts can be charged easily through this powerhouse.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and maintain without any additional process with plug and play feature
  • Perfect carrying handle at the upper side for better portability
  • Durable plugs with thicker wires avoid any kind of electrical issue
  • Front side voltmeter indicates all the battery related information
  • Require no on/off process for attaching or removing the battery
golf cart battery charger

golf cart battery charger

Some terms to follow as buying guide

Buying Guides are very helpful for selecting the best product. It indicates all those essential terms that are required in a product for use. Golf cart battery charger also has some of the terms that can be considered as buying guides. Here they have been given below:

Fast charging ability: Some of the golf cart batteries take a long time for charging. This charging issue is dependent on the charger. Having a slower charging speed may not let the golf cart use easily. In order to avoid this kind of issue, make sure to go for a charger with a fast watt supportive charger along with the wiring.

Durable wiring: As the electricity supplies in the battery through wires, they are very much important. Almost all branded chargers contain the same type and same shaped wire in their charges. Sometimes, they break or tear down even in a lower pressure which may become a reason for the accident. Go for a battery charger with strong and heavy duty wires to avoid this kind of issue.

Accurate measurement: Almost all of the battery chargers contain a voltmeter that helps to show battery stat along with the charging rate. As all the performance and situation stay dependent on the meter during charging, accurate measurement is very important. The battery will be damaged and may lose efficiency if it gets the wrong direction of charging. That is why checking the voltmeter and its efficiency before charging is a must.

Proper cooling system: A common fact of the entire battery charger is, they get heated up while charging. Sometimes, the heating up issue affects both the battery and the charger a lot. For avoiding this problem, check out the presence of a perfectly working cooling fan or enough ventilation system of the charger.

Advanced features: Though this term is not as important as the others, but still it can be chosen by some of the fancy golf cart users. Water resistant, dustproof, splashproof, anti-vibration are some of the common types of features for the battery charger. They may not get useful as most of the users used to charge up the batteries with proper protection.

Easy portability: Who doesn’t want to carry the charger into the workplace? Sometimes changing the location for charging the golf cart batteries is dependent on some terms. For easy charging and better carrying ability, portability is a good term to be followed and for buying too. Some of the chargers contain a handle or strap at the upper part of the construction. It helps to carry the charger easily from one place to another. Besides, light weighting is also an important term for portability. Because carrying the charger is also dependent on the weight. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Lift Kit.

How do I know if my golf cart battery charger is bad?

This issue can be marked by noticing some terms. First of all, if the battery makes any kind of clicking noise from inside, this can be an issue. On the other hand, if the charger kicks on or starts working while connecting and the battery also doesn't charge up, it is also a battery problem. There are some other problems too which indicate the bad situation of a battery. They may occur from the wiring, or the cooling fan, or else the heating issue. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Bag.

What is the best golf cart battery charger?

The best one gets chosen depending on some of the terms. Working efficiency, charging time, anti-heating formula, and easy portability are some of them. Nowadays, the best charger for the golf cart is declared to the Accusense 36V golf cart battery charger. For having all the necessary facilities with a universal fitment feature, this charger is the best one and for all kinds of golf carts. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Seat Belts.

Can a golf cart battery charger be repaired?

Yes, it can be repaired most of the time. If there is small damage to the charger, it will cost a little to fix up. But the expense will increase a lot either there is a circuit board problem or the broken down or burned transformer. Wiring problems of a charger can't be repaired most of the time instead of changing the total wiring.

Can I overcharge the batteries?

Avoiding the batteries from getting overcharged is an ideal decision. Because this issue can reduce the working efficiency of a battery. Besides, overcharging of a battery may create internal damage of a battery as well as explosion too. As the inner component of a battery is very risky and harmful, avoiding the batteries from getting overcharged is very important. Though some of the advanced chargers have the facility of avoiding overcharged. Still, overcharging the batteries willingly should not be in option

Final Words

A golf cart battery charger is both useful and harmful for the batteries. Useful because it generates and supplies power in the battery for running and harmful because overcharging or wrong supplying woven voltage in the battery may damage them. With all the positive and negative terms, the charger is not only essential for the golf carts but also club cars, buggies, and other bigger sized transports. They are easy to use, accurate, enough portable. Some of them are loaded with some advanced features too. Connect the battery in the cart through a wire when the battery is finished and enjoy the ride after fully charged.

If there are some essential elements for having a smooth and easy ride in a golf cart, the golf cart battery charger should be listed at the top of the list. Moving the cart for an inch is not possible if there is no power in the cart. So the power should be produced through the charger from electric current and added to the cart. But don't forget to follow the safety terms while operating.

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